Volume 1 - Issue 4 **

Mitigation Of Black Hole And Grey Hole Attack In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [Download]
Amanpreet Kaur, Manjotkaur Sidhu

Data Integrity In Cloud Computing [Download]
Deepak Goel, Shriniwas Singh, Amit Asthana

Requirements Anlysis, Refinement And Unambiguation Using Requiements Gathering And Project Management Tools [Download]
Ravleen Kaur, Kailash Bahl

Energy Saving In Some Office Buildings In Equatorial Area Of Cameroon. [Download]
Modeste Kameni Nematchoua, René Tchinda Gh.R. Roshan, Paola Ricciardi

Design Of Ultrasonic Receiver Using Comsol [Download]
Smruti Ranjan Nayak, Subrat Kumar Pradhan

Simulation Of Fault Diagnosis Of Induction Motor Based On Spectral Analysis Of Stator Current Signal Using Fast Fourier Transform [Download]
Anant G. Kulkarni, Faisal Ahmed, Dr. M. F. Qureshi

Mitigation Of Voltage Sag And Swell Using D-Statcom To Improve Power Quality [Download]
Deeksha Bansal, Sanjeev Kumar Ojha

Application Of Nanotechnology For Industry [Download]
M.Narasimha, Mahaboob Patel, R.Rejikumar

Carrier Sense Jitter Constrained Optimal Link Scheduling With Delay Minimization In Wireless Sensor Networks [Download]
Dilipkumar Jang Bahadur, Prof. Deepak C. Mehetre

Reducing Power Consumption And Increasing The Efficiency In Cloud Data Centers [Download]
Dhavamani.A, Dharmalingam.K Sathyalakshmi.S

Advanced Re-Encryption Technique And Verification Process In Cloud Computing [Download]
Shridhar.B, Pavan Gujjar Panduranga Rao

TBP:A Threshold Based Priority Scheduling In Cloud Computing Environment [Download]
Dharmalingam.K , Dhavamani.A, Ravi.S

Self Stabilized Fire Fighting Quadcopter: A Conceptual Prototype [Download]
Amit Pandia,

Finding The Power Failures At Transformers Using Different Wireless Communication Techniques [Download]
G.Raja, T.Hemalatha K.Supriya, N.Nandini, G.Ambica

A Research Paper : “Performance And Emission Measurement Of Ci Engine Using Blend Of Biodiesel And Diesel With Additives System-D, Bardahl & Stadayne [Download]
Anil Kumar Mahto, Faisal Ahmed

Power System Transient Stability Analysis Based On Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller And Genetic Algorithms [Download]
D.N. Dewangan, Manoj Kumar Jha M. F. Qureshi,

IT2FLC Based Control Model Of Steam Turbine Governing System Of Power Plant [Download]
D.N. Dewangan, Trivedi Ruchi Y.P.Banjare

Preparation, Characterization And Current Studies Of Polypyrrole/Tantalum Pentoxide Composites [Download]
Chaluvaraju B V, Sangappa K, Ganiger Murugendrappa M V

Technologies For Enabling Knowledge Management For Organizational Performance [Download]
Sravan Kumar Reddy. Ch,

Intelligent Transportation System Using Rfid Assisted Vehicle Positioning System [Download]
Satheesh Kumar Muthiah

A*-Algebras over Matrices [Download]
K.Suguna Rao, P.Koteswara Rao, Dr.V.Amarendra Babu

Strong Efficient Domination In Graphs [Download]
N.Meena, A.Subramanian, V.Swaminathan

A Standardized Frame Work For Handwritten And Printed Kannada Numeral Recognition And Translation Using Probabilistic Neural Networks [Download]
N. Shobha Rani, Ashwini Nair

Cloud Vaas Framework For Cross-Platform Mobile Devices [Download]
Ambika Reddy,

A Survey For Prevention Of Chronic Diseases By Information [Download]
Anie Pearlin M, Thamarai Selvi R

Classification Of Information As Datasets And Encrypting Them For Privacy Protection In Cloud [Download]
Vinutha N,

Spectral Angle Mapper Algorithm For Remote Sensing Image Classification [Download]
Rashmi S, Swapna Addamani, Venkat Ravikiran S

A Novel Method For Movie Character Identification Based On Graph Matching [Download]
Bhausaheb Salve, S.A Shinde

Analytical Evaluation Of Sensor Network Performance Using M/G/1 Queuing Model [Download]
Dipeeka P. Radke, Charan R. Pote Punesh U. Tembhare

Performance Based Study Of Association Rule Algorithms on Voter DB [Download]
K.Padmavathi, R.Aruna Kirithika

