Volume 2 - Issue 8

Comparative Precision Analysis Of Precision-Controls On Automated Chemistry Analyzers[Download]
Aijaz Ahmed, Junaid Mahmood Alam, Howrah Ali, Ishrat Sultana, Saima Fazal.,

Design, Simulation And Analysis Of Penta Band Micro-Strip Patch Antenna For Unii &C Band Application[Download]
Khalid Ali Khan, Ankit Jha, And Dr Vishal Gupta,

Industry-Institute Views On Collaboration And Its Effect On Performance Of Professional Education In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia[Download]
Dr. Sheikh R.A., Mr. Tahir Shamus,

A Highly Reliable And Hop Efficient Routing Mechanism For Wsn[Download]
Keerthana M, Mrs Sukanya Prasad T,

Design Of 8 - Shaped Dng Metamaterial For Gsm 1.8 Ghz Applications[Download]
Ruchika Sharma, Harbinder Singh,

Optimal Line Based On Ahp And Kruskal Algorithm[Download]
Wu Wenrui, Zhang Di, Li Tan, Yang Aimin*, Han Yang, Zhou Qi,

The Time Series Forecast Model Research And Disseminates In The Question Application At Disease[Download]
Zhang Di,Wu Wenrui, Ha Shuang, Yang Aimin, Han Yang, Li Tan,

Super Resolution Image Generation Using Wavelet Domain Inter Polation With Edge Extraction Via A Sparse Representation[Download]
U.Rakesh, T.K.Lakshmi, Dr.V.V.Krishna, P Ravindra Reddy

Cfd Analysis Of Heat Transfer Rate In Tube In Tube Helical Coil Heat Exchanger[Download]
Mohammed Imran, Gaurav Tiwari, Alwar Singh Yadav,

Reasonable Advantages Of Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility Management – An Assessment[Download]
Dr. Suri Ganesh.M.P, Mr. Karteek Madapana

Stereoscopic Images Generation By Monocular Camera[Download]
Swapnil Lonare, Prof. Shubhangi Dhengre

Response Analysis Of Lead Yield To Combined Inputs Of Reaction Temperature And Ferric Sulphate Concentration During Leaching Of Galena[Download]
C. N. Mbah,

Dissolution Characteristics Of Galena In Aqueous Ferric Nitrate Lixiviant[Download]
C. N. Mbah,

Geochemistry Of Surface Waters, In Ishiagu, Ebonyi State, Nigeria.[Download]
Chinenye F. Edeani,

First-Year University Students´ Algebraic Thinking And Its Relationship To Their Geometric Conceptual Understanding[Download]
Luis Weng San, Bhangy Cassy And Ribas Guambe,

Antimicrobial Activity Of Blue-Green Algae, Calothrix Braunii (A. Br.) Bornet Et Flahault.[Download]
T. Malathi, M. Ramesh Babu, T. Mounika And B. Digamber Rao,

The Implementation Of Distance Enhancing Grid Routing In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Preetinder Kaur, Simarpreet Kaur

Performance Analysis Of Mimo Based Chaos Communication System[Download]
Mayuri B Pujari , Mrs. Femila T Cinthu , Mrs Uma Reddy,

Comparison Of Aodv And Aomdv Routing Protocols[Download]
Ms. Akshata Prabhu, Mrs. Shoba Krishnan,

Influence Of Sic Particles On Microstructural Characteristics Of Tig Weld Joints Of Al 6061- 20%Sicp[Download]
A. Ramprasad,

Android Controlled Integrated Semi - Autonomous Fire Fighting Mobile Robot[Download]
Saravanan P,

Artificial Neural Network Architectures: Work Point Count System Coupled With Back-Propagation And Resilient Back - Propagation Algorithm For Solving Double Dummy Bridge Problem In Contract Bridge[Download]
Dr M Dharmalingam, Dr R Amalraj,

An Investigation Of Heat Affected Zone In Tailor Welded Aa 5052 And Aa 6061 Alloy Blank Materials[Download]
Mohamed Ismail A, Jeyasimman D, Manivannan A,

