Volume 2 - Issue 4 **

Influence Of Injection Timing On Exhaust Emissions Of Di Diesel Engine With Air Gap Insulation With Linseed Biodiesel [Download]
P.V. Krishna Murthy, P.Sekhar Babu

Hydroponic-Cultured Ginseng Leaf Extract Attenuates Murine Collagen-Induced Arthritis By Reducing Pro-Inflammatory Responses[Download]
Gil-Hyun Lee, Kyung-Yae Hyun

Impact Of Employee Empowerment On Organisational Performance Case Of Automobile Industry In Chennai City Of Tamil Nadu In India[Download]
D.Suresh, Dr.N.Abdul Jaleel

Solving Supply Chain Network Gravity Location Model Using LINGO[Download]
A.Anand Jayakumar, Dr.C.Krishnaraj

Eco-Friendly Alternatives For The Removal Of Heavy Metal Using Dry Biomass Of Weeds And Study The Mechanism Involved[Download]
Archana Dixit, Savita Dixit C. S. Goswami

Application Of Com-Sobel Operator For Edge Detection Of Images[Download]
Kalyan Kumar Jena,

Mona: Secure Multi-Owner Data Sharing For Dynamic Groups In The Cloud[Download]
Rohit Pingale, Rahul Hume Tushar Pawar, Nikhil Rasal

Protease Activity By Common And Dominant Seed-Borne Fungi Of Green Gram[Download]
Ashok S. Kandhare,

An Enhance Fingerprints Recognition System Using Haralick Features[Download]
Shamili.T, Pricy Suganthi Bai.S Jasmine Sugil.A

Design Optical Comparator Prototype For Interferometery[Download]
Wail Yas Nassir,

Design Optimization And Parametric Study On The Alternative Blower Of Travelling Cleaner[Download]
Jayapragasan.C.N, Manojkumar.A Dr. Janardhan Reddy.K

Highly Secured Data Encryption In Decentralized Wireless Networks[Download]
Amol G Dhoke, Prof P S Kulkarni

Tansmission Cable Type As A Function Of Effective And Safe Power Utilization In An Electrical Circuit[Download]
Familusi, T.O, Raimi, A.M,Abioye, I.O Alaje, E.O, yusuf G. T.

A Comparative Analysis Of Mppt Schemes For Pv Systems Operating Under Non Uniform Irradiance And Partial Shaded Conditions[Download]
J. Maya, R. Geethamani

Prompt Indian Coin Recognition Using Digital Image Processing[Download]
Kiran D. Pundekar, Pratibha A. Shinde, Sominath S. Pawar Prof.Trupti A. Joshi

In Silico Drug Designing Of Tripeptide-S Against Blm Protein For Treatment Of Bloom Syndrome[Download]
Raj Kumar Ahirwar, Shradha Choudhary Archana Singh, Dr. Smt. Rakesh Mehta

Protective Effects Of Guf (Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Fischer) Extract In Water Immersion Restrain Stress (Wirs) Induced Gastric Injury Rat Model[Download]
Jun-Soon Lee, Kyung-Yae Hyun

Improvementof Plant Quality In Sagaon Village’[Download]
Dr. A.B. Patil, A.D. Patil

Impact Of Employee Empowerment On Organisational Performance Case Of Automobile Industry In Chennai City Of Tamil Nadu In India.[Download]
D.Suresh, Dr.N.Abdul Jaleel

On The Enestrom-Kakeya Theorem[Download]
M. H. Gulzar,

Demand Responsive Transport[Download]
Pankaj Basnal, Vickey Singh, Ambikesh Shukla, Deepak Kumar Asst. Prof. Anup Kadam

The Effect Of Immigration From Ipv4 To Ipv6 Over Rip And Ripng[Download]
Dr. Mustafa Elgili Mustafa, Dr. Amin Mubarkalamin Ibrahim

Petrography, Quantification Of The Finished Deformation: Case Of Nagarwa – Walungu / South Kivu/ Drcongo[Download]
Ongezo Muzaliwa Séverin, Nkere Buliba, Kwinja Françoise,Wazi Nandefo Makabu Kayembe, Kapajika Badibanga

Some Common Fixed Point Theorems For Occasionally Weakly Compatible Mappings In Complex Valued Metric Space[Download]
Krati Shukla, Priyanka Nigam

Delp (Domestic Energy Efficient Lighting Program)- A Dsm Initiative In New Delhi[Download]
Archit Saxena, Pushpendera Chaudhary, Manvendera Singh Chandel

Find The Gbc Outcomes Using Stochastic Analysis[Download]
A. Dinesh Kumar, M. Vasuki, V. Akilandeswari S. Niranchan Kumar

Dual Switch Forward & Flyback Converter: A Comparison[Download]
Perumal S, K. H. Sivanand, Rajashekar J. S.

