Volume 2 - Issue 5 **

Analysis Of Flow Pattern For Molten Fe Inside Sprue For Sand Casting Using Fluent[Download]
Virendra Kumar Maurya, Dr. P.K. Bharti

A Hybrid Filtering Technique For Mri Brain Image Denoising[Download]
Murugan V , Anuratha S, Balasubramanian R,

Performance Analysis Of 1-Bit Booth Encoder And Boothdecoder[Download]
Lakum Kalpesh, B.H.Nagpara,

Improvement Of Deodorization Ability By Producing A New Z/M Bio-Carrier[Download]
Min-Jae Lee,Byung-Moon Jin, Kyung-Yae Hyun,

Evaluation Of Different Software Based Approaches For Deep Packet Inspection[Download]
Dr. Manish Shrivastava, Saurabh Singh

Rfid Based Automatic Chalan System[Download]
Paramjeet Singh Kaler, Sheetal Singh, Shubhangi Singh

Water Scrubbing Of Biogas Produced From Kitchen Wastes For Enrichment And Bottling In Lpg Cylinder For Cooking Applications[Download]
N.H.S.Ray, M.K.Mohanty, R.C.Mohanty,

Design Of Synchronic Generator And Control System For Hybrid Vehicles[Download]
Seyed Masoud Hashemi, Ali Karimi Seyed Mohammad Hemmati

Providing Security Features To Android O.S. With Multiuser Facility[Download]
Sharad Gadhe, Mayur Chaudhari, Ajit Patil, Ajay Gaikwad, Ravi Sanap

Combined And Differentiated Localization For Wsn In Global Areas[Download]
Ms. M.Kalaimani, Mrs. M.Madhuram Ms. R.Ranjani

Cognitive Radio Network: The Future Of Intelligent Networks[Download]
Navdeep Kumar, Priyanka Garg

Enhancement Of Wireless Sensor Network Qos Using Linear Resource Reservation Congestion Control Protocol (LRRCCP)[Download]
Nelson Nnaemeka.C, G.N.Onoh, Ohaneme C.O,A.C.O. Azubogu, K.C Okafor

Simulation Validation Of Wireless Sensor Network Linear Resource Reservation Congestion Control Protocol (LRRCCP)[Download]
Nelson Nnaemeka.C, G.N.Onoh, Ohaneme C.O,A. C. O. Azubogu, K.C Okafor

A Model For Improved Online Service Process Computing; A Case For Vlan Online Shop Integration[Download]
A.C. Okafor, H. C Inyiama, K.C. Okafor, C. C.Okezie, O.B Obianuju

Behavior Of Fibrous Light Weight Concrete In Comparison To Traditional Fibrous Concrete[Download]
Dr. Sameh Yehia,

Scalable Pipeline For Claa And Csla Using Booth Encoded Wallace Tree Multiplier[Download]
Rajani M.K, Mr. Balaji B.S, Dr. M.B. Anandaraju,

Performance Analysis Of Suction Airfoil And Computational Flow Visualization Of Co-Flow Jet Airfoil[Download]
V. Yamini Anoosha, Dr. Dilip. A. Shah, R. Murali,

Evaluating Straddle Carriers And Rubber Tyredgantrys To Determine Which Would Be The Most Suitable Container Handling Infrastructure Between The Quay And Stack Area At The Durban Container Terminal; Pier 2[Download]
R. Naicker, D Allopi,

Harmonic Elimination In Cascade Multilevel Inverter With Non Equal Dc Sources Using Genetic And Differntial Evolution Algorithm[Download]
Sudhakar V. Pawar, Mrs. Shimi S.L.,

An Efficient Approach For Multi Biometric Fake Detection Mechanism For Fingerprint, Face And Iris Recognition System[Download]
K.Arunkumar., Mrs. T.Viveka. M.E.,

Characterization Of Manganese And Cobalt Doped Zno Thin Films By Dip Coating Technique[Download]
P.Thamarai Selvan, , M.Venkatachalam, M.Saroja P.Gowthaman, S.Ravikumar, S.Shankar

The Effect Of Speech Synthesis And Speech Recognition In Solving The Problems Of Motor Impaired Learners[Download]
, Dr. Salah Ahmed Musa

Regression Testing And Test Selection In Research[Download]
Sandeep Kaur, Kailash Bahl

