Volume 2 - Issue 10

Study On Construction Safety In Thermal Power Plant[Download]
Balamurali Arumugam

Reconfigurable Solar Converter: A Single-Stage Power Conversion Pv-Battery System And A Comparison Between Mppt Techniques[Download]
Pallepati Sowdhamini, Dr. S. Siva Prasad

An Enhanced Pitch Control Using Fuzzy Logic For Stability Improvement In Dfig Based Wind Energy Systems[Download]
K. Anusha, Dr. S. Siva Prasad

Wban Health Monitoring System Using Teen Protocol: Threshold Sensitive Energy Efficient Network Protocol[Download]
Sonakshi Gupta Parminder Kaur

Improvement Of Stability Of Hvdc Transmission System Using A Facts Device Upfc[Download]
Patlolla Satish Reddy , Mondi Vinod Kmar, Dr. S. Siva Prasad

A Modified Current Loop Controller For 3 Phase Power Converter Connected To A Distribution System[Download]
Challa Narasimha Reddy , Dr. S. Vathsal , Dr. S. Siva Prasad

Precision Standardization Of Lactate Assay On Cobas 6000 C501 And Comparative Analysis With Corresponding Lactate Dehydrogenase Concentrations[Download]
Sheikh Matinuddin, Junaid Mahmood Alam, Mahwish Amin, Howrah (Humaria) Ali, Sheikh Khalid Mahmood

Data Acquisition System Using Programmable Logic Controller[Download]
J.G. Joshi, Prof. D.D. Ahire

Review On Seismic Design Of Multistoreyed Rc Building Using Various Codes[Download]
Pamela Jennifer J P, Jegidha K J

Recent Encroachment In Optical Fiber Communication- Visible Light Communication (Li-Fi)[Download]
Amritpal Kaur

The Study Of Assessment Of Drinking Water Quality For The Tribal Villagers, Roha-Tahsil, Dist-Raigad (Maharashtra)[Download]
Dinesh Bhagat, Sunil Patil, Bhushan Langi

Design And Simulation Of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna For C-Band Applications[Download]
Sukhmandeep Singh

Mineralogical Studies Of Placer Wadi Deposits Of Gabal El Dob Area, North Eastern Desert, Egypt; A Good Preliminary Tool For Prospecting Ores In Arabian –Nubian Shield.[Download]
Ibrahim Abu El-Leil, Abdellah S. Tolba And Taher M. Shahin

On Pairwise Fuzzy Strongly Irresolvable Spaces[Download]
G. Thangaraj P.Vivakanandan

Experimental Evaluation Of Effect Of Polypropylene Fibers On The Mechanical Properties Of Fiber Concrete[Download]
S.M.Enayati, F.Riahi1, H.Azizian

Similarity Image Retrieval Using Enhanced Color Histogram Based On Support Vector Machine.[Download]
Emile Karamutsa, Dr. Cheruiyot W.K, Dr. Anthony luvanda

An Experimental Study Of Concrete Reinforced With Glass Fibers Under Tensile And Compressive Loading[Download]
Farhad.Riahi, Ghader Elahi, Naser Zandi, Bahram Mahmoodeyan

Analytical Study On Seismic Performance Of Rc Frames In-Filled With Masonry Walls Using E-Tabs[Download]
Arulmozhi.N, Jegidha.K.J, Srinivasan.R, Dr.Sureshbabu.S

Obstacle Avoidance Strategy Using Fuzzy Logic Steering Control Of Amphibious Autonomous Vehicle[Download]
Khaled Sailan, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert, Simon Hardt

Identification Of Titanium (Iv) With 2-Hydroxy-1-Naphthaldehyde-P-Hydroxybenzoic Hydrozone By Applying Direct And Derivative Spectrophotometry[Download]
G.Sumathi, T. Sreenivasulu Reddy

Adaptive Model For Authentication On Cloud Computing[Download]
Prof. Reena Satpute, Prof. Swapnil Telrandhe

Study On Dedupe: Data Deduplication Scheme For Cloud Backup Of Personal Storage[Download]
Ankur Kudale, Swapnil Gaikwad, Ajay Bankar, Datta Patil

Design And Devlopment Of Agricultural Waste Shredder Machine[Download]
I.M.Sanjay Kumar Dr. T.R. Hemanth Kumar

Removal Of Sapphire Substrate For Fabrication Of Ingan/Gan Mqws Vertical Blue Light-Emitting Diodes Using Laser Lift-Off Technique[Download]
Kuldip Singh, Ashok Chauhan, Manish Mathew, Amit Ranghera, Sonachand Adhikari, Suchandan Pal And C. Dhanavantri

Design, Failure Analysis And Optimization Of A Propeller Shaft For Hmv. (Heavy Motor Vehicle).[Download]
Amim Altaf Baig, Dr. A.M. Langde

A Semi-Empirical Study Of A Highly Lipid-Soluble Anti-Cancer Chemotherapy Drug, 1-(2-Chloroethyl)-3-Cyclohexyl-1-Nitrosourea,(Lomustine)[Download]
Igwe Kalu Kalu1, Amaku Friday James, Otuokere Ifeanyi Edozie

Bio-Treatment Of Anthroquinone Textile Dyes (Reactive Blue-19, Brilliant Blue-R, Acid Blue-25) Using Soil Fungi Isolated From Dye Effluents.[Download]
Srinu.A, Roja Rani.P, Rathna Silviya.L, Aruna .B, Vijaya Lakshmi.D, Vijaya Raghava Prasad. D

A Simple Approach For Efficient Detection And Estimation Of Drops During The Rainfall[Download]
Kolli. Harsha Vardhan Reddy Shaik. Mahaboob Basha, Jogi. Srinivasulu

Sensor Elective Energy Based Routing For Maximum Data Transfer In WSN Communication[Download]
Guraneet Kaur,Rakesh Gandhi

Autonomation: The Future Of Manufacturing[Download]
Kwabena Boakye-Adjei, Ravindra Thamma, E. Daniel Kirby

Implementation Of Aircraft Wardrobe Using Honeycomb Composite Over Aluminium. A Review[Download]
Ms. Divya Gour, Prof. Nafees Khan, Prof. R.N. Dehankar

For The Love Of A Brand – How Brand Communities Work[Download]
Sree Lakshmi K. R, Assistant Professor & Prof. Dr. C. Sengottuvelu, Scms- Sstm, Kochi

Impact Of Witch Crafts Among The Adivashi Community In Assam: An Overviews:[Download]
Lachit Gogoi. Dr Horen Goowalla

Enhanced Merge Sort On Multi-Core Architecture[Download]
Boby Gupta, Om Prakash Pal

Synthesis And Evaluation Of Aluminium 6061 Based Hybrid Composites And Validation With Fem[Download]
Vinay Kumar H S,Yogeesha H C, H.Ghanashyam Shenoy

Web Based Ide Implementation For C, C++,C#,Vb, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Html, Css, Java Script[Download]
Poreddy Jayaraju Vijay Prakash

Some Studies On Heat Recovery Steam Generation (Hrsg) In Combined Power Plant Using Cfd.[Download]
B.Sattibabu, Prof. N.Haribabu ,B.V.V Prasada Rao

Wireless Intrusion Detection Using Fpga[Download]
T.Suresh Kumar,R.Sudhakar

Numerical Study On Thermal Performance Of Tio2 Nano Fluid In An Heat Exchanger[Download]
Lalith Kumar. S, Manjunatha. K, S. S. Mahesh Reddy

An Application Of Self Adoptive Mechanism In Selecting Learning Objects[Download]
R.S.S Praveen Kumar, M.Srish Kumar

Arithmetic Operation Of Fuzzy Numbers Using Α-Cut Method[Download]
Dr.S. Chandrasekaran E- Tamilmani

A Survey Of Handoff Strategy And Fuzzy Logic With Desired Quality Of Service[Download]
Manish Sachdeva, Dr. Pankaj Kumar

Fast Speculative Multipliers Based On Tdm Carry-Save Tree[Download]
Amrutha Balan, Ms. Hima Sara Jacob, Ms. Jythisree K.R.

Theoritical Approach On The Structural Aspects Of 2,2'-[5-(1,2,4-Triazolidin-1-Ylmethyl)Benzene-1,3-Diyl]Bis(2-Methylpropaneniti Le) (Anastrozole) And Its Molecular Docking Studies With Promyelocytic Leukemia Protein[Download]
Igwe Kalu Kalu, Amaku Friday James, Otuokere Ifeanyi Edozie

The Use Of Public Toilets And Health Risks: The Case Of Bars, Snacks And Restaurants In The Bamenda Ii Municipality.[Download]
Sop Sop Maturin Désiré, Abossolo Samuel Aimé, Nuebissi Simo Joseph Landry, Mbarga Manga J.M.V, Batha Romain Armand Soleil, Yaabeh Grace Babah

