Volume 3 - Issue 1

An Analytical Study For Security In IPV6[Download]
M.A. Hadi

Monitoring Water Quality Of Surface Water Bodies From Crz-I: A Case Study At Dakshin Purusotyampur And Dadanpatrabar Villages, Contai Coastal Plain, West Bengal, India[Download]
Amrit Kamila, Ashis Kr. Paul, Jatisankar Bandyopadhyay

The Mechanism Of Creating Financial Innovations In The Context Of The Presence Of The Phenomena Of Information Asymmetry And Lack Of Market Participants’ Knowledge[Download]
Adam Oleksiuk

Series Solutions Of Fractional Initial-Value Problems By Q-Homotopy Analysis Method[Download]
Shaheed N. Huseen

Synthesis, Characterization And Antimicrobial Activities Of Schiff Base Complexes Derived From Isoniazid And Diacetylmonoxime[Download]
P. K. Das, N. Panda, N. K. Behera

On Speed Of Pentatomid Bug Tesseratomajavanica[Download]
Mazhersaleem, Adeel Ahmad

A Review Of Current Micro Drilling Processes[Download]
Rajan.K, Prabhushankar.N, Nagarajan.N

Studies On Helical Coil Heat Exchanger[Download]
G.V.S.K. Reddy, K.Rama Krishna Raju, J. Divya Lakshmi, P. Dileep, K.V.R Murthy

Impact Of Socio-Economic Background Of The Rural Naga Women Entrepreneurs In Nagaland: With Special Reference To Dimapur District.[Download]
Santosh Kumar Dr Horen Goowalla

Verification Of Offline Signature Using Local Binary And Directional Pattern[Download]
Gurusiddayya Hiremath

Information Technology Tool In Library Barcode & Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid)[Download]
P.R. Kolhe, R.M.Dharaskar, M.H .Tharkar, S. Joshi

Morphology And Thermal Studies Of Calcium Carbonate Nanoparticles[Download]
Dr.R.Hepzi Pramila Devamani, N.Deepa, J.Gayathri

Performance Variation, Training, And Outcome In Se-Asian Manufacturing Sector[Download]
Firend Al R

Survey Of Fusarium Wilt On Garden Egg (Solanum Melongena) At Imawa Village Of Kura Local Government, Kano State, Nigeria[Download]
Kutama, A.S., Abubakar, M. M., Kabiru, S., Muharaz, A.

Single Home Electricity Power Consumption Forecast Using Neural Networks Model[Download]
Naser Farag Abeda, Milan M.Milosavljevic

Study Of Acedemic Achievement In Mathematics In Relation With Study-Habits And Home - Environment[Download]
Parvinder Singh

Properties Of Configurations Of Four Color Theorem[Download]
U. Mohan Chand, Dr.B. Ramireddy, Dr. A. Srikrishna Chaitanya , Dr. B.R. Srinivas

The Diagnostic Role Of Serum Biomarkers In Human Filariasis/Elephantiasis[Download]
Murugan A, Jeeva Ps

Non-Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination Of Lead In Alloy Samples Using Salicylaldehyde Isonicotinoylhydrazone[Download]
Dr.M.Renuka , K. Hussain Reddy

A Survey On Novel Dictionary Learning Method For Multi-Label Image Annotation[Download]
Vaishali S. Garud

Peer To Peer Lending Supervision Analysis Base On Evolutionary Game Theory[Download]
Lei Liu

Image Denoising Using Pca Filtering And Image Convolution[Download]
Deepinder Kaur, Dr. Rinkesh Mittal

Idempotent Elements Of The Semigroups Bx(D) Defined By Semilattices Of The Class , When [Download]
Nino Tsinaridze

Potential Of Biomass Energy For Generation Of Electricity: Model For Small Rural Area Makori In District Karak Kpk And Comparison Of Power Generation From Sewage Sludge Of Makori Village With That Of Bara River In Peshawar[Download]
Engineer Shakeel Ahmad Khattak, Amir Naveed, Dr Amjad Khattak