A Review On Precoder In Ofdm Based Cognitive Radio[Download]
Roshni-Chaudhari, Prof. Aslam Durvesh,

Stakeholder Analysis Of Critical Success Factors In Erp Implementation[Download]
Dr.Arun Korath,

A Review On Transonic Flow Over An Airfoil[Download]
Novel Kumar Sahu, Mr.Shadab Imam

Computational Support Tooptimum Cropping Pattern Using Ms-Excel[Download]
P.Lavanya Kumari,

Reversible Watermarking On The Basis Of Invariant Image Classification And Quality Preservation By Histogram Modulation[Download]
Prof. Rahul Desai, Bipin Kumar Rathor, Nikita Roy, Hitesh Rawat Sampat Lal

Globally Asynchronous & Locally Synchronous Receiver System[Download]
Snehal C.Takalkhede, Trupti Mohota

Cfd Design Enhancement Of A Material Preheated Sampler Probe Under An Erosion Approach[Download]
Héctor López-Aguilar, Marco Merino-Rodarte Alberto Duarte-Moller, Jorge Gómez Antonino Pérez-Hernández

Length-Weight Relationships And Condition Factors Of Big Eye Hilsa, Ilisha Megaloptera From Estuarine Region Of Diamond Harbour, West Bengal[Download]
Saptarishi Mondal, Samarendra Behera, Sanjeev Kumar,T.S. Nagesh, N. A. Talwar, Rinku Gogoi, Anish Das, Sudipta Sarkar

Road Test Of Light Duty Vehicle Using Electric Vehicle Drive System Through Matlab[Download]
Alok Pandey, Priyal Rani Vinod, Susil Kumar

Research Significance, Applications And Fabrication Of Hybrid Metal Matrix Composites[Download]
S A Mohan Krishna, T N Shridhar, L Krishnamurthy

Delay Circuit For Multiple Detonator[Download]
Dr. Virendra Kumar, Prof. Renuka Bhandari, Vivek Kumar, Vinay Kumar, Vishal Rai

Various Methods Of Knowledge Transfer From The Parent Company To Subsudiaries In Holding Companies (Case Study: Paxan Company Of Iran)[Download]
Alimohaghar, Hossein Jannatifar Azadehrezaei

Mimo System For A 5G Wireless Communication Networks: A Key To Gigabit Wireless System[Download]
Mukesh Kumar, Satya Prakash Sinha Jolis Gupta

A Survey On Routing Protocols For Wireless Sensor Network[Download]
Amit Sharma, Kshitij Shinghal,, Pushpendra Vikram Singh, Sameer Anand

Sensor Based Traffic Prediction And Accident Detection Using Gps And Gsm Technology[Download]
Geetanjali Shintre, Gowrima E

A New Method For Solving Interval Fuzzy Linear Bi Level Programming Problems Cut Operation Using[Download]
M. Khazaili, H. Molaei

Automated Packaging Machine Using Plc[Download]
Yousef M. Abueejela, Alhade A. Algitta, Mustafa Saad., Ibrahim Fantazi Abdalruof Najeeb

Experimental Investigation And Optimization Of Wear Characteristics Of Metal Matrix Composites.[Download]
Vignesh Kumar, Ramanujam R

Some New Separation Axioms In Grill Topological Spaces[Download]
N. Karthikeyan, N. Rajesh,

Solving Fredholm Integral Equations Using With Chebyshev Polynomials[Download]
Reza Danaei, Habib Molaei, Mohammad Khazaili

The Numerical Analysis Of Model Arterial Blood Flow Without Viscoelastic Effect[Download]
Habib Molaei ,Reza Danaei, Mohammad Khazaili,

Energy Generation By Suspension System[Download]
Ravindra Bhoite, Somanath Jadhav, Akshay Jape, Vikram Phadatare, Amardip Jadhav

Ode Modeling And Dynamical Stability Of Hbv/Hivco-Infections[Download]
Reza Danaei,

Effect Of Tannery Effluent On Seed Germination, Growth And Development Of Cultivable Crops In Ambur, Tamil Nadu[Download]
Vibha Sinha, Pramod Patil, Gopi Nath, C. Rajasekran