Impact Of The Cold Water Band And The Sri Lanka Dome On The Biogenic Fluxes In The Southern Bay Of Bengal[Download]
M. Anil Kumar,

The Bfc Model Of Analysis The Effect Of Road Gradient On Car Fuel Consumption[Download]
Zengyao Ren,Yang Aimin*, Ying Liu,Gongle Han,

The Ufc Model Of Analysis The Effect Of Road Gradient On Car Fuel Consumption[Download]
Zengyao Ren,Yang Aimin*, Ying Liu,Gongle Han,

Effects Of Brine Preservation On The Shelf Life Of Lettuce (Lactuca Sativa L.) Stored Under Tropical Ambient Temperature[Download]
Evans A. Alenyorege, Thomas A. Adongo, Hussein Y. Alhassan,

Scrap Analysis For Steel Billet Production In Continuous Casting Process[Download]
Akhil Viswanath.K C, Dr. N. M. Nagarajan

Design of a Hierarchical Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic PSS for a Multi-Machine Power System Governor Control and Its Parameter Coding using GA Search Engine[Download]
Ruchi Trivedi, Manoj Kumar Jha, , M.F. Qureshi

Synthesis & Characterization Of Sodium Phosphate Glasses Containing Mn Ions[Download]
Dharti G. Ghorpade, Umakant B. Chanshetti,

Implimentation Of Total Quality Management In Rajasthan Sme’S[Download]
Yogesh Boyal, Vivek Kumar, Pardeshi Ram,

Low Power Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication Using Hybrid Karatsuba Multipiler With Less Area Utilization[Download]
Jayalakshmi K R,

Based On Linear Regression Forecasting Of A Number Of Factors And Optimization Joint Use[Download]
Zhou Qi, Liu Yalou, Han Yang,Wu Wenrui,Zhang Di,

Water Harvesting Through Utilization Of Wild Cherry Rootstocks For Production Of Some Locally Grown Plum Cultivars In Mountains Area Of Sulaymaniyah Region[Download]
Jamel Jalal Mohammed Ali, Fakradin Mstafa Hamasalh,

Solar Water Disinfection Considerations: Using Ultraviolet Light Methods To Make Water Safe To Drink[Download]
Burhan Davarcioglu,

The Innovative Product Design Of A Wristband With A Lulling Babies To Sleep And Body Temperature Detection[Download]
Rui-Lin Lin,

Elaboration Of Hydroxyapatite / Polymers / Cefuroxime Systems For Sensitivity Study Of Escherichia Coli Atcc 25922 Strain In Agar Medium[Download]
Mbaye G, Soumboundou M, Diouf L A D, Ndong B, Sy P M, Djiboune A R,

Students' Strategies And Reasoning In School Mathematics Problems Solving[Download]
Ribas Guambe, Bhangy Cassy And Luis W. San,

An Analysis Of China’S Contemporary Criminal Procedure Mode[Download]
Tiantian Liang,

Rural Tourism And Economic Development[Download]
Haixia Qi,

Water Harvesting Through Utilization Of Wild Cherry Rootstocks For Production Of Some Common Cultivars Of Peach,Apricot, And Haloza Zarda In Mountains Area Of Sulaimaniyah Region[Download]
Jamil Jalal Mohammed Ali, Sherwan Omer Rashed,

Software Reliability Prediction And Improvement Strategies For Web Applications[Download]
Tejinder Kaur, Kailash Bahl,

Soil Quality Of Irrigable Lands Of Irrigation Schemes In Northern Ghana[Download]
Thomas Apusiga Adongo, Felix K. Abagale, Gordana Kranjac-Berisavljevic,

A Study Of Some Local Properties In Fuzzy Nearness Spaces[Download]
Suprabha D. Kulkarni,

Studies Of Age-Hardening Heat Treatment On Duralumin Brick Blocks For Aerospace Applications[Download]
Anooplal Aniyeri, Dr. N. M. Nagarajan

Correlation Of Cardiac Markers Nt-Pro Bnp (N-Terminal Fragment Of B-Type Natriuretic Peptide) And Cti (Cardiac Tropinin I) In Acute Coronary Syndrome, Ventricular Dysfunction, Myocardial Ischemia And Necrosis.[Download]
Shazia Noureen, Junaid Mahmood Alam, Howrah Ali, Aijaz Ahmed, Ishrat Sultana,