Optimization Of Papr In Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing [Download]
P. Raga Lavima, R. Tulasi R. Jeevan, G. Gopinadh, D. Sudheer Babu

Comparison of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network [Download]
Rajeeb Sankar Bal, Amiya Kumar Rath

Modelling Of Brushless DC Motor Using Pid, Pwm And Cascaded Controllers [Download]
S. Naga Santosh, Dr. N. Prema Kumar

Comparison Of Speed Estimation And Parameter Identifcation Of Induction Motor Using PID, PWM And Cascaded Control Techniques [Download]
M.V.V.Laxman, Dr. N. Prema Kumar

Implementation Of Audio Watermarking Using Wavelet Families [Download]
Kamlesh.C.Badhe, Jagruti.R.Panchal

Redefining Wireless Technology With Spectral Efficiency [Download]
Monika Tuteja, Shally Gujral Baljit Kaur

Performance Testing Tools: A Comparative Study [Download]
Pratibha Fageria, Dr. Manju Kaushik

Entire Sequence Space Of Modals [Download]
T.Balasubramanian, S. Zion Chella Ruth

Caccioppoli Type Fixed Point Result In Cone B-Metric Space [Download]
Rima Maitra

Overview Of Efficient And Secure Personal Health Record Storing In Cloud Computing [Download]
Soniya Patil, K. Nagi Reddy

Implementation Image Retrieval And Classification With Surf Technique [Download]
Chandrika L

New Weak Forms Of Faint Continuity [Download]
A.I.El-Maghrabi, M.A.Al-Juhani

Node Failure Recovery With Minimum Network Topology Repair [Download]
Shine P Xavier

Implementation Of Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm On Lady Finger Expert Advisory System [Download]
M.S. Prasad Babu, B. Jogeswara Rao B Ravi Kumar

Implementation Of Perturb & Observe And Fuzzy Logic Control Mppt Of Pv System Using Sepic Converter [Download]
Santosh.B.R, Vinod Kumar Sumathi.S

Analysis Of Low Power, Area- Efficient And High Speed Multiplier Using Fast Adder [Download]
Krishna Naik Dungavath, Dr V.Vijayalakshmi

Implementation And Analysis Of Five-Level Buck Converter Open Loop System For High Voltage Application [Download]
Manu.N.R, V.Nattarasu

Adaptive Methods For Determining Dbscan Parameters [Download]
Kedar Sawant

Fuzzy Semi-Baire Spaces [Download]
S.Anjalmose, G.Thangaraj

Optimization Of Cutting Parameters For Cutting Force On Turning Of Niobium Alloy Using Response Surface Methodology [Download]
K. Someswara Rao, C. S. P. Rao

Formation Of The Copper Sulfide Nanoparticles By Ion Exchange From Electrolyte Solutions [Download]
M.B.Muradov, G.M.Eyvazova E.Y.Malikovb, O.O.Balayeva

Robust Face Recognition Using Skin Color And Lips Position [Download]
Yogita Godage, Sarita Kale Arati Gangane

Image Retrieval By Using Visual Features And Study Of Various Image Retrieval Systems [Download]
Arvind Bhave, Mangesh Wanjari Gurudev Sawarkar

A Renewable Hybrid Energy Based System For Grid Connected Applications [Download]
Punem Sujith Chandra, S.C Gupta

Design & Development Of Mmu For Mil-Std-1750 Processor [Download]
Manikandan.S, Dr. G. Indumathi

Object Recognition Using Sift [Download]
Shivakanth, Archana Mane

Secure Communication In Wireless Sensor Network Using Symmetric And Asymmetric Hybrid Encryption Scheme [Download]
A.S. Bhave, S.R.Jajoo

Trust Based Solutions Using Counter Strategies For Routing Attacks In Manet [Download]
Ramya S Pure, Gouri Patil Mohammad Manzoor Hussain

Basic Parameter Study For Handover Schemes [Download]
Rikita Vyas,

Investigation Of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Bio Diesel From Marine Algae [Download]
R.Velappan, S.Sivaprakasam

Interpretation Of Human Interactions In Meetings Using Tree Based Mining [Download]
Deepali A. Nimkar,

Solar Power Wireless Monitoring Based On Embedded System [Download]
Mrs. Swapnali U. Galande, Prof. Smita V. Kulkarni R.D. Patane

Integrated Production Management System (Ipms) [Download]
Reshma.A.More, Krishna Gudi Venkataravana Nayak