Characterization And Optical Properties Of Coleus Barbatus Plant[Download]
Mohamed A. Siddig, Abdelgadir E. Abdelgadir, Abdelrahman A. Elbadawi, Abubaker A. Siddig, Ahmed Aldoma

Comparative Study Of Voltage Stability Enhancement Of A Grid Using Facts Controllers[Download]
Hridya.K.R, R.Visakhan, Asha Anu Kurian, Mini.V,

Distinctive Identification Of Glaucoma Disease Using Pnn Classifier[Download]
P.Nithya, D.Senthil Kumar

Studying Thermal And Mechanical Properties Of Unsaturated Polyester Reinforced With Tio2[Download]
Abeer F. Abbas, Raghad U. Abbas Nadia A. Betti

A Review Of Left Ventricular Myocardium Analysis And Diagnosis Techniques For Ct Images Of Heart[Download]
Ankita D. Hatedkar, Prof. Devidas D. Dighe,

Climatic Hazards And Touristic Activities In Cameroon[Download]
Abossolo Samuel Aimé, Batha Romain Armand Soleil Sop Sop Maturin Désiré, Ngoufack Carlos

Ethno- Religious Crisis And Nigerian Democracy Onodugo Ifeanyi Chris[Download]
Dr Benjamin, A. Amujiri

Fight Against Environmental Pollution Resulting From Household Waste In Spontaneously Inhabited Quarters In Major Towns Of Africa: The Commendable Contribution Of Associations In Yaoundé[Download]
Mougoue Benoît, Abossolo Samuel Ngnikam Emmanuel, Bamboye Gilbert

Digital Right Management For Multimedia[Download]
Fatima Dafallah Mohammed Elhassan, Dr Saife Eldin Falloh And, Rasha Ibrahim Ibrahim Hijazi

Discovery Of Network Nodes And Discrepancies[Download]
Narendra Shewale,Hadke Sharad,Mayur Kharote,

Speech Compression By Adaptive Huffman Coding Using Vitter Algorithm[Download]
Mr. Archek Praveen Kumar, Dr. Neeraj Kumar Mr. Cheruku. Sandesh Kumar, Mr. Ashwani Kumar Yadav

On A Class Of Univalent Functions Associated With A Fractional Calculus Operators[Download]
Dinesh Kumar, S.K.Bissu, Bhupender Singh

Modulator Domain Adaptive Gain Equalizer For Speech Enhancement[Download]
Ravindra D. Dhage,, Prof. Pravinkumar R.Badadapure

Mhd Stagnation Point Flow Over A Permeable Vertical Plate With A Convective Surface Boundary Condition[Download]
Akindele Michael Okedoye,

On The Unsteady Free Convective Flow With Radiative Heat Transfer Of Sisko Fluid[Download]
Akindele Michael Okedoye,

An Efficient Data Placement Algorithm For Hadoop Heterogeneous Clusters[Download]
Mr.N.Velmurugan, Ms.C.Suhanyadevi

Performance Evolution Of Different Parameters In Rrc Filter For Mrc Scheme In Wcdma System[Download]
Rajkumar Gupta, Archek Praveen, Cheruku Sandesh Kumar, Amit Chaurasia,

Efficacy Of Different Insecticides Against Legume Pod Borer, Maruca Vitrata (Geyer) On Pigeonpea (Cajanus Cajan L.)[Download]
M Sreekanth, M S.M Lakshmi Y Koteswara Rao

Incidence Of Podfly, Melanagromyza Obtusa (Malloch) And Its Influence On Weight Loss In Different Pigeonpea Genotypes[Download]
Revathi K, Sreekanth M, Krishnayya P V , Srinivasa Rao V,

Stochastically Reducing Overfitting In Deep Neural Network Using Dropout[Download]
Nishtha Tripathi1, Avani Jadeja2,

Performance Evaluation Of Various Routing Protocols With Geographic Greedy Forwarding In Ad-Hoc Network[Download]
Chaman Singh, Sandeep Kumar Jethu Singh, Vaishali Ingale, Rahul Desai

Towards Acieving Fiscal Responsibility For Sustainable Development In Nigeria: A Contextual Insight[Download]
Onodugo Ifeanyi Chris, Dr Benjamin A. Amujiri

