Volume 2 - Issue 11

Identification Of Potential Landslide Hazard Zonation Mapping Using Geoinformatics For Kohima Region, Nagaland, India[Download]
L. Mahesh Bilwa, M. Achanbeni Yanthan, P. Madesh, Basavaraj Hutti

Study Of Seismic Behaviour Of Rc Bridges And Control Measures For Seismic Pounding[Download]
Femeena M K, Teena Joy

State Machine Based Approach To Text Classification[Download]
Narayanan Srinivasan

A Model For Predicting Ischemic Stroke Using Data Mining Algorithms[Download]
Balar Khalid, Naji Abdelwahab

Physico-Chemical Consideration Of Amylase And Sodium Oleate Mixtures[Download]
Ahmed Yehia, Sawsan A. Abd El-Halim, Hayat M. Sharada, M.A. Abdel Khalek, Mayar Ammar

Numerical And Experimental Investigation On Thermal Behavior Of Exhaust Heat Shield[Download]
Jagdeesh Hk, Manjunatha K, Mahesh Reddy

Parallel Copy Move Image Forgery Detection Using Lexicographic Sorting Algorithm[Download]
Vikas Shivapuje

Numerical Simulation For Steady Incompressible Laminar Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Inside T-Shaped Cavity Using Stream Function And Vorticity[Download]
Hassan Nasr Ahamed Ismail, Aly Maher Abourabia, Abd El Rahman Ali Saad, A .El Desouky A

An Innovative Loom For Secure Diffusion Of Images[Download]
Murali Majji, U.V Chandra Sekhar

Exorphin Peptides In Urine With Hplc-Ms/Ms Detection[Download]
Dag Tveiten,, Adrian Finvold, Marthe Andersson, Ida C.Schrøder, Katja B.P. Elgstøen, Per Ola Rønning, Karl L. Reichelt

A Simple Approach To Solving Penalty Method By Ranking[Download]
Dr. S. Chandrasekaran

Agritech Automation On Seeding And Fertigation: A Revolution In Agriculture[Download]
Tarak Doshi, Jay Joshi, Ritesh Vyas, Prit Upadhyay

Special Class Of Extended Mean Cordial Graphs[Download]
Dr. A. Nellai Murugan, J. Shiny Priyanka

Performance Of Tithe Management And Socio Economic Transformation[Download]
Peribadi, Bakri Yusuf, Muh. Arsyad, Suharty Roslan Megawati Asrul Tawulo

Design And Analysis Of Low Power Dual Binary Ml Map Decoder Using Vlsi Technology[Download]
S.Divya, Dr.P.Maniraj Kumar

Computational Modeling And Experimental Analysis Of Counter Electrode At Its Optimal Temperature For Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells[Download]
Dinah Punnoose, Hee-Je Kim, Sang-Hwa Chung

About Structural Transition Of Nickel Metal[Download]
Giap Thi Thuy Trang, Pham Duc Linh, Pham Xuan Truong, Pham Huu Kien

Ethno Botanical Study And Traditional Uses Of Celastrus Paniculatus[Download]
Dr.Mohsen Younus

Value Of Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants As Psychotherapeutic Agents-A Review[Download]
Dr.Mohsen Younus, Aasif Younus And Irfan Shahbaz

Applications Of Fuzzy Number Mathematics[Download]
Dr. S. Chandrasekaran

Numerical Simulation Of Early Wastewater Treatment Within The Sewer Network[Download]
George – Lucian Ionescu, Gheorghe – Constantin Ionescu

Supply Chain Performance Evaluation Models: A Study[Download]
V.R.Sirsath, Dr. R.S.Dalu

Follower-Tracking Events Of A Person[Download]
Aashish Gurmukhani, Varsha Keswani, Manisha Parwani

Innovative Personalized Architecture In Case Of Web Search Users[Download]
Y.Raju, Dr. D. Suresh Babu

Application Of Remote Sensing Techniques In Identification Of Lithological Rock Units In Southern Extension Of Kolar Schist Belt From Chigargunta, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh To Maharajagadai, Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu[Download]
G.H. Kotnise, S. Chennabasappa

