Volume 2 - Issue 1 **

Hand Gesture Recognition Using Neural Network[Download]
Bhushan Bhokse, Dr. A.R.Karwankar

Krishi Mahotsav, A New Tot Tools In Gujarat For Extension Management[Download]
Dr. Nikulsinh M. Chauhan.,

Diversity Of Unani Medicinal Plants In Chamarajanagar Wildlife Division Karnataka, India[Download]
R. Murugeswaran, K. Venkatesan, T. Shahida Begum, Aminuddin

Simulation Of Dam Fracture By Using Hec-Ras And Gis Consolidated Models[Download]
Mohammad Reza Amiri, Nader Brahmand

A Brief Studies On Machine Learning Techniques[Download]
Deepika Trivedi1, Seema Bissa Harsh2 And Rajesh Kumar3,

Enhanced Detection And Mitigation Of Denial Of Service Attack: A Review[Download]
Vishal B. Kale, Prof. Pravin Kulurkar

Existence Of Smooth Epimorphism From A Fuchsian Group To A Molecular Point Group 1991 Mathematics Subject Classification : 20H10,30F10.[Download]
Chandra Chutia, Moloya Bhuyan Rafiqul Islam

Thermal Analysis Of Energy Storage System For Cooling Applications.[Download]
Prof.S.R Karale, Dr.G.K.Awari

Efficient Hybrid Ip Trace Back Techniques To Mobile Distributeddenial Of Service Attacks[Download]
M.Sugapriya, D.Geetha

Compressive Strength Of Concrete Using Abundantly Available Desecrate Resources As Fine Aggregates[Download]
Gowtham.P, Sutha.A Dr. Vijayalakshmi. D

Bio-Climatic Analysis Of Anantapur: An Investigation On The Design Of Buildings For Human Comfort With Natural Ventilation[Download]
Dr. P. Sanjeeva Rayudu,

Effect Of Geometry And Rotational Speed On The Axial Pressure Profile Of A Single Screw Extrusion[Download]
W.E. Abdel-Ghany, S.J. Ebeid, I. Fikry

Parents Perception Of The Teaching Of Sexual Education In Secondary Schools In Nigeria[Download]
Konwea Patience Esohe, Mfrekemfon Peterinyang

An Effective Secured Image Transmission Using Lsb Steganography And Dwt Techniques[Download]
K.P.Uday Kanth, D.Vidyasagar

Thermal Nanofluids Flow In Corrugated Facing Step With - A Review[Download]
Kafel Azeez Mohammed,

Effect Of Split Nitrogen Application And Fertilizer Rate On Yield Of Irish Potatoes (Solanum Tuberosum) In A Smallholder Farming Sector Of Zimbabwe[Download]
Mutubuki Peter, Katsaruware, Rumbidzai Debra Ezekia Svotwa

Review Of Soft Computing Methods Used In Data Analysis[Download]
Mrs. Pranali P. Chaudhari,

Temporal And Spatial Changes In Zooplankton From Wetlands Of Ajara Tahsil, Maharashtra, India[Download]
Sachinkumar R. Patil, S. S. Patil,T. V. Sathe

Performance Analysis Of Semiconductor Optical Amplifier As Pre Amplifier In 16 Channel Nrz Optical Transmission System.[Download]
Neetu Singh, Kulwinder Singh

Multi-Layer Cross-Scale Analysis To Determine The Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity Of A Silty Loam Porous Media[Download]
Carles M. Rubio,

Recycled Highway Aggregate As A Partial Replacement With Natural Aggregate[Download]
Ehsan Ali

A Modified Rsa Algorithm For Security Enhancement And Redundant Messages Elimination Using K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm[Download]
Dr. Abdulameer K. Hussain,

Effect Of Anhydrous Magnesium Sulphate On Eutectic Mixture Of Magnesium Thermal Cell [Download]
Samaa Saadi Mahmood, Abbas A-Ali Drea

The Impact Of The Dividend Policy On The Market Price Of The Shares And Growth Of Joint Stock Companies Covered In Sensex [Download]
Dr.Niharika Maharshi, Sarika Malik

K-Means Clustering And Naive Bayes Classifier For Categorization Of Diabetes Patients [Download]
L.Pandeeswari, K.Rajeswari

Composite Ac–Dc Power Transmission Lines [Download]

Multicast Routing Protocol In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [Download]
Rakesh Kumar Er,

Improvement In Cop Of Refrigeration Tutor By Using Single Embossed Plate Coil Evaporator Over A Bonded Coil Evaporator [Download]
Mukund Pande, Atul A Patil Vijay H Patil

Threat Perception Of The Customer And The Role Of Rbi In Online Banking [Download]
Mr. Susil Kumar Sarangi,

Designing Dynamic Neural Network For Non-Linear System Identification [Download]
Chandradeo Prasad,

Fast And Approximate Processing Unit For Depth Image Based Rendering Process [Download]
Neetesh Nema, Brajesh Patel

Enhancement Of Load Balancing For Dynamic Loads Using D-Ststcom [Download]
Priyanka Upadhyay, Baseem Khan