Smart Thermostat: To Measure & Control The Temperature Based On Bio-Sensing Technique[Download]
Rahul Gandhi, Ravi Parmar, Mohit Sinha Prof. Kaushal Patel

Harmonic Analysis Of Single Phase Bost Inverter Using Simulink Matlab[Download]
Chalvappa, Dr. Manjesh Ananda A S

Harmonics And Thd Suppresion In Three Level Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverter With Double Tuned Filter[Download]
Dr Manjesh,

Analysis Of Harmonics In Three Phase Inverter Drive With Input Power Generation By Wind Driven Stand-Alone Six-Phase Self-Excited Induction Generator[Download]
Dr. Manjesh,

Weighted Principle Component Analysis For Dimensionality Reduction In Medical Dataset[Download]
Kalaiselvi.R, Premadevi.P, Hamsathvani.M

Securing Cloud With Quality Of Services[Download]
M. Subrahmanya Sarma, Y Srinivas , M. Abhi Ram

Effect Of Metakaoline And Polypropylenefibers On The Properties Of Concrete.[Download]
Kamaldeep Kaur, Jaspal Singh, Devinder Singh,

Omr Auto Grading System[Download]
Nithin T., T. Raj Shekhar Md Nasim, Omendra Singh Gautam, Yuraj Gholap

Geochemical Studies And Exploration Potential Of The Oolitic-Pisolitic Ironstone Deposits Of Agbaja Formation Southern Bida Basin North-Central Nigeria[Download]
Y.S. Agunleti, S.L. Salau

Rare Earth Elements And Rare Elementsconcentration In Two Pegmatite Fields Within North-Central Nigerian Precambrian Basement Complex: Implication For Mineralization[Download]
Y.S. Agunleti, S.L. Salau

A Theoretical Phenomenon Of Automorphism Of Groups[Download]
, A.Mahesh A. Sri Krishna Chaitanya, Dr.B. R. Srinivas

Identification Of Faults And Its Location For The Series Compensated Transmission Line Using Discrete Wavelet Transform[Download]
Pyare Lal Tandan, Abhijit Mandal,

Hyperspectral Image Change Detection Using Hopfield Neural Network[Download]
Kalaiarasi G.T., Dr. M.K.Chandrasekaran,

Automated Costing System Based On Energy Efficiency For Commercial Building[Download]
Mohd Noor Ropiah Bin Abu-Bakar, Dr.Khairulzan Bin Yahya,

Study On Energy Consumptions For The Commercial Buildings Using Energyplus[Download]
Mohd Noor Ropiah Bin Abu-Bakar, Dr.Khairulzan Bin Yahya,

Low Probability Identification Performance In Radar Network System By Using Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Programming[Download]
T.Stalin, S.P.Subha Dr.M.Thirucheran

Design Of Real-Time Data Acquisition & Control Using High Performance Arm Cortex Microcontroller[Download]
Madhukeshwara S D, P Meena Priya Dharshini,

Emerging Memory Technologies[Download]
Minal Dubewar, Nibha Desai, Subha Subramaniam,

Optimization Of Fractal Compression Using Genetic Algorithm[Download]
Veena K K , Bhuvaneswari P,

A Digital Architecture For Improving Gain Of Continuous Time Linear Equalizer[Download]

High Performance Interconnect And Noc Router Design[Download]
Brinda M, Devipoonguzhali S

Numerical Simulation And Experiment Performance For Comparison Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger With Plain Tube And Corrugated Tube[Download]
Darshan Patel, Prexa Parikh,

Rheonomic Principle, Bianchi Identities And Supergravity[Download]
Paolo Di Sia,

Thermal Analysis Of Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger Used In Food Industries[Download]
Gandhi Nilay., Prexa Parikh,

Analysis Of Harmonic Behaviour Of Human Rhythmic Activity In A Rcc Roof Slab[Download]
G.Gajalakshmi, Dr.J.Abbas Mohaideen Dr. A. R. Santha Kumar

Fuzzy Based Nine Switch Power Conditioner[Download]
P.A.Chandrakanth Reddy, A. Praveen Kumar, G.Satish Kumar,

Evaluation Of Antioxidant Activity Of Some Medicinal Plants Using Oxidizing Agent In Acidic Medium -By Colorimetry[Download]
P.Shobha Rani , Shanthi Vunguturi , Md Rashed Ali,