Hopping Conduction Mechanism In Amorphous Cuo-Bi2O3 Semiconducting Pellets[Download]
W. J. Gawande, S. S. Yawale S. P. Yawale

Providing Privacy Protection In Information Brokering In Distributed Database[Download]
Mrs.S.Rajasri, A.Mahesh

An Ecg-Representing Concept In The Numerical And Spectral Forms Using Discrete Data[Download]
Sabar Setiawidayat, M.Rasjad Indra, Djanggan Sargowo Setyawan Sakti

Trace, Heavy Metals And Microbial Contamination Of Groundwater And Its Evaluation In The Northwestern Portion Of Sinai Peninsula, Egypt[Download]
R. El-Sheikh, A.S. Amin, M. Gomaa H. Ezzeldin, E. Zaghlool

Enhanced Receiver Consensus Message Passing Technique For Vanets Using Rsu[Download]
Bhargav Tharani, Mr. A. Jeyasekar

Study Of Different Etmsa For Wideband Application[Download]
Vijay Barkade, Mrs. D. V. Niture

Review On Image Watermarking Techniques[Download]
Sumedha Nishane, Prof. V. M. Umale

Weight Based Budget Distribution (Wbd) , A Budget Constrained Scheduling Algorithm For Workflows In Cloud[Download]
Mr. Bhushan M. Bhalerao, Mr. Shailendra W. Shende

Measure Of Image Enhancement By Parameter Controlled Histogram Distribution Using Color Image[Download]
P.Senthil Kumar, M.Chitty Babu K.Selvaraj

Genetic Evaluation Of Silkworm Genetic Resources To Identify Cluster Groups For Conservation Of Promising Silkworm Breeds[Download]
Ashok Kumar, K., N Somasundaram, P, Kanika Trivedi Veeranna Gowda, Balachandran,

Biomedical Image Fusion In Wavelet Domain; A Brief Survey[Download]
Sujth.M.V, Shafeen.K.M, Tamjid Ali Asharaf,Sajid Ct Sayooj Mohan Mt, Renjith V Ravi

4D Image Analysis And Diagnosis Of Kidney Disease Using Dce-Mri Images[Download]
Nikita Derle, Prof. Devidas Dighe

The Effect Of Smoking And Drinking Habits On The Performances Of Nigerian Students[Download]
I.O. Ajao, S.O. Ige O.S. Obafemi

Search Engine++: A Novel Framework For Future Information Sharing[Download]
Narayanan Srinivasn,

Proposition For Complete Homomorphic Encryption Using Grids In Cloud Computing[Download]
Arjunsingh Yadav, Priya Tonde, Priyanka Yewale, Prof. Mrs. Smita Chavan

Digital Media Authentication Method For Acoustic Environment Detection[Download]
Tejashri Pathak, Prof. Devidas Dighe,

Inventory Control Using Fsn Analysis – A Case Study On A Manufacturing Industry[Download]
Shibamay Mitra, M Sukumar Reddy Kumar Prince

Managing Logistic System Of Waste For Crude Palm Oil Industry[Download]
Meslin Silalahi, Herman Mawengkang

Survey On Security Threats In Data Storing & Sharing In Cloud Environment[Download]
Seema Tahalyani, Dr. S.M Ghosh

Review Of Control Strategies For Dfig Wind Turbine To Enhance Lvrt Capability[Download]
Divya S, Krishnakumari T

Survey On Image Scaling With Edge Detection And Interpolation Methods[Download]
Rashmi .H, Suganya S

Detection Of Route Request Flooding Attack In Manet Using Session Based History Table[Download]
Charushila Choube, M. Murali

Reliable Privacy Preserving Public Auditing For Dynamic Groups In Cloud Computing[Download]
Devanga Nikita Jakkaiyan, M. Murali

