Volume 1 - Issue 2

Comparison Of Linear And Non-Linear Controllers [Download]
L Maheswari, R Sorna Vadivoo, S Vijayalakshmi

Compressed Image Watermarking Using Visual Cryptography [Download]
Deepa L C, Meerakrishna G H, Vinitha V

Simulation Analysis Of Maximum Power Point Tracking In Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic System [Download]
P Murugan, R Sathish Kumar

Solar Cell Integration In Cubesat: A New Era In Satcom [Download]
Dixit Dutt Bohra, Purneshwari Varshney

Location Based Anonymous Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network [Download]
E Devipriya, Dr P Ganesh Kumar

Analysis Of Line To Ground Fault In Transformer By Elman’S Network Using Gradient Descent Back Propagation Algorithm [Download]
R Ramsingh

The Number Of Zeros Of A Polynomial In A Disk [Download]
M H Gulzar

Check Post And Toll Tax Collection Using Rfid [Download]
Yogesh Kamble, Ajinkya Abhyankar, Tanmay Pradhan

Review On Data Mining Tools [Download]
Heena Agrawal, Pratik Agrawal

Advanced Applications Of Neural Networks And Artificial Intelligence: A Review [Download]
Amit Pandia

A Lightweight Secure Process Authentication Mechanism Using Encryption Technique [Download]
R Bhavani

Secure Image Transmission And Evaluation Of Image Encryption [Download]
Reshu Choudhary, Arun Jb

Detection And Classification Of Plant Diseases By Image Processing [Download]
Niket Amoda, Bharat Jadhav, Smeeta Naikwadi

Review Of Sandwich Beams With Functionally Graded Core [Download]
Neeraj Kumar Sharma, Manish Bhandari

Password Based Authentication Key Exchange In The Three Party [Download]
Er Nishi Madan, Er Manvinder Singh Nayyar

Distributed And Self Managed Addressing Protocol For Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks [Download]
V Tamizhazhagan, Dr R Saminathan, L Sathiyaseelan

Communicating Via Ant Colony Algorithm And Detecting Attackers Through Tracking Program In Manets [Download]
V Ezhilarasi, E Vinothini, K Prabisha

Improving The Lifetime Of The Wireless Sensor Nodes Using Prediction Using Probability Based Scheduling [Download]
Mahalakshmi R M, Xavier Mary A, Subashini

Green Computing Based Optimized Resource Utilization In Cloud Computing Environment [Download]
S Venkatesh, M Senthil Kumar

Implementation Of Attribute Hiding Strategy And Key Revocation In Cloud Environment [Download]
Keerthi B, V Rajesh Kannan

Seasonal Variation In Water Quality Index Of Ground Water Of Osian Region, Jodhpur India [Download]
Dr Sangita Purohit

Fast And Efficient Classification Algorithm For Fuzzy C-Means Clustering In Remote Sensing Images [Download]
Balaji T, Sumathi M

Automatic Character Recognition Of Indian Languages – A Brief Survey [Download]
M Shalini, Dr B Indira

Privacy Id Based Secret Attestation Scheme With Repudiation Capabilities [Download]
Emal Dyana M V

Comparative Study of FLIP-OFDM and ACO-OFDM for Unipolar Communication System [Download]
Mr.Brijesh Kumar Mr.Hemant Purohit

Mining Frequent Pattern Using Probability Based Incremental Database Discovery [Download]

A Service Oriented Approach For Vehicle Insurance [Download]
P Bhavani, M Karthik, P Sureshkumar

The Strong Penetration Of Stress And Recovery Mechanism Of Meditation [Download]
M Nagarajan, S Jayanthi, T Dhanapalan

Data Hiding On Image By Using Particle Swarm Optimization And Histogram Modification [Download]
Ajin M, Prabu T, Parthiban P

Face Recognition Of Different Modalities Using Stip And Lbp Features [Download]
G Srividhya, Ms B Vijaya Lakshmi M E

Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns Of Escherichia Coli Isolated From Urine And Stool Samples Of Infected Patient’S In Lakhimpur District Of Assam, India [Download]
Mridul Malakar

Tumor Detection In Mri Brain Image Segmentation Using Phase Congruency Modified Fuzzy C Mean Algorithm [Download]
M Murugeswari, M Gayathri

Identifying The Intruders Using N-Gsh And Srt In Wireless Sensor Network [Download]
D Nagamany Abirami, V Nirmala, A Punitha

Secure And Continuous Wireless Dispatch Using Lock-Timeout Puzzles [Download]
A Monika, T Samraj Lawrence, Dr R Ravi

An Overview On Network Security [Download]
Ms Asiya Jaleel

Frontal Face Clustering In Video Surveillance [Download]
S G Kartheeswari, Ms B Vijaya Lakshmi

Experimental Investigation Of Integrated Collector Storage Solar Water Heater [Download]
Rajakrishnamoorthy P, Alexander R, Suthan C

Amalgam Attribute Based Encryption Scheme Over The Cloud Data For Secure Access In The Hybrid Cloud [Download]
Raj Priyadarshini R, Kanchanadevi P

Video Segmentation In Dynamic Texture Using Weber’S Law For Monitoring Different Environments [Download]
Seetharaman K, Palanivel N, Sowmya D

Framework for Data Cleaning on Weaknesses and To Eradicate Biases in Their Interpretation of the Big Data [Download]
Sowmiya Muthukumar, Dr R.Jagadeesh Kannan

Reducing Energy Bills With The Application Of Sms Controlled System [Download]
Eko Akpama, Daniel Abara

Design And Analysis Of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna For Gsm Application [Download]
T.Suganthi, Dr.S.Robinson, G.Kanimolhi, T.Nagamoorthy

Design Of Planar Monopole Antenna For Uwb Applications [Download]
T Nagamoorthy, Dr S Robinson, T Suganthi, G Kanimozhi

Design And Simulation Of Two Dimensional Photonic Crystal Ring Resonator Based Four Port Wavelength Demultiplexer [Download]
T. Saraniya, S. Robinson, K. Vijaya Shanthi

Design And Analysis Of Metamaterial Based Rectangular Patch Antenna For Wimax Application [Download]
G.Kanimozhi, Dr.S.Robinson, T.Nagamoorthy, T.Suganthi

Mobile Phone based Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation [Download]
S.Balaji, A.Yasar Arafath, L.DhiviyaLakshmi, V.S.Mahendran, T.Sivaranjani