Volume 2 - Issue 9

Protecting web content integrity from malicious attacks[Download]
B.Dinesh Reddy, M. Vikram

An instinctive organization of web portals by User objectives[Download]
V. Praveen Krishna, M.Prabhakar

The Impact Of Materials Handling Management On Production And Time Loss In A Tyre Manufacturing Company: A Case Study[Download]
Sunday Okerekehe Okpighe

Distribution Patterns Of Gold And Ore Elements In The Bed Rocks And Stream Sediments,Umm-Gheig District,Egypt[Download]
Ibrahim. Abu El Leil, Mahmoud, Hassaan, Talaat Ramdan, Mohamed Fahi, Adel Ali

Contribution Of Thermal Insulation In Reducing The Cooling Load For Iraqi Building[Download]
Dr. Jamal H. Waheb

A Review Of Mentorship And Entrepreneurship: Impact On Nigeria’S Economic Development[Download]
Kalu .E. Uma, Rose D Onwusogbolu, Paul C Obidike

Design, Simulation And Analysis Of Circularly Polarized 3G & 4G Patch Antenna For Indian Operators[Download]
Khalid Ali Khan, Sobersh Singh , Amitoj Kaur, Ankit Jha

An Implimantation Of Six-Sigma In Steel Tube Welding: A Case Study[Download]
Thakar Singh, Dinesh Kumar, Pardeshi Ram,

A Study On Social Cause Related Marketing And Its Impact On Customer Brand Preferences[Download]
Dr.T.Bina, P.Shanmugha Priya

Low Power Efficient Mimoofdm Design For 802.11N Wlan System[Download]
L.P. Thakare, Dr.Amol.Y.Deshmukh

Privacy-Preserving Distributed Profile Matching In Proximity-Based Mobile Social Networks[Download]
Ch. Koteswara Rao, K.Santhi,

Access Control In Decentralized Online Social Networks: Applying A Policy-Hiding Cryptographic Scheme And Evaluating Its Performance[Download]
V.Jagadeesh, M.Sirish Kumar,

Face And Total Face Product Cordial Labeling Of Graphs[Download]
P. Lawrence Rozario Raj, R. Lawrence Joseph Manoharan,

Oee As An Indicator For Performance Measurement In Coal Handling Plant[Download]
S.Ojha, B.K. Pal B.B. Biswal

Investigation Of Bio-Fuel Production And Performance Characteristics Of Ci Engine[Download]
Sameet Keshari Pati, Susant Kumar Sahu,

Radiometric Measurement Of Rainfall Intensity Using Dual Frequency Technique[Download]
Tuhina Halder, P.K Karmakar,

Architectures Of Flynn’S Taxonomy -- A Comparison Of Methods[Download]
Neha K. Shinde, Prof. Sunil R. Gupta

Planktonic Abundance and Diversity In Great KWA River, Cross River State, Nigeria [Download]
Antai, Ekpo Eyo, Joseph, Akaninyene Paul

Matlab Based Solar Tracking Photovoltaic Module Using Mppt Algorithm[Download]
Kapil Gandhi Saurabh Saxena Maroof Ali

Design Of Low Power Adder And Multiplier Using Reversible Logic Gates[Download]
M.Veerendra Kumar, K.Prasad Babu, S.Ahmed Basha, H.Devanna, K.Sudhakar

Methods Of Determining Safety Integrity Level (Sil) Requirements - Pros And Cons[Download]
Faeq Azam Khan & Dr. Nihal A. Siddiqui

Icthyofauna Of Genus: Channa Scopoli 1777, Recorded In River Siang Of Arunachal Pradesh, India[Download]
Biplab Kumar Das, Hiranya Chamuah Saikia, And Devashish Kar

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning[Download]
Anto Joseph Chevidan, Dr. Nehal A. Siddique

3D High Resolution Images For Objects Different In Colors Using Laser Scanning System[Download]
Muaath J. Mahmoud, Mehdi M. Shellal, And Ayad Z. Mohammed