Extrusion Technology: A Novel Method Of Food Processing[Download]
H.G. Ramachandra Rao, M.L. Thejaswini

A 4-Bit Arithmetic And Logical Unit With Fault Detection Capability Using An Informal Testing Process And Tested Using Cpld Epm7128Slc84-15[Download]
Abhishek Singh, Mohd. Arif,, Kalpita Agrawal, Anshita Gupta

Optical Fibre Voice Retrieval[Download]
Paras Gupta, Nikhil Kumar Sharma, Raviraj Singh Nishant Gaur, Prince Tyagi

Analysis Of Transonic Flow Over An Airfoil Naca0012 Using Cfd[Download]
Novel Kumar Sahu, Mr.Shadab Imam

On Fuzzy Almost P-Spaces[Download]
G.Thangaraj, C.Anbazhagan

Privacy Preserving Data Aggregation And Proficient In Mobile Sensing[Download]
S.Deepika, Bharathi Sri

Effect Of Flooding On Chemistry Of Paddy Soils: A Review[Download]
Saul Ethan,

Spherically Symmetric Inhomogeneous Macro Model Filled With Perfect Fluid[Download]
S.N.Jena, R.N.Patra R.R.Swain

Dynamic Query Updation For User Authentication In Cloud Environment[Download]
Gaurav Shrivastava, Dr. S. Prabakaran

Concepts On Ordered Ternary Semirings[Download]
Dr.D.Madhusudanarao, G. Srinivasarao,

Strength Study On Replacement Of Coarse Aggregate By Reused Aggregate On Concrete[Download]
T.Manikandan,, M.Mohan Y.M.Siddaharamaiah

Comparative Analysis Of Municipal Solid Waste Generation Rates And Composition In Jimeta -Yola Adamawa State Of Nigeria[Download]
, Aminu Liman,Abdulrahman Sahabo, Ibrahim Ngah

An Innovative Approach For Edge Detection Of Images[Download]
Sucheta Panda, Kalyan Kumar Jena,

The Bio-Deodorizing Effects Of Acidithiobacillus Thiooxdans Sob5Vt1[Download]
Min-Jae Lee,, Byung-Moon Jin, Kyung-Yae Hyun

Automatic Collar Cleaner In Washing Machine[Download]
D.Giftson Felix,

Concentration Of Nitrate In Drinking Water Of The Distribution Network Of Minab City, Iran[Download]
Yadolah Fakhri, Leila Rasouli Amirhajeloo, Bigard Moradi, Ghazaleh Langarizadeh, Yahya Zandsalimi Saeedeh Jafarzadeh, Mahboobeh Moradi, Maryam Mirzaei

Elegant Home With Security, Safety, Remote Control & Auto Control Of Water Tank Motor Code[Download]
K.Ayyanna,K.Karthikbabu, P.Govardhani Anisha

Improvement Of Voltage Stability In Power System By Using Svc And Statcom[Download]
Sarita S. Bhole, Prateek Nigam

Gender Based Patterns Of Classroom Interactions And Pupils Attitude Towards Mathematics Among Secondary Schools Pupils In Mozambique[Download]
Bhangy Cassy,

About The Importance Of Supersymmetry And Superspace For Supergravity[Download]
Paolo Di Sia,

Solving Singular Partial Integro-Di¤Erential Equations Using Taylor Series[Download]
Hussam E. Hashim, Tarig M. Elzaki

Studying Security Protocol Architecture Based On Cryptography Algorithms[Download]
Mohammad Trik Fardin Mohammadi Darvandi, Sam Jabbehdari Azad Shojaei

Automatic Dol Starter With Programmable Timer[Download]
Sachin Kumar, Himanshu Prasad, Kamal Singh Ashutosh Dwivedi

Impact Of Internet On Library And Information Services[Download]
Dipti Ranjan Sahoo, Dhara Sharma

A Review: High Speed Low Power Flash Adc[Download]
Rahul D. Marotkar, Dr. Manoj S. Nagmode

Comparative Study On Prefabrication Construction With Cast In-Situ Construction Of Residential Buildings[Download]
N.Dineshkumar, P.Kathirvel

Study Of Electronic Work Permit System In Oil And Gas Industry - Kuwait[Download]
Viswanatha Reddy Iragam Reddy,

