Volume 2 - Issue 12

Evaluation And Analysis Of Forced Evaporation System For Oil & Gas Production Facilities In Pakistan[Download]
Bangash Arif, Ghayur Muhammad,Khattak Naeem

Preparation And Evaluation Of Calcium Deficient Hydroxyapatite Powder/Sodium Silicate Composition For Sustained Drug Delivery Of Poorly Soluble And Low-Dose Drugs[Download]
Reda Morsy

A Novel Pfc Circuit For Reduced Switching Loss Bidirectional Ac/Dc Converter Pwm Strategy With Feedforward Control For Grid-Tied Microgrid Systems[Download]
Reddy Shireesha, K. Giribabu, Dr. S. Siva Prasad

Experimental Analysis On Glass/Epoxy Composite Beams[Download]
Y.Karnakar, K.Madh

Hydroxyapatite/Eudragit Matrix For Continuous And Controlled Release Of Ibuprofen[Download]
Sy P M, Mbaye1 G, Diouf1 L A D, Soumboundou M, Djiboune A R, Ndong B, Ndiaye1 A, Diedhiou A, Diop O, Bathily El H A L, Mbodj M, Diarra M.

Optimization Of Acid Hydrolysis Process For Free Glucose Recovery From Starch[Download]
Ram Chavan, Kunjan Saxena, Dhananjay Tigote

Analysis Of Mimo System Using Mmse-Sic, Mmse & Zf Receiver With Spatial Multiplexing[Download]
Hema Tekwani

Institutional Analysis Of Village Government At Kolaka District Of South East Sulawesi Province[Download]
Sabaruddin Labamba, Suratman, Harifuddin Halim

Synthesis Of An Aluminium And Cobalt Substituted Lithium Ferrite By Standerd Ceramic Method[Download]
Suresh. S. Darokar

Combining Ability And Gene Action For Yield And Its Component Characters In Rice[Download]
M.Umadevi S.Manonmani

Audio Visual Mood Detection System By Using Various Dimension Reduction Techniques[Download]
Rajneesh Singla, Gurmukh Singh

Reservoir Characterization For Bahariya Formation, Aman Field, North Western Desert, Egypt, Africa[Download]
Abdel Hafeez Th. H ,M.Fathy, Hane Harby

Impact Of Tpm Implementation: Literature Review And Direction[Download]
S.Vigneshwaran, M.Maran, G.Manikandan

Employee Job Satisfaction In Icici Bank At Itanagar[Download]
M.Suresh Dr.G.Alex Rajesh

Applications Of Encryptionand Decryption Scheme By Using Binary, Hexa And Octa Systems[Download]
G.Venkatasubbaiah, Prof. K. Rama Krishna Prasad, Dr. V. Vasu

Missing Value Imputation Using Mean Substitution Based On Radial Distance Function[Download]
Gisele Giramata, Dr. Cheruiyot W. Kipruto, Dr. Marcel Ndengo

Acceptor Automata Of Middle Hamzah Rules Using Pushdown Automata[Download]
Bayan Bagasi, Afnan Aqal , Ola Al-Beshry, Ablah Al-Ameri, Dr. Zineb Eid

Safety Culture Literature Review[Download]
K.Muthuyadav, M.Maran, G.Manikandan

Review Of Advances In Face Recognition Approaches[Download]
Nidhi Sharma, Saranjeet Singh

Wireless Sensor Network¡ÇS Challenges And Attacks- A Comprehensive Study[Download]
Gurmukh Singh Rajneesh Singla

Power Is Generated By Using Magnetic Rotor[Download]
P.Varalakshmi, Dv.Madhuri

Data Security In Health Cloud Infrastructure[Download]
Repu Daman, Manish M Tripathi

An Approach For Modification Of Block Match Three Dimension De-Noising Algorithm With Pre-Filtering In Nonlocal Domain[Download]
Kamalakshi N ,Dr M N Shanmukhaswamy

