Volume 1 - Issue 3

Therapeutic Decisions Making System Using Data Mining Techniques: A Review [Download]
Shareen S. Anthony, Amit A. Sahu

Design of Storage Element for Low Power VLSI System [Download]
M. Guru Santhana Bharathi, P. Nagarajan

Optimization of Fuzzy Assignment Model With Triangular Fuzzy Numbers Using Robust Ranking Technique [Download]
K. Kalaiarasi, S.Sindhu, M. Arunadevi

A Comprehensive Review of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) System [Download]
Rajeev Ranjan, Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Priyanka Paliwal,

Analysis of Turning Process By Using Artificial Neural Network Technique [Download]
Mangesh Phate, Sunil Hinge, Ashish Renuse, Navnath Tathe, Sachin Randive

An Integral Security Option Towards Unpredictable Patterns Based on the Hotspot [Download]
A.Mary Judith, P.Kamala, N.Kumar

Free Space Optical Communication against Channel Fading [Download]
Prema.S, A.Elangovan

Guide Systems for the Blind Pedestrian Positioning and Artificial Vision [Download]
J.Jafnie Evangeline

A Cross Layered Approach for Network Selection in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks [Download]
M. Deva Priya, D. Prithviraj, M. L Valarmathi

Ensuring Data Integrity In Cloud Data Storage [Download]
Gaurav Pachauri, Subhash Chand Gupta

Advanced Driver-Assistances systems With Vehicle Lateral Displacement Using Front Sensors [Download]
Mathi.G, S.Saraswathi

Evaluation of Ubiquitous mobile Computing and Quality of Life in Wearable Technology [Download]
Andrew Kipkebut, Joseph Busienei

Rule-Based Expert System for the Diagnosis of Memory Loss Diseases. [Download]
Miss. Komal R. Hole, Prof.Vijay S.Gulhane

A common fixed point theorem for φ - weak contractive maps [Download]
Renu Chugh,

The Reduction Of Vampire Attacks On Distance Vector Routing Protocols For Wireless Adhoc Sensor Networks [Download]
A.Sabitha bharathi,, A.sivasakthivel,

Photovoltaic Micro-Inverter System Using Repetitive Current Control [Download]
M.Ananthi, C.Vennila

Detection of Wormhole Attack Using USOR [Download]
Sathish kumar.R, Mohamed Ismail.K

A Comparative Study of Adaptive Modulation and Joint Temporal Spatial Power Allocation for STTC and OSTBC MIMO Systems with Imperfect CSI [Download]
Anusree.L, Sheeja.M.K

Single Image Fog Removal Using Depth Estimation Based on Blur Estimation [Download]
Mr. Anwar hussain, Mr.Shriniwas Singh Mr. Amit Asthana

A Review on Building Social Networking APIs [Download]
Arun.K, Selvarathy.T

Design and Simulation of Eight Point FFT Using VHDL and MATLAB [Download]
Anant G. Kulkarni, Dr. Manoj Jha Dr. M. F. Qureshi

Improving the Security In MANET Using MRF Alert Protocol [Download]
G.Nithya,, G.Sujatha,

Landmine detection using unmanned helicar [Download]
R.Pandy Rajan, Arun prakash.J Tamil selvan .S K.Ragapriya

Software Reliability, Metrics, Reliability Improvement Using Agile Process [Download]
Gurpreet Kaur, Kailash Bahl

Iterative Turbo Decoding with Weiner Filtered APP Channel Estimation over Impaired Channels [Download]
Indu Satheesh, Renjith R.J

Ethical Communication Strategies For Employees For Better Employment [Download]
Dr.M Ramana Kumar

Threshold Based Filtering Approach For Cost Effective Over Encrypted Cloud Data [Download]
T.Praveena, G. Raja

Midp Based J2Me Driver For Accessing Mysql From Mobile Devices [Download]
P Ravi Kiran, Y K Sundara Krishna

Sar Image Classification For Land Cover Patterns [Download]
Shital Agarwal, Priyanka Bhusari, Ganeshdip Dumbare

A Simple Structure And Fast Dynamic Response For Single-Phase Grid-Connected Dg Systems [Download]

Compensating Voltage Sag Using 5-Level Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Based DVR [Download]

Hardware Implementation Of Single Phase Dynamic Voltage Restorer In Mitigating Voltage Sag & Swell [Download]
J.Mangalanathan, Mr. P.Sathish Babu

An Efficient Optimization Scheme For Energy Consumption In Isp Backbone Networks [Download]
T. Narmatha, M. Prabakaran

Defense-In-Depth Intrusion Detection Framework For Virtual Network Systems [Download]
R.Rohini, M. Kamarajan

