Volume 3 - Issue 10

Evidence Gathering Of Instagram On Windows 10[Download]
Ming Sang Chang

Streaming Data Analysis U g Apache Cassandra And Zeppelin[Download]
A. Madhavilatha, G.Vijaya Kumar

Analyzing The Hive Performance On Large Data[Download]
A. Pratima, Y. Rama Mohan

Comparing The Word Count Execution Time In Hadoop & Spark[Download]
Z. Priyanka Reddy, P.N.V.S. Pavan Kumar

Transformation Of Data From Rdbms To Hdfs By Using Load Atomizer[Download]
B. Sindhuja, K. Bala Chowdappa

Contractors Working Experience In Connection With Understanding On Contract Construction Projects[Download]
Taufik Dwi Laksono

On G-Fuzzy Ideals[Download]
A.R.Alizadeh M.

Modeling Of Strain-Stress State Of Heavy Duty Stands Elements Of Multifunctional Longitudinal-Wedge Mill[Download]
Serik Mashekov, Adilzhan Nurtazayev, Erkin Nugman, Bakhyt Absadykov, Maxim Rakhmatulin, Andrei Poleshchuk, Aigerim Mashekova

Modeling Of Shock Waves And Micro Jets Using Cfd Analysis[Download]
Dr.I.Satyanarayana, Shivaji

Steam Blowing Of Supercritical Thermal Power Plant 2X800 Mw At Ytps Raichur[Download]
Sugoori Lingappa,Dr.M.C.Navindgi

Electric Vehicle And Charging Station Technology As Vulnerabilities Threaten And Hackers Crash The Smart Grid[Download]
S.Ahmed, F. M. Dow

Design And Analysis Of Piston And Piston Rings With Cast Iron, Aluminum Alloy And Cast Steel Materials[Download]
Dr.I.Satyanarayana, D.Renuka

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment Of School Buildings: Gaza Strip Schools As A Case Study[Download]
S. M. Shehada, S. Q. Shurrab

Dual Switch Method Approach To Transient Mitigation On Single-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Plant[Download]
Syafrudin Masri And Paaventhan Raj

A Profile Of Government Elementery (1-8) School Principal: In The Case Of Adama Woreda In Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia, East Africa[Download]
Dr.Asefa Abahumna Woldesadik1

Laser Surface Modification Of Composite Ceramics On Base Yag-Al2O3[Download]
Adriana Escobar Martinez, Marina Vlasova, Pedro Antonio Márquez Aguilar, Mykola Kakazey

Design And Analysis Of The Pressure Vessel By Using Fem[Download]
Dr.I.Satyanarayana, K.Praveena

Assessment Of Potential Health Risks Associated With Remediated And Non-Remediated Soils At Illegal Mining Compound In Dareta, Zamfara, Nigeria.[Download]
Sulaiman, M.B., Salahu, K., Isa Zubairu

Thermodynamic Description Of Ni Based Binary Phase Diagrams[Download]
Vanya Gandova

Determination Of Some Physical Properties Of Cashew Nut[Download]
Nejo, R And Oloko, S.A.

Immunological Study For The Role Of Probiotic For Control On The Leishmania Donovani[Download]
Zaineb Khadum Ali , Rajwa Hasen Essa, Sabaa Taher Mohammed

Fuzzy Expert System For The Selection Of Effective Road To Travel[Download]
Gopal Singh

Energy Aware Load-Balancing Of Parallel Mining Of Frequent Sequences.[Download]
B.Manohari Dr Mala

Analytical Representation Of Recognition Operators To Calculate The Generalized Estimation[Download]
Saidov Doniyor Yusupovich

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Trace Amounts Of Niobium (V) With 2, 6-Dithiolphenol And Its Derivatives In The Presence Of Hydrophobic Amines[Download]
Abel M. Maharramov, Nailya A. Verdizadeh, Kerim A. Kuliyev, Geysar S. Suleymanova

Lsolation And Identification Of Mrsa From Leukemia Patient Under Chemotherapy[Download]
Sabaa Sadoon Kazzal Baan Munim Twaij

Transaminases Enzymes And Renal Function In Leukemia[Download]
Selma Abdul Rudha Abbass Baan Munim Twaij

Solar Cells Made From Extracts Of Solutions[Download]
T. N. Patrusheva, S. D. Kirik, I.V. Nemtzev, A.M. Zhyzhaev O.Yu. Fetisova, A.A. Romanov, A. I. Khol’Kin

A Survey And Analysis Of Image Segmentation Using Various Techniques[Download]
Gurmeet Kaur, Kailash Bahl

Analysis Of Images Using Various Techniques[Download]
Amandeep Kaur, Kailash.Bahl

Comparative Efficacy Of Varied Concentrations Fipronyl In Termites Control On Treated Sand.[Download]
Rotich Godfrey, Nellie C.Oduor, Robert W. Nyukuri, Ngurwe Jared, Bii Benard K.

Cooling Load Estimation In Air Conditioning System[Download]
Dr.I.Satyanarayana, Banavath Srinu

Design And Fabrication Jig And Fixture For Pin Component In Vehicle Component Parts[Download]
M. Fathil C. Ibrahim, Norsilawati Ngah, Na’Ain Shari, N. Azinee Said

Extraction, Separation And Identification Of Compounds From Leaves Of Lycium Schweinfurthii Var.Schweinfurthii (Solanaceae)[Download]
Emad A. Ewais, Mohamed M. Abd El-Maboud, Mohammed H.Elhaw, Muhammad I. Haggag

Structural, morphological, compositional and infra-red properties of NiAl2xCrxFe2-3xO4 (0.0 <= x <= 0.2) nanoparticles[Download]
Shridhar K. Hukkeri, Shankar D. Birajdar, R. G. Kulkarni, Shrikant Ekhelikar, K. M. Jadhav

Heat Stroke In Karachi, Pakistan - Metabolic Derangements And Multiorgan Dysfunction[Download]
Howrah humaira ali, 1ali Nadeem, Shazia Noureen, Junaid Mahmood Alam

Critical Weld Length Durability For Hanger Rod In Exhaust System[Download]
Mylaudy Dr. S.Rajadurai, R.Kavin, A.Prabhakaran

Demand Modelling Of Alcoholic Beverages In Manicaland Province Using Time Series Analysis[Download]
Tichaona Wilbert Mapuwei, Misheck Tsododo, Owen Jakata, Cliff Gondo

Mean Time To Recruitment For A Two Graded Manpower System With Two Thresholds, Different Epochs For Exits And Correlated Inter-Decisions[Download]
L.Saral, S.Sendhamizh Selvi, A.Srinivasan

Valorization Of Recycled Ldpe By Mmt Nanocomposite[Download]
José Ricardo N Macedo, Derval S Rosa

Comparative Study On Load Balancing Techniques In Cloud Computing[Download]
S.Saranya, Dr.R.Manicka Chezian

Simulation Between The Heart In Human Body And Intersections In Roads[Download]
Eng.Fatma Mohamed Elnawawy Dr. Pasent Hesham Ahmed Yousef

Kernel Based Extreme Learning Machine In Identifying Dermatological Disorders[Download]
Krupal Parikh, Trupti Shah

Guilloche Pattern For Security In Confidential Documents[Download]
Chitra Thinger, Komal Paliwal

Diversity Of Yeast Species Identified During Spontaneous Shallow Box Fermentation Of Cocoa Beans In Malaysia[Download]
Ooi, T. S., Sepiah, M., Khairul Bariah, S.

Evaