Volume 7 - Issue 10**

Hair Follicle Analysis Using Image Processing Techniques[Download]
Swapnil M. Wanjare, Dr. Vishwas T. Gaikwad

Covid Impact On International Business[Download]
Michael Raj S

Hydrothermal Synthesis, Characterization and Gas Sensitivity of Nb2O5[Download]
Dr. S. V. Jagtap, S. D. Thakre, A. S. Tale and S .B. Deshmukh

The Effect of Nano-filled Resin Coating on The Color Change of Resin Composite. In-Vitro Study.[Download]
Hadeer A. Abd-Alnabi, Ali Abd-Alnabi, Faten M. Kamel

Realization of MIN-MAX Circuit using 0.18um CMOS technology for fuzzy applications[Download]
Mostapha Boussetta

Effect Of Dietary Supplementation On Anaemic Schizophrenia Patient Admit In Selected Hospital Raipur (Chhattisgarh)[Download]
. Dr. Reena Barai, Dr. Hemant Sharma

Generalized Offset Fourier-Mellin Transform & Its Analytical Structure[Download]
Paritosh Dolas, Vidya Sharma

The Experimental Study of Cassava Peeler Machine with Flexible Blades and Rollers[Download]
Aton Yulianto, Sigit Purwanto, Suparman and Novi Kuswardani

A Critical Review On Rizi-Pisciculture[Download]
Dr. Dani Kacha

Effect Of Workload On Turnover Intention, Work Stress As Intervening Variables In Readymix And Precast Concrete Employees In Lombok Island[Download]
Rijalul Hadi, Thatok Asmony, Surati

Improved imod ileach iwith iBisecting i ik-means ialgorithm[Download]
Dr.K.R.R.Mohan Rao, P.Gokul Krishna, B.Rajyalakshmi, P.Subb Rao

Cluster Analysis Of Chikungunya In Bandung City, Indonesia[Download]
IGNM Jaya, Neneng Sunengsih

Application of Jordan Standard Form[Download]
Liang Fang

**Remaining Papers are in progress