Volume 1 - Issue 5 **

Addressing The Shortage Of Medical Doctors In Zambia: Medical Diagnosis Expert System As A Solution[Download]
Macmillan Simfukwe, Douglas Kunda Maposa Zulu

Mechanical Properties Of Matrix Reinforced Composite Material With Jute Fiber[Download]
S. Rambabu1, K. Someswara Rao V. Jyothi Swaroop

Optimizing The Allocation Of Resources Within The Critical Mission Tasks Of Military Training Using The Tora Computer Software: A Case Study Of Army Wing, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna.[Download]
Philip O. Odion, Nasiru Abdullahi

Pairable Graphs[Download]
Selvam Avadayappan, M. Bhuvaneshwari

An Analysis On Concept Based Retrieval And Interpretation For Large Datasets[Download]
Shiv Kumar Goyal, Jyoti Tahalramani Vinita Ardeja

Power Quality Imrovement Of Impedance Cardiovasograph (Icvg) For Measurement Of Electrical Impedance[Download]
Mithilesh Singh, Shubhrata Gupta

Effect Of Temperature Of The Electrolyte On The Performance Of Photoelectro Chemical (Pec) Solar Cell Using Mote2 Single Crystal[Download]
Ravindrapal M Joshi,

Dirichlet Process Mixture Model For Document Clustering With Feature Extraction Which Helps In Page Ranking [Download]
Nitesh Timande, Dr. M.B.Chandak

Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Rule Based Data Mining For Steam Turbine Fault Analysis Of A Power System Rotatory Machine Component[Download]
Neelam Sahu, Manoj Jha M. F. Qureshi

Fault Diagnosis Of Power Distribution System Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Data Mining[Download]
Neelam Sahu, Dar M. F. Qureshi

Motor Current Signature Analysis For Fault Diagnosis And Condition Monitoring Of Induction Motors Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic[Download]
Sulekha Shukla, Manoj Jha M. F. Qureshi

An Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Approach For Induction Motors Stator Condition Monitoring[Download]
Sulekha Shukla, Manoj Jha M. F. Qureshi

Transient And Mode Shape Analysis Of Gravity Roller Conveyor For Weight Reduction[Download]
Rajratna, A. Bhalerao1 Dr. R.J. Patil

A Novel Approach For Stegranography Method Using Filter Based Hierarchical Technique[Download]
M. Radhika Mani, K. Chandra Sekhar G. Suryakala Eswari

Vibration Monitoring Using MEMS Digital Accelerometer with ATmega and LabVIEW Interface for Space Application [Download]
Swathy. L, Lizy Abraham

User Authentication on android platform using Identity Assertions [Download]
Parwinder Kaur, Kailash bahl

Performance of MIR-LMS algorithm for adaptive beam forming in Smart Antenna[Download]
Kapil Dungriyal, S.Ananad D. Sriram Kumar

An Approach for Early Software Development to Reduce Time to Market in today’s Mobile Market[Download]
Sammidi Mounika, Renuka B S

An innovative Enciphering Scheme based on Caesar Cipher[Download]
Sharad Kumar Verma, Dr. D.B. Ojha

An Approach for Logic design perspective of Metastability[Download]
Govind Singh Solanki, Aradhana Khadiya

Group size in Jungle Babblers: revisiting the ‘seven sisters’ theory[Download]
Nishikant Gupta,

On Cyclic Orthogonal Double Covers Of Circulant Graphs By Certain Graphs[Download]
R. El-Shanawany, H. Shabana

Foraging Tolerance Of The Indian Myna Towards The House Sparrow: An Observation[Download]
Nishikant Gupta, Tanvi Gore

Intelligent Pid Controller Tuning Using Pso For Linear System[Download]
A Asuntha,

Green Building: An Efficient Use Of Natural Resources To Create A Sustainable Environment[Download]
Narayan Tiadi, Ritesh Dash

Tuning Of Controllers For Non Linear Process Using Intelligent Techniques[Download]
A. Asuntha, Andy Srinivasan

Fault Detection Of Two Stage Spur Gearbox Using Time Domain Technique: Effect Of Tooth Breakage And Improper Chamfering[Download]
Shrikant Shukla, Vijay Kumar Karma

A Critical Appraisal On Engineering Kalman-Filters For Real-Time Object Tracking & Motion Detection Systems[Download]
Sanchia Harsha,

