Volume 1 - Issue 6 **

Measuring The Intelligence Of Software Agent[Download]
Sapna Mahar, Pradeep Kumar Bhatia

A Study On Web Usage Mining For Web Based Adaptive Educational System[Download]
M. Durairaj, C. Suresh

A Note On Assemblage Of Heavy Minerals From The Tertiary Sediments Of The Jaisalmer Basin, Rajasthan, India[Download]
Suyog A. Jagtap,

Automatic Car Ac Control Using Can Protocol[Download]
Chaithra Chandrashekar, B.Ramesh R.Vijay

Monitoring Network For Smart Grid Using Smart Phone[Download]
S.Ganesh, J.A Michline Rupa

Analysis Of Different Temperature Sensors For Space Applications[Download]
Shayama Subair, Lizy Abraham

Genetic Variability, Correlation And Path Analysis For Seed Yield And Yield Related Traits In French Bean (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.) Under Lucknow Conditions.[Download]
Jay Prakash, R.B. Ram

Proactive Management In Networks And Program Performance[Download]
Vasudevan Janarthanan, Willian Guilherme

Experimental Investigation Of Heat Transfer Rate In Automobile Radiator Using Nanofluid[Download]
Ravi Adwani, Shri Krishna Choudhary

Load-Frequency Controller Of Electrical Power Plant Using Ziegler-Nichols (Zn) Tuning Controller[Download]
Ashok Singh, Rameshwar Singh

Design Of Low Power Cmos Full Subtractor[Download]
K. Prasad Babu, S. Ahmed Basha H.Devanna

Image And Text Hiding Using Rsa & Blowfish Algorithms With Hash-Lsb Technique[Download]
M.Rajkamal, B.S.E. Zoraida

Data Mining For A Web-Based Educational System[Download]

Power Factor Correction Based On Pwm Waves Using Pic[Download]
Shamal Padmawar, Prof.Anil Wanare

Multilayer Antireflection Coating For Perceptible Band On Silicon Substrate[Download]
Gaurav Sinha, Sunil Kumar Ravindra Kumar Yadav

A Review On Data Damage Avoidance In Cloud Computing[Download]
Deepika Trivedi, Shipra Dubey Suman Bhajia

Visual Data Mining: A Case Study In Thermal Power Plant[Download]
Md Fazullula S, Praveen M P S.S.Mahesh Reddy

Design And Fabrication Of Disposable Microbioreactor[Download]
Sirajo Lawal, Musa Lawal Mohammed Danlami Jibrin

Implementation Of An Efficient Multiplier Based On Vedic Mathematics Using High Speed Adder[Download]
Ankit Chouhan, Arvind Pratap Singh

A Note On Complexity And Understandability As Attributes For Assessing The Reusability Of Software Components[Download]
Sammy Nyasente, Waweru Mwangi Stephen Kimani

Gender Analysis On Students Performances In Ondo State Public Secondary Schools[Download]
Fayose Taiwo Stephen, Abimbola Bello

The Effect Of Monetary Policy On Consumer Price Index[Download]
Iyiola, R. O., Adetunji, A. A.

Optical And Electrical Properties Of Cu Doped Cdo Thin Films For Detector Applications[Download]
Ghaida Salman, Eman Kareem Asama N. Naje

Testing Of Databases[Download]
Taranpreet Kaur, Bhupinder Singh

Gel Preparation From Modified Cassava And Sago Starch[Download]
Farah Salina Hussin, Abdul Manan Dos Mohamed Masniza Mohamed, Rinani Shima Abdul Rashid, Nor Azam Abdul Rahman

Filter Realization Using Second Generation Current Conveyor[Download]
Garima, Priya Banga

Star Attached Divisor Cordial Graphs[Download]
A. Nellai Murugan, G. Devakiruba S.Navaneethakrishan

A Survey On Web Content Mining Techniques And Tools[Download]
S.Valarmathi, P.Purusothaman

Evaluation Of The Inhibitive Properties And Adsorptive Parameters Of Ethanol Leaf Extract Of Mucuna Pruriens For The Corrosion Inhibition Of Aluminium In 2 M H2So4 Solution[Download]
Ahile, U. J, Gbertyo, J. A Anzene, J. S. Ajegi, J. O., Oche, E. J

Improving Performance Of A Web Application Using System Testing[Download]
Amandeep Kaur, Kailash Bahl

Data Mining Used Of Neural Networks Approach[Download]
Sanjesh Ghore,

Mitigating Sybil Attacks By Using Sybil Based Defense Mechanism In Large Social Networks[Download]
S.Krishnaveni, A.V.Senthil Kumar Mohamed Adnane Mellah, Abdelmalek Amine, Reda Mohamed Hamou

