Volume 2 - Issue 2 **

Unfailing Expertise Of Centimeter Gps/Glonass Surveying In Afforest Milieu[Download]
C. Bala Saravanan, R.Vignesh, R.Amalraj, S.Riyaz Ahamed

A Review On Enhanced Inter-Cell Interference Coordination In Long Term Evolution Heterogeneous Networks[Download]
Mr. Dipak V Bhosale, Prof. Vanita D Jadhav

Determination Of Heavy Metal Pollution In Lake Water During Festival Seasons Using Analytical Technique[Download]
Momin Shaziya Mohammed Irfan, Pramoda Sasidharan Pillai

Quality Of Ground Water In Aurangabad District (Maharashtra, India) Using Geostatistical Method[Download]
Rahul Sagar,

The Optimal Allocation Of Simulation Resource In Logistics Information Systems[Download]
Mohammad Bani Younes, Safwan Al Salaimeh

Seismic Response Reduction Of Structures Using Base Isolation[Download]
S.Keerthana, K. Sathish Kumar K. Balamonica

A Trust Supervision In Unattended Wsn Using Unified Approaches[Download]
R.Shanthipriya, G.Bakkiyaraj

Constructive Solutions For The Achievement Of Fine Bubble Generators Based On Micro-Drilling Technologies[Download]
Beatrice Tanase, Daniel Besnea Rasha Mlisan Mihaela Constantin, Nicolae Baran

Educational Structure Of The Workforce And Its Impact On The Economic Development In Macedonia[Download]
Nikolche Jankulovski, Blagoj Gjorgievski

Revelation Of Finest Communication Using Adaptive Power Control For Free-Space-Optical Manet Structure Blocks[Download]
Dr.G.Anandharaj, P.Srimanchari

Production And Characterization Of Paint Driers From Sand Box Seed Oil (Hura Crepitans)[Download]
O.P. Ottih, Ven Prof N.A.G Aneke Engr. P.C Ejikeme

Assessment Of Groundnut Shell Ash (Gsa) As Admixture In Cement Paste And Concrete[Download]
Mara Wazumtu, Egbe-Ngu Ntui Ogork,

Preventing The Transaction Failure In Retailing Websystem[Download]
Jananisankari.M, M.Mohamednajeemfazil R.Rajesh

Acrylamide Challenges Cholinergic Enzymes, Amines And Amino Acids And Thus The Behaviour Of Lumbricus Terristris[Download]
Mamangam Subaraja, A.J.Vanisree

Microbial Diversity In Oil Contaminated Areas Of Indian Thar Desert[Download]
Sheetal Vyas, Dr. Nishi Mathur

Securing Health Care Information By Using Two-Tier Cipher Cloud Technology[Download]
M.Divya, J.Gayathri, A.Gladwin

A Novel Dc Voltage Control System For D -Statom On Hybrid Convertor Using Renewable Energy Source[Download]
Divesh Thareja, Vijay Kumar

Dynamic Rule Modification Method For Rete-Eca Algorithm[Download]
Rachel Lee, Sang-Young Cho

Effect Of Vitamin C And E Co-Administration On Lipid Profile And Hematological Parameters In Healthy Wister Albino Rats[Download]
C.C. Nweze, A.E. Uzoukwu M.H. Abdullahiand,N.O.Rasaq

Effects Of Antioxidant Supplementation On Lipid Profile And Some Hematological Parameters In Malaria Induced Albino Rats[Download]
C.C. Nweze, A.E. Uzoukwu M.H. Abdullahiand,N.O.Rasaq

Effect Of Antioxidant Nutraceuticals And Functional Foods On Blood Serum And Immune Activation Of Hiv Infected Patients In Abuja, Nigeria[Download]
C.C. Nweze, A.B. Yako A.E. Uzoukwu, N.O.Rasaq

Imapct Of Aflatoxins On Animal And Human Health[Download]
Mila Arapcheska, Vangelica Jovanovska Zivko Jankuloski, Zehra Hajruali –Musliu, Rise Uzunov

Increasing The Power Of The Turbogenerator In The Process Of Modernization In The Mining And Energy Industry[Download]
Vangelica Jovanovska, Mila Arapcheska

Real-Time Monitoring Of Buried Oil Pipeline Right-Of-Way For Third-Party Incursion[Download]
Babatunde Olawale, Chris Chatwin Rupert Young, Phil Birch