An Efficient Detection Technique : Malware Spreading In Peer-To-Peer Networks[Download]
M.Govind Naik, Y.Vijaya Kumar

Design Of A Custom Vortex Generator Optimization Of Vehicle Drag And Lift Characteristics[Download]
Naveen. S

Heterogeneous Catalytic Synthesis Of Vinylchloride By Hydrochlorination Of Acetylene[Download]
N.I.Fayzullaev, R.B.Jumanazarov, S.M.Turabjanov

Design Of Low Power CMOS Registers[Download]
D. Jayaveer, S. Maha Boob Basha

Physico-Chemical Quality Of Water In The Gold Mining Areas Of Bibiani, Ghana[Download]
Samuel Aikins, Frank Nana Gyawu – Asante, Ray Bright Voegborlo

Implementation Of Preprocessing Methodologies In Printed & Handwritten Text Document[Download]
Priyanka N. Bhoge S. P. Ramteke

An Efficient Way To Save The Lives From Flash Floods In The Himalayan Rivers By Using Zno Sensors[Download]
Jibish Mathew, Deepu Thomas

Ecg Based Low Heart Rate Alert System Using Gsm Networks[Download]
P.Vignesh T.Suresh Babu

How To Make Cost Effective Solar Panel Without Affecting Efficiency?[Download]
Jibish Mathew

Mechanical And Metallurgical Characterization Of Friction Stir Welding Aa6351[Download]
Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Mr. Anurag Baghela

Does Foreign Private Investment, Foreign Trade And Interest Rate Influence Economic Growth In Nigeria?[Download]
Abdullahi, F.Z. Yunusa, K. And Musa, Y. Y.

QR Code Usage For Logistics Companies In Marketing Activities[Download]
Kumar Raghav

Depositional Environments And Geochemistry Of Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Rocks Gebel Nezzazat, West Central Sinai, Egypt.[Download]
Ibrahim, A.M. Abayazeed, S.D. And Kamel, S.A.

Diagenesis Impacts On Petrophysical Parameters[Download]
Ibrahim, A.M., Abayazeed, S.D., And Kamel, S.A.

A Review On Vortex Tube Refrigeration System[Download]
Shrikrushna Nagane, Sagar Vanage, Anandsinh Anpat, Sarang Hole

Prepare Maps For Temperature Distribution In Iraq Using Arc- Gis Techniques[Download]
Nawal K. Ghazal, Ebtesam F.Khanjer, Israa Jameel Muhsin,

Effects Of Dust On The Performance Of Solar Panel And Improving The Performance By Using Arm Controller And Gear Motor Based Cleaning Method[Download]
T. Jayamadhuri, Dr.G.Prasanthi

A Priliminary Study On Ecology Of Ayiramthengu Mangrove – Kollam Dist., Kerala, India.[Download]
Praseetha T, Rajani V

Bring Your Own Device In Education: A Review Of Challenges[Download]
Chinecherem Umezuruike, Gregory Onwodi

Influence Of Various Compounds On Media Sterilization In Sugarcane Meristem Tip Culture[Download]
Adilakshmi D, Charumati M, Jayachandra K And Bebi P.

Feature Selection With Multi Objective Genetic Algorithm And Fuzzy Rule-Based Multiclassifiers For Cancer Classification[Download]
A.Sathish, N. Dharmarajan

Simulation Of Downhole Throttling Process[Download]
Deng Yaoxi, Liang Zheng, Yao Jiayi

Characterization Of Thin Film Nickel (Ni) Deposition By Sputtering Method[Download]
Slamet Widodo

Assessment Of Pumice And Scoria Deposits In Dhamar - Rada’ Volcanic Field Sw- Yemen, As A Pozzolanic Materials And Lightweight Aggregates[Download]
Taha Abdullah Al Naaymi

Studies On Performance Of Metallic Wick Stove Incorporating External Cooling System[Download]
Muhammed Sahal Nk Dr. N. M. Nagarajan

Service Preferences In Pervasive Computing Environments; A Theoretical Approach.[Download]
Nlerum Promise. A., Onuodu Friday E.