Age Hardening Treatment Of Ti-6Al-4V Alloy Dome For Aerospace Application.[Download]
Jijo John, Dr. N. M. Nagarajan

Noise Variance Estimation To Detect Forgery In Digital Images[Download]
Savita Walia, Mandeep Kaur,

Effect Of Cement And Rigid Polyvinyl Chloride Waste On Consistency Limits And Compaction Characteristics Of Soil[Download]
Dr. Emhemmad A. Basha, Hamed A. Babay,

Near Field Communication In Mobile Technology[Download]
Dr.Veluchandhar, R.Indra

Successful Chemotherapeutic Management Of Tvt In Dogs – Report Of 24 Cases[Download]
M.Saibaba, N.Dhana Lakshmi, M.S.S.V. Phaneendra,

Preparation And Mechanical Behaviour Of Al-6063-Sicp Aluminum Matrix Composites By Using Stir Casting Technique[Download]
M.Amrutha Pavani, M.Venkaiah

Strengthening Of Forged Inconel Superalloy By Age Hardening Heat Treatment[Download]
Kishan E.V.R., Dr. N. M. Nagarajan,

A Comparitive Design Of Reinforced Concrete Solid Slab Bridge For Different Spans[Download]
G. Krishna, G.Ramakrishna Dr. M. Kameswara Rao

Medical Image Improvement Using Different Fusion Methods[Download]
Israa Jameel Muhsin, Yasser Fakhry Sabry,

Robust Tuning Of Controller For Siso And Mimo Systems Using Coefficient Diagram Method[Download]
Vasu Puligundla, Jayanta Pal,

Design & Analysis Of Rectenna Using Pentagonal Patch Antenna For C-Band Applications[Download]
Narendra Singh Yadav, B. R. Dutta, Deepak Kumar,

Multi-Level Test Of Independence For 2 X 2 Contingency Table Using Cochran And Mantel–Haenszel Statistics[Download]
Adetunji, A. A., Jemilohun V. G. Adaraniwon, A. O.

The Effects Of Drugs On Mice Of Three Strains Using 32 Factorial Designs[Download]
Owoseni, D. O., Obafemi, O. S. And Adetunji, A. A.,

Periodic Solution For Nonlinear System Of Differential Equations Depending On The Probability Density Function Of Gamma Distribution[Download]
Raad N. Butris,

Challenging Development Citizen-Centric E-Governance In Sudan[Download]
Rasha Galal Eldin Hassan Mohamed Edrees, Othman O Khalifa,

Flow And Heat Transfer Over A Stretching Sheet Embedded In A Porous Media With Fluid-Particle Suspension[Download]
Anitha V, Ramakrishna Prasad, Hanumesh Vaidya,

Corporate Social Responsibility In India. – An Overview.[Download]
D.Uma Maheswari Dr. K.Uma

Study On Security Challenges In Cloud Computing[Download]
B.Vasumathi, Karthick Vignesh

Numerical Studies On Thermal Performance Of A Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipes Using Brine[Download]
G.M Surendranatha, S.S. Mahesh Reddy

A Study On Measurement Of Factors Used In Image Processing Techniques To Diagnose The Glaucoma[Download]

A Study On Low-Power Challenges In Noc[Download]
Fardin Mohammadi Darvandi, Mohammad Trik, Danial Hodaraji, Kumarth Nazari

Adaptive Routing Algorithms Based Fault-Tolerant In 3D Noc[Download]
Mohammad Trik, Fardin Mohammadi Darvandi, Kumarth Nazari

Developmemnt Of Healthy Snack Meal For School-Age Children[Download]
Nawal Abdel-Gayoum Abdel-Rahman

Speech Coding Classification Using Matlab And Neural Works[Download]
Dr. Atul Khurana

Secure Multi-Attribute Decision Making Algorithm Using Large Attribute Dataset[Download]
Dr.G.V.Ramesh Babu, Prof.M.Padmavathamma