Design Of Genetically Tuned Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Pid Controller For Load Frequency Control (Lfc) In The Un-Regulated Power System[Download]
Anita Singh, Manoj Jha M.F. Qureshi

Sungas: Thermochemical Production Of Solar-Fuel With Concentrated Solar Energy[Download]
Pratik Ranjan Behera, Ritesh Dash Kunjan Kumar Mohapatra,Anoop Kumar Mohanta

Determination Of Levels Of Eight Trace Metals In Ground Water Sources Within And Around Lafia Metropolis[Download]
S.J. Anzene, S.P. Malu

Backgroung Subtraction Based Detection And Tracking Of People In Video[Download]
Sneha S. Joshi, J. R. Panchal

Concept Design And Proto Build Of Roto Parker For Two Wheeler[Download]
Prashanthkumar T J, Dr H R.Vitala Praveen.M.P

Wakeup Scheduling For Energy Consumption In Wsn With Increase Throughput.[Download]
Satish Laxman Yedage, D.C Mehetre

Voltage Sag Mitigation Using Shunt Fact Devices In Induction Motor Drives[Download]
Aditi Sharma, Raminder Kaur

Representing A Model For Improving Business Intelligence In Electronic Insurance Industry[Download]
Mahdi Bazargani,

Comparison Of Aodv, Olsr, And Tora In Manet Under Jelly Fish Attack[Download]
Amneet Kaur, Prabhneet Sandhu

Replacement Of Tool-Pin Profile And Simulation Of Peak Temperature & Flow Stress During Fsw Of Aa6061 Alloy[Download]
Jaimin B. Patel, K.D.Bhatt, Maulik Shah

Survey On Efficient Algorithms To Improve The Clustering Performance In Partition And Grid Based Clustered Environment[Download]
D.Rajesh Kumar, S.Malathy D. Saranya, Ms. S. Naveena

Design And Development Of A Security Surveillance System Based On Wireless Sensor Network[Download]
Arulogun, O. T, Adigun, A. A Okediran O. O, Ganiyu, R. A

Demonstration Of A Bidirectional Wdm-Pon With 10 Gb/S Downstream Dqpsk And 5 Gb/S Upstream Re-Modulated Ook Data Based On Reflective Semiconductor Optical Amplifier[Download]
Amritpal Singh, Kulwinder Singh

Performance Improvement Of Ranque-Hilsch Vortex Tube By Varying Inside Surface Roughness Of Hot Tube[Download]
R.Madhu Kumar, N.V.V.S.Sudheer

A Novel Approach For Object Tracking In An Independent Ground Level Vehicle[Download]
Bhavna K. Pancholi, Sandhya Sharma Bharat B. Parmar

Bus Coming: Description And Evaluation Of Bus Tracking System For Rural Areas[Download]
Arthur Thompson, Wayne Goodridge

Load Balancing Of Servers Using Distributed Hash Tables And Symmetric Load Balancing Algorithms[Download]
Thiagarajan Rajasekaran, Chokkalingam S.P

A Review On Fusion Techniques For Fingerprint Recognition[Download]
Rizma Sulthana, S.Gayathri

Human Incidents Analysis By Knowledge Discovery Method In A Steel Maker Company[Download]
Farzad Gerami,

Static Timing Analysis (Sta) Of Sas Expander On Virtex7 Fpga By Using Vivado[Download]
G. B. Munde, P. P. Bartakke

An Energy Efficient Air Conditioner System Without Compressor: Application Of Embedded System[Download]
Poonam Shelke, Gajanan Malwatkar

Record Values On The Size-Biased Student’S T Distribution[Download]
Shakila Bashir, Kalsoom Akhtar

Role Of Neural Network In Data Mining[Download]
. Sulakshana Vispute, Shubhangi Potdar Sudarshana Sonar

Analysis And Structural Optimization Of 5 Ton H-Frame Hydraulic Press[Download]
Santoshkumar S. Malipatil, Prof. Yogita N. Potdar A.C.Mattikalli

Design And Simulation Of Wireless Network For Anomaly Detection And Prevention In Network Traffic With Various Approaches[Download]
Niraj Telrandhe, Mangesh Wanjari

A Novel Sparse Adaptive Filter For Echo Cancellation[Download]
Krishna Samalla, Ch.Satyanarayana

Analysis Of Different Hall Effect Current Sensors For Space Applications[Download]
Arya Krishna S, Lizy Abraham