An Enhanced Broadband Micro Strip Stacked Patch Antenna For Rfid Applications[Download]
R.Sathish Raj S.Jaganath

Study On The Functional Properties Of Gelatin Extracted From The Skin Of The Fish Pacu (Piaractus Brachypomus)[Download]
Rushikulya Sahoo, K. Dhanapal1, G.V.S.Reddy , A. Balasubramanian, K.Sravani

A Study On The Effect Of Shear Connectors In Composite Beams[Download]
Jobil Varghese, Bincy George

Android Fuzzy Keyword Search In Encrypted Data Over Cloud[Download]
Pushpa Chutel, Pallavi Chaowhan, Pranjali Patil, Neha Khobragade, Ankit Dangre

Study Of Variation In Secondary Metabolites From Rhizomes Of Raphanus Sativus L, Daucos Carota L, Beta Vulgaris L[Download]
Dr. Suresh Kumar, Dr. Sandeep Kumar, Dr. Harsh Pant, Ashvin Godghate, Snehal Kamble

A New Method To Information Hiding By Using Colors[Download]
Orooba Ismaeel Ibraheem Al-Farraji

An Integrated Cloud Data Mining Using Apriori[Download]
Sumalatha Potteti, Ravi Kumar G

Spectrophotometric Study Of Stability Constants And Thermodynamic Parameters Of Metformin-Mn(Ii) Complex At Different Temperatures[Download]
Okorie Daniel Okezie, Otuokere Ifeanyi Edozie, Igwe Kalu Kalu

Emotional Intelligence Has Unswerving Rapport With Academic Performance Of Xi Standard Students In Biology Subject[Download]
Jesu Prakash M, Vasimalairaja M.

Numerical Simulation For Steady Incompressible Laminar Fluid Flow And Heat Transfer Inside T-Shaped Cavity In The Parallel And Anti-Parallel Wall Motions[Download]
Hassan Nasr Ahamed Ismail, Aly Maher Abourabia, Abd El Rahman Ali Saad, A .El Desouky A .

V/F Speed Control Of Three Phase Induction Motor By Using Plc And Scda[Download]
Mr. Manoj M Kharade,Prof. Dr. Mrs. N.R.Kulkarni

Development Of 2-Channel Eeg Device And Analysis Of Brain Wave For Depressed Persons[Download]
P.Amsaleka, Dr.S.Mythili

Rice Farmer’S Perception Of Salinity Problem, Their Preferred Varieties And Cropping Environment In Niger[Download]
O. Souleymane, E. Nartey, B. Manneh, K. Ofori, E. Danquah

Hand Gesture Segmentation And Gesture Recognition Based On Contour Model[Download]

Lte Downlink Transmission Scheme[Download]
L.Kanchana, Dr.G.Athisha

Tech Farmer[Download]
Amrita Kungwani, Kiran Chandani, Himani Shahu, Chanda Nannware

Website Development And Transaction Management[Download]
Priyanka Dudhe, Dolly Lohana, Nisha Rahandani, Dolly Chhabriya

Detection Prevention Of Input Validation Attacks For Web Application Security[Download]
Deepa V Subramaniam Mr.Kiran Bhandari Mrs.Veena Kulkarni

Wireless Gi-Fi Technology[Download]
Payal Varangaonkar, Usha, Rachana Mathur

A Survey Of The Results Of The Qos Parameters In The Job Scheduling To Allocate Virtual Machines In The Cloud[Download]
Mahdi Kanani, Shahram Jamali

3D Printer Ceramic Technology[Download]
Javvad Ur Rahman Khan, G. Rakesh Kumar, Dr. P. Sammaiah

Groundwater Quality Analysis Using Wqi And Gis Techniques: A Case Study Of Manavalakurichi In Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, India[Download]
Kirubakaran M, Ashokraj C, Colins Johnny J, Anjali R

Dynamic Rule Modification Method For A Light-Weight Rule Engine[Download]
Seung-Kyu Yoo, Sang-Young Cho

A Review On Applications Of Zinc Oxide Nanostructures[Download]
Yeul D. M., D. S. Dhote

Fuzzy Connectedness Segmentation Of Remote Sensing Data In Geological Mapping By Feature Extraction[Download]
M. Abdelrazik, H. Ayad, M. Hammad, T. Farag