Green Catalysts And Secondary Metabolites Produced By Paenibacillus Alvei Nrc14 Under Normal And Abiotic Stress Conditions[Download]
Shadia M. Abdel-Aziz, Maysa E. Moharam, Hoda A. Hamed, And M. Fadel

Study Of SCM In Paper Industries[Download]
Sushil S Mishra, Niyati Raut

Soft-Computing Based Data Mining: A Review[Download]
Manoj Kumar Jha,Neelam Sahu, Ruchi Trivedi

Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic And Ga Techniques: A Review[Download]
Manoj Kumar Jha, Ruchi Trivedi, Shilpa Sharma

Application Of Artificial Intelligence Techniques For Dissolved Gas Analysis Of Transformers -A Review[Download]
Manoj Kumar Jha, Nisha Barle, Ruchi Trivedi

A Five Level Space Vector Pulse Width Amplitude Modulation For A Buck-Boost Voltage Source Inverter[Download]
K. Jagdishwarji, Mondi Vinod Kmar, Dr. S. Siva Prasad

Influence Of Recycled Coarse Aggregate On Some Properties Of Fresh And Hardened Concrete[Download]
Legae M. Ngwenya, Shodolapo Oluyemi Franklin

Performance Analysis Of Eco-Friendly Hc Mixture (R290/R600A) Refrigerant As An Alternative To R-134A In A Vapour Compression Refrigeration System For Sub-Cooling Using Heat Exchanger At Condenser Outlet And Diffuser At Condenser Inlet[Download]
Yetti Siva , Dr.Smt.G.Prasanthi

Application And Practice Of Sustainable Procurement In Kenya[Download]
Eunice Kagure Muraguri, Edward Waweru, Peter Kinyae Musyimi

The Ratio Growth In Profile Of Cobalt Silicide And Titanium Silicide And The Effect Of Them On Electrical Characterization For Nano Nmos Devices[Download]
Husam Ahmed Elgomati, Saddek Hide Elbendago

Integration, Optimum Placement And Sizing Of Dg With Distribution Systems For Loss Minimization[Download]
Surbhi Bakshi, Tilak Thakur, Rintu Khanna

Posinormal And * Paranormal Composition Operators On The Fock Space[Download]
Dr. N. Sivamani

The Role Of Effective Contract Documentation In The Administration Of Dispute Nigerian Construction Industry[Download]
Agu, N. N

Classification And Clustering Of User Mails By Using An Improved K-Means Clustering Algorithm[Download]
S. Venkatesh, M. Sreenivasulu

Comprehensive Secure Data Sharing In Cloud Storage[Download]
Golla Suresh , A Narayanarao

Heuristics Motorized Taxonomy Of Mobile Apps[Download]
A.Murali Yadav, M.Sreenivasulu

An Analysis Of Section 08 Companies In India[Download]
Dr. Nishith Dubey, Sanjay Mishra Dr. C. M. Sadiwala, Santosh Kumar Chaturvedi

Water Quality Status Of Manchanabele Reservoir: Bangalore West Region, Karnataka, India[Download]
S. Gayathri, N. Latha, M. Ramachandra Mohan

The Cloud Computing: A Review[Download]
Shivani Jaswal

La – Semirings Satisfying The Identity A.B = A + B + 1[Download]
Dr. D. Mrudula Devi, Dr. G. Sobha Latha

Web Search Result Optimization Using Association Rule Mining Algorithm[Download]
G.Pratibha, Dr. Nagaratna Hegde

Climatic Changes In Indore With Reference To Solid Waste Management & Air Pollution[Download]
Manish Kumar Nimoriya1, Shailendra Singh2 And Hemant Vasaikar3

Study And Development Of Compressed Air Driven Vehicle[Download]
Satya Prakash Gupta Lalman Patel, Chandra Shekhar Singh

Green Computing And Its Realities[Download]
Vineeth Kashyap Kosiganti

Geochemistry And Uranium – Thorium Distributions In The Younger Granites Of Esh El-Mallaha Range, North Eastern Desert, Egypt[Download]
Essam M. Esmail And Sameh Z. Tawfik

