Volume 2 - Issue 3 **

Steady Flow In Pipes Of Rectangular Cross-Section In Magnetic Field[Download]
Dr.Anand Swrup Sharma,

Osmo-Air Drying Of Pumpkin (Cucurbitacae Maxima) Cubes And Selection Of Suitable Drying Model[Download]
Sagar S. Shelke, Pradip A. Borkar Rajesh P. Murumkar, Mahendra R. Rajput

Cultivation Of Local Fresh Water Microalgae In Closed Systems[Download]
Samar El-Mekkawi, Ola El-Ardi, Nagwa El-Ibiari Tarek Moustafa, Ibrahim Ismail

The Approach Of Mean Shift Based Cosine Dissimilarity For Multi-Recording Speaker Clustering[Download]
D. Jareena Begum, K Rajendra Prasad M Suleman Basha

Optimization Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Wing Structure[Download]
M.S.Prabhu, J. Naveen Raj G.Vignesh

Improvement Of Mechanical Properties Of Polyester Composite Reinforced By Bio Filler (Acro Shell)[Download]
Raghad U.Abass, Falak U.Abass. Mohamed O.Abas

Study Mechanical Behaviors Rice Husk Ash And Carrot Powders As Mortar For Cement Replacement[Download]
Dr. Aseel B. Al-Zubaidi, Dr.Ahmed A.Al-Tabbakh, Raghad U.Abass,Eman A. Hameed

Management Of Informal E-Waste Recycling With Special Reference To India[Download]
Neetu Hari, Anju Nair

Kalman Filteroptimal Estimator- A Tracker Development Approach[Download]
Pooja Archana, Gunjan Gandhi

Re-Use Of Scrap Polyurethane In Manufacturing Of New Product Applications.[Download]

Open Loop Control Of Switched Reluctance Motor Using Theta Position Sensing[Download]
Stella Kurian, Nisha G. K.

Multilevel Inverter Modulation Scheme For Grid Connected Wind Turbines[Download]
Katepogu Rajesh, G.Satish Kumar A. Praveen Kumar

Edge Detection Of Satellite Images: A Comparative Study[Download]
Kalyan Kumar Jena, Sasmita Mishra Sarojananda Mishra

Generalized Additive Coupled Fibonacci Sequences Of Third Order And Some Identities[Download]
Yogesh Kumar Gupta, Kiran Sisodiya, Mamta Singh Omprakash Sikhwal

Detection Of Bacterial Pathogenicity By Using Various Techniques Of Biosensors[Download]
Dr. Minakshi,

Prioritizing Technological Capabilities Of Cycle Power Plants (Case Study: Fars Combined Cycle Power Plant)[Download]
Pooya Namaayande,

Development Of W Doped Zno Nanostructure Chemoresistor Pellet Sensors For Black Tea Aroma Monitoring[Download]
Samir Chandra Das, Rajib Bandyopadhyay Panchanan Pramanik

Importance Of Body Language In Public Speaking[Download]
Ruchi Tandon,

Statistics - Demanding Computing Withhadoop And Map-Reduce[Download]
Nithin K P Manu M N

Optimization Of Deteriorating Eoq Model With Shortages And Controllable Lead Time[Download]
P. Selvaraju, S. Kumara Ghuru

Analyses Of Snr Threshold For Minimum Ber In Various Modulations Schemes And Development Of An Adaptive Modulation Scheme[Download]
Manish Dangi, Dr. Mahesh Kumar Porwal

Time Scheduling System Using Domain Specific Modeling[Download]
Chanchal Jayaraj, Ramesh. R Prasanna Venkatesan. V, Martin. A

A Survey On Language Identification System[Download]
Sunil Kumar Gupta, Om Prakash Singh Prashanta Chandra Pradhan

Effect Of Tensile Load On Repaired Composite Laminates[Download]
A.Viswanathravikumar, R. Asokan

Agile Software Development Methodologies And Its Quality Assurance[Download]
Aslin Jenila.P.S,

Biometric Template Feature Extraction And Matching Using Canny Edge Detection And Sift Based Algorithm[Download]
V.Nandhini, S.Vijayalakshmi

Secure Information Sharing For Dynamic Groups In Cloud Computing: A Survey[Download]
Javed Shaikh, Ajay Kalaskar Deepak Kanhaiye, Dattatray Waghole

Wolkite Smart City Community Cloud Computing With Cyber Security[Download]
Pvl Narayana Rao, Pothireddy Siva Abhilash P.Siva Pavan Kumar

Problem Solutions Of Phase Ambiguity And Initial Phase Shifts Of The Phase Radio Navigation System For Aircraft Blind Landing[Download]
Saed Sasi, Nasar Aldian Shashoa

The Virtual Brain Network[Download]
Pandi Priya.U,

Cmos Half Adder Design & Simulation Using Different Foundry[Download]
Shital Baghel, Pranay Kumar Rahi Nishant Yadav

Study On Production Of Aerated Concrete Block In Bangladesh[Download]
Ahsan Habib, Hosne Ara Begum Eng. Rubaiyet Hafiza

Energy Efficient Clustering Techniques For Wireless Sensor Networks – A Review[Download]
S S Archana, Mrs. Jayashree B S

Mhd Free Convective Boundary Layer Flow Of A Viscous Fluid At A Vertical Surface Through Porous Media With Non-Uniform Heat Source[Download]
P.K.Pattnaik, T.Biswal

Photonic Crystal Fiber Bragg Grating Using Olive Oil As Liquid Photonic Crystal And Adhesive Material For Construction[Download]
Anmar Engad, Hisham Mohammed Ahmed Anwaar A. Al- Dergazly

Experimental Investigation In The Enhancement Of Heat Transfer Rate Using Twisted Tape Turbulators In Heat Exchangers: A Review[Download]
Dnyaneshwar S Nakate, S V Channapattana Ravi H C

Estimation Of Reliability Evaluation Of Wind Power Plant Connected To Power Grid: An Analysis[Download]
Ravi Shankar Garg, Anurag Gour Dr.Mukesh Pandey

An Algorithm For A Discretized Confined Flow Problem Near Lamu Basin Reservoir, Kenya, For A Study Of Petroleum Reservoir Characterization In Fully Confined Aquifer[Download]
Kerongo Joash, Jeconiah Okelo David Theuri

Seismic Evaluation Of High-Rise Structure By Using Steel Bracing System[Download]
Nitin Bhojkar, Mahesh Bagade

A Text And Image Recognition Captcha- A Cognitive Authentication Schemes Based On Hard Ai Problems[Download]
Kavitha Balan, Ranjani Ramasamy

High Speed Non Linear Carry Select Adder Used In Wallace Tree Multiplier And In Radix-4 Booth Recorded Multiplier[Download]
Anna Johnson, Rakesh S

A New Damage Index For Rcs Structures According To Variations Of Nonlinear Fundamental Period[Download]
Farzad Raeeszadeh, Gholamreza Saeedifar

Muffler Optimization For Increased Fuel Efficiency Iterations Using Taguchi Orthogonal Array For Controlling Co2[Download]
Mylaudy Dr. S. Rajadurai, Naveen. S

An Efficient Requirements Engineering Framework For Software Quality Improvement Using Optimization[Download]
R.Ramkumar, Dr. G.S Anandhamala

Multi Secured Data Recovery From Disruption –Tolerant Military Networks[Download]
R.Dhivya, K.P.Ramyarani

Compressive Strength Of The Glare Composite Laminates After Impact Load[Download]
Santhosh Kumar D, Dr.R.Asokan

Gender Consideration Of Doping Behaviour Of Athletes In Southwest, Nigeria.[Download]
Isaac Olusola Akindutire, Johnson Adetunji Olanipekun

Mobile Phone Operated Frisking Wagon With Wireless Video Surveillance[Download]
Kiran Kishore V, Dhana Lakshmi B Sudheer M

An Effective Image Annotation Using Content Based Image Clustering[Download]
Ms.Jeenatunnisa.J.H, Ranjani.R

Study On Perception Of Primary School Principals Towards Their Own Management Styles (Case Study: Manisa Province)[Download]
Mehmet Teyfur, Sara Manafzadehtabriz Sükrü Ada.

An Experimental Investigation Of Partial Replacement Of Cement By Various Percentage Of Phosphogypsum In Cement Concrete With Different Water Cement Ratio[Download]
Shrikantnigade, Maheshbagade

Essence And The Need For Insurance Of Tobacco For The Certain Risks In The Republic Of Macedonia[Download]

Influence Of Module, Material Properties, No Of Teeth & Rim Thickness On Load Sharing Behaviour Of Spur Gear Drives[Download]
Yokeswaran.K, Divakar.S, Gowtham Karthick.S Gulshen.S

Review Paper For Backward Hashing And Automation Tracking For Virus Scanning[Download]
Mital K Panchal, Bakul Panchal

Retail Trends For 2015[Download]
Priyanka Patil, Jeff Paul Mampilly

A Research Paper On “Design Of A Prototype Of E-Commerce Application Using Mobile Agent”[Download]
Deepak Shukla, Y.P.Singh

Heat Transfer Enhancement In Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger In Ansys Fluent 14.5[Download]
Mayank Bhola, Vinod Kumar Dr. Satyendra Singh

Noise Mapping In Mumbai City, India.[Download]
Dr. Ambika N. Joshi, Dr. Nitesh C. Joshi Dr. Payal P. Rane

Ontology Based Effective Text Mining Technique Using Singular Value Decomposition[Download]
K.Anjugam,, D.Dinagaran

Detection Of Copy Number Variations In Genomic Regions[Download]
Rituparna Sinha, Prianka Kundu

Gender Differences In Mathematics Performance Among First-Year University Students At University Eduardo Mondlane In Mozambique[Download]
Bhangy Cassy,

An Experimental Study On Operating Parameter On Counter Flow Vortex Tube[Download]
A.S. Gadhave, Dr. S. S. Kore

Detection Of Black Hole Using Time Difference And Neighborhood Nodes[Download]
K.Lalramhluni, Aditya Bakshi

Convolution Based Generalized Integral Equations[Download]
A. K .Thakur, Asha Shukla Preeti Tamrakar

Relative Representation Of Graph[Download]
Arup Jyoti Chutia,

Detecting An Unknown Attacks In Big Data Analysis System[Download]
,, Prof. Parul Jha Bharati Bagde

Fault Ride Through Abilityof Cascaded Current Source Converters[Download]
Devika.M, Pavithra.C

Cosine Gear Stress Analysis With Experimental Validation, And Comparison With Involute Gear[Download]
Surajit Wadagaonkar, Sachin Shinde

Design & Implementation Of Disc Brake Rotor By Using Modified Shapes[Download]
R. S. Kajabe, R.R.Navthar S.P.Neharkar

Privacy Preserving Delegated Access Control In Public Clouds With Two Layer Encryption[Download]
Suresh Sakhare, Sunil Shinde, Nayna Sonawane

A Robust Qr-Code Video Watermarking With Dct Domain[Download]
Khandve Ashwini B., Udhane Priyanka P. Parkar Shalaka B.,Kulthe Sagar A.

Intrusions Detection System With Double Armor In Multitier Web Applications[Download]
Prof. R. B. Rathod, Swapnil Kotwal , Jayant Gaikwad Prashant Kalel, Manish Satpute

Designing A Web Based Digital Library Management System For Institutions And Colleges[Download]
Chiagunye Tochukwu, Wachukwu-Nwokeafor K.C Udeani Henrieta

Performance Analysis Fifo And Wfq Models Employing Iwo And Gsatechniques Toolsr Protocol In Manets[Download]
Dr.S.Meenakshi Sundaram, K.Kalyanakrishnan Dr. A. Ramesh Babu

Agent Based Markov Chain For Job Shop Scheduling And Control: Review Of The Modeling Technigue[Download]
Chiagunye Tochukwu, Inyiama Hyacinth Nwachukwu-Nwokeafor K.C

Shear Lag In Tube Structures[Download]
Sharadrao Patil, Uttam Kalwane

Influence Of Modifications Of Straight Phenolic Resin On Life Of Railway Brake Block[Download]
Sharafat Ali, Dr. Ekta Joshi

A Review - Performance Comparison Of Conventional And Wavelet Based Ofdm System[Download]
Amit Goyani, Riddhi Shah

Automated Drilling Machine Based On Plc[Download]
Yousef M. Abueejela, A. Albagul Ibrahim A. Mansour, Obida M. Abdallah

Battery Energy Storage Station Based Smoothing Control Of Wind Power Generation Fluctuations[Download]
Rahul Charles C M,, Dainashaji, Sudheesh S, Serinkurien

Web Based Application For Maintaining Industrial Machinery Tools Usage With Service Notification[Download]
A.M Ravishankkar, H.Abhijith, S.Anbarasu, A.Arunraja, K.Anandhan

Improved Url Shortening With Traffic Analysis And Spam Filter[Download]
S.Rajeshwari, R.Banupriya,, M.Manibharathi M.Samena

Detection Of Guilt Model For Data Leakage[Download]
Kavitha S, Jackulin Durairani A Sowmiyaa P, Gayathri R Krishna

Python Based Software For Calculating Cyclomatic Complexity[Download]
Pooja Malhotra, Karan Shah Jasmi Rathod, Mehulkaran Mehta

A Survey On Group Mobility Model And Handover In Mobile Wimax Network[Download]
Miss. Ishani R. Desai, Prof. Krunal N. Patel

A Patch Match Algorithm For Image Completionusing Fr Based Image Inpainting[Download]
M.Athishtalakshmi, R.Parimala, S.Pushpalatha N.Senthamaraiselvi