Modified Double Box Branch Line Coupler By Utilizing Quasi T-Shape Stub[Download]
Saeid Mojarrad Hojjat Basharat

Delimitation Of Constituencies Violate The Right Of Equal Representation And Equal Suffrage In Balochistan[Download]
Nasrullah, Dr. Ainuddin. Dr. Usman Tobawal, Dr. Kaleemullah

3D Printer Programming[Download]
G. Rakesh Kumar, P. Sammaiah

Statistical Analysis Of Employee Participation In Organisation Decision Making In Nigeria[Download]
¹Vincent G. Jemilohun, Akanubong E. Ekanem And ²Lanre Adebara

Modeling, Radiometric And Geotechnical Studies For El-Hadka Area As A Case Study At El Fayoum Depression, Egypt.[Download]
Ahmed, M. Saad, Esam, Mahran, Osama, M. Draz, Abdullah F. Mahmoud

Soft Computation Of Permissible Stresses Of Cold Formed Compression Members Using Back Propagation System[Download]

A Non Linear Filtering And Tracking Of A Ballistic Missile For Terminal Phase Interception[Download]
K David Solomon Raj, I Mohan Krishna

Design And Simulation Of Attitude Control Systems For Charlie Aircraft[Download]
K David Solomon Raj, Mannem Siva Mohan

Comparative Study On Moment Connections In Cold Formed Steel Sections With And Without Perforations[Download]
Bhavitha E B , Rosemol K George, And Teena Joy

Control Of Grid-Interfacing Inverter For Wind Energy Integration With Power Quality Management At Distribution Level[Download]
Nibitha N S Prof. Soumya A V

Improved Many To Many Data Linkage Using One Class Clustering Tree[Download]
G.Radha Krishna, T.Venkata Satya Vivek, K.Bharthi

Power Generation From The Residual Energy In The Discharge Water Of A Turbine[Download]
Arun Jyoti Bhattacharjee, Manpuran Mandal, Kalyan Yadav

A Study On The Effect Of Lawsonia Inermis Linn. (Henna) Leaf Extract On Zinc-Nickel Alloy Electrodeposition On Mild Steel From Acid Sulphate Bath[Download]
J. Felicita Florence, Susai Rajendran, K.N.Srinivasan

Implementing Convolutional Neural Network With Parallel Computing Using Cuda[Download]
Shashank Bajpai

Cyclone Disaster Mitigation And Management In India[Download]
N. Venkatachalam, Dr. S. Ganesan

A Potent Analgesic Drug 3-(4-Amino-1-Oxo-1, 3-Dihydro-2H-Isoindol-2-Yl)Piperidine-2,6-Dione (Anileridine) And Its Basic Conformational Analysis Using Computational Tools[Download]
Amaku Friday James, Otuokere Ifeanyi Edozie, Igwe Kalu Kalu

Effect Of Viscosity On Radial Stresses In Hydroforming Manufacturing Process[Download]
Dr.R.Uday Kumar, Dr.P.Ravinder Reddy, Dr.A.V.Sitaramaraju

A New One Another Sorting Technique: N*3 Matrix Based Sorting Algorithm[Download]
Dr. S. Muthusundari M. A. Berlin

Collaboration: The Key To Success In Construction Supply Chain[Download]
Zahra Toroghi Bidabadi , Mujtaba Hosseinalipour, Mohammad Reza Hamidizadeh, Amirhossein Mohebifar, Omid Dorostkar

A Study On Behavior Of Bubble Deck Slab Using Ansys[Download]
Rinku John, Jobil Varghese

An Improved Genetic Algorithm For Scheduling Resources In A Hetero-Gene Cloud: Iaas[Download]
S Noureen, P Munisekhar

A Secure Query Processing On Cloud Data With Synonym Search[Download]
B. Mahesh, P. Munisekhar

Smoking Habits And Stress Of Work On Musculoskeletal Disorders On Factory Workers Ferronickel Section Smelting[Download]
Syawal Kamiluddin, Soebijanto, Denny Agustiningsih, Ruslan Majid, Nani Yuniar, Dan Santosa Budiharjo, Peribadi