Cloud Models And Splitting Merging Techniques Of Various File Types[Download]
Shivam Raj, Puneet Gupta, Sanjnasinha, Priyansh Bendre

Application Of Dymola Based Simulation To Optimize Smart Home[Download]
Subhra Debdas, Ramanand Jha

Mathematical Modeling For The Tumor Growth In The Bladder[Download]
L. N. M. Tawfiq, S. A. Abdul-Jabbar

An Architecture To Detect And Debug The Latency Using Pulse Generator[Download]

Revocation List Maintenance And Secured Authentication For Mobile Users In A Mobile Network[Download]
Kousalya.K, Anitha.P, Gowri.K

Evaluating Markets Of Banana For Sudan[Download]
Abdalla Adam Osman, Mahasin El Hag Daffalla Babiker Ibrahim Habeeb

Application Of Zia Mays, Cucorbita Pepo, Carica Papaya As Natural Coagulants For Purification Of River Water[Download]
Dr. Shweta Verma, Isma Mehraj, Anshul Jain , Anil Prasad Ray

Assessment Of Seasonal Variations In Oxygen Demanding Parameters (Do, Bod, Cod) Along Sirhind Canal Passing Through Moga, Punjab, India[Download]
Simerjit Kaur, Jasvir Kaur,

Person Detection Using Image Covariance Descriptor[Download]
Ms. Vinutha Raj B, Dr. M B Anandaraju

Foreign Direct Investments And Endogenous Economic Growth In Morocco: Theoretical Model And Empirical Obvious Facts.[Download]
Hicham Mohammed Hamrii,Ouafaezerouali Ouariti, Abdelouhabsadiqui

Purpose Of Low-Power Linear Feedback Shift Register (Lfsr) By Using Bipartite And Random Injection Method For Low Power Bist[Download]
D.Haribabu, J.Ravikumar, C.Ramesh Reddy,

Enhancing Routing Metric For Multi-Purpose Wsn Using Matlab Platform[Download]
Tejwant Singh, Manish Mahajan,

Author Mozambican Students Understanding Of Algebraic Language And Logical Reasoning[Download]
Ribas Guambe,

An Experimentalstudy On Concrete Filled Tubular Columns Using Varying Steel Materials[Download]
Geetha H, Swedha .T,

Design And Implementation Of Partial Reconfigurable Fir Filter Using Distributed Aritmetic Architecture[Download]
Vinaykumar Bagali, Deepika S Karishankari,

Stress Analysis Of Pressurized Thick Truncated Conical Shells With Varying Modulus Of Elasticity As Power Function[Download]
P Aravinda Sai Murthy, Dr N.D. Mittal,

A Review On Detection And Mitigation Of Black And Gray Hole Attacks In Manet[Download]
Bhawana Dewangan, Minu Choudhary,

Reliable Transmission Of Information Over Channels Using Cryptography And Convolutional Codes[Download]

Euler Type Triple Integrals Involving Some Special Functions[Download]
Shakeeluddin, Gaurav Mishra,

Infrequent Weighted Itemset Mining Using Svm Classifier In Transaction Dataset[Download]
M.Hamsathvani, D.Rajeswari M.E, R.Kalaiselvi

Simulation Of Multiple Targets For Radar Testing[Download]
Chakradhar Gowda, Manojkumar S B,

Sms Based Kids Tracking And Safety System By Using Rfid And Gsm[Download]
Nitin Shyam, Narendra Kumar Maya Shashi, Devesh Kumar

Intensity Modulated Fiber Optic Chemical Sensor -Properties Of Binary Solutions Of Hexadecane With 1-Butanol And 1-Heptanol[Download]
Sreehari Babu Velluri, Jayanth Kumar A, Chandra Lingam S,

Effects of hydrotherapy in balance and prevention of falls among elderly men[Download]
Y. Khanjari, R.Garooei

The Physical, Proximate And Ultimate Analysis Of Rice Husk Briquettes Produced From A Vibratory Block Mould Briquetting Machine[Download]
, Andrew Ndudi Efomah, Agidi Gbabo

Maximum Burst Size Adjustment For Improving Packet Delivery Ratio In Optical Burst Switching (Obs) Networks[Download]
Reza Poorzare, Shahram Jamali, Ali Poorzare