Classification Of Breast Mass Classification - Cad System And Performance Evaluation Using Ssne[Download]
Mohan Kumar S., Balakrishnan G.

Density Determination For Mobile Users Through Sharing Infrastructure[Download]
Dr.S.Angel Latha Mary E.Rama Kalaivani

Research Of Titanium Alloys Microstructure Evolution During Rolling In The Longitudinal Wedge Mill[Download]
S.A. Mashekov B.N. Absadykov, ; A.A. Tukibai A.S. Mashekova

Heart Diseases Detection Using Naive Bayes Algorithm[Download]
K.Vembandasamy, R.Sasipriya, E.Deepa

Automated Driving Vehicle Using Digital Image Processing[Download]
Mrs.R.Hemalatha, Mrs.E.Deepa, Mrs.R.Sasipriya

Selection Of Low Power Strategies For Portable Vlsi Devices[Download]
P. Sreehith

Distance Learning In Kuwait: Cases And Challenges[Download]
Jamil Abdulkareem Almuttawa, Ahmed H. Alsomeet

An Energy Aware Route Discovery Algorithm And Effectual Zone Leader Election For Wsn[Download]
Soumya U Sukanya Prasad T

Entrepreneurship Into Technical, Vocational Education And Training (Tvet) In Nigeria[Download]
Famous E. Akpoyibo

User Propensity Analysis For Movie Prediction Rating Based On Collaborative Filtering And Fuzzy System[Download]
Rachit Tomar Cherag Verma

Simulation Analysis For Improvement Of Network Efficiency By Preventing Black Hole Attack Using Aco[Download]
Navjot Kaur, Harleen Kaur

Educational Status In Kolli Hill, Using Geographical Information System (Gis)[Download]
N.Baskaran, Dr.A.Ilanthirayan, K.Venkatachalam

Manufacturing Defects Of Brass Products And Suggested Remedies[Download]
N.Z.Khan, A. Khan, A.Shakoor, K.Azam

Starter Motor Control System[Download]
R.Vishnurameshkumar,A.Kingsly, P.Karthikeyan, R.Muthukumaran, B.Saran

Energy And Exergy Analyses Of Egyptian Cement Kiln Plants[Download]
Laila M. Farag, Anter G. Taghian

Evaluation Of The Degradation Power Of Polyaniline Encapsulated Titanium Cerium Molybdate Nanocomposite Ion Exchanger For The Removal Of Methyl Red Dye From Aqueous Solution[Download]
M.A. Dhanitha, C. Janardanan

Fluoride Removal From Water By Various Techniques: Review[Download]
Sanghratna S. Waghmare, Tanvir Arfin

A Survey On Android Security, Vulnerabilities, Attacks And Defense[Download]
J Rahul, Anirudh R Bharadwaj, Ramakrishna Kt

Electro Magnetic Braking System - Embs An Improvisation Of The Heuristic Anti-Lock Braking System[Download]
Naveen. S

Comparison Of Chemical Composition And Antioxidant Potential Of Supercritical Fluid Co2 Extracts And Hydro Distilled Oil Of Nardostachys Jatamansi Dc[Download]
Sugumarpandian. D, Nagarajan .N.S

Behaviour Of Battery Energy Storage System With Pv[Download]
Satyendra Vishwakarma

Various Performance Measures In Binary Classification –An Overview Of Roc Study[Download]
Suresh Babu

Efficient Detection & Prevention Of Sybil Attack In Vanet[Download]
Harsimrat Kaur, Preeti Bansal

Experimental Investigations Of Preheated Simarouba And Citranolla Oil Ester Using Four Stroke Ci Engine[Download]
Kiran.B.Dhawaleshwar,S Kalyan Yadav,S.S. Mahesh Reddy

Ensuring Security Of Jar Files Using Sha Algorithm On The Cloud[Download]
Gayatri Karvande, Vilas Gaikwad