Friction Stir Welding Of Edge Joint On Different Aluminum Alloys And Analysis On Hyperworks 9.0[Download]
Bhavikkumar B Darji, Dhananjaysinh D Chuvhan Saju Thomas

Lane Changing Assistance Using Image Processing (Lca)[Download]
Omkar Pawar, Apurva Pawar Priyanka Patil

An Implementation Of A Secure System To Generate And Maintain Multi- Domain Password To Defend Against Password Attacks[Download]
Pallavi Dhole, S.J.Karale Pratibha Mishra

The Emerging Role Of Financial Literacy Financial Planning[Download]
Dr.M.V.Subha, P.Shanmugha Priya

Investigation Of Wave Length Converter Using Four Wave Mixing In An Optical Fiber[Download]
Gursewak Singh, Er. Lovkesh

Analyzing The Performance Of A 10 Gb/S Dpsk Multicast Overlaid Wdm-Pon Architecture Using Numerous Modulation Techniques[Download]
Harpal Singh, Harjinder Singh

Image Quality Assessment Using Pso-Gsa Optimization Algorithm[Download]
Harjot Singh, Harmandeep Singh

A Secure Load Balancing Technique Based On Cloud Partitioning For Public Cloud Infrastructure[Download]
Nidhi Bedi, Shakti Arora

Comparative Study Of Popular Statistical Methods For Facial Recognition[Download]
Shantanu S. Khare, Ameya K Naik

Engineering Utilization Of Marble Slurry As Curing Aid.[Download]

Information Fusion In Wsns: A Review [Download]
Kavita Choudhary, Dr. Seema Verma

Model Of Talent Management With Approach Of Branding [Download]
Hoda Roham Rad, Dr. Soleyman Iranzadeh Dr. Hossein Bodaghi Khajeh Noubar

Novel Design Of Seven Segments Display Unit Using Fpga [Download]
A. Anjana,

Results On Cycle Related Product Cordial Graph [Download]
A . Nellai Murugan, A. Meenakshi Sundari

Cycle And Armed Cup Cordial Graphs [Download]
A . Nellai Murugan, . Iyadurai Selvaraj

Automatic Battery Charging Using Battery Health Detection [Download]
Amol S. Dhotre, Sumit S. Gavasane Ashutosh R. Patil

Bacterial Diversity Of Mandeepkhol Cave, Rajnandgaon District Of C.G. ,India [Download]
Arunima Karkun, K.L.Tiwari

The Use Of Head Capsule Deformities In Chironomid Larvae (Diptera: Chironomidae) To Assess Environmental Pollution In Rice Fields Of Hooghly District, West Bengal, India [Download]
Debnarayan Saha, Abhijit Mazumdar

Spoc: A Secure And Privacy-Preserving Opportunistic Computing Framework For Mobile-Healthcare Emergency. [Download]
Premmithilesh.M, Mani Krishna.P

To Improve The Network Lifetime Using Distributed Throughput Optimization For Zigbee Cluster Tree Networks [Download]
Kakkatil Binita Narayanan, J.D.Bhosale

Design Of Intelligent Home Appliance Control System Using Arm, Zigbee And Gprs [Download]
Kurup Babitha, Bhosale J D

Reduction Of Energy Consumption In Water Aeration Plants [Download]
Elena Beatrice Tanase, Nicolae Baran

National Database As A Core Field Of National Security [Download]
Okide S.O, Isizoh A. N

Simulation of Computer Aided Learning using Games for JAMB Questions and Answers[Download]
Esiefarienrhe Michael Bukohwo, Sule Philips Onyilo

A Study On Current Water Consumption And Its Distribution In Bahr An-Najaf In Iraq [Download]
Dr. Hassan Ali Omran, Mohammed Shaker Mahmood

Android Based Autonomous Intelligent Robot for Border Security[Download]
C.M.Naveen Kumar, Dr.B.Ramesh, Prof. G. Shivakumar, J.R.Manjunath

Bayes Interval Estimation for binomial proportion and difference of two binomial proportions[Download]
M. Ganji, S. Aglmandi

Innovative Design and Fabrication Assemble And Removing The Piston Pin From Connecting Rod ( Piston Removal-PR) [Download]
S. M. Saari, Mukhtar Malik, Na’ain Shari

Morphological Analyzer for Classical Tamil Texts: A Rule-based approach[Download]
R.Akilan, E.R.Naganathan