Effects Of Strategy Instruction And Focused Activities For Students[Download]
Dr. K. B. Glory, B. Prasanna Kumar

Big Data Analysis – Design And Implementation Of Novel Algorithms For Tweets Retrieval And Processing[Download]
Prof. Sharath P, Prof. Spoorthi K

Study Of Hardware Design Of High Speed Modular Multilier[Download]
Yamini Banjare, Vishal Moyal

Breathing Rates And Breathing Air Constituents[Download]
Rajagopal Kannan M.S, Csp, Cmiosh,

Comparative Study Of Landuse Pattern In The Hilly Area Of Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh, India[Download]
Renu Lata, Madhuri, S.Rishi, Dinesh Talwar Konchok Dolma

A Survey On Automated Test Data Generations By Using Hybrid Approach[Download]
Prof. Neelabh Sao, Neema Patel

Security Against Sql Injection Attacks Using Amnesia[Download]
Shashwat Gupta, Deepak Yadav, Saket Ektate, Prof.Hema.K, Sachin Pitrubhakt

Development Of Msp Based Pulse Oximeter With Labview[Download]
N. Anju Latha, B. Rama Murthy, L. Suresh,

Multiuser Wireless Communication Using Ofdm System[Download]
Swati B. Gholap, A.H. Ansari,

Mobile Based Medical Diagnosis System Using Ann-Arm For The Diabetes Mellitus[Download]
B.Senthil Kumar, P. Rajapandi K. Sridar, Dr. D. Shanthi

A Survey On Test Case Selection Using Optimization Techniques In Software Testing[Download]
Preeti Bala Thakur, Prof. Toran Verma

Flow Analysis On Various Bluff Bodies[Download]
Hemanth Raghav, Dinesh Kumar

A Review On Reliability Characteristics Of Wind Energy: A Case Study Of M.P. India[Download]
Ravi Shankar Garg, Anurag Gaur, Dr.Mukesh Pandey

Calculations Of Dos And Electronic Structure In Bi2S3 And Bi2Se3 By Using Fp-Lapw Method[Download]
Dandeswar Deka,, A. Rahman, R. K. Thapa

A Survey On Distributed Deadlock Detection Algorithm And Its Performance Evolution[Download]
Sailen Dutta Kalita, Minakshi Kalita,Sonia Sarmah

A Survey On Crop Disease Detection And Prevention Using Android Application[Download]
Santosh Reddy, Abhijeet Pawar, Sumit Rasane Suraj Kadam

Comparision Of K-Means And K-Medoids Clustering Algorithms For Big Data Using Mapreduce Techniques[Download]
Subhashree K, Prakash P S,

Brain Abnormality Detection In Mri Images Based On Estimation Of Statistical Texture Measures[Download]
Namratha D’Cruz, Sudheesh.K.V

Experimental Analysis Of Brink Depth In A Smooth Rectangular Channel[Download]
Sonali Swetapadma, Dr. S. K. Mittal, Prof. M.K. Choudhary

Performance Analysis Of Dual-Hop Mixed Relaying Networks With Nth Best-Path Selection Over Rayleigh Fading Channel[Download]
Nivedha Mohan, Sukanya Subramanian Arunmozhi Sinouvassane

Automatic Text Summarization Excerption System Using Fuzzy Values Based On Title And Number Of Useful Sentences[Download]
Pooja Mehta, Khushal Chheda Aashish Kukreja

System Stability In Ieee 39 Bus Using Particle Swarm Optimisation With Upfc[Download]
Revathi, Shervy Haeden

Probabilistic Reliability Evaluation Of Wind Power Generators[Download]
Bindhu L., Prof. K R Mohan. Prof. B Kanthraj.

