Volume 2 - Issue 6

Defect Free Nonporous Polyurethane Membrane; Preparation, Characterization And Performance In Gas Separation[Download]
Aiza Shoukata, Mohamed, E. A. Alib,Mohammed Zubera,

Refinement Of Prime Generating Algorithms[Download]
Neeraj Anant Pande,

The Analgesic Effect Of Berchemia Berchemiaefolia Are Mediated Via Suppression Of P38 Mapk Activation In Rats[Download]
Gil Hyun Lee, Kyung Yae Hyun,

Electrical Properties Of Cuo-Mno2-B2O3 Glasses[Download]
W. J. Gawandea, S. S. Yawale, S. P. Yawale,

Evaluation Of Seed Priming Effect On Yield Performance Of Nigella Sativa L.[Download]
Neda Chobeigi, Mahmoud Pouryousef Miandoab, Abdolah Hasanzadeh Gorttappe,

A Survey Of Scheduling Mechanisms In Cloud[Download]
S. Vinay Kumar, M. Sashi Kumar,Dr. M. Naga Ratna

Implementation Of Vedic Math’S Sutras And Barrel Shifter In Designing Of Multipliers[Download]
Vikram Singh, Alok Dubey Yogesh Khandagre

Study Of Fluoride Contamination In Potable Water At Different Locations In India[Download]
Dr.Subhadra Rajpoot, Dr.Preeti Singh,

A Model Of Regional Tourism System'S Internal Mechanisms[Download]
Haixia Qi1 And Zhifei Han2,

Novel Biodegradable Methyl Cellulose Hydrogels For Controlled Releases Of Protein[Download]
Prof. Dr.Mohammed Ali Mutar,

Hierarchical Clustering Technique For Traffic Signal Decision Support[Download]
Dr. S. Meenakshi Sundaram, S. Sreedhar Kumar, M.S. Divya Shree,

Radioactive Mineralization Of El-Missikat Granite; One Of Most Important Occurrence, Eastern Desert, Egypt.[Download]
Ibrahim A. Abu El-Leil, Abdellah S. Tolba, Sayed A. M. Omar, Mohamed G. El-Feky, Mahmoud H. Bakiet, Hamdy A. Awad

Detection Of Malicious Nodes In Mobile Adhoc Network[Download]
Mrinal Paliwal, Saddam Hussain,

Activation Energy Change And Conductivity Property Of Various Concentrations Of Aqueous Solution Of Salt And Sugar In Water At 308.15 K[Download]
Dikko A. B., Ike E. Bashir M.,

Implementation Of Canny Edge Detector Algorithm Using Fpga[Download]
Poonam S. Deokar,

Invitro Study Of Antioxidant Activities Of Medicinal Plant Extracts Using Kmno4 And Dpph-A Comparison[Download]
P.Shobharani , Shanthi Vunguturi,

Removal Of Zinc From Synthetic Waste Water By Saw Dust As An Adsorbent[Download]
Pragati, Prof. Sumint Singh Trivedia, Laxikant Pandey,

Analysis Of Administrative Discretion And Its Governance[Download]
Tiantian Liang,

Study On The Strategies Of Land Utilization In The Process Of Urbanization[Download]
Yan Liang, Qingxia Guo, Qianqian Zhang,

Statcom Based Damping Controller For Smib System Using Partical Swarm Optimization[Download]
Bharti Verma, Prof. Abhijit Mandal

Mmse Stsa Based Techniques For Single Channel Speech Enhancement Application[Download]
Simit Shah , Roma Patel,

Ber Improvement Of Ds-Cdma For Awgn And Rayleigh Fading Channel With Kasami Code[Download]
G.S.Kotkar, R.G.Zope

Study Thermomechanical Properties Of Unsaturated Polyester Composite Reinforced By Ceramic Particles (Al2O3)[Download]
Abeer F. Abbas , Assist Lect. Nadia A. Betti, Assist Prof.Raghad U. Abbas

Multi-Level Multi-Objective Linear Plus Linear Fractional Programming Problem Based On Fgp Approach[Download]
Surapati Pramanik, Durga Banerjee, B.C. Giri

Oil Spill Bioremediation Using Soil Blending Technique, Over A Bionutrient: A Niger Delta Case.[Download]
Ohia, Nnaemeka; Iyiegbu, Hillary

Pollution Of Soils By Heavy Metals In Eastbaghdad In Iraq[Download]
L. N. M. Tawfiq,Kareem A. Jasim, E. O. Abdulhmeed,

A New Perspective For Solving Fully Fuzzy Multiple Objective Linear Bi Level Programming Problems[Download]
Mohammad Khazaili , Habib Molaei , Reza Danaei