Possibility To Degrade Water Hyacinth By Black Soldier Larvae[Download]
Dieu, T. T. M, Thien, N. N, Hang, N. T. T, Chung, P. N,

A Review On Cloud Computing And Grid Computing[Download]
N J Pramod Dhinakar, M Suleman Basha S Rahamat Basha

To Study The Effect Of Pouring Temperature On Mechanical Properties Of Metal Matrix Composites (Al+4%Cu+5%Sic) In Stir Casting[Download]
Anuraj Singh, Mohd Suhail Mohd Faizan Hasan, Mohd Reyaz-Ur-Rahim

Dynamic Packet Length Optimization In Wireless Sensor Network[Download]
Atul M. Lade, Sanjay S. Dorle

Investigation And Present Of The Thermal Imaging Camera[Download]
Adel Abdalrahman Ziyed, Ahmed Y. Qasim, Raad S. Mahmod Waleed A. Obaid, Muhanad M. Mohammed

Structural And Dielectric Properties Of Ppy/Zno Composites[Download]
Tanveer Fatima, T. Sankarappa J.S.Ashwajeet, R.Ramanna

Efficient Handling Of Big Data In Densely Distributed Sensor Networks[Download]
Rudresh.M.S, Shashikala.S.V, Dr.Ravikumar.G.K

Response Of Organophosphate Pesticide Acephate Induced Stress In Biochemical And Hematological Indices Of Labeo Rohita[Download]
Jayashree J. Kulkarni, Madhav P. Bhilave

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Buildings[Download]
S.Bharathidasan, T.K.Krushnadesikan

Enhancing The Bandwidth Of A Microstrip Patch Antenna At 4 Ghz For Wlan Using H-Shaped Patch[Download]
Md. Khaliluzzaman, Deepak Kumar Chy. Md. Rezanul Haque Chowdhury

Toxic Effects Of Seed-Borne Fungi On Seed Health Of Chickpea[Download]
Ashok S. Kandhare,

Automation Based Power Transmission Control Station Using Plc And Scada[Download]
T.Vignesh, J.Kirubakaran

A Novel Approach For Multi-Keyword Search In Cloud Computing Using Homomorphic Token Pre-Computation[Download]
Pandi Priya.U, Padma Priya.R

Online Feature Selection And Stability Analysis Using Data Mining[Download]
Bhamidi Sai Karthik, N. Praveen

Concepts And Modelling Of Groundwater System[Download]
C. P. Kumar, Surjeet Singh

Rank Learning Model Of Cross-Media Retrieval Based On Structured Svm[Download]
Ying Xia, Tingting Xiao

A Potential Cloud Service By Auditing Cloud[Download]
Malaimarisuganya.P, Padma Priya.R

Evaluation Of Water Quality For Irrigation Purposes In Dye Affected Soil In The River Noyyal Region[Download]
C.Lakshmi, T.Santhi

Swot Analysis Of Domestic Waste Water In Tembalang Sub District[Download]
Mohamed Faiz Iawedat,

Android Railway Ticketing With Gps As Ticket Checker[Download]
Shankar Thombare, Tushar Kulkarni Krishna Ghuge

Microalgae Biofuel Can Be Easy Available Source Of Energy[Download]
Vivek P. Pankaj, Mamta Awasthi,

Study Of Long-Term And Storm-Time Variations In Earth’S Magnetic Field And Morphology Of Geomagnetic Storms[Download]
L.K. Borker, S.C. Dubey

Understanding Sexual Health Disparities Among Minority Women In The U. S.: “Theory Of Fundamental Social Causes”[Download]
Jieha Lee, Ji-Hang Lee

Study And Empirical Modeling Relating Welding Parameters And Tensile Strength Of Hot Air Welded Pvc Plastic[Download]
Mahmood Alam, Dr. Shahnawaz Alam Kamran Rasheed

A Conceptual Approach To Compute The Geolocation Of Ip Addresses At The National Level Based On Machine Learning[Download]
Ebot Ebot Enaw, Djoursoubo Pagou Prosper

Adolescents’ Exercise Behavior And Cognitive And Behavioral Variables[Download]
Ji-Hang Lee, Young-Ho Kim

On The Cantor Intersection Theorem[Download]
Georges Sarafopoulos,

On The Fundamental Theorems Of Calculus: A Teaching Approach.[Download]
Georges Sarafopoulos,