Security Mechanisms For Mitigating Multiple Blackhole Attack In Manets[Download]
Shikha Sharma, Manish Mahajan

Performance Evaluation in Situation Based Routing Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network[Download]
Gurpal Singh, Deepak Sharma, Khushjeet Kaur Sandhu

Mathematical Model of Urban Taxi Subsidy Scheme[Download]
Xiao Tong,Wang Zhuo,Yang Liucong,Chen Chai, Yang Yanmei

Examining Psychological Well-Being Status among Students in Khomeinishahr, Iran[Download]
Minoo Sadeghi ,Shahizan Hasan, Sima Alizadeh, Syed Mohamad Syed Abdullah, Iman Nazerian

Securing Corporate Networks Against Denial-of Service Attack Detection Using Multivariate Correlation Analysis[Download]
Roopadevi B N, A.NarayanaRao

An Approach to Implement Apriori Algorithm for Transactional Database[Download]
Gaurav Agnihotri, Reena Agnihotri

Enhancement of Security in Content Based Publish/Subscribe System by Access Control and IBE[Download]
Sunitha R L, Yedukondalu N

Convergence in L_p Spaces and Vitali’s Convergence Theorem[Download]
Parvinder Singh

Estimation of various parameters of copper metal[Download]
Prof B. N Havaraddi

Motion Analysis of A Mobile Robot With Three Omni-Directional Wheels[Download]
Ranjit Barua, Sajal Mandal, Dr. Samiran Mandal

Segmentation of Video Object by Using Scale Invariant Feature Transform[Download]
M.Surya Prabha, Dr.A.Padma

Effects of Cutting Variables on MRR and Tool Wear for EN8 Medium Carbon Steel with carbide insert[Download]
Nagaraju Balabhadra, S.Ugender

Design and Fabrication of an Industrial Semi-Automatic Label Shrinking Machine for PolyEthylene Terephthalate (PET) Bottles[Download]
Muralindran Mariappan, Tan Jian Hong, Jong Chia Sing

Lithological-Structural Setting of Homrit Waggat Granites in Central Eastern Desert, Egypt: New Contributions[Download]
Mahmoud M. Hassaan, Gehad M. Saleh, Hatem M. El-Desoky, Reda A.Galal, Ahmed M. El-Kady

Physicochemical properties of wastewater collected from different sewage sources[Download]
N. Benit, A. Stella Roslin

Jitendra Jugele, Chandrahas Sahu

Evaluation Of Probiotic Potential Of Lactobacillus Strains From Fermented Foods And Feaces Of Infants In Vietnam[Download]
Le Nguyen, Huong Nguyen

Fixed Points Of Generalised Nonexpansive Mappings In Banach Spaces[Download]
Priyanka Tyagi, Geetha Modi

Secret Data Hiding In Encrypted Compressed Video Bitstreams For Privacy Info Protection[Download]
Haseeba T Badarudeen Mrs. Nisha K J

Adsorption Of Tartaric Acid Onto Bentonite. A Kinetic Study[Download]
Valery .Hambate Gomdje, Simon Pierre Madoukou Kombo, Benoît Loura

Hardware Implementations Of Svm On Fpga: A State-Of-The-Art Review Of Current Practice[Download]
Shereen Moataz Afifi, Hamid Gholamhosseini And Roopak Sinha

Effects Of Moisture Content And Storage Period On Proximate Composition, Microbial Counts And Total Carotenoids Of Cassava Flour[Download]
Ogbonnaya Chukwu

Secure Data Storage In Clouds By Using Decentralized Access Control Scheme[Download]
N. Suneel Kumar, A. Narayanarao

A Comparative Study On The Effectiveness Of E-Learning Technologies Used In The Blended Learning Approach[Download]
Felicisimo V. Wenceslao, Jr.