Stability Of Thequartic Double Centralizers And Quartic Multipliers On Non-Archimedean Banach Algebras[Download]
H. Baghban, H. Molaei

Testing Of Chilli Seed Extractor Coupled With Chilli Seed Grader[Download]
P.A. Borkar, S.P. Umbarkar, R.P. Murumkar M.R. Rajput Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth

Fixed Point Theorem With Ea Property In Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Space[Download]
V.K. Agrawal,Geeta Modi, Ajay Soni, Anupama Gupta,

Spray – Casting Cuinse2 Nanoink Onto Au And Mo Coated Substrates To Fabricate Photovoltaics[Download]
Omar A. Ali,Wasan R. Saleh, And Cao Meng

An Asynchronous High Performance Fpga Based On Ledr/Four Phase Dual Rail Hybrid Architecture[Download]
Amtus Saba N.A, Mr. Balaji B.S, Dr. M.B. Anandaraju,

Analysis Of The Profitability Of The Supply Chain Of The Busy Traffics By The Ports: Case Of The Conventional Transport Of The Port Of Agadir[Download]
Ouafae Zerouali Ouariti

Optimal Placement Of Multi Dg In 33 Bus System Using Pso[Download]
Vaneet Singh, Pallavi Singh Bondriya,

Compare Polynomial Interpolation Her Mite With Lagrange And Solving Non-Linear Boundary Value Problems With Her Mite[Download]
Habib Molaei

Preparation, Sem Characterisation And Proportion Optimization Of Nano Composite Based Cost Effective Solar Absorber[Download]
P.H.Sudharlin Paul, R.V.Jeba Rajasekhar

Origin Of Dissolved Solids In Cretaceous Aquifers At Ngbo, Ebonyi State, Nigeria: A Preliminary Assessment[Download]
D. C. Ozoko

Discovering New Water Resources; Increasing Relative Humidity By Increasing The Temperature[Download]
Zahra Pakzad, Roghayeh Pirmoradian

Dry Sliding Wear Test Conducted On Pin-On-Disk Testing Setup For Al6061-Sic Metal Matrix Composites Fabricated By Powder Metallurgy[Download]
Ramesh B. T, Dr. Arun Kumar M. B, Dr. R. P. Swamy

The Analysis Of Influence Factors Of Ito Bar’S Ideal Resistance For Multi-Finger Touch Screen[Download]
Shen-Whan Chen, Yu-Ju Chen, Shuming T. Wang, Rey-Chue Hwang

Computational Fluid Dynamics Based Investigation On Volute Geometry Of Centrifugal Pump[Download]
Arul Kumar.T

Computational Investigation Of Wind Turbine With Winglets[Download]
R.Karthik Sabari,

Water And Wastewater Quantification In A Cotton Textile Industry[Download]
Dr. D.K. Sharma

The University'S Role In The Dissemination Of Research[Download]
Dr.Arun Korath, Negeso Edasa Wako,

Online Complaint Management System[Download]
Osman Nasr , Enayat Alkhider

Low Cost Biogas Purification System For Application Of Bio Cng As Fuel For Automobile Engines[Download]
Divyang Shah, Dr Hemant Nagarseth

Design Of Pc-Based System For Monitoring And Control Of A Thermal Process Using Labview[Download]
Mahammad D.V, K. Tanveer Alam

An Overview Of Different Database Security Approaches For Distributed Environment[Download]
Dr. P. K. Rai Pramod Singh

Reduction Of Noise By Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform Shrinkage[Download]
Manisha V Gawai , Prof. R.R.Bhambare

Assessment Of Molecular Variations Among Different Biotypes Of Commiphora Wightii (Arnott.) Bhandari, Using Rapd Markers[Download]
Priyanka Vyas, Ramesh Joshi

Secure Authorized Deduplication By Hybrid Cloud Approach[Download]
Divya V Kandalkar, Prof. R.R.Bhambare

Android 5.0: Lollipop Os[Download]
Meenakshi Inderjeet Yadav

Xna Gaming Framework And Comparative Analysis[Download]
Veenus Chhabra Kuldeep Tomar

Experimental Study Of The Characteristics Of Various Type Of Fins Using Forced Convection Heat Transfer[Download]
J.Kalil Basha, P. Rajakrishnamoorthy S.Suthagar, T.Gopinath

Forced Migration And Natural Disasters: A Case Study From Ziarat Earthquake[Download]
Nasrullah, Khair Muhammad Kakar, Syed Ainuddin

Software Cost Estimation Using Artificial Neural Network[Download]
Devbrat Sahu Deepty Dubey

The Integrated Approach And Effects Of Sea Weeds Bio-Active Substances On Crops[Download]
Khair Muhammad Kakar, Inam-Ul-Haq, Muhammad Saleem

Toxicity Of Pesticide Cypermethrine On Freshwater Fish, Nemacheilus Aurius[Download]
Jabde P. V., Rokade P. B.