Soa Photonic Integration On Mzi Switching Structures Inrealizing Optical (Xor, And, Or) Logic Gates In Opticalnetworks.[Download]
Anyigor, I. S, James Eke Nweke, F. U

Utility Interfaced Solar Electrification And Indian Rural Society : A Case Study[Download]
V.S Prathiba, Nikhil Katiki Dr. S.N.Singh

Weak Continuity Via Bioperation-Semiopen Sets[Download]
K. Jhansi Rani, G. Shanmugam N. Rajesh

Web Security: Same Origin Policy And Its Exemptions[Download]
Saravanan Subramanian, Sakthivel Ramachandran Vadivel

Crystallographic And Infrared Spectral Investigations Of Mg2+ Substituted Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles Prepared By Sol-Gel Auto Combustion Technique[Download]
Vithal Vinayak Dhole, Pankaj P. Khirade, C. M. Kale, V. G. Patil, N. D. Shinde, K. M. Jadhav

An Energy-Efficient Multi-Channel Mac Protocol For Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Shreenath Kn, Dr. Srinivasa Kg

Digital Image Acquisition Systems Used In Autonomation For Mistake Proofing[Download]
Kenneth Atkins, Ravindra Thamma

Diversity Of Am Fungi In Rhizosphere Of Three Acacia Species In Thar Desert Rajasthan[Download]
Suman Bala, Nishi Mathur

Evaluation Of Exomorphic Characters Of Some Indian Species Of Cassia Occuring In And Around Kolkata, West Bengal With An Overview On Cytotaxonomy.[Download]
Sanghamitra Sanyal,

A Cross Sectional Comparison Of Capital Budgeting Practices In Pakistan[Download]
Sadia Farrukh, Nelson Areal Artur Rodrigues

Analysis Of Weka Data Mining Algorithm Reptree, Simple Cart And Randomtree For Classification Of Indian News[Download]
Sushilkumar Kalmegh,

Design & Development Of An Image Super-Resolution Scheme[Download]
Priyanka Jagtap, Nitin Mishra

Interfacing Of Automation In Air Filter Cleaner[Download]
A.Janarthanan, R.Hariharan, C.Ponvijayan V.Thirumalairaj, Dr.K.Chandrasekaran

3D Visualization Of Medical Image[Download]
Pravin P Kalyankar, Dr.S S Apte

Further Results On Square Divisor Cordial Labeling Of Graphs[Download]
A. Muthaiyan, P. Pugalenthi

Assessment Of Conventional And Improved Sapv Sizing Methods Using Statistical Indicator[Download]
Nur Dalilah Nordin, Hasimah Abdul Rahman

Solving The Transportation Problem Using Fuzzy Modified Distribution Method[Download]
S.Nareshkumar, S.Kumaraghuru

Effect Of Amount Of Straight Phenolic Resin On Nvh Properties Of A Friction Material Composite[Download]
Sharafat Ali, Ekta Joshi

Prof. S. A. Mishra, Sukeshani Bhagat Shubham Chinchole

Solution Of Fuzzy Game Problem Using Triangular Fuzzy Number[Download]
R. Senthil Kumar, S. Kumaraghuru

Information Extraction From Material Publications[Download]
Prof Rushali Patil, Amoolya S Kumar, Aditya Cahaturvdi, Fiona Khatana, V Krishna

Study Of Dynamic Field Around A Vertical Circular Cylinder Placed In An Open-Chanel Flow[Download]
M. Tchawe, B. Djeumako, C. Koueni-Toko, D. Tcheukam-Toko, A. Kuitche

A Survey on Formulation of Faulty Class Detection System for Object Oriented Software[Download]
Biraj Upadhyaya, Santanu Kumar Misra

Performance Analysis Of Optimum Routing Protocols In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Vishnupriya E, Prof.T.Jayasankar

Mass Transfer Coefficient (kL.a) Determination with Microelectrodes in Biofilms From an RBC at Different Operation Conditions[Download]
Montalvo Carlos, Aguilar Claudia, b Cantú-Lozano, Denis., Cerón Julia, Cerón Rosa, Córdova Atl, Montalvo Nayeli and González Jesus.

Impact of Women Entrepreneurs on Society STRESS, Challenges and Issues Faced By Women Entrepreneurs[Download]
G.Muthulakshmi , Dr.Venkatarama Raju