Fabrication Of Carbon Fibre Bike Mudguard[Download]
Gujja Sunil Kumar, B. Naresh, Ch. Sunil

Research On Fund-Raising For Rural Five Guarantees In China -A Case Of Foshan In Guangdong Province[Download]
Yan Zhiying

Secure And Proficient Information Transmission For Group Of Cluster Using Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
K.Kishore Kumar, N.Phani Kumar,

Residual Fertility Effect Of Pigoen Pea (Cajanus Cajan L.) On Sweet Corn (Zea Mays Rugosa L.) Productivity[Download]
Michelle F. Lenaugo, Samuel R. Simon

Regular Elements Of The Semigroup De Ned By Semilattices Of The Class When Z7 ̸= ∅[Download]
Giuli Tavdgiridze, Yasha Diasamidze, Guladi Partenadze

On Prioritizing And Freezing Of Software Requirements[Download]
Vikas S. Chomal Dr. Jatinderkumar R. Saini

Ecg Steganography Based Privacy Protection Of Medical Data Uti-Lizing Chaos Encryption[Download]
Gayatri M. Vengurlekar, S. K. Bhatia

Spectral Analysis Of Various Security Features In The Indian Currency Note Of Highest Denomination Using Video Spectral Comparator-40[Download]
Divya Jat, Navjot Kaur Kanwal

Encryption Tools For Secured Health Data In Public Cloud[Download]
Repu Daman, Manish M Tripathi

The Preliminary Tests Of Ingredients Of Concrete Pavement Block[Download]
Deshpande B. C., Darade M. M.

Improving Performance Of Complex Dynamic Websites Using Orm, Entity Framework, Sql Server And Mvc[Download]
Ravindra Kumar, Mohd. Suaib, Sheikh Fahad Ahmad

Separation Axioms In Bitopological Spaces[Download]
R. Suganya And N. Rajesh

Enhancing Quality Of Data Access In Vanet’S[Download]
Hardhir Kaur, Mohinder Kumar

Analysis Of Software Estimation Method: Function Point And Use Case Point[Download]
Sangeetha K, Prof. Pankaj Dalal

Derivatives Of Buckminsterfullerene As Efficient Inhibitors In A Model Hydrocarbon Oxidation Environment[Download]
M.Ya. Magerramova, N.I.Salmanova, E.B.Zeynalov

Quantum Schrödinger String Theory For Frictional Medium & Collision[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Lutfi Mohammed Abdalgadir, Rawia .A.Algani , Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed ,Amala.Abdalla, Amna.A.Atta

Antioxidant Activity of Tectona grandis linn Stem Bark Extract[Download]
Manisha Sahay, Richa Sharma

Color Image Denoising Based On Bi Pearson Shrinkage Method Using Wavelet[Download]
Priya Yadav Sachin Meshram Nitin Jain

Changing Value Of Stored Information For Search Engine[Download]
Ajeet Mishra

Modeling And Reasoning Techniques For The Conceptual Design Of Mechanical Products - Review[Download]
I. Ambrose Edward, Dr.V.Anbumalar

Selection And Evaluation Of Natural Fibers – A Literature Review[Download]
S.sendhil kumar, dr.v. Anbumalar

Analysis Of Steel And Composite Leaf Spring[Download]
Bairagoni Naresh, Ch. Sunil, Gujja Sunil Kumar

Discharging Characterstics Of Venturimeter For Sediment Laden Flow[Download]
Abhishek Kala, S.K Mittal, M.K.Choudhary

Power Line Inspection Robot[Download]
Chintha Sunil, Gujja Sunil Kumar, Bairagoni Naresh

Flywheel Based Kinetic Energy Recovery System In Bicycle[Download]
Mangalvedhe Kartik, Joshi Anand, Jamdar Aditya Pathak Saurabh,Kashid Sahil, Kalkhaire Mayur

IP Traceback Using Path Backscatter Message[Download]
Kirti Panmand, Shivesh Kumar, Akash Singh, Amit Tiwari

Statstical Modeling of Process Parameters for 32nm NMOS Transistor Using Taguchi Method[Download]
Elgomati .H., Eluheshi .A. Swani .K.

Video Surveillance System for Object Detection and Tracking Methods [Download]
R.Aarthi, K.Kiruthikadevi

Literature Survey: Multilevel Voltage Source Inverter With Optimized Convention Of Bidirectional Switches [Download]
P.Bhagya, M.Thangadurai, V.Mohamed Ibrahim