Qra Results Used To Review Escape Evacuation And Rescue (Eer) Arrangements[Download]
Rajagopal Kannan, Dr. N.A.Siddiqui

Dynamic Performance Of Dstatcom Using Bp Algorithm Under Nonlinear Loads[Download]
Megha P Kumar, Kavitha K M, B Kanthraj,

Cause & Remedy Of Electrical Safety In Automobile Industry[Download]
Dr.Nihal Siddiqui, Vinod Kumar K.S.Yadav

Physical Effect Modelling And Its Application In Oil & Gas Industries[Download]
Vijay Kumar Bharti,, Dr.N.A.Siddiqui,

Implementation Of Fuzzy Controller For Image Edge Detection[Download]
Anjali Datyal, Satnam Singh

Implementation Of Fuzzy Controller For Diagonse Of Patient Heart Disease[Download]
Neeru Pathania, Ritika

Comparitive Quality Analysis Of Color Image De-Noising Algorithm[Download]
Priyanka, Randhir Singh

Color Image Compression With Different Algorithms Of Wavelet Transform[Download]
Hunny Sharma, Satnam Singh

Detection And Enhancement Of Shadowing Effect Occurs In Images[Download]
Jyoti Bala, Ritika

Information Hiding With Lsb Based Image Steganography[Download]
Shikha Mohan, Satnam Singh

Free Energy Bicycle[Download]
K.Vignesh, P.Sakthi, A.Pugazhenthi V.Karthikeyan, C.Vinothkumar

Implementing Customizable Online Food Ordering System Using Web Based Application[Download]
Varsha Chavan, Priya Jadhav Snehal Korade, Priyanka Teli

Soft Set, A Soft Computing Approach For Dimensionality Reduction[Download]
Janmejay Pant, Amit Juyal Shivani Bahuguna

Remote System Applications Access[Download]
Jaskirath Singh Makol, Manish Yadav, Nitesh Kumar Vijay Dhama

A Thiocyanate Sensor Based On Ecofriendly Silver Nanoparticles Thin Film Composite[Download]
V. Durga Praveena, K. Vijaya Kumar

Review On Study And Analysis Of Disc Brake To Reduce Disc Brake Squeal[Download]
Shahabaj Bagwan1, Prof.S.V.Shelge2,

Defect Detection Of Regular Patterned Fabric By Spectral Estimation Technique And Rough Set Classifier[Download]
Sudarshan Deshmukh, Prof. S. S. Raut. Prof. M. S. Biradar

Secured Data Sharing For Dynamic Groups In Cloud Computing[Download]
Siddhant Hinge, Yuvraj Pachpind, Rakesh Yendhe,

Design And Implementation Of E-Shaped Antenna For Gsm/3Gapplications[Download]
K.Ramu,K.Kishore Reddy, M.Gowtham Reddy, Mr.R.Thandaiah Prabu

Location Based Spectrum Sensing For Rayleigh Fading[Download]
S. Arul Selvi, Dr. T.V.U. Kiran Kumar

Synthesis, Spectroscopic And Anti-Microbial Studies Of Binuclear Schiff Base Complexes Derived From The Ligand Prepared From Isoniazid And Benzilmonohydrazone[Download]
N. Panda, S. K. Tripathy, N. K. Behera, A. K. Panda, P. K. Das

A Comparison of Two Optimal Approaches for the MCOP Problem[Download]
Foucia PM Geelani, D.Louisa Mary

Different Approaches Using Change Impact Analysis Of Uml Based Design For Software Development[Download]
Ali Tariq Bhatti, Muhammad Murad Haider, Zill-E-Subhan

An Architecture To Enable Intelligent Cybersecurity Information Exchange And Resources Pooling Worldwide[Download]
Ebot Ebot Enaw, Djoursoubo Pagou Prosper

Geochemical Zonal Distribution Of Gold And Associating Elements At Site (S.Ii), Marahiq Gold Mineralization, Wadi Allaqi District, Southern Eastern Desert, Egypt[Download]
Hassaan, M.M, Khayriafawzy Ashraf Emam

Measuring The Performance Of Privatized Tunisian Enterprises[Download]
Sghaira Horchani, Wahiba Nasfi Fkili

Cyclic Channel Coding Algorithm For Original And Received Voice Signal At 8 Khz Using Ber Performance Through Additive White Gaussian Noise Channel[Download]
Ali Tariq Bhatti,

Analysis Of Vertical Handoff Parameters Using Novel Algorithm[Download]
Abhijit Bijwe, Dr. C.G.Dethe

Review Of Design And Optimization Of Fibrizer In Sugar Cane Industry[Download]
Kedar Ajit Ransing, Dr. S. Y. Gajjal2 V. V. Saidpatil

Effective Bist Architecture To Reduce Hardware Overhead In Digital Circuits[Download]
Dinesh Kumar,

Performance Analysis Of Hierarchical Multilayered Link Weight Based Enable Protocol[Download]

An Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Fleet Safety Management Programme In Industries[Download]
Nehal Siddhiqui, S K Srivastava, K S Mohapatra

Experimental Analysis Of Glass On Abrasive Jet Machine Using Taguchi Method.[Download]
Meet R. Harshil K. Upadhyay, Vadgama Kaustubh S. Gaikwad2, Siddharajsinh G. Gohil

Privacy Preserving Data Mining On Relational Streaming Data[Download]
Ashish Mane, Prof. Pankaj Agarkar

Asic Design Using Programmable Interconnects Based On Cbram[Download]
Shankar Narayanan P, Dr V Nagarajan

Fault-Tolerant Preserving Statistics Encrypted Data Aggregation In Wsn[Download]
A.Krishnaveni, S.Rajiya Sulthana

Feeding Frenzy:Selectivity Materializing User’S Event Feeds[Download]
K.Aswathi, S.Rajiya Sulthana

Robust Positioning Algorithms For Distributed Adhoc Wireles Sensor Networks[Download]
K.Swapna, S.Rajiya Sulthana

Emac: Efficient Message Authentication Computing[Download]
Sunitha, S.Rajiya Sulthana,

The Extent Of As Path Inflation By Routing Policies[Download]
O.V.Sowmya,S.Rajiya Sulthana,

Medicinal And Biological Importance Of 1,2,3-Triazoles In Click Chemistry[Download]
Jalal Hasan Mohammed,

Phytoremediation By Vetiveria Zizanioides (L.) Nash From Solid Waste At Kalyan Dumpsite In Maharashtra State, India.[Download]
Sonal Tawde, Satish Bhalerao

A Survey On Textual Graphical Password Scheme[Download]
Saurabh Saoji, Madhuri Walhekar, Harshada Wagh Swapnali Bhadale

The Analysis Of Dumai-Riau-Indonesia Senior High School Productivity Based On Input Orientation And Output Orientation[Download]
Arif Murti Rozamuri, Nur Riza Mohd Suradi

Analytical Solution Of A Transverse Magnetic Field On Ucm Fluids Flow And Species Transfer With Porous Medium Passing Through Channel[Download]
Mostafa Ebrahimian, Mehran Khaki, Morteza Abbasi

A Multiplier Based Parallel Fir Filter[Download]
Mr. Abhijit Maidamwar, Mrs. Swati Sorte Mr. Ketan Machhale

Concealed Data Aggregation Scheme For Wireless Sensor Network Applications[Download]
R.Raguraman, S.Priya

Spack Firewall Restriction With Security In Cloud Over The Virtual Environment[Download]

Tuning Of Pid Controllers For Non-Linear System[Download]
Rasika Datar, Prof. Sunil Gupta Prof. Rahul Langde

Security Testing For Web Applications[Download]
Purnima Bindal, Purnima Khurana Kamlesh Kumar Raghuvanshi

Iris Recognition For Security & Safety Of Automobiles[Download]
Sintu Punnoose, J. Sam Jeba Kumar

A Review On Fatigue Analysis Of Composite Steering Column[Download]
Vikrant Jagadale, Prof. S. Y. Taware

Implementation Of 32 Bit Discrete Radix-4 Fft Unit[Download]
A. Anjana, P. Thirumaraiselvan

Extraction Of Cellulose Fibers From Tó Leaf Petioles (Calathealutea) And Characterization[Download]
Gloria Ivette Bolio-López, Genaro Cadenas-Madrigal, Lucien Veleva, Richard Falconi, Patricia De La Cruz-Burelo, ,Manuel Mateo Hernández-Villegas, Liliana Pelayo-Muñoz

An Effective Approach For The Control Of Hazardous Energy: Lockout And Tag-Out (Loto) Program[Download]
Gaurav Joshi, Dr. N.A.Siddiqui2

Self Destruction System For Protecing Data Privacy In Cloud Storage[Download]
Shankar Gadhv, E Prof.Deveshree Naidu2

Transmission Line Contingency Analysis In Power System Using Fast Decoupled Method For Ieee-14 Bus Test System.[Download]
Rohini G D,, B Kantharaj R D Satyanarayana Rao