Removal Of Environmental Pollutants Like Ni, Cu And Zn With The Help Of Green Cut Technology [Download]
Sumedha Chauhan, Dr. S. S. Yadav

A Survey About Readership Of Newspapers In The Digital Age [Download]
Dr. Fouzianaz,

Application Of Solar And Wind Energy [Download]
Md Rahman, Sujoy Bhowmik, Luis Ramirez, Kerri Cripps, Udayan Puthenkalam Konstandinos Gobakis, Qiulin Wang, Yuhong Lin, Xiaoping Wang

The Principle Of Programmable Logic Controller And Its Role In Automation [Download]
Shri Bhagwan,

Removal Of Taste And Odor Causing Compounds By Using Granular Activated Carbon With Under Different Different Empty Bed Contact [Download]
Hanbai Park, Teayeol Kim, Dalsik Woo, Yongsik Cho

Indoor Location In Wlan Based On Competitive Agglomeration Algorithm [Download]
Qing Jiang, Kunpeng Li, Mu Zhou, Zengshan Tian

Cooperative Localization With Toa Technique [Download]
Arpit Pathak, Prof. Darshana Shah

A Review Paper On: Agricultural Plant Leaf Disease Detection Using Image Processing [Download]
Prof. Atul Shire, Prof. Umesh Jawarkar Mr. Manoj Manmode

A Review Paper: Design Of Abiocor Artificial Heart [Download]
Atul Shire, Umesh Jawarkar Manisha Sonone

Peace Process And Prospectus For Economic Development In Jammu And Kashmir [Download]
Dr. Bilal Ahmad Khan, Bilal Ahmad

Minority Carriers’ Diffusion Length Determination In Thin Films Cuinse2 Solar Cells Electrodeposited On Flexible Substrate In Kapton [Download]
Alain Kassine Ehemba, Moustapha Dieng Demba Diallo, Ibrahima Wade, Gregoire Sissoko

Characterization Of The Thermal Behavior Of A Kapok-Plaster Material By Studying The Temperature In Frequency Dynamic Regime. [Download]
Korka Abdoulaye Diallo, Makinta Boukar El Hadji Bamba Diaw,Paul Demba, Issa Diagne, Gregoire Sissoko

Passive Elimination Of Static Electricity In Oil Industry[Download]
Mico Gacanovic,

Optimizing Social Networks For P2P Content Based File Sharing In Detached Manet’S[Download]
Akalya K S, Pavithra B Vimal S

Optimal Tuning Of Pid Controller By Bat Algorithm In An Automatic Voltage Regulator System[Download]
G.Madasamy, C.S.Ravichandran

The Role Of Wood Industries Training Courses In Employment In Shirvan And Effects Of Education On It[Download]
Alireza Dorostkar,

Color Image Stitching Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform With 2-Dimensional Entropy Segmentation[Download]
Mu Zhou, Mingchun Wang,, Zengshan Tian

Finding An Optimal Sequence In The Flowshop Scheduling Using Johnson’S Algorithm[Download]
Prabhu M.S, Sankar D Paramaguru V

Design Of Floating Point Multiplier Using Vedic Mathematics[Download]
S.S.Mohanasundaram, A.Nirmal Kumar, T.Arul Prakash

Comparative Analysis And Treatment Of Well Water In Ebonyi State Nigeria[Download]
C. U. Iganga, Ven. Prof. N. A. G. Aneke C. J. Nwali

Isolation Of Biosurfactant Producing Bacteria From Tannery Effluents In Sokoto Metropolis, Nigeria[Download]
Abdullahi Adamu, Udem J. J. Ijah, Maryam L. Riskuwa, Haruna Y. Ismail, U. B. Ibrahim

Pixe Analysis Of Three Kinds Of Vegetables From Sudan Using Low Energy Van De Graaf Accelerator[Download]
M.E.M Eisa, C.A. Pineda-Vargas

Trace Elemental Mapping Of Camel Teeth And Bones From Sudan Using Nuclear Microprobe Technique[Download]
C.A. Pineda-Vargas, M.E.M Eisa, A. O. Bakhiet,, A.Aziz Makkawi, Z. Mohammed, R. Rossouw S.Naidoo

Analysis Of A Squeeze Cast Magnesium Alloy With Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites[Download]
Dr.R.Maguteeswaran, Dr. R.Sivasubramanian Mr.V.Senthilraja

Design Of A Low Power 2 – Bit Magnitude Comparator Using Full Adder[Download]
E.Abinaya, J.Sowmya S.Abirami, M.Arul Kumar

Indoor Wlan Positioning Using Hybrid Svm Hyperplane Margin Clustering And Regression[Download]
Mu Zhou, Ming Xiang, Lingxia Li And Zengshan Tian,

The Study Of The Status Of Interpretive Narrations Of The Followers In Exegesis Of The Holy Quran[Download]
Fatemeh Shariati,

Hamiltonian Decomposition Of Complete Fuzzy Graphs And Some Results Using Fuzzy Matrices[Download]
Vanadhi Kamalakannan, Abarna Parthiban Mahalakshmi Senthilkumar