Prediction Of Blood Sugar In People According To Such Inputs As Age, Simulation Level, Bmi, And Diet By Using Of Fuzzy Control And Adaptive Nero-Fuzzy Inference System(Anfis)[Download]
Seyyed Amin Hosseini, Ali Vahidian Kamyad

Distance-Based Energy-Aware Routing (Der) Protocol For Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Dinesh Kumar Gupta,

On Ternary Quadratic Diophantine Equation  [Download]
S.Vidhyalakshmi, M.A.Gopalan J.Shanthi

Analysis Of Issues In Phishing Attacks And Development Of Prevention Mechanism[Download]
Neelam Gupta, Vijay Singh Rathore

Robust Fractional Order Pid Control Of A Dc Motor With Parameter Uncertainty Structure[Download]
H.Tajbakhsh, Saeed Balochian

Review Paper On Color Combination Issue In Various Websites[Download]
Mehak Sambyal, Pushpinder Singh

Analysis Of Routing Protocols In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Rajashekhar V Baraker,

A Review Of ‘Manet’S Security Aspect And Challenges With Comprehensive Study Of Sids For Discovering Malicious Nodes[Download]
Rashmi Mahajan ,, S. M. Patil

Protection And Control Of Electrically Operated Over-Head Track Cranes (Eot) Using Multi-Functional Programmable Counter And Inductive Proximity Sensor[Download]

Friction Stir Welding Of Edge Joint On Similar Aluminum Alloys 6082 And Analysis Of Flow Stress And Temperature[Download]
Bhavikkumar B Darji, Magneshkumar M Tandel Jaimin B Patel

Expansive Mapping Theorems In Cone Metric Spaces[Download]
S. K. Tiwari, Tomeshwari Sahu

Analysis Of Different Extraction Methods On The Yield And Recovery Of Β-Glucan From Baker’S Yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae)[Download]
Josephine Nirmala Many, Kayal Vizhi

Assessment Of Potential Impact On Environment Due To Upgradation Of Highway Work From Padubidri To Karkala.”-A Case Study[Download]
Shridhara T.N, Sundip Shenoy R, Chetan D M, Rohith Nayanar K N

Botanical Standardization Of Bone Setting Plant – Lannea Coromandelica.[Download]
R.K Waghmare, S.S. Deokule

Benchmarking - The First Step For Frugal Engineering[Download]
S. Rajadurai, C. Parameshwari

Protection And Design Of Distributed Energy Generation System (Microgrid)[Download]
Nikita Khandare, Pooja Paratwar

Multimedia Image Compression (Algorithms And Techniques To Its Related Terms)[Download]
R.Mahalakshmi, S.K.Mahendran

Biodiesel Production From Castor Seeds By Reactive Extraction Conventionally And Via Ultra-Sound Using Response Surface Methodology[Download]
N.N. El-Ibiari, S.A.Abo El-Enin,A.G. Gadalla Ola El-Ardi, G.I.El-Diwani

Improvement Of Mimo-Ofdm System Using V-Blast Technique[Download]
Vijay G. Gupta, Dattatray S. Bade

Design Of A Stochastic Forecasting Model For Egg Production[Download]
T. Jai Sankar

Supporting Privacy Protection In Personalized Web Search[Download]
T.Manirathnam, R.Devi Dr.A.Muthukumaravel

A Study On Employee Engagement: Role Of Employee Engagement In Organizational Effectiveness[Download]
N P Myilswamy, R Gayatri

Predicting Diabetes By Cosequencing The Various Data Mining Classification Techniques[Download]
P. Radha, B. Srinivasan

Design, Analysis And Fabrication Of Quadruped Robot With Four Bar Chain Leg Mechanism[Download]
Sachin Oak, Vaibhav Narwane

Serial One-Step Majority Logic Decoder For Eg-Ldpc Code[Download]
M.Pramodh Kumar, S.Murali Mohan

Performance Analysis Of Multihop Routing Protocol In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Namita Sharma, Parveen Kakkar

Stress Management In Cement Industry[Download]
Shruti Mathur

A Methodology For Direct And Indirect Discrimination Prevention In Data Mining[Download]
S.R.Rathnapriya, J.Jebathangam A.Muthukumaravel

Consummate Cluster Labeling For Spread Network[Download]
R. Shantha Mary Joshitta, M. Nithya P. Vidya

Enhancement Of Gain Of Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna Using Ris And Parasitic Patches[Download]
Anupama Singh, Rajiv Kumar Gupta

Mood Based Music Classification[Download]
Susheel Sharma, Rakesh Singh Jadon

Comparative Analysis Of Discrete Wavelet Transform And Complex Wavelet Transform For Image Retrieval[Download]
Shweta Vhanmane, Sunil Sangve

Analysis And Design Of R.C. Moment Resisting Frames With And Without Shear Wall For Different Seismic Parameters[Download]
Ambika-Chippa, Prerana-Nampalli