Methods & Calculation Required For Ventilation In Confined Spaces[Download]
Shaik Usman Dowla, Dr. Nehal A Siddique, Smh.Parvase

Privacy-Preserving Of Encrypted Cloud Data Through Dynamic Multi-Keyword Search[Download]
Miss. Suvarna Dandekar, Miss. Sunita Khamkar, Miss. Snehal Kurumkar, Miss. Vrushali Pandit

Detection Of Cracks And Missing Fasteners In Railwaylines Using Structure Topic Model[Download]
R. Malar S.Jayalakshmy

Security Of Data Based On Color And Armstrong Number[Download]
Puja Maruti Lad, Yallawa Shivaji Vhankade,Ashwini Jagannath Khandagale, Prajakta Ram Bhalerao

Preparation And Characterization Of Zinc Sulfide Thin Film Deposited By Dip Coating Method[Download]
M. Balachander, M. Saroja , M.Venkatalachalam, S. Shankar

Synthesis, Characterization And Antibacterial Studies Of Fe(Ii) And Mn(Ii) Complexes Of 2-[({4-[(1,3-Thiazol-2-Ylamino)Sulfonyl]Phenyl}Amino)Carbonyl]Benzoicacid[Download]
Otuokere Ifeanyi Edozie, Igwe Kalu Kalu, Paul Samuel O

Lower-Area Lower-Delay Data Comparison Circuitry Using Modified Bwa Based Architecture[Download]
Gopika Nath. G, Hima Sara Jacob, Reneesh C. Zacharia

Vertex Odd Divisor Cordial Labeling Of Graphs[Download]
A. Muthaiyan, P. Pugalenthi

Effects Of A Wood Pine Polypropylene Compound On The Soil Thermal Conductivity As A Function Of Water Content[Download]
Katerina Y. Doneva1 And Carles M. Rubio2

Study Of Variability In Wheat (Triticum Aestivum L.) Under Saline Condition[Download]
M. B. Islam, M. L. Kabir, M. Hasanuzzaman, M. K. Rabby, S.H.M. G. Sarwar

Estimation Of Accumulation Of Zinc Content In Mushroom And Soil By Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy[Download]
Dr Monika Chauhan

Performance Of Inorganic And Organic Inputs In Wheat Production: A Review[Download]
Hardeep Singh Sheoran, Harender Singh Dahiya, Mohammad Amin Bhat, Shamsher Singh

Modelling Defects And Acceptors In Thin Film Cigs[Download]
Demba Diallo, Moustapha Dieng, Alain Kassine Ehemba, Mamour Soce, Gerome Sambou

Diet Of Two Sympatric Rocket Frogs (Amphibia, Anura, Ptychadenidae: Ptychadena) In The Disturbed Parts Of A West African Rainforest[Download]
Blayda Tohé, N’Goran Germain Kouamé, N’Guessan Emmanuel Assemian, Germain Gourène

Reliable Categorical Clustering[Download]
Sardhendu Mishra

Dielectric Properties Of Light Rare-Earth Titanates[Download]
V.P. Srivastava, Sugandha Srivastava

Geoinformatics As A Tool For Appraisal Of Salt-Affected Soils―A Review[Download]
Mohammad Amin Bhat, Hardeep Singh Sheoran, Eajaz Ahmad Dar, Harender Singh Dahiya, Sheeraz Ahmad Wani, Inderpal Singh, Shamsher Singh

The Eu’S Pro-Innovative Policy Towards Small And Medium Enterprises[Download]
Wiesław Breński

Biometric Access Control System Based On Internet Of Things And Using Free Hardware[Download]
Stalin Marcelo Arciniegas-Aguirre, Francklin Iván Rivas-Echeverría, Luis David Narváez-Erazo, Galo Hernán Puetate-Huera

Wetlands Resource Use, Conflict, Management And Conservation: Review Of The Hadejia-Nguru Wetlands, Northeast, Nigeria[Download]
Abubakar S. Ringim, Mohammad M. Abubakar, Sulaiman I. Mohammed And Tasi’U Shuaibu

An Assessment Of Metal Contaminant Levels In Selected Soft Drinks Sold In Nigeria[Download]
A.M Magomya, G.G Yebpella, U.C Okpaegbe

Micronucleus Test Of Californian Trout Fish After Treatment With The Herbicide Monosan For 48 And 96 Hours[Download]
Afrim Zeqiraj1, Shkelzen Elezaj2, Zafer Gashi1, Bujar Gruda2