Third Party Auditor For Secure Cloud Storage [Download]
Tinku Abey Koshy, S Prema

Facial Feature Expression Based Approach For Human Face Recognition: A Review [Download]
Jageshvar K. Keche, Mahendra P. Dhore

Optimization Of Machining Characteristic Of D2 Steel Under Different In Turning Condition [Download]
Er. Parvinder Singh, Er. Rajinder Singh

Numerical Investigation Of Ceiling Fan Noise By Using Response Surface Method [Download]
Sanjay R.Shinde1, Mangesh R.Phate, Rupesh V.Bhortake

Noval Applications Of Nanotechnology-A Review [Download]
Robina Gujral, Sobina Gujral

Structural Design And Analysis Of Impact Test Rig For Road Transport Vehicles [Download]
B.Sudha Bindu

Abr (Adaptive Bit-Rate) In The Cloud A New Approach To The Adaptation Algorithm [Download]
Bharath Madhavan, Murugesan Nallathambi

Adaptive Fuzzy Control Approach For Automatic Generation Control Of Two-Area Interconnected Hydro-Thermal System [Download]
Ch.Pratyusha, Prof. k.Chandra Sekhar

Implementation Aspects Of Bio-Metric System In Electronic Voting Machine By Using Embedded Security And Big Data Approach [Download]
Jones Kevin Arthur, Thomas Robinson, R.Latha

Fuzzy And Pi Controller Based Load Frequency Control Of Thermal -Hydro Power System [Download]
Ratnesh Chaturvedi, Bharti Dwivedi

A Theoretical Description Of Graphene Based Transistors [Download]
Arunlakshman Murugesan

A Survey On Intrusion Detection System With Data Mining Techniques [Download]
Ms. Ruth D, Mrs. Lovelin Ponn Felciah M

Thermo-Electric Generator in Turbocharged Diesel Engine - A Review [Download]
Prof. Ajit Kumar Senapati, Mr. Shakti Prasad Dash, Mr. P Rakesh

Analysis of compilation errors, runtime errors, reliability and validity of a program : A Case Study on C-language [Download]
Manoj Kumar Srivastav, Asoke Nath

Implementation of Ohm’s Law using MATLAB Simulink [Download]
Samar Jyoti Saikia, Chiranjit Bordoloi, Hemashree Bordoloi

Experimental Analysis of Mecanum wheel and Omni wheel [Download]
Sanket Soni, Trilok Mistry, Jayesh Hanath

Shilpashree R N, Shruthi H O, Smitha S, Veenashree C N, Arpitha Shankar S I

Semantic Information Discovery Using Hybrid Systems In Data Affluent Realm [Download]
E. Subramanian, R. Alex Giftson

Advanced Greenhouse Control And Monitoring System On Can Bus [Download]
Pranita Gujarathi, Jyoti Giri

Mobile Relay As Doze Nodes In Data-Intensive Wireless Sensor Networks [Download]
M.Pon Suresh Kumar, Mr.M.Varghese

Harmonic Estimation In Power Signals Using A Filter Bank And A Self-Tuning Adaptive Filter [Download]
Rohini C.A, Preetha V.H

A Reliable Trust System For Cluster In Wireless Sensor Network [Download]
Lavanya Selvaraj, Tamizharasan.P

Detection And Prevention Of Impersonation Attack In Wireless Networks [Download]
Sanmuga Lakshmi.B, Tamizh Arasan.P

Comprehensive Survey Of Different Approach For Content Based Image Reterieval (Cbir) [Download]
Shailaja Mohite,

An Approach For Vehicle Detection In Complex Environments [Download]
Dimple Chawla

Enhancing An Image Corrupted With Speckle Noise By Using A Dictionary Technique [Download]
Daniel Owusu-Donkor, Dr. O. Uma Maheswari

Multidimensional Analysis Of Sql Injection Attacks In Web Application [Download]
A.Vanitha, Dr.N.Radhika

Negation Of Immaterial And Duplicate Features In High Dimensional Data Using Clustering [Download]
Ranjani A, Jayashree G

Performance Improvement Of A Mobile Device By Selecting Between Offloading And Local Computation [Download]
Darshan Thoria, Prof. Dhaval Nimavat

Comparison Of 3-Peke Protocol And Improved Parallel Message Transmission Key Exchange Protocol [Download]
M.Ananthi, Dr.P.Rajkumar, R.Logeswari Saranya

Tuning Of Pid Controller By Ziegler-Nichols Algorithm For Position Control Of Dc Motor [Download]
Ch. Bhanu Prakash, R. Srinu Naik

Streaming Media Congestion Control Using Bandwidth Estimation On Multinetworks [Download]
Th. Chanulembi, S. Fowjiya, S. Surya

A Survey- Fraud Detections On Credit Cards [Download]
Durga K, Mrs. Lovelin Ponn Felciah M

Thermal Stratification In Vertical Solar Water Heater Tank [Download]
Vijay Tambrallimath, Adarsh Patil Shekar K.