Artificial Neural Network Training By Using Regrouping Particle Swarm Optimization [Download]
Lakshminarayana Pothamsetty, Shishir Ranjan Mukesh Kumar Kirar, Ganga Agnihotri

Detection Of Partial Discharges Occurring In Hvdc Environment [Download]
Joydeep Sarkar, Roopali Patil

A Survey On Securing The Virtual Machines In Cloud Computing [Download]

Fast Response Scheduling Schemes For Wireless Sensor Networks [Download]
Mrs. Vaishali V. Patil, Prof. Shiv Om Tiwari

Data Mining Techniques To Predict Weather: A Survey [Download]
M. Viswambari,

The Effect Of Inventory Management On Organizational Performance [Download]
Pawan Kumar, R.N. Bahl

Characterization Studies On Graphite From Shivaganga Area, Madurai, Dist., Tamilnadu [Download]
M.R.Patil, B P Ravi M.V.Rudramuniyappa, P.S Kumar

The Design And Development Of Enterprise Partner And Support Portal[Download]
Suraksha G B, Krishna Gudi Venkataravana Nayak

The Golden Code In Asynchronous Distributed Networks Using Maximum-Mean Strategy For The Relay Selection[Download]
Mrs. Ankitha Radhakrishnan,

Watermarking Technique To Protect Data In Wireless Sensor Network[Download]
K Vidyashree, Prof.Dr. Pritam Gajkumar Shah,

Delineation Of Groundwater Potential Zones In Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (Gvmc) Area, Andhra Pradesh, India. – A Geospatial Approach.[Download]
Harikrishna Karanam, Arunima Mahapatra Vinaya Saranya Seeram2, Prathyusha Sontena2 And Munnima Shaik2

Session Aware And Control Signal Routing For 3Gpp Domain[Download]
Tejaswini M,

Beneficiation Of A Wollastonite From Sirohi, Rajasthan[Download]
B P Ravi, S.J.G.Krishna M.R.Patil, P.S.Kumar & C Rudrappa P.C.Naganoor

Simulation Of Fuel Tank Model In A Hybrid Framework[Download]
Sudip Dongare, Rushi Bhusari

A Review On Specification Mining Architecture[Download]
Sangeetha K, Prof. Pankaj Dalal

Logistics Optimization By Using Rectilinear Distance[Download]
Amit Kumar,, Gurpreet Singh

Comparative Analysis Of Cmos Mixers In 45Nm Vlsi Technology[Download]
Parveen Kumar, Rekha Yadav

Design Of Low Power Ring Vco And Lc-Vco Using 45 Nm Technology[Download]
Rupesh Kumar Patlani, Rekha Yadav

Effect Of Illumination Intensity On The Performance Of Photoelectro Chemical (Pec) Solar Cell Using Mosetesingle Crystal[Download]
Ravindrapal M Joshi,

Eco-Friendly Synthesis Of Silver Nanoparticles Using Fruit Extract Of Averrhoa Carambola[Download]
Mandar Medhi,

Handwritten Digit Recognition With Improved Svm[Download]
Ruta Ashok Kambli, Yogesh Kailas Ankurkar Ameyavinay Mane

Optimization Of Cutting Forces, Tool Wear And Surface Finish In Machining Of Aisi 304 Stainless Steel Material Using Taguchi’S Method[Download]
Nithyanandhan.T, Manickaraj.K Kannakumar.R

Improvement the Corrosion Resistance of pure Al, Al-Si and Al-Zn alloys by Nanoalumina Coating[Download]
Dr. Rana Afif Majed

Optimization of Fluid Catalytic Cracker for Refining of Syncrude Oil for Production of High Quality Gasoline [Download]
Ansari S.H Taha Abbas Bin Rasheed Ibrahim Mustafa, Shahid Naveed

Effects of Dry Seed Treatment on Various Quality Characters in Maize (Zea mays L.) [Download]
Ishrat Ahmad Lone Shabir A Bhat Subzar A Sheikh and M. Suliaman1Dar

Speaker and Gender Identification on Indian Languages using Multilingual Speech [Download]
Samiksha Sharma Anupam Shukla Pankaj Mishra

ARM Based Solar Powered Robot With Live Video Streaming And Monitoring System With Android Device [Download]
Savitha Mark

Design of Digitally Controlled Switched Mode Power Supply for Low Power High Frequency Application [Download]
Soumya P Maharajanvar, Shubha Rao K, and Dr.Veena S Chakravarthi

Phytochemical Analysis of Stem Bark and Root Bark of Zizyphus Mauritiana [Download]
Suhas A. Talmale, Arti M. Bhujade and Mandakini B. Patil

** Remaining papers are under the process