The Concept Of Engineering Accounting And Management Of Intellectual Capital University[Download]
Tkach Victor Ivanovich Tkach Valentina Stanislavovna

Synthesis And Antimicrobial Activity Of Novel Benzothiazole-Hydrazone Derivatives[Download]
V. Laxmi Prasanna, R. Narender

Treatment Of Infertility In Men With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Ptsd) With The Method Of Intrauterine Insemination[Download]
Shkelzen Elezaj . Zafer Gashi. Afrim Zeqiraj. Driton Grabanica, Anton Shllaku ,Bujar Gruda, Vesel Musaj

An Improved And Trustworthy Communication Framework In Wireless Sensor Network’S[Download]
P.Venkata Kiranmai, M.Sreenivasulu

Analytical Study On Fatigue Behaviour Of Steel Truss Girder Joints[Download]
Aswathi Dev.K.K, Preetha Prabhakaran, Neethu.S

Dual Band Biplanar Quasi-Yagi Antenna With Inset Feed[Download]
Prachi Jain, Zohaib Hasan

Studies On Bacterial Species In Seminal Fluids And Their Relationship On Male Fertility And Infertility[Download]
A.A Farrag , M.M.A.Sherif , B. M.Harron ,A.S.Abozied

A Voice Guidance Proposed System For Autonomous Robot[Download]
Kajal Jewani, Neha Dingwani, Pranali Sonawane Sanjivani Yesade, Vishal Motwani

Generalized Special Relativistic Quantum Equation &String Mass Quantization[Download]
Naguawa Edris Ali Ahmed ,Mubarak Dirar A. Allah, Asim Ahmed Mohamed Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

An Overview Of Criminal Justice Policy For Criminals[Download]
Ebrahim Irannezhad

Influencing Factors Caused For Time & Cost Overruns In Construction Projects In Pune-India & Their Remedies.[Download]
Salim S. Mulla, Ashish P. Waghmare

Detection Of Malicious Application On Online Social Network[Download]
Gaurav Parsewar, Yogesh Dalvi, Lalit Kothwade

Related Study Of Biocidal Activity Of Some Schiff Bases And Its Metal Complex[Download]
Dr. Meenakshi Munjal

Research On The Management Of The Operation Mode Of The Sports Clubs In Colleges And Universities[Download]
Xiaopeng Chi

Analysis Of O3, Co And No2 Concentration By Using Ambient Air Analyzers During The Summer Season[Download]
Shampa Sarkar

Grey Relational Analysis Method For Multiple Attribute Decision Making In Rough Intuitionistic Fuzzy Setting[Download]
H. Jude Immaculate & I. Arockiarani

In Silico Sequence Analysis And Homology Modeling Of Dihydropteroate Synthase In Pneumocystis Pneumonia[Download]
Yogesh Joshi ,Chakre G.D. ,Vinod P.S. , Anilkumar S.Katti

Study Of Strength Development In Reinforced Concrete Beams Retrofitted By Different Types Of Fiber Reinforced Polymers[Download]
Rosemol K George, Ashokkumar T, Ananya John

Effect Of Three Selected Fungicides On Soil Dehydrogenase, Phosphatase, Protease And Urease Enzyme Activities In Groundnut (Arachis Hypogeae L.) Fields[Download]
R.Jaya Madhuri, V. Rangaswamy

Algorithm To Change Sql To Java Api For Elasticsearch And Solr[Download]
Sanjeeva Rao Nimmakayala, Dr. Srinivasa Rao T, Dr.Srinivas G

Detecting Misinformation In Twitter Using Text Analytics[Download]
M. Sunitha R. Anto Arockia Rosaline

Experimental Investigation On Maximum Strength Of Pervious Concrete Using Different Size Of Aggregates[Download]
Sindhu P K, Deepthy Rajagopal

Evaluation Of Hse Management System Of An Insulation Manufacturer – Kuwait[Download]
Kenil .K. Kuriakose, Dr. Nehal A. Siddique

Television Rating Point Prediction Using Neural Network[Download]
Uday Bhave, Akash Pawaskar, Gurudas Pawar, Sumukh Khond, Siddhant Worlikar

Securing Web Application By Detect And Prevent Input Validation Attacks Using Swart Tool[Download]
Deepa V Subramaniam Mr.Kiran Bhandari, Mrs.Veena Kulkarni

The Issues Of Financial Innovations And Their Importance In The Contemporary Economic System In The Perspective Of Cognitive Theories[Download]
Adam Oleksiuk

Analytical Study On Rcc Core Steel Composite Column Using Fea[Download]
Lakshmy G Das, Preetha Prabhakaran, Nivya John

A Review On Object Oriented Database Using Object Relational Modelling And Mvc[Download]
Ravindra Kumar, Mohd. Suaib

Combining Agile And Human-Centered Design Approaches For Improving Usability In Development Process From Commercial-Off-The Shelf (Cots) Software[Download]
Eric Ndizihiwe, Dr. Cheruiyot Wilson.K, Dr. Anthony Luvanda.