Effect Of Geographical Factors On Utilizing Land Use Under Dry Farming In Iraqi Kurdistan Region[Download]
Jamel Jalal Mohammed Ali, Xalil Karem Hawry Yasen Mohamad Amin, Wasman Karem Mohammed

A New Bidirectional Intelligent Semiconductor Transformer For Smart Grid Applications[Download]
T.Anjakumar J.Shankar

Perspectives Of Thermoelectric Materials And Devices For Energy Harvesting Applications[Download]
Rishikesh Kumar, Avinash Kumar Singh

Comparative Study Of Growth Regulatory Activities Of Six Medicinal Plants Leaves Extracts On Two Summer Vegetable Seeds[Download]
M. Atikul Islam, M. R. Haque, Bikash C. Sarker, B. Roy

Syntheses, Characterisation And Structural Analysis Of New Cobalt(Ii,Iii) Complexes Incorporating A Pyridoxal-Semicarbazone Ligand[Download]
Violeta Jevtovic

Reduced Power Consumption Memory Cell with 8T SRAM Cell[Download]
Navdeep Kaur, Swaranjeet Singh, Gurpreet Kaur

Adsorption Of Manganese(Ii) Ions From Aqueous Solutions Onto Granular Activated Carbon (Gac) And Modified Activated Carbon (Mac)[Download]
Nkwaju Yanou Rachel, Ndi Julius Nsami, Belibi Belibi Placide, Kouotou Daouda, Abega Aimé Victoire, Tcheompi Marie Benadette And Ketcha Joseph Mbadcam

Core-Log Integrated Formation Evaluation And Application Of Flow Unit Concept At Rudies-Sidri Field, Gulf Of Suez, Egypt.[Download]
Hassan H. Elkady, Ahmed Salah S. Ahmed , M. Fathy Mohamed, Taher M. T. Mostafa

Energy Resilient & Power Aware Approximate Processing Unit For Depth Image Based Rendering Process[Download]
Manish Mahant, Sapna Choudhary

Mixed Formulation Of Spline Finite Strip Method Using Equally Spaced B2-Spline Series[Download]
Abdarrhim M. Ahmed , Prof. Saleh Y. Barony

Effect Of Surface Coatings Of Polystyrene Pattern On Surface Morphology And Mechanical Properties Of Al-Si Eutectic Casting[Download]
Shafeen P Dr. N. M. Nagarajan

Efficient Data Dissemination And Privacy Preservation Using Trajectory Prediction In Vanets[Download]
Suneetha Eluri, N.Dipti

Nanomechanical Properties Of Dehydrated Enamel Surface After Bleaching Treatment.[Download]
Abel Hurtado-Macías, Alfredo Nevarez-Rascon, Santiago González-López, Martina M. Nevarez-Rascon, Víctor A. Ríos-Barrera, Jesús González-Hernández

Usage Of Nitrogen Gas In Different Sections Of Tube Annealing Furnace For Creating Internal Atmosphere & Improving Material Quality[Download]
Rohit Panchal1 , Vivek Kumar2

Overview Of Image Steganography And Techniques[Download]

A Discussion On The Different Types Of Security Attacks In Mobile Ad Hoc Networks On Protocol Stack[Download]
Anto Ramya. S. I

Micropropagation Studies In Cocculus Hirsutus (L) Diel.[Download]
P.V. Shelar, U. R. Wayase, S. S. Deokule

Ofdm System Papr Reduction Using Pulse Shaping[Download]
Ashutosh Dwivedi Kapil Gandhi Munendra Kumar

Tracking The Water Quality Of Arunavati River[Download]
Premlata Manohrrao Sonparote

Inventory Management Models With Return Flows[Download]
Adwait Singhai

Water Harvesting Through Utilization Of Wild Almond As Rootstocks For Production Of Peach, Apricot And Plum Under Dry Land Farming In Sulaymaniyah Region[Download]
Jamel Jalal Mohammed Ali, Ibrahim Marof Nori, Srwa Jalal Hama, Shirwan Omer Rashed