Phyto Remediation Of Zn, Or Ni, Using Barley (Hardeum Vulgare)[Download]
Sumedha Chauhan, S. S. Yadav

Evaluation Of Dynamic Parameters Of Steel Knee Bracing System Under Seismic Loads[Download]
Iman Mohseni,

Application Of Performance Improvement By Using Performance Improvent Techniques[Download]
P.V.Dhopte, Dr. P.V.Washimkar Dr. Smita A. Petkar

G*-Closed Sets And Ta-Separation Axiom In Intuitionistic Fuzzy Topological Spaces[Download]
A. Bhattacharjee, R . N. Bhaumik,

Further Identities Of Rogers-Ramanujan Type[Download]
Shaikh Fokor Uddin Ali Ahmed,

Study On Physico - Chemical Parameters Of Waste Water Effluents From Industrial Areas Of Jaipur, Rajasthan, India[Download]
Priyanka Dhingra, Yashwant Singh,, Manish Kumar, Hitesh Nagar Karan Singh, Laxmi Narayan Meena

Analysis Of Agile Project Management Practice And Comparison With Traditionl Project Management[Download]
Attinder Kaur, Kailash Bahl

A Generic Agent Framework To Support The Various Software Project Management Processes[Download]
Pardeep Kaur, Kailash Bahl

An Efficient Performance And Monetary Cost Optimization On Resource Allocation In Cloud[Download]
V. Gayathri, S. Selvi, Dr. B. Kalavathi,

Ber Calculation Of Ds-Cdma Over Communication Channels[Download]
Dr. Saroj Choudhary, Purneshwari Varshney,

Gray Water Impacts & Utilization For Agriculture Commodities-Great Threat For Deliberation[Download]
Nasrullah Khan Barech,Khair Muhammad, Kakar Syed Ainuddin

Modelling On Zoning Process Programming Problems[Download]
Ompal Singh, Shakeeluddin

Workload Management In Cloud Using Bloom Search Method[Download]
M.Arunkumar, S.Selvi, Dr.B.Kalavathi,

A Study On Seasonal Variation Of Metal Accumulation In Soil Samples Of Industrial Area Tirupati Region[Download]
Shahanaz Begum S.A, Tharakeswar Yadamari, Ramakrishna Naidu Gurijala

Improving The Dynamic Performance Of Interconnected Three Area Power System Using I, Pi & Fuzzy Controllers[Download]
Saloni Arora, Prof. Aziz Ahmed, Prof. Anwar Shahzad Siddiqui

A Three Phase Multi Level Diode Clamped Inverter For Fault-Tolerant Operation[Download]
V.T. Vasanthi, B. Nagi Reddy

Bibliometric Analysis Of Desidoc Journal Of Library And Information Technology For The Year 2010-2014[Download]
Asish Maity, Soumen Teli,

Ejdhc Scheme Based On Residual Codebook Construction With Smvq And Image Inpainting[Download]
Ramya.K, Kathiresan.K,

In Search Of Industrial Clean-Up Clients;Evaluation Of Heavy Metal Tolerability Of Rhizospheric Trichoderma[Download]
Bhavya G., Sunil K. C. R., Swati K.,, Nandini B., Prakash H. S. And Geetha N

A Novel Thermometric Power Generation Using Mppt Control For Hybrid Electric Vehicle Application[Download]
B.Shalini , R.Shobana ,T.Mangaiyar Thilagam,

Design Of A Hybrid Wireless Network Using Eqod Protocol[Download]
S.Kabilan, Mr.S.Nagaraj,

Exploit The Tail Time To Save Radio Resource In Heterogeneous Wireless Networks[Download]
Deenu Mol.A, Janet Felicia Ranjani.S, Kabilan.S,

A Goal Oriented Approach For Modeling And Analyzing Security Trade Offs[Download]
Lovepreet Kaur, Kailash Bahl,

Optimizing The Parameters Of Handover In Lte Using Son System By Handling Mobility Robustness[Download]
G K Venkatesh, Dr.P.V.Rao

Potential Of Theory Of Innovative Problem Solution (Triz) In Engineering Curricula[Download]
Diana Starovoytova Madara, David Tuigong, Simiyu Sitati, Saul Namango, Edwin Ataro