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis On Fabric[Download]
Prof.(Dr.) Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay, Ms.Nabanita Basu

A Novel Data Security Using Extended Rsa Cryptographic Algorithm[Download]
G.Amala, A.Komathi

Thermal Behavior Of A Photocell Silicon Parallel Vertical Junction In Static Regime By Study Of The Series Resistance And Shunt Resistance Under The Effect Of Temperature.[Download]
Nfally Dieme, Boureima Seibou, Mohamed Abderrahim Ould El Moujtaba , Idrissa Gaye, Grégoire Sissoko

Determinants Of Adopter And Non Adopter Of Computerizing Accounting System(Cas) Among Small And Medium Enterprises(Smes) In Tanzania[Download]
Alberto Gabriel Ndekwa,

Design And Fabrication Of A Model Methylpropane Rocket Thruster[Download]
S.Tamil Selvan, V.Saravana Kumar R.Pandy Rajan

Cube Difference Labeling Of Some Cycle Related Graphs[Download]
G. Amuda, S. Meena

Genotoxic Effect Of Benzene On Male Mammalian Germinal Tissue (Spermheads) And Its Comparative Minimization By Phyllanthus Emblica, Allium Sativum And Vitamin-C[Download]
Kiran Chauhan, Savitri Verma

Application Of Chromaticity For Cartesian Products[Download]
Dr.B.R. Srinivas, A.Sri Krishna Chaitanya

On Demand Wakeup Scheduling For Energy Efficient Wsn With Delay Minimization[Download]
S.Atish.L.Yedage, D.C.Mehetre

Structural And Thermal Analysis On A Tapered Roller Bearing[Download]
M. Prem Kumar, Dr.C.J.Rao

Content Based Medical Image Retrieval Using Fuzzy C- Means Clustering With Rf[Download]
Jasmine Samraj, Nazreenbee . M

Biogas Recovery From Anaerobic Digestion Of Starched Food Refuse What Would Be Proper Conditions?[Download]
Dieu, T. T. M, Van, N. B, Truc, T. T. T.,

Phone Recognition On Timit Database Using Mel-Frequency Cepstral Coefficients And Support Vector Machine Classifier[Download]
Seyed Hamid Paylakhi, Dr. Jalil Shirazi

Triz: A New Approach To Problem Solving[Download]
S. N. Kazi, S.N. Teli, L.M. Gaikwad

Enzymatic Activity Of Marine Lactobacillus Species From South East Coast Of India.[Download]
Vinola Jennifer, Govindasamy Thiruneelakandan

Ornamental Fish Diversity Across Brahmaputra Valley Of Assam[Download]
Chandasudha Goswami, Dr. V. S. Zade

Design And Implementation Of Controllers In An Inverted Pendulum[Download]
Abdulrahaman Ogunji, Adesanya Atilade , Sunday Ajayi, Joseph Olakunle Coker ,Olutayo Onanuga.

Analysis, Design And Development Of A Non-Contact Charging System For Smartphones[Download]
Abdulrahaman Ogunji, Adesanya Atilade, Adebayo Salaam, Sunday Ajayi, Joseph Olakunle Coker

Design, Construction And Comparative Analysis Of A Metal Solar Dryer With Electric Kiln Dryer And Open Air Dryer In Drying Unripe Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca)[Download]
Onanuga, O. K., Coker, J. O

Local Management Of Water Resources For Farming In The Township of ZÊ.[Download]
Rock A. W. ALIA, Vidédji Naéssé ADJAHOSSOU, Expédit Wilfrid VISSIN

Thermal Performance Analysis Of The Solar Water Heater With Circular And Rectangular Absorber Fins[Download]
Sethuraman Ramasamy, Pakkirisamy Balashanmugam

Spatial Configuration, Temporal Composition And Probability Of Changes In Land Use & Land Cover Mapping Through Geospatial Technology- A Pilot Study Of Dabawali Block Of Sirsa District[Download]
Sandeep Kumar, Anil Kumar Sarvan Kumar, Abhishek Bansal

Study And Analysis Growing Of E.Coil Bacteria And Effected Of Hene Laser[Download]
Asma Almontasser, S. H. Alsamhi Yas Alhadithi

An Annotation Scheme For English Language Using Paninian Framework[Download]
Amita, Ajay Jangra

Event Anaphora Resolution In Natural Language Processing For Hindi Text[Download]
Komal Mehla, Karambir Ajay Jangra

Modeling Of Water And Wastewater Treatment Units[Download]
Hisham I. M. Abdel-Magid, Yousif Ali Yousif Elsadig Elhadi Elhassan

Cotton Production Under Contract System In Small Holder Farming Sector Of Zimbabwe[Download]
Svotwa, E, T. Mapfumo

Resistance Based Damage Sensing in electrically Non Conductive Composites using Carbon Nanotubes[Download]
Satheesh kumar.V, Dr.Dalbir Singh, Nisha.M.S,

Corrosion Behavior of V2AlC in Different Media[Download]
Dr. Rana A. Anaee, Dr. Ahmed M. Al-Ghaban

Mistake Proofing with Automation[Download]
Benjamin Danard, Ravindra Thamma