Influence Of Physics Teachers Qualification On The Performance Of Students In External Examination In Awka Education Zone Anambra State, Nigeria[Download]
Achufusi Ngozi Nonye,

A Study On Fuzzy Game Optimizationtheory In Distributed System[Download]
R. Senthil Kumar, S. Kumaraghuru,

Effect Of Etching Time On Electrical Properties For Porous Silicon By Photo Electrochemical Etching[Download]
Ayad Zwayen Mohammed, Marwa S. Alwazny, Qamer Qasem,

A New Enhanced Delayed Lock Loop Design Using Stand By Switch For Reduced Sub-Threshold Leakage Current[Download]
B.Manthru Naik, Shaik.Jagadeesh Babu

Sleep Transistors In Leakage Critical Circuits And Insertion Power Network Synthesis[Download]
A.Vinod Kumar, A.Raghu Ram

A 4.0-12.0 Ghz Low Power High Gain Uwb Lna[Download]
Roshan R. Kakde, Prof. Ms. Pooja Thakre

Effect Of Heat And Mass Transfer On Free Convective Couette Dissipative Fluid Flow Through A Porous Medium With Chemical Reaction And Slip Conditions[Download]
Joseph K.M., Ayuba P. Magaji A.S. and Dangana I.M

Matlab/Simulink Based Mathematical Modeling Of Solarphotovoltaic Cell[Download]
Mahammad Anwar, Y Kamal Kishore

A Novel Geometric Snake Model For Medical Image Segmentation[Download]
Soppannappa, Virupakshappa,

Improved Compiler-Directed Soft Error Mitigation For Embedded System[Download]
Kalluri N V Satya Naresh,, Divya Vani .Y

A Collusion-Resistant Privacy-Preserving Attribute Matchmaking For Mobile Social Networks[Download]
Solomon Sarpong, Chunxiang Xu,

Replacement Of Cement By Marble Dust And Ceramic Waste In Concrete For Sustainable Development[Download]
Abdullah Anwar, Sabih Ahmad, Syed Mohd. Ashraf Husain, Syed Aqeel Ahmad

Design And Implementation Of Double Precision Floating Point Multiplier Using Vhdl[Download]
Sadiya Fatima Sufi, Pooja Thakre

The Impact Of Business Process Management In E-Tourism The Case Study: Malaysia And Iran[Download]
Leila Moradi, Ibrahim Mohamed, Yazrina Yahya,

A Simulation Based Strategy Using Data Envelope Analysis - Goal Programming For Increasing Customer Satisfaction In A Chain Store[Download]
Bahareh Vaisi, Sadigh Raissi,

Energy Audit – A Case Study[Download]
Shakila Rani J, Maheshan C M, Sujatha B C, Thivakaran A, Rajesh,

Experimental Analysis Of Combustion Ignition Engine Using Bio-Diesel[Download]
Muthuraman Subbiah,

Experimental Investigation Of Machining Parameter For Micro Hole Drilling On Titanium Wrought Alloy[Download]
Vaibhav Gosavi, Dr. Nitin Phafat, Dr. Munjadas Kadam,

Thz Waves Propagation Through Photonic Crystal Fiber[Download]
Ali. H. Abdulhadi, Ayad Zwayen Al-Juboori, Najwan Hussein Numan, Raghad Hani,

Design And Implementation Of Mobile Learning Zone For Universities Of Iraq[Download]
Tareq Ali Al-Saadi, Ali Mohamed Husein Nasralla, Nassir Jabir Al-Khafaji, Nawar Abbood Fadhil, Ali Abdulrazzaq Al-Sawad,

Attitude Of Undergraduate Student-Teachers Towards The Teaching Profession[Download]
Dr. Achufusi Ngozi N., Achufusi-Ani Uju.N.