Asic Implementation And Fpga Validation Of Ima Adpcm Encoder And Decoder Cores Using Verilog Hdl[Download]
Rafeedah Ahamadi Galagali,

Evaluation Of Best Hse Code Of Practices And Systems In Methanol Manufacturing Company, Oman[Download]
Dr. Nihal A. Siddiqui, Prashant H. Thakar, Saad Al Minhali

Design And Development Of Solar Seed Dryer[Download]
Mangesh Gavhale, Swapnil Kawale, Ramesh Nagpure, V.N.Mujbaile N.S.Sawarkar

Data Gathering Through Wireless Sensor Network In Cloud[Download]
Sourabh Songar, Mrs. R. Annie Uthra,

Reduction In Charging Current Of Super Capacitor By Series Parallel Connection[Download]
Er. P. R. Sawarkar,

User Identification, Classification And Recommendation In Web Usage Mining – An Approach For Personalized Web Mining[Download]
Priyanga P,, Dr. Naveen N C

Performance Improved Low Power D-Flip Flop With Pass Transistor Design And Its Comparative Study[Download]
T.Thangam, P.Jeya Priyanka V.Sangeetha

Influence Of Rice Concentration On The Physical Properties Of Gum Arabic/Rice Composite Material[Download]
Abdien Y. Khalaf Allah, Abdelrahman A.., Elbadawi, Mohamed A Siddig, M. Elhadi

Hybrid Key Sharing[Download]
Sahana H R, Chaithra S, ,, Pavana K E Poornima P

Analysis Of Qos In Asterisk Based Communication System[Download]
Ashik Ahmed, Ashfaque Ahamed Noufel Feresh , Radhakrishnan

Computational Thinking: Need Of The Hour In Engineering Programs In India[Download]
Dr.S. Sudhakara Reddy, Dr. K J Sarma

A Review On Challenges For Mosfet Scaling[Download]
Shivani Chopra, Subha Subramaniam

Wsn Life Time Enhancement Using Fuzzy Clustering And Intrusion Recognition With Eas[Download]
M. Nagarajan, T. Dhanapalan S. Jayanthi

Modified Fsm Based 32-Bit Unsigned High Speed Pipelined Multiplier Using Carry Look Ahead Adders In Verilog Hdl[Download]
Jayalakshmi K R, Ms.Hima Sara Jacob

Word Spotting In Scanned Images Of Printed Devanagri Documents[Download]
Pankaj,Premendra Tiwari, Siddharth Patel Sunny Sangwan

Optimal Pmu Placement Using Linear Integer Programming Technique[Download]
G.Sandhya Rani,,

An Intrusion Detection System Against Ddos For Manets[Download]
Mr. Akshay Rajendrakumar Jain, Prof.Sunil Gupta

Effect Of Replacement Of Cement With Dolomite Powder On The Mechanical Properties Of Concrete[Download]
Preethi, Prince Arulraj

Sanskrit As A Programming Language: Possibilities & Difficulties[Download]
Vipin Mishra,

An Approach To Gui Identification For Printed Gurumukhi And English Text[Download]
Inderpreet Kaur, Saurabh Mahajan

Performance Of Energy Efficient Routing Protocols In Manets[Download]
Vikkurty Sireesha,

Band Stop Optimization Of Frequency Selective Surfaces Using The Transmission Line Modeling Method[Download]
Dominic S Nyitamen, Steve Greedy, Christopher Smartt David W P Thomas

Superheavy Chemical Elements (Shces)-Research Avenues[Download]
Mohammed Najmuddin Khan, Dr Ranjeet A Mondal

Seismic Performance Of Multi-Storeyed Reinforced Concrete Building With Soft Story[Download]
Priyanka Hanamantrao Jagadale, Dr. Suchita Hirde

Restoration Of Image Using Sr Based Image Inpainting Techniques[Download]
Omkar Shewale, Ajay Chavhan, Sandeep Jha Vivek Saurabh, Ashwini Berad

Efficient Implementation Of Active Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks Using Random Multipath Routes[Download]
J. Thirupathi, K. Ramakrishna

Microstructure, Micro Hardness And Compressive Behaviour Of Dual Reinforced Particles Aluminium Alloy Composites.[Download]
Sanjeev Kumar Yadav, Surendra Kumar Patel Raman Nateriya