Bacteria Foraging Optimization Against Worm Hole Attack In Aodv Based Manet[Download]
Kanika Arora, Sonia Jindal

Distributed Deduplication System With Efficient And Reliable Security[Download]
Uttam Pancholi, Priyanka Suryavanshi, Sneha Phuge And Prof. Mangesh Manake

Effect Of Stone Dust On The Mechanical Properties Of Adobe Brick[Download]
Ahsan Habib, Ms. Razia Begum, Md. Abdus Salam

Prediction Of Petrophysical Parameters Applying Multi Attribute Analysis And Probabilistic Neural Network Techniques Of Seismic Data For Komombo Basin, Upper Egypt.[Download]
Othman, A. A. A. , H. F. Ewida , M. Fathi M. Ali , Embaby M. M. A. A.

Seismic Inversion For Reservoir Characterization In Komombo Basin Upper Egypt, (Case Study).[Download]
Othman, A. A. A. , H. F. Ewida , M. Fathi M. Ali , Embaby M. M. A. A.

Performance Evaluation Of Color Filter Array Using Ant Colony Based Color Filter Array[Download]
Er.Simranpreet Kaur Er.Richa Sharma

A Study On Quality Of Work Life Balance With Special Referrence To Employees Working In Plast Tech Engineering.[Download]
Dr.K.G.Selvan Mr.U.Vijayshankar

Real-Time Detection Of Traff Ic From Twitter Stream Analysis[Download]
Amol Jadhao, Sweety Kumari, Firdos Khan, Shekh Sultan, Ruchita Khandge

An Algorithm For Advertisement Propagation On Social Network[Download]
Jyoti Dua Prashant Shukla

Deduction Of Initial State Wavefunction By Using Green Function Method And Its Application To Photoemission[Download]
Lalthakimi Zadeng

Hardware Implementation Of Approximate 2D Gsf In Dibr[Download]
Manish Mahant, Sapna Choudhary

Fast Data Aggregation Using Cluster Based Routing In Wsn[Download]
Gopikrishnan Sundaram, Nithyanantham S, Rajesh Kannan D

Studies On Production Of Quality Billets For Constructional Steels[Download]
Sachin Ahammed.C

Conceptual Sizing, Rapid Prototyping And Drag Estimation Of A Twin-Engine Trainer Aircraft[Download]
S.Tamilselvan, Mukesh.K

A New Design Of A CMOS Comparator Using 45nm Technology[Download]
Shruti Pancholi, Dr. R.S.Meena

Effect Of Addition And Partial Replacement Of Cement By Wood Waste Ash On Strength Properties Of Structural Grade Concrete[Download]
G.Subbaramaiah Prof.H.Sudarsana Rao, Dr.Vaishali G. Ghorpade

Comparison Of Openstack Installers[Download]
Anshu Awasthi, Ravi Gupta

Overview Of Energy Storage Technologies For Renewable Energy[Download]
Nataraj Barath.J.G, Oleksandr Husev, Manonmani.N

Fused Floating Point Three Term Adder Using Brent-Kung Adder[Download]
Ms. Neena Aniee John, Ms. Binu Manohar

Alternative Building Bricks Using Dredged Soil And Etp Sludge[Download]
Molla Shakirul Islam, Ms Razia Begum, Eng. Abdus Salam

A Descriptive Study On Mobile Applications For User Interaction[Download]
Naga Hema V, Dr.R.China Appala Naidu

Genotoxic Evaluation Of Insecticides On Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 (Its 2) Dna In Culex Quinquefasciatus By Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique[Download]
Mamta Bansal, Bhupinder Singh

Survey On Context Aware Architecture[Download]
Miss. Pooja Kimatram Khatri Prof. Kishor H. Walse

Nutrient Transport Modeling: A Review On Models Capabilities[Download]
Muhamad Radzali Mispan, Nor Faiza Abd Rahman, Khairi Khalid,Mohd Fozi Ali Siti Humaira Haron, Muhammad Zamir Abdul Rasid, Mohd Syazwan Faisal Mohd