Buckling Of Thin Walled Long Steel Pipes Subjected To External Pressure In Process Industries[Download]
Amr A. Srag, A. M. A. Ei-Butchand, Tamer Elsayed

Facial Expression Recognition Via Using Ica And Pca Technique[Download]
Rajneesh Singla, Gurmukh Singh

Design Of An Secured Online Voting System For Electoral Process[Download]
Nwachukwu-Nwokeafor K.C, Igbajar Abraham

Heterogeneous Identity-Based To Certificateless Online/Offline Signcryption[Download]
Benjamin Klugah-Brown, Anthony Mackitz Dzisoo, Abigail Akosua Addobea

Population Study Of Amphipods In Pulicat Lake On Two Different Habitats[Download]
Anita Pearline Esther, J. Logamanya Tilak

Low Power High Speed Dynamic Comparator[Download]
Swati Singh Pankaj M. Gulhane

Implementation And Error Rate Verification Of Digital Video Broadcasting (Dvb) Standard[Download]
Shivyia Gupta, Ritika

Integrated Geophysical Interpretation On The Groundwater Aquifer (At The North Western Part Of Sinai, Egypt)[Download]
Sultan Awad Sultan Araffa, Hassan S. Sabet, Ahmed M, Al Dabour

Recent Algorithm For Prevention Of Ddos Attacks[Download]
Sonam Pandey, Mahendra Rai, Rajesh Dubey

Re-Evaluation Of The Geophysical Interpretation For Groundwater Exploration At Wadi Elassiuti[Download]
Sultan Awad Sultan Araffa, Hassan S. Sabet, Ahmed M, El Zahar

Multi Carrier Based Pwm For Quasi-Z-Source Cascade Multilevel Inverter-Based Grid-Tie Single-Phase Photovoltaic Power System[Download]
Pulloju Divya Jyothi, Dr. S. Siva Prasad, Mr. R. Suresh Babu

Effect Of Friction Stir Welding Process Parameters On Microstructure And Tensile Properties Of 6061 Aluminum Alloy[Download]
Harish Akarapu, Devaraju A, Sathish Kumar B

Graphs Embedded In Topological Spaces[Download]
R. Apparsamy Dr. N. Selvi

Kinetics And Mechanism Of Oxidation Of Glycine By N-Bromoanisamide[Download]
L. N. Malviya V. K. Siriah And M. K. Badole

Vlsi Architecture Of A Clock-Gating Turbo Encoder For Wireless Sensor Network Applications[Download]
Anitha.V, Dr.T.Menakadevi

The Placer Feldspars Of G. Um Tenassib Area, North Eastern Desert Of Egypt, As A Ceramic Industry Raw Material[Download]
Azzaz, S. A, Moharam, A.F, Azab, I.H

Review Paper On Various Feature Subset Selection Methods For Classification Of Large Datasets[Download]
Supriya Suresh. ,, Shwetha S M .,, Rajashree Bayalal . B.

Quality Function Deployment An Improvement Tool For Designing The Product – Review[Download]
Dhruv Kumar, Dhananjay Kumar Raman

Reduced Latency Majority Logic Decoding For Error Detection And Correction[Download]
D.K.Monisa, N.Sathiya

Recurrence Relations For Single And Product Moments Of Ordinary Order Statistics From Double Truncated Pth Order Inverse Exponential Distribution[Download]
Rajat Arora, Rajesh Sachdev

Factors Affecting Green Scm Implementation In Msme’S[Download]
Manoj Kumar, Vivek Kumar And Pradeshi Ram

Performance Evaluation Of Relay Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Network Using Decode And Forward Relaying Technique[Download]
Mr.Lokesh Mehta, Mr. Mukesh Saini, Mr. Geetesh Wagdre

Efficiency Optimization Of Induction Motor Drive: A Review[Download]
V. K. Gupta, B. Tiwari, B. Dewangan

A Continuation-Based Pervasive Computing System Using Java’S Checkpointing And Recovery Techniques[Download]
Dr. Nlerum Promise. A. , Dr. Onuodu Friday E.