Water Harvesting Through Utilization Of Wild Pear Rootstocks For Production Of Some Locally Grown Pear Cultivars Under Rained Conditions In Sulaymaniyah Region[Download]
Jamel Jalal Mohammed Ali,Srwa Jalal Hama Shokhan Mohammed1, Soran Hama Amin1

Removal Of Phenolic Compounds Using Canola Stalks Waste As A New Low Cost Adsorbent[Download]
Davoud Balarak, Yousef Mahdavi, Ali Jogatayi

Fpga Implementation Of Feature Extraction Based On Histopathalogical Image And Subsequent Classification By Support Vector Machine[Download]
Sandra S Dhar, Sreeraj K P

Key Distribution Centers Controls Multiple Accessing In Cloud Storage[Download]
S.Reshma, A.Vijaya

Fuzzy Logic Energy Based Efficient Protocol In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
S. Zindhu

A Review Of Daugman’S Algorithm In Iris Segmentation[Download]
Sr. Sahaya Mary James

Evaluation Of Virtualization And Live Migration Techniques To Optimize Hardware And Software Resources[Download]
Prof. Kalpana Sakhare Dr. L K Vishwakarma

Experimental Investigation On Microstructure And Mechanical Properties Of Mild Steel Weldments[Download]
L Suvarna Raju, N Ramakrishna, G Mallaiah

Efficient Security Mechanism For Distributed Sensor Network[Download]
C Muruganantham, R Geetha

Effect Of Preparation Conditions Of Activated Carbon Prepared From Rubber Seed Coat By Koh Activation For Removal Of Cu (Ii) From Aqueous Solution[Download]
Muhamad Faizal Pakir Mohamed Latiff, Ismail Abustan, Mohd Azmier Ahmad, Nasehir Khan E M Yahaya

Process Optimization For Zn (Ii) Removal By Activated Carbon Prepared From Rubber Seed Coat Using Chemical Activation[Download]
Muhamad Faizal Pakir Mohamed Latiff, Ismail Abustan, Mohd Azmier Ahmad, Nasehir Khan E M Yahaya

Experimental Investigation Of Thickness Influencing Acoustic Performance Of Sound Absorbing Material[Download]
Mylaudy Dr.S.Rajadurai, Suraj Sukumaran, P.Madhusudhanan, K. Arunkumar

Comparison Of Various Tuning Methods For Pid Controller For A Cstr System[Download]
Anju Gupta, Pooja Khurana, Nishu

Solving The K(2,2) Equation By Means Of The Q-Homotopy Analysis Method (Q-Ham)[Download]
Shaheed N. Huseen

Exploring The Techniques Of Denoising Highly Saturated-Impulse Noisy Images: A Review[Download]
Jaspreet Kaur Er. Jaskiran Kaur

Performance Evaluation Of Active Noise Control Algorithm Using Matlab[Download]
Subhashree Satpathy, Ravinder Kumar

Alteration Of Brain Expression Of Prolyl Endopeptidase In Animal Model Of Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy .[Download]
Addaoudi Kaoutar, Hernandez-Rabaza V, Arturo García-Horsman , Vicente Felipo, Jofre Tenorio, Errami Mohammed

A Descriptive Study About Aspect Oriented Coupling And Cohesion Measures[Download]
Dr. Ananthi Sheshasaayee, Roby Jose

The Vitality And Role Of Self Help Groups (Shgs) In Women Upliftment: Special Reference To Jammu And Kashmir[Download]
Irshad Ahmad Irshad

A Novel Three-Phase Interleaved Llc Resonant Converter For High Efficiency Isolated Ac-Dc Converter[Download]
R.Swathi, K.Babu

Effect Of Inoculation Of Vam Fungi On Enhancement Of Biomass And Yield In Okra[Download]
Maruti S. Darade

Soret And Dufour Effects On Mhd Heat And Mass Transfer Flow Over A Moving Non-Isothermal Vertical Plate With Thermal Stratification And Viscous Dissipation[Download]
E.Manjoolatha, S. Suneetha, M. Prasanna Lakshmi, N. Bhaskar Reddy