Investigating The Effect Of Brass Electrode On Inconel 718 On Electrical Discharge Machine[Download]
P Shankar, R Boopathi M Prabu3

Performance Evaluation Of Relay Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing In Cognitive Radio Network[Download]
Mr.Lokesh Mehta, Mr. Mukesh Saini Mr.Hemant Soni

Cutting Mechanism By Giving Feed Through Geneva Mechanism[Download]
P.Kali Sindhur, Y.Karthik,, T.Vijay,Y.Sasikanth G.Sri Harsha

Reliability Enhancement Using Parity Algorithm[Download]
Gayathree, Kdavid.S Moortheeswari.M

Design Analysis And Optimization Of Wing With Variable Camber Continuous Trailing Edge Flap[Download]
G.Anandhi, K.Karuppasamy

Ants (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) Nest And Habitat[Download]
Presty John, T.P. Rabeesh , K.A. Karmaly

Experimental Study On Torsional Behaviour Of Singly Type Of Reinforcement With Ferrocement “U” Wraps[Download]
Gopal Charan Behera, T.D.Gunneswara Rao C.B. Kameswara Rao

Use Of Curvelet Transform In Digital Image Hiding[Download]
Mohsina Choudhury, Prashant Kumar

A Survey On Inter-Cell Interference Reduction Techniques In Lte-A Heterogeneous Networks[Download]

Bike Share Demand Prediction Using Randomforests[Download]
Akshay Patil1, Karishma Musale Bvanss Prabhakar Rao

Face Recognition In Lightening Conditions Using Different Classifiers[Download]
Mahima Verma, ,Rohit Raja ,Yamini Chohan

Unwanted Message Filtration From Osn User’S Wall And Blocking Of Person Using Trust Value[Download]
Prajakta Yerawar, Pankaj Agarkar Bhakti Yerawar

Hinder Blackhat’S Anonymous Threat By Identifying User’S Non Meticulous Traversal Behavior Patterns[Download]
P.Kavitha, Dr.G.N.K.Suresh Babu K.Sankar

Literature Survey On Rfu For Flexibility[Download]
Swathi S T,

Determination Concentration Of Nitrate In 8 High Consumed Marks Of Bottled Water In Bandar Abbas, Iran[Download]
Yadolah Fakhri, Leila Rasouli Amirhajeloo, Ghazaleh Langarizadeh, Mahboobeh Moradi Bigard Moradi,Yahya Zandsalimi, Maryam Mirzaei

Development Of The Apparatus To Measure The Thermal Conductivity Of Liquids[Download]
Rupam Chanda, Sonu Saini, Pradeshi Ram

Role Of Guardian In Muslim Woman’S Marriage: A Study In The Light Of Religious Texts[Download]
Aayesha Rafiq,

Information Cloaking Technique With Tree Based Similarity[Download]
C.Bharathipriya, K.Lakshminarayanan

Fpga-Based Intelligent Traffic Light Controller System Design[Download]
V. V. Dabahde, Dr. R. V. Kshirsagar

Design Of Engineering Complex Equipment For Installation Of Modules From Element Facade System[Download]
Irena Petrova,

Design Of Electromechanical Module Of Centrifugal Fan For Flue Gas[Download]
Mitko Pavlov,

A Study Of Flora And Fauna Of Siliserh Lake With Special Reference To Bio –Chemical Characteristic[Download]
Khinchi Aruna, Bhatnagar Ravi, Dagar Navin, Yadav R. N. Sharma S.K

Green Synthesis And Characterization Of Gold Nanoparticles Using Terminalia Chebula Leaf Extract[Download]
Dr. A. Leema Rose, S. Vidhya

Highway Navigation Using Light Fidelity Technology[Download]
Abhishek Patni, Bhavini Mishra, Harsh Aditya Yogesh Kumar, Rohit Sharma

Design And Implementation Of Detecting The Failure Of Sensor Node Based On Rtt Time And Rtps In Wsns[Download]
Girish K, Shruthi G

Dry Ice Use And Hazards[Download]
Mohammad Jameel Hasan, DR. Nehal A.Siddique

Overview of the technology Network-on-Chip[Download]
Mohammad Trik, Amir-Masoud Bidgoli, Salam Khazali, Azad Shojaei