Evaluation Of Some Significant Water Quality Parameters Of The Turag River During Wet Season[Download]
F.A. Samiul Islam, Mehdi Md. Iftekharul Alam

A Review For Microtechnology On Electrodeposited Metal Matrix Composite Coatings[Download]
I.Anbarasan, N.Nagarajan, R.Dinesh

Gender Based Determinants Of Coffee Consumption For Management Of Coffee Production In Kenya[Download]
Javan Ngeywo, Omar Egesah, Tecla Biwott, Joseph Waliaula

Hybrid Energy Storage System Consisting Solar Panel – Battery – Super Capacitor For Improving The Performance Of Electric Vehicles[Download]
Vrinda Tibude, Sneha Tibude

Abbreviations Application In 108 Vnpt Service Exploitation In Da Nang City[Download]
Nguyễn Nho Tuý, Phan Huy Khánh

Inner And Outer Regularity Of A Measure[Download]
Parvinder Singh

A Retrospective Study For Comprehensive Design Of Force Transducers[Download]
Er Dharmendra Kumar Dubey, Dr. R. L. Yadav

Difference -Analytical Method Of The One-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Equation[Download]
Dalabaev Umurdin

Fuzzy Logic Based Dstatcom Control For Power Quality Enhancement[Download]
Absal Nabi, Dr.N Albert Singh

Application Of Fuzzy Sets Theory In Students’ Performance Appraisal[Download]
Gilbert Nshimyumuremyi, Dr. Cheruiyot W.K, Dr. Anthony Luvanda

Identifying Significant Features Of Mass Spectra Samples For Ovarian Cancer Detection[Download]
Anjali Sharma, Satnam Singh

Synthesis And Characterization Of Organic Silicates Using Appropriate Catalysts[Download]
Adam H. Elhaj , Mohammed S. Ali

Effectiveness Of Yoga And Brisk Walking On Blood Sugar Among Hypertensive Men[Download]
Manivannan L, Prabhusaran N, Sundhararajan A, Elangovan R

Mechanical And Microstructure Properties Of Pulsed Tungsten Inert Gas And Fs Welding Of Aa5083 Butt Joint[Download]
B. Ravindar, Dr. K. Gururaj, Dr.A. Somi Reddy

Rapid Prototyping Technology For New Product Development[Download]
Lalit Kumar, Vineet Kumar Abid Haleem

Survey On Trust Management In Distributed Cloud Environment[Download]
V.Jaganraja, P.Sathishkumar, Dr.V.Venkatachalam

Micro-Mechanical Response Of Continuous And Discontinuous Fiber Composites With Support Of Computational Software[Download]
Zuzana Murčinková, Michal Halapi

Determinants Repayment Performance Of Borrowers In Rural Mekong Delta Of Vietnam[Download]
Mai Van Nam, Vuong Quoc Duy

Impluse Buying Bheavior Amongst Working Women – With Respect To The City Of Ahmedabad[Download]
Rajeshwari Jain

Shear Strength Characteristics Of Coal Dust Mixed Pilani Soil[Download]
Kamalesh Kumar, Utpal Sannyashi

Digital Medical Diagnosis Over Wimax Network[Download]
Kalika Prasad Pathak, I.P. Singh Dr. S.K. Mishra

Identifying Environmental Sustainability Indicators Of Urban Construction Applied In Tehran Municipality Projects[Download]
Saina Sheini Mehrab Zadeh, Mojtaba Hoseinalipoor

Unidirectional Solidification Textures In Pegmatitic- Aplite Dykes In South Wadi Rimarim, South Eastern Desert, Egypt[Download]
Osman. R.A.

Area And Delay Efficient Multiplier Using Vedic Mathematics[Download]
Neethu Johny

Application Of Fault Seal Analysis, Buselli Field, Onshore Nile Delta, Egypt[Download]
M. Y. Zein El-Din, Nabil Abdel Hafez, Osama Mahrous

Evaluation Of Neocomian Shale Source Rock In Komombo Basin, Upper Egypt[Download]
A. Abdel Hady, M. Darwish, A. Al Araby, A. Hassouba

Analysis Of Cost And Schedule Overrun In Construction Projects[Download]
Mandar Borse, Pranay Khare

Organizational Training And Organizational Commitment: A Literature Review And Conceptual Development[Download]
Álvaro Dias, Rui Silva

Detection Of Cracks Present In Composite Cantilever Beam By Vibration Analysis Technique.[Download]
Khalate A.B. , Bhagwat V.B.