Nutrient Potential Of Impoved Fresh Maize Moi-Moi Compared With Bean Mo-Moi[Download]
Ejima, Omachoko Anone Wilfred, Dr. Ejima, Okutachi Sunday

Error Detection Of Eg-Ldpc Codes In Majority Logic Decoding[Download]
Nagma Sheikh, Dr.Sanjay Asuthkar

Consistency As A Service: Maintaining Cloud Cloud Consistency Using Auditing[Download]
Neelakantayya R Math, Veeresh Biradar,

Comparative Study Of Ferro-Cement Panel Using Welded Square Mesh And Expanded Mesh[Download]
Kushal A. Phiske, Darshan.G. Gaidhankar,

Effects Of Heuristic Teaching Approach On Academic Achievement Of Senior Secondary School Mathematics Students In Girei Local Government Area Of Adamawa State, Nigeria[Download]
K.M. Fasasi Ph. D,

Indigenous Technology To Protect The Storage Life Of Seed.[Download]
Navin Kumar, Ajeet Kumar Patel, S.P.Mishra,

A New Cipher Text Generation Technique By Digitizing The Genetic Dna Code Using Random Number[Download]
Isha Yadav, Nipun Gupta, M.K. Beniwal,

Seasonal Variation Of Water Mycoflora Of Maharaja Band Pond, Raipur, Chhattisgarh (India)[Download]
Fareha Uzma, K Sharma, Riti Thapar Kapoor,

Qos For Performance Accelerators And Pki In Secure Cloud[Download]
M. Subrahmanya Sarma, Y Srinivas , M. Abhi Ram,

Concentration And Effective Dose Of Radon 222 In The Genow Hot Spring; Bandar Abbas City, Iran[Download]
Amir Hossein Mahvi, Hamid Reza Ghafari, Kavoos Dindarloo, Vali Alipour, Babak Goodarzi, Yadolah Fakhri,

Intelligent Home Automation And Security System[Download]
Radhamani N,

A Brief Assessment Of Municipal Solid Waste And Its Impact On Leachate Quality At Msw Sites In Vijayawada City, India[Download]
Shaheda Niloufer, Dr.A.V.V.S.Swamy,

Cell Formation By Slca Technique Using Various Similarity Coefficients[Download]
Dr D.V.V.Krishna Prasad,

Data Mining Strategy For Fast Record Searching[Download]
Ms. Sonali B. Gosavi, Dr. S. V. Gumaste,

Location Detection In Wireless Sensor Network Using Triangle Grid Scan Algorithm[Download]
Bharat S. Dhak,

Estimate the Shape Parameter of Generalize Rayleigh Distribution Using Bayesian – Shrinkage Technique[Download]
Prof. Abbas Najim Salman, Researcher Maymona M. Ameen

Analytical Modeling Of Droplet Burning Rate Of Various Fuels[Download]
Saroj R. Chafle , Satish K. Bhele

Proposed framework of E-Learning in remote areas of Uttarakhand: In perspective with Mobile communication[Download]

Design and analysis of High sensitive Biosensor Using MEMS[Download]
Mr. Gulshan v. Thakare, Anup Nage

Study Of Noise Pollution At Different Location In Jalgaon City, Maharashtra, India[Download]
Dr. Mrs Patil Madhuri S., Deshmukh Rajesh B,

Survey: Tools And Techniques Implemented In Crime Data Sets[Download]
M.Ramzan Begam, Dr. P.Sengottuvelan T. Ramani

Experimental Analysis Of Waste Heat Recovery Using Teg For An Internal Combustion Engine[Download]
Dr. N. K. Saikhedkar, Anchal Dewangan,

Non-Existance Of String Cosmological Models In Presence Of Magnetic Field In Bimetric Theory[Download]
S.N.Jena, R.N.Patra R.R.Swain

A Review On Applications Of Cyber Physical Systems[Download]
Meenakshi Bhrugubanda,

An Energy Effective Minimum Hop Routing Scheme To Improve Wsn[Download]

Testing Of Simulink/ Stateflow Model States Using Unified Dependency Graph[Download]
Surya Prakash Sonwani, Pinkeshwar Mishra Keshav Tiwari

Opinion Mining Techniques[Download]
A’Sim Seedahmed Ali,

Case Study Of Utilization Of Production Line By Using The Lean Manufacturing Methodology &Techinques.[Download]
Sanjay Bhardwaj, Dr. Nagendra Sohani

Assessment Of Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill For Wheat Sowing After Paddy Harvesting[Download]
R.P. Murumkar, Usha R. Dongarwar, D.S. Phad, P.S. Pisalkar, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth,

Production Constraints And Varietal Preferences Of Rice Farmers In Three High Alkalinity Zones Of Office Du Niger Of Mali[Download]
Dr. Oumarou Goita, Prof. Vernon Gracen, Prof. Frank. K. Kumaga Prof. Kwadwo Ofori, , Dr. Mamadou M. Coulibaly

Plant Disease Detection Using Leaf Pattern: A Review[Download]
Vishnu S, A. Ranjith Ram