Dynamic Performance Improvement Of Hydrogenerator Power System Based On H8 Mocs Using Measurement Feedback[Download]
V.A. Boglou, E.S. Sergaki D.I. Pappas, A.K. Boglou

A Case Study Using Gis-Based Evaluation Of Watershed Managementmedak District, Telangana State, India[Download]
M. Venkateshwarlu, K.Raj Kiran Reddy, K. Vishwagna, P.Prashanthi, B.Padmaja, K.Kashamma

Analytical Simulation Of Cholera Dynamics With Controls[Download]
F. A. Oguntolu, R. O. Olayiwola Odebiyi O. A. A.O. Bello

Challenges In Building Mimo Testbeds[Download]
Kajalshinde, Sabha Girgaon Abhishekyewle, Mayur Ugalmugale

Mining Of Data Association In Distributed Databases[Download]
Shubhangi Ramteke, Prof.R.K.Krishna

Analysis Of Different Type Of Tubes To Optimize The Efficiency Of Heat Exchanger[Download]
Sunil B. Revagade, Kalyani G. Deshmukh, Gopal V. Shejole, Vijay R. Nemane Asst. Prof. Roshan V. Marode

A Circularly Polarized Square Patch Antenna With A Filter At 2.45Ghz For Wireless Power Transfer[Download]
Prateek Gargeya, Mr. B.R. Dutta

Design And Development Of Solar Electric Vehicles At Delhi Technological University[Download]
Rajat Sharma, Dr. J.P. Kesari

A Review On Fractal Geometry And Uwb Applications[Download]
Jaydipkumar Italiya, Sweety H. Joshi

Desien Of Low Power Wireless Sensor Network Node With Component Activity Profile[Download]
Rupesh Raut, Pro.Nilesh Bodne

Simplified Fuzzy Approach For Cataract Identification[Download]
Ejiofor C.I, Okengwuu.A

Trafficflowforecasting Algorithm Based On Spatio-Temporal Relationship[Download]
Xia Ying,Li Mengxin, Yangxue,Zhou Jianbo

Selective Characterisation And Microbial Analysis Of Industrial Hazardous Wastes In Kadapa District, Rayalaseema Region (A.P - India)[Download]
K.Hari Nagamaddaiah,, J.Latha K.Sudhakar Babu

Novel Low Power, High Gain, Operational Amplifier[Download]
Srikar Datta Canchi,G. Bhargau, Govind Prasad

Interference Cancellation Using Comp For Macro-Pico Cell Clusters With Cooperative Receiver[Download]
Dimpal Jitendrabhai Vyas, Prof. Aslam Durvesh

Insurance System Of Certain Risks In The Poultry Industry In The Republic Of Macedonia[Download]

Varying Black Hole Nodes In Aodv Routing Protocol And Evaluating Its Performance[Download]
Mohammad Aamir Khan, Kapil Kumawat

Design & Simulation Of 2-Bit Full Adder Using Different Cmos Technology[Download]
Pranay Kumar Rahi, Shashi Dewangan Nishant Yadav

Parametric Study Of Frequency Selective Surfaces At 5.8Ghz Using Jerusalem Cross For Microstrip Circular Patch Antenna[Download]
Geeta, B.R. Dutta, Dr. Binod.Kr. Kanaujia

A Review On Electrical Load Forecasting In Energy Management[Download]
Ja.Sruthi, R.L.Helen Catherine

Web Scale Discovery Service And Tools With Special Reference To Central Library, Iit Kharagpur[Download]
Parnab Chatterjee, Debasis Das

Power Generation Through Grab Handles[Download]
S.Krishna, S.Naveen Kumaar, M.Anbarasan C.Sudir, Ma.Siva Shankaran

Design And Optimization Of Ventilated Disc Brake For Heat Dissipation[Download]
C.Radhakrishnan, Yokeswaran.K, Naveen Kumar.M, Sarath Kumar.B Gopinath.M, Inbasekar.B

An Efficient Content And Query Search For Document Narration[Download]
N. Bagyalakshmi, G.V.Sriramakrishnan

Solar Panel Based Automatic Plant Irrigation System[Download]
Prof. Rupali S. Sawant, Shreejit Gubre Swathi Pillai, Monica Jain

Social Networking Tools For Library Services[Download]
Dipti Ranjan Sahoo, Dhara Sharma

Drinking Water Supply And Demand Management In Chennai City- A Literature Survey[Download]
A.Murugesana, N.Bavana B C.Vijayakumar C, T.Vignesha D