Determination Of Liquefaction Potential By Sub-Surface Exploration Using Standard Penetration Test[Download]
Sabih Ahmad, M.Z.Khan, Abdullah Anwar, Syed Mohd. Ashraf Husain

Performance Analysis Of Mc-Upqc Used In Multifeeder Distribution System For Improvement Of Power Quality Issues[Download]
Sachin N. Gaikwad, Harpreet Singh

Comparative Study Between Field-In-Field And Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Techniques In Treatment Of Breast Cancer[Download]
Amin El-Sayed, Moaz Mohammed, El-Sayed Mahmoud

Multiple Exposure Fusion For High Dynamic Range Image Acquisition By Pca Based Algorithm[Download]
Swati Dattatraya Pate.

Design Of Hybrid Classifier For Prediction Of Diabetes Through Feature Relevance Analysis[Download]
N.Deepika Dr.S.Poonkuzhali,

Efficient Classifier For Detecting Spam In Social Networks[Download]
E.Nalarubiga M.Sindhuja

The Determinant Of Capital Structure Of Firms Listed In Nigerian Food/Beverages And Tobacco Industry[Download]
Dr Mustapha Nasidi, Karaye Yusuf Ibrahim Bukar Amos, Garba Ibrahim

Changes In Glycogen Content Of Brain In Starving Catfish Clarias Batrachus [Linn.][Download]
Nayan Kumar Prasad

An Approach To Model Based Test Case Generation For Student Admission Process[Download]
Arpita Tewari, Arun Kumar Misra

Government Pricing Policy And Behavioral Consumption Of Tobacco[Download]
Firend Al R.

Customer Relationship Management In Banking Sector[Download]
Dr. R. Sathya Devi Shaj Mohan

A Survey On Workflow Task Scheduling Using Intelligent Water Droplets In Cloud Computing[Download]
P. Kumar P. Shobana

Factors Affecting The Choice Of Residential Housing In Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria[Download]
A. I. Opaluwa, A. Aribigbola

Design Of Digital Down Converter (Ddc) For Gsm[Download]
Jasmine. S, R.Latha

Factors Contributing Awareness Level Of Urban Citizens On The Growing Digital Initiatives Within The City Of Bhopal , The Capital Of Madhya Pradesh[Download]
Mrs. Lila Simon

Secured Algorithm To Protect Sensor Nodes In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Rajalakshmi Murugesan, Dr C.Parthasarathy, Indrajith Ramasamy Venugopal

A Survey On Weather Forecasting To Predict Rainfall Using Big Data Analytics.[Download]
Muthulakshmi A Dr.S.Baghavathi Priya

Parental Security Control[Download]
Monali Shirbhate, Mitali Tiwari, Supriya Raut And Dolly Kumbhalkar

An Advanced Digital Image Forgery Detection Via Local Binary Pattern And Haralick Features[Download]
Bini Babu Keerthi A. S. Pillai

Design, Fabrication And Performance Evaluation Of A Low-Cost Portable Roasted Groundnut Seeds Dehuller[Download]
Ayelegun, T. A., Ajewole, P. O.

Soret-Dufour Effects on Unsteady MHD flow of Dusty Fluid over Inclined Porous Plate Embedded in Porous Medium[Download]
N. Pandya, Ravi Kant Yadav

A Web Based Framework for Solving Timetabling Problem Using Parallel Genetic Algorithm with Local Search[Download]
Milena Lazarova, Neli Lepoeva

Pinch Point Management Program[Download]
Tinu Joseph Thomas, Dr. Nehal A. Siddique

Pinch Point Management ProgramStudy On The Performance And Emission Charecteristics Of Preheated Higher Blends Of Nome And Tea Tree Oil With Diesel In Single Cylinder 4 Stroke Ci Engine [Download]
V S Mohan Kumar, S.S. Mahesh Reddy