3D Static Modelling Of Pliocene Reservoir, Buselli Field, Onshore Nile Delta, Egypt.[Download]
M. Y. Zein El-Din, Nabil Abdel Hafez, Osama Mahrous

Nine-Level Inverter For Hybrid Wind And Solar Energy System[Download]
M.Malarvannan P.Panneer Selvam

An Improved Approach For Automation Of Nuclear Reactors To Enhance Connectivity And Expanding Efficiency[Download]
Er. Deepika Mehra Er. Dapinder Singh Virk

Thermal Compression Process For The Recycling Of Composite Materials[Download]
Gilberto Montaño, Juan Carlos Cisneros, Aurelio Heredia

Vulnerability Of The State Of Mizoram, India To Various Natural Hazards[Download]
Lalrokima Chenkual

Brain Mapping[Download]
Vikas Kumar, Himesh Bhojwani, Hitesh Aswani Avinash Kawana, Sujata Khedkar

Morphology And Histochemistry Of The Glandular Trichomes Of Trigonella Foenum- Graecum (Fabaceae)[Download]
Zarinkamar, Fatemeh, Sharebian, Sepideh

Emerging Technologies In Software Systems[Download]
Manvendra Yadav , Sonia Kumari

Algorithms For Computing Earliest And Latest Dates Of Offender Release[Download]
Sinyinda Muwanei,Douglas Kunda, Jacob Tangishi

Target Genes And Core Genes Of Hepatocellular Carcinoma Using Gene Force Algorithm And Gene Community Network[Download]
Jinyu Hu,Bin Hu,Weisen Pan,Junsong Wang,Xuemei Zhou, Zhiwei Gao

Corrosion Behavior Of Iron Sample Exposed To Local River Water[Download]
Modi Musalaiah1 Bharat Gorantla, Katuri Peddintaiah

An Implementation To Sending Word And Text Files Without Internet[Download]
Pooja Sharma, Dapinder Singh Virk

Comparison Of Friction Welding Technologies[Download]
D. Rakesh Raghavendra, Dr.Sethuram, Dr.V.P.Raghupathy

Comparison On Developed Dss And Developed Welded Dss By Using Tensile Test[Download]
Balasubramaniam N S, Suresh Kumar S

Cyber Security Using Game Theory[Download]
Dipak V Bhosale, Prajakta K Mitkal, Yogesh S Lonkar

Study On The Effect Of Orientation On Printing Parts In Fdm Technology[Download]
Vineet Kumar, Rajesh M, Sunny Sharma

Fea Approach Of Dental Restorative Material Under Structural And Thermal Loads[Download]
Sunny Sharma, Rajesh M, Vineet Kumar, Naveen Kumar

New Industrial Use Of Egyptian White Sands From Wadi El-Dakhl Area, Eastern Desert, Egypt.[Download]
Gamal El-Din A. Ibrahim, Ahmed S. Mousa, Tarek Y. M. A. El-Hariri, Ibrahim M. Hassnien Nadia I. Zakzouk

Speed Control of PMSM Motor Using Fuzzy and PID Controller[Download]
P.Vinu Chakaravarthi, Dr.P.Karpagavalli

Fuzzy normal subgroups of sensible Q- fuzzy lattice under triangular Norms[Download]
V. Rajendran

Wireless Disaster Alerting System for Coalmines[Download]
Saumya Sinha, Urvashi Srivastava, Archana Bomnale, Jish Elizabeth Joy

Comparison of refractive index graded Antireflection Coating on Silicon Substrate for Solar Cell Applications[Download]
Dr. Sunil Kumar, Dr. Gaurav Sinha

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Numerical and Thermal analysis of a Trapezoidal wing[Download]
Santosh S A, S. Kalyan Yadav