Palm Print Recognition Using Pca And Som Algorithms[Download]
Ms. Navyashree M M, Associate .Prof. Savitha A P, Dr. M B Anandaraju,

Designing And Performance Analysis Of Power Optimal Pll Using Five-Stage Cs-Vco In 180Nm[Download]
Vinay Kasappa Kolur,

Robust Selective Image Encryption And Decryption Based On Key Controlled Matrix[Download]
Pooja Shekar C C , Mrs. Prabavathi,

Effect Of Nanofluid On Enhancement Of Characteristic Of Plate Heat Exchanger[Download]
Bhusan M.Dusane,

Implementation Of Aes Algorithm[Download]
Suraj Hirekudi.,

Image Based Offline Signature Verification System[Download]
Deepshi Gupta, Jaya Srivastava, Natasha Kasana,

Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Rocks, Gebel Qabiliyat, South West Sinai, Egypt: Petrography And Geochemistry[Download]
Ibrahim, A.M. , Abayazeed, S.D.. Saadawy, D.A,

Design And Analysis Of Disc Brake With Titanium Alloy[Download]
C.Radhakrishnan,Yokeswaran.K,, Vengadeshprasadh.M,Vishnuhasan.A, Vimalraj.T,Velusamy.M

Control System For Monitoring And Balancing Ac Static And Dynamic Loads Using Scada[Download]
Pavankumar Kulkarni,

Design And Analysis Of Automotive Shackle[Download]
C.Radhakrishnan, Azhagendran.K, Mohanlal.K, Ponraj.P, Nivas.R

An Overview On Search And Rescue Robots During Earthquake And Natural Calamities[Download]
Yogesh V. Bangalkar , S.M. Kharad,

Determination Of Torque Produced By Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blade Using Fsi Analysis For Low Wind Speed Regime[Download]
Gagan Sahu, R.K. Rathore,

A Gps Based Approach For Autonomous Navigation Of Uav[Download]
Rakesh Reddy N, Dr. G Indumathi,

Integrated Analysis Of Traditional Requirements Engineering Process With Agile Manifesto: A Traditional Solution To Agile Problems[Download]
Zill-E-Subhan, Ali Tariq Bhatti,

Localization Of Automatic Robot[Download]
Ujwala G. Meshram, Prachi Jambhulkar Shubhangi Borkar

Evaluation of Storage of Seed Stones within Fruit on Germination of Mango (Mangifera Indica L.). [Download]
Mahasin A. D, M. A. E. Mustafa

An Over View Of Decentralized Distributed Generation [Download]
Kaliagurumoorthi.K, Murali dharan.S, Karthikeyan.R

Analysis of Power Processing Circuits for Low Power Energy Harvesting Applications [Download]
S.Rathinamala, Dr.S.Manoharan

TLM based AMBA AXI4 protocol implementation using verilog with UVM environment [Download]
Harini H G , Kavitha V

On The Variational Principle and Entropy of Rotation Sets in Dynamical Systems[Download]
Bunyamin AYDIN

FPGA Implementation Of Mil-Std-1553B Protocol: A Review [Download]
Amrutha V., Anu James, Sreejith S.

Vision Based Algorithm For Automatic Landing System Of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Review[Download]
Anu James, Amrutha V., Priya Haridasan

A Comprehensive Survey On Graphical Passwords And Shoulder Surfing Resistant Technique Analysis [Download]
J. Thirupathi

Effect Of Different Irrigation Methods Using Treated Wastewaters On The Distribution Of Traces Elements On Two Different Soil Textures[Download]
Khaskhoussy Khawla, Kahlaoui Besma, Jozdan Omar, Abdullah Dakheel, Hachicha Mohamed

System and Method for load balancing in Unified Small Cell Router[Download]
Murugesan Nallathambi

Parallel Hermite Interpolation on Faulty K-ary n-cubes Network[Download]
B N Bhramar Ray

An Efficient Strategy to Increase Network Lifetime For Large WSN[Download]
Gowri K , Dr Chandrasekaran M.K , Kousalya K

Adsorptive Removal Of Nickel Ions By Natural Sand Collected From A Tank In Ramanathapuram, India[Download]
S.Lourdu Mary, S.Amala Fathima Rani, B.Jayalakshmi, T.Ramachandramoorthy