Research On The Bankruptcy Law And Its Reference[Download]
Tiantian Liang

Analysis Of Photonic Band Structure In 1-D Photonic Crystal Using Pwe And Fdtd Method[Download]
Pooja Chhoker, Sarita Bajaj

Path Related Homo-Cordial Graphs[Download]
Dr. A. Nellai Murugan, A. Mathubala

Optimization Of Fuel Injection Pump Parameters Of Tata Engines By Using Diesel And Biodiesel[Download]
Samiyoddin Siddiqui, Dr.A.M.Langde, Prof.H.A.Hussain

Analytic Mean Labeling Of Cycle Related Graphs[Download]
P. Lawrence Rozario Raj, K. Vivek

Analysis Of Correlation Between Software Complexity Metrics[Download]
Shweta, Sugandha Sharma, Rupinder Singh

Lithological Classification Of Neoproterozoic Rocks, Gabal El-Sabbagh Area, South East Sinai Egypt, Using Support Vector Machine (Svm) Technique.[Download]
Ibrahim Abu El-Leil, Nehal M. A. Soliman, Mahmoud H. Elyaseer

Digital Yorùbá Corpus[Download]
Olutola Fagbolu1, Akinwale Ojoawo1, Kayode Ajibade2 And Boniface Alese3

Monte Carlo Simulation Method To Predict The Charging Load Curve[Download]
Biao Yang, Cheng Zeng, Peichuan Pang,Qian Zhang

Swelling Properties Of Gamma Irradiated Starch Based Hydrogel Dressing[Download]
Zuraida Ahmad, Fayezeh Eslami, Ahsanul Khaliqin Abdul Wahab

Solution Of Integro-Differential Equation Of The Second Order With The Operators[Download]
Raad N. Butris , Dawoud S.Abdullah

Results On Cycle Related Hetro-Cordial Graphs[Download]
Dr. A. Nellai Murugan, V. Selva Vidhya

Geotechnical Study At 15 May City, Cairo, Egypt[Download]
Hassan Sabeta, Ahmed Saadb And Fathy Abd Elhamiedc

X-Ray Diffraction And Cation Distribution Studies On Eu Substituted Yttrium Iron Garnet[Download]
S. S. Jawale1, G. H. Kale, S. R. Kamble, M. N. Sarnaik, K. M. Jadhav

Finite Element Analysis Of Bridge Cranes’ Proof Load Test Data[Download]
Sunday Okerekehe Okpighe

Connection Of Knowledge Management With E-Governance Model For Optimising And Enhancing Professional Education In Higher Educational Institutions.[Download]
Prashant Kumar, Dr Rajendra Kumar Gupta (Retd),

The Solution Of Large System Of Linear Equations By Using Several Methods And Its Applications[Download]
Md. Noor-A-Alam Siddiki

Scalable Low Cost Ultrasound Beam Former[Download]
Abhishek, Gubbi Basavaraj, Khushboo, Singh

Vhdl Implementation Of An Area Efficient Algorithm For Turbo Decoders Having Wireless Sensor Networking Applications[Download]
Shahida T A, Anu Philip Mathew

A Survey On Various Approaches Used To Manage Variability[Download]
Ekta Yadav Ms. Hitesh Yadav

Ultrasonic Investigation Of Molecular Interaction In Pyridoxine At 293 K[Download]
V. G. Dudhe, V. A. Tabhane, O. P. Chimankar

Free Convective Heat Transfer In A Square Cavity With Heated From Below And Symmetrically Cooling From The Sides[Download]
Md. Noor-A-Alam Siddiki

Synthesis and Characterization of NixCo1-xTiO3 Nano-Structure[Download]
Amal M. Ibrahim, S. E. Kader, M.M. Selim

How do First-Year-University Students use their Reasoning and Intuition to solve Geometry Problems[Download]
Luis Weng San

Alternative Engagement Investigation of Electrical Transport Circuit of Plant Respiration in Extreme Salinity Condition[Download]
Abdiyev V.B. Gasumov N.A

An Approach For The Economic Potential Of Gold In The Umm Gheig District, Egypt[Download]
Mahmoud Hassaan, Ibrahim Abu El-Leil and Adel Ali