Study On Ultrasound Detection Of Arteries [Download]
Greeshma S L,

A New High Performance Neural Network Model For Software Effort Estimation [Download]
Omprakash Tailor, Amit Kumar Mrs. Poonam Rijwani

Bit Error Rate Analysis In Simulation Of Digital Communication Systems With Different Modulation Schemes [Download]
Dixit Dutt Bohra, Avnish Bora

Emergency Patient Monitoring System For Cardiac Disorders [Download]
Abhishek Ekhare, Uttam Chaskar

Process Parameters Optimization In Turning Of Aluminum Using A New Hybrid Approach [Download]
Vivek Soni, Sharifuddin Mondal, Bhagat Singh

Enhanced Mobile Social Networks Mobile Internet Of People [Download]
Brijesh Kumar Singh, Masoom Jajoo Pooja Sharma, Vikash Sharma

The Future Of Petroleum Market In Nigeria [Download]
Ayodele Charles O, Omohimoria Charles U

Efficient Security Based Energy Conservative Scheme For Wireless Ad Hoc Networks. [Download]
Gavendra Sahu, Neelabh Sao

Detection And Localization Of Multiple Spoofing Attackers In Wireless Networks Using Data Mining Techniques [Download]
Nandini P, Nagaraj M.Lutimath

A New Techniques For Power Aware Routing Algorithm For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [Download]
Cisil Baby, S.Ranjitha

Detection Of Vampre Attack Using Ewma In Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks [Download]
S.Manimala, A.Taskala Devapriya

Transient Stability Analysis Of Multiple Converter Based Microgrid [Download]
P.Bharani Kumar, Dr. T.R.Jyothsna

Image Encryption Using Block-Based Transformation Algorithm [Download]
Brijesh Kumar Singh, Nidhi Sharma

Grid Connected Inverter With Unity Power Factor For Renewerable Energy (Pv) Applications [Download]
Amakye Dickson N, Mensah Sitti

A Systematic Analysis System For Ct Liver Image Classification And Image Segmentation By Local Entropy Method [Download]
A.Anuja Merlyn, A.Anuba Merlyn

E-Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna Design For Wireless Applications [Download]
A.Kasinathan, Dr.V.Jayaraj

Oil Spill Extraction System Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery [Download]
Dhanya Sebastian, Salim Paul

Filter For Spamming Email By Using Ontology [Download]
Anand G Sharma, Vedant Rastogi

Face Recognition System For Mobile Phone [Download]
Mohd. Asif Ali, Dr. N.R. Kidwai

Fingerprint Recognition System [Download]
Shobhraj, N.R. Kidwai

Agile Requirement Engineer Roles And Responsibilities [Download]
Vishvadeep Tripathi, Arvind Kumar Goyal

Creatine Kinase Activity In Human Seminal Fluid [Download]
Afrim Zeqiraj, Zafer Gashi

Enhancing Accuracy of Photonic Structure of Photonic Crystal Fiber Using ANN [Download]
Sheekha Aggarwal, Neetu Sharma

Impact Of Phonetics In Natural Language Processing: A Literature Survey [Download]
Dr. M Hanumanthappa, Rashmi, S Jyothi N M

Feasibility Testing Of Biodiesel Blends In Agricultural Tractor For Conservation Of Fuel And Reduction Of Environmental Pollution [Download]
Beerge Ramesh, Beerge Ramesh Vijayakumar Palled M. Veerangouda

Implementation Of Multi Wheeled Omni-Wheel Line Following Robot Using Arm7 Processor [Download]
Kiran T R, Shreekanth T

A Hidden Vector Encryption Using Query Tokens In Cloud Computing [Download]
H.Prabha, C.Menaga

Hiding Secret Message In An Image [Download]
Sabyasachi Pramanik, Samir Kumar, Bandyopadhyay

XSS Preventer - Server-Side Prevention of Cross Site Scripting in RESTful Web Services [Download]
Angel. N, Chandrasekar. A

Next Generation in Vehicle Networking [Download]
Shripad S Kulkarni

Nondestructive Testing and Flaw Detection in Steel block Using extension of Split Spectrum Processing based onChebyshev IIR filter [Download]
Revathi.T.S, Salim Paul

An Efficient Mobile Health Care Emergency Services [Download]

Forensic Analysis for Collaborative Network Security Management System [Download]
M.Sankara Mahalingam