Digital Audio Book[Download]
Divya Kalra, Prof. Suwarna Hajare, Renuka Sachani, Jaya Goplani

Effects Of Hydrothermal Solutions On Syenogranite, Abu Harba Area, North Eastern Desert, Egypt.[Download]
Osama, M. Draz And Ramag, A. Osman

Mapping Of Wasteland And Change Detection Using Geospatial Data - A Case Study From Annavasal Block Of Pudukkottai District, Tamilnadu, India[Download]
S.Sreekala, R.Neelakantan

Speed Control Enhancement Of A Chopper Fed Separately Excited Dc Motor Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Controller[Download]
Ekta Sharma, Ankit Dubey

M-Learning App (Hessapp) To Enhance Pupils With Particular Emphasis On Arabic/Hindi Numerals[Download]
Mohammed Elbasheir, Dr. Laurie Butgereit

Material Management Using Selective Inventory Control And Arima Methodology In A Manufacturing Industry[Download]
Ramandeep Singh, Harvinder Lal

Performance Evaluation Of A Passive Solar Poultry Egg Incubator[Download]
Ahiaba, V.U, Nwakonobi, T.U., Obetta S.E.

Thermal Behaviour Of Passive Solar System Designed For Brooding And Incubating Purpose Under Makurdi Weather[Download]
Ahiaba, V.U

Securing Message Transactions Through Modified Playfair Cipher Technique[Download]
Yahaya Bala Zakariyau Zirra Peter Buba, Gregory Maksha Wajiga

Designing Of A New Low Voltage Cmos Schmitt Trigger Circuit And Its Applications On Reduce Power Dissipation[Download]
Milad Kaboli

A Study On Some Quality Control Of Pasteurized Milk In Sudan[Download]
Nawal N. Abu El-Hassan; Ibrahim, M.T. ; Ochi,E.B.

A Case Study On Major Constraints Of Small Ruminants Management In Juba County Central Equatoria State South Sudan[Download]
Lado, M.M., Salah K. Jubarah, Erneo B. Ochi

The Relationship between Happiness and Confidence with Student Achievement (Case Study Elementary Schools in Kangan)[Download]
Ali Mohammadi

Attendance Notifier[Download]
Sonia Masand, Miss Pushpa Chutel, Priyanka Virwani

Identifying Of Crack Shape Obtained From Various Welding Process And Sensitivity Detecting By Using Liquid Pentrant Testing[Download]
P.Worawit1, A.Prateepasen2

Fabrication And Performance Evaluation Of An Improved Briquette Stove[Download]
Bosede Orhevba, Okoro Chinedu

Mobile Os Security[Download]
Manasvi Kalra Indrajeet

Screening Of Maize Germplasms Against Stalk Rot Diseases In The Intermediate Zone Of Jammu Region[Download]
Shahid Ahamad, Banarsi Lal, Deepak Kher

Effects Of Metals And Anti-Browning Agents On Polyphenol Oxidase Activity From Sorrel (Rumex Acetosa)[Download]
Gulnur Arabaci

Micropolar Elasticity Containing Voids[Download]
R. Lianngenga, Lalawmpuia

Review On Effect Of Absorbing Materials Used In Solar Still To Reduce The Reflective Radiation Losses[Download]
I. Nawaz, Mohd Zaheen Khan

Kinetic And Mechanism Of Uncatalyzed Oxidation Of 4-(3-Hydroxy Phenyl Amino)-4-Oxo Butanoic Acid By Alkaline Hexacyanoferrate (Iii)[Download]
Padmini T.N, Dr.Manju.M, Sateesh B.C

Study Of Fluoride Level In The Water Of Bore-Wells Of Nizamabad Nagar Panchayat Of Azamgarh District[Download]
Shafqat Alauddin

Studies On The Changes In Ascorbic Acid Level Of Gonads In Clarias Batrachus (Linn.) Due To Prolonged Food Deprivation[Download]
Nayan Kumar Prasad

Defuzzification Of Two-Person Payoff Games Using Triangular Parabolic Fuzzy Numbers[Download]
T.Stalin Dr.M.Thirucheran

Study And Comparison Of Various Mppt Algorithms In Solar Power System[Download]
Anuradha, Satish Kumar

Performance Of Typha Angustifolia And Lepironia Articulata For Refurbishment Domestic Wastewater In An Integrated Phytogreen System[Download]
Nur Hamizah, H., Abdul Syukor A.R, Sulaiman, S.