An Advanced Crossbar Switching Technique For Pcb Applications[Download]
Ankit Singh, Khyati Choukse Pankaj Golhane

Comparison Of Pi, Fuzzy Logic And Neural Networks Based Control Of Doubly Fed Induction Generator In Wind Energy Generation[Download]
Aarthi, Sindu.P Anbarasu.P

Prioritizer: Prioritizing Test Cases For Regression Testing[Download]
Nikita Goel, Madhuri Sharma

Power Optimization Using Epar Protocol In Manet[Download]
Haseena K.S, Sheena Anees Neela Madheswari

Biosensing Of Catechol By Screen-Printed Electrode Using Potato And Banana Extract[Download]
Kakoli Dutta, Priyabrata Sarkar

Program Slicing And Approaches To Dynamic Slicing For Testing[Download]
Toshi Sharma, Madhuri Sharma

Optimization Of Tubesheet Thickness Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger[Download]
Amey Shirodkar, Sangita Bansode

Integer Solutions Of The Binary Quadratic Equation  [Download]
S.Vidhyalakshmi, M.A.Gopalanand K.Lakshmi

Vehicle Detection And Tracking System From Cctv Captured Image For Night Vision[Download]
C.Rajkumar, S.K.Mahendran

Role Of Embedded System In Agricultural Equipments (A Review)[Download]
Rubhini Babu, Sindhu Deerka.D.

Performance Of Spark Ignition Engine Using Gasoline-91 And Gasoline-95[Download]
Dahiru U. Lawal, Binash A. Imteyaz Antar M. Abdelkarim, Atia E. Khalifa

Head Pose Estimation Using Convolutional Neural Networks[Download]
Neeta Malagavi, Vidya Hemadri U.P.Kulkarni

Shot Peening & Fatigue Analysis[Download]
Prashant Navale, G.V.R.Seshagiri Rao

A Greener Chemistry Approach For Synthesis Of 2,3-Diphenyl Quinoxaline[Download]
Pranita Mahadik, Devaanshi Jagwani Rupen Joshi

A Comparative Analysis Of Improved Version Of Apriori Algorithm Of Data Mining[Download]
Sana Irfan,

Privacy In “Anonymizing Horizontally Partitioned Data”[Download]
E. Uday Reddy, V Uma Rani M Srinivasa Rao

Multidimensional Data Transmission In Data Streams[Download]
Venu Madhav Kuthadi, Rajalakshmi Selvaraj

Brain Tumor Classification Based On Statical Feature Extraction[Download]
Shrikant Burje, Sourabh Rungta

A Review On Semantic Organization Of Data[Download]
Muneeb Niaz, Asma Sajid Jafar Raza Alam

Dioxins And Furans Adsorption On Activated Carbon Under Simulated Flue Gas Conditions Using Chloroaromatic Species As Models[Download]
C. J. Nwali, N. I. Elom J. N. Afiukwa

Analysis Of Critical Success Factors In Design-Build Projects; A Case Study Of Karaj Urban Projects[Download]
Ehsan Alvani, Mohammadreza Bemanian Mojtaba Hoseinalipour

Performance Analysis Of Ssl/Tls[Download]
Shazia Riaz, Shafia, Asma Sajid, Madiha Kanwal

Energy Analysis For Building Designers Through Computer Software[Download]
Rajesh Sharma, D G.M.Prouhit

Energy Efficient Facades For Hot And Dry Climate In India[Download]
Rajesh Sharma, D G.M.Prouhit

Reliable Sharing Of Personal Health Records In Cloud Using Attribute Based Encryption[Download]
Pinisetty Chandra Sarika, P.Venkateswar Rao

A Survey on Wireless Sensor Network Protocols[Download]
R.Kalai Magal, M.Revathy

Design of Low Power Energy Efficient Full Adder Circuits[Download]

A Survey on Low-Voltage Ride-Through Techniques for DFIG based Wind Turbines [Download]
N.Manonmani, Ja.Sruthi

Area Efficient Vedic Multiplier for Digital Signal Processing Applications[Download]
U.Umakantha Reddy, V.SriRami Reddy

A Comparative Study of PAPR Reduction Technique & Performance Improvement Using A Novel PTS Technique In OFDM – MIMO System[Download]
Celina Antony, S.G. Hate

An Approach to Generate the Test Cases for GUI Testing[Download]
Kanchan Gautam, Madhuri Sharma

MPPT Techniques for PV Systems under Different Scenarios: Review[Download]
Manonmani, Maya J

A Review of Maximum Power Extraction Techniques For Wind Energy Conversion Systems[Download]
N.Manonmani, P.Kausalyadevi

Effects of Papoulis-Gerchberg Iterative Scheme with Real Orthogonal Transform for Signal Reconstruction[Download]
Tsung-Ming Lo