Design, Analysis, Optimization And Fabrication Of Conductor Berth For Commercial Vehicle[Download]
Abhijit N Roy, Prof.M.Sohail Pervez

External Electric Field Influence On Series And Shunt Resistance Bifacial Silicon Solar Cell[Download]
Marcel Sitor Diouf, Gohan Sahin, Amary Thiam, Moussa Ibra Ngom, Khady Faye, Doudou Gaye, Grégoire Sissoko

Determination Of The Junction Surface Recombination Velocity Limiting The Open Circuit (Sfoc) For A Bifacial Silicon Solar Cell Under External Electric Field.[Download]
Marcel Sitor Diouf, Gohan Sahin , Amary Thiam, Khady Faye, Moussa Ibra Ngom, Doudou Gaye, Grégoire Sissoko

Fpga Based Adaptive Asymmetric Cryptography Implementation[Download]
Madhuri B. Shinde

An Overview On Tendon Layout For Prestressed Concrete Beams[Download]
Nusrath Fahmeen.R, Satheesh V.S, Manigandan.M, Dr.Suresh Babu.S

Application Of Fin Shaping On Silicon And Germanium Finfet[Download]
Ms.Sneha Mariam Sunny, Mr.Reneesh.C.Zacharia

Performance Analysis Of Compressive Sensing Algorithms For Image Processing[Download]
Sonia Gandhi, Deepti Khanduja, Neelu Pareek

Power Generation By Enhanced Geothermal Sources (Egs)-Modern Energy Generation Technique[Download]
Maroof Ali Saurabh Saxena Shikhar Agarwal

Reducing Delay Time By Using Rts/Cts Along With Rtr[Download]
Deepak Sharma Sangeeta Sharma

An Efficient Fast Clustering And Fuzzy Tsvm For Cancer Classification Of Gene Expression Data[Download]
T.Chandra, K.Saraswathi

A Study On The Security Models For Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Mohammad Trik, Salam Khazali, Saman Forouzandeh

Thermal Hydraulics Problems In Nuclear Reactors: A Review[Download]
Deepak Sharma, K.M.Pandey

Elevation In Robotics And Automation Using Level Structured Cloud Cadre[Download]
Saumyo Ghosh, Aksha Mondal

Survey On Hand Gesture Recognition[Download]
Sunil R.Dongare, Baban A.Dongare

Keyword Extraction From Conversation And Document Recommendation[Download]
Yuvaraj N N, Rahul Bhusare, Kunal Bhonde, Rajesh Kumar

A Review On Automatic Marker Identification Methods In Watershed Algorithms Used For Medical Image Segmentation[Download]
Benson. C. C., Kumar Rajamani., Lajish V. L.

Noc With Smart Arbiter[Download]
Arathy B Nair, Sreeraj K P

Secure Visual Secret Sharing Using Printed Digital Images[Download]
Jyothi Lekshmi S Anil A R

Implementation Of Wg Cipher With High Security[Download]
Somy Jacob, Jinu Isaac Kuruvilla

Renewable Energy Management System For Smart Home[Download]
Nupur Sinha, Prof. Rupali S. Khule

Self- Correction With Shared Spare Allocation For Digital Systems[Download]
Shalu George, Jinu Issac

Cdm Projects And Sustainable Development A Study Of Sustainability Claims Of Select Cdm Projects In Karnataka[Download]
Dr.Smt. Mahananda B. Chittawadagi

Conductor less Bus Ticketing System Using RFID and Accident Information through GPS and GSM[Download]
T.Manikandan, G.Kalaiyarasi, K.Priyadharshini, R.Priyanga

Survey Of Recent Developments In Utility Based Data Mining[Download]
Dr. S. Kannimuthu, Dr. K.Premalatha, Dr. G. Usha

Synthesis of Thiophene -Based Copolymers for Application in Dual Layer ECDs [Download]
Despina Triantou, Spyridon Soulis, Silvia Janietz