Secure Access Level Using Otp, Pair Based Matrix And Captcha[Download]
Mr. Suraj Adhav, Sonali Khamkar, Pranoti Barge, Shital Kharde

Spam Assassin E-Mail Corpus Using Spectral Clustering And Random Forests[Download]
Ashutosh Thakur, Sangram Sathe, Gajanan Mahajan, Mangesh Pandit, Prof. Asmita Patil

Eaack—A Secure Intrusion-Detection System For Manets[Download]
Kalyani S. Ghodake, Madhura J. Bade, Poonam A. Pange, Amit D. Bansode

Review: Using Cloud Computing Technology In Agricultural Development[Download]
Seena Kalghatgi, Kuldeep P. Sambrekar

Virtual Programmable Logic Device[Download]
Prof.M.S.Kasar, Abhilasha Wankhade Vishruti Ojha,Komal Pataliya

Electronic Document Journey Management System[Download]
Pratik Thakker, Suraj Prajapati, Sanket Shukl Prakhar Awasthi, Pooja Malhotra

Trusted Routing With An Efficient Certificate Revocation For Mobile Ad Hoc Network[Download]
R. Yasodharan, R. Sivabalakrishnan P. Devendran

Exploration Of Solution Behaviour Of Potassium Halides In Mixtures Of L- Proline And Water At 298.15, 308.15 And 318.15 K[Download]
Mahendra Nath Roy, Partha Sarathi Sikdar Pritam De

Localization of multiple spoofing Attacks In Wireless Networks[Download]
Mrs.Debasree Roy, Vikas Buwa,Kuldeepinkar Omkartodmal, Pratikpatil

Mono Composite Leaf Spring – Design And Analysis By Using Fea Under Static Load Condition[Download]
P. Ravindranatha Reddy, K. Suresh Kumar

A Fermionic Ito Product Formula[Download]
Cristina Serbanescu,

Autonomic Implementation Of The File System From The Kernel[Download]
Prof Swati Bhadkumbhe, Bharat Sonawane Surendra Choudhary, Shubham Mudkondwar

Eaack-Innovative Ids For Manet Using Ds[Download]
Swati Pawar, Varsha Zaware Ujwala Bankar

Design Of Digit Serial Fir Filter Using Vhdl[Download]
Prof.Sneha K.Bire, Prof.Sudhir Shelke

Biometric Identification Of Iris Using Image Processing[Download]
Niharika Yadav,, Sunita Singh, Samiksha Chaudhary, Ashweeni Kodag

Color Image Segmentation Based On Mean Shift And Normalized Cuts[Download]
Asmita Patel, Krupali Umaria

Secret Sharing Scheme: Securing Data In Multi-Clouds Using Systmatic Secret Sharing Methods[Download]
Shalini K B, Shashikala S V Shruthika C A

Cost-Effective Privacy Preserving Of Intermediate Datasets In Cloudusing Reverse Circle Cipher[Download]
Suyashmendhe, Akshaygunjal Kapiltadewade, Mrs.Suvarnakadam

Pursuit Of Data Aware Caching For Big-Data Using Mapreduce Framework Proposal[Download]
Rudresh.M.S, Harish.K.V Shashikala.S.V

A Review On Augmentation Of Heat Transfer From Square Perforated Fins In Staggered Arrangement[Download]
Siddiqui Mohd Abdullah, Prof. A.V.Gadekar

Connectedness Via Quasi I-Open Sets[Download]
P. Kalaiselvi, N. Rajesh

On Quasi Ideal Unique Sequential Spaces[Download]
P. Kalaiselvi, N. Rajesh

An Effective Multi-Domain Facial Feature Based Improved Frs[Download]
Pushpa Sherlin.J, S.Princy Suganthi Bai

Growth Of Nanopartical Zinc Sulfide Films By Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Technique[Download]
Ali A. Yousif, Aseel A. Jasib

Power Consumption Detection And Minimization Using Lcba In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
N.Nandhini, D. Angeline Ranjithamani

Lie Detector: Measure Physiological Values[Download]
Nidhi Srivastava, Dr. Sipi Dubey

Transmission Of Text Messages Using Video Steganography, Applying The Concept Of Randomization.[Download]
M.Karthikeyini, N.A Divya A.Nithyasri

Multimodal Image Retrieval On Mobile Devices[Download]
Pravin Kumar, Shailesh Kumar Akshay Nimbalkar, Swapnil Pandey

A New Structure For Cloud Simulation[Download]
Zahra Azimi,

Centralized Access Of User Data Channel With Push Notification[Download]
Abhishek Priyadarshi, Ritu Karamchandani , Nikhil Gupta, Arsalan Gundroo