Controlling Assessment Of Disinfection By Products In Drinking Water – A Review[Download]
1Qasim, B., 2Abdul Syukor A.R, 3Nurul Islam Siddique, 4Sulaiman, S., 5Nur Hamizah, H.

Paper On Energy Conservation Of Building.[Download]
Mr. Zakir Ali Hyderi , Ashish Kumar Singh, Gurudayal Kumar

Deformations Analysis Of Hollow Rollers For Large Bearings Using Finite Elements Method[Download]
Sorin Adrian Barabas, Adriana Fota Florescu

Ber Evaluation Of Forward Error Correction Coding Techniques[Download]
Jyoti Sharma, Priya Sharma

A Secure Online Gaming Portal With Reward System[Download]
Anas Sayyed, Rashmi Jadhav, Priyanka Gurnani, Bikash Narang, Arthi C.I.

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Quasi W-Open And Intuitionistic Fuzzy Quasi W-Closed Mappings[Download]
Jyoti Pandey Bajpai S.S. Thakur

Effect Of Cooling On The Performance Of Photovoltaic Panel Under Enhanced Illumination: A Short Review[Download]
Prof. Uzma Qureshi Mr.Md.Amaan

Mathematical Relationships Between Radio Refractivity And Its Meteorological Components With A New Linear Mathematical Equation To Determine Radio Refractivity[Download]
Amajama Joseph

Overview Of Orbital Welding Technology[Download]
Omkar Joshi, Dr. Arunkumar

Feasibility Study Of Using Cement Kiln Dust For Cod Reduction In The Treatment Of Municipal Wastewater[Download]
Shneha G. Galagali, Mahesh S.Salunkhe

Securing Virtual Machine Via Virtual Machine Introspection[Download]
Priyanka Bhongade, Prof. Shridevi C. Karande

Corruption In Nigeria: An Attempt At Modelling Eradication Strategies[Download]
Dr. Christopher Nyong Ekong

The Model Of Supply And Demand Matching Of Taxi Resources In Different Time And Space[Download]
Liu Zhaohui, Zhang Boyang, Lv You, Yang Aimin

Research On The Effectiveness Of Taxi-Hailing Apps Subsidy Scheme Based On The Ratio Of Taxi Demand And Supply[Download]
Lv You, Zhang Boyang, Liu Zhaohui, Yang Aimin

The Optimized Allocation Of Coal Transportation Research[Download]
Jinze Li, Yan Yan,Yongzeng, Yajuanqiao , Baosheng Jiang, Jianjian Zhang

The Study Of Taxi Subsidy Scheme Based On Fuzzy Comprehensive Comprehensive Evaluation Of The Perspective Of The Driver[Download]
Long Yan, Pan Yuhang, Kang Yanhong, Yang Aimin

A Study Of Prevalent Disease Ebola Based On The Sir Infect Mathematics Model[Download]
Wen Xiaocan, Xu Yanghuan,Liuchang, Yang Aimin, Tangyu

Research About Earthquake Emergency Based On Building Real Time Dynamic Plotting System[Download]
Ying Hui Ma,En Hui Sun,Xing Guo Wang

Stalk Rot Of Maize Diseases In The Intermediate Zone Of Jammu Region[Download]
Shahid Ahamad, Deepak Kher, Banarsi Lal

Temperature Variation of Second Virial Coefficient for Deuterium Oxide [Download]
Ravindra Kumar

A Simple Optical Technique to Determine Wing Beat Frequency of Tesseratoma javanica inTethered State of Flight [Download]

Developmental Situation and Strategy for Engineering Robot Education in China University [Download]
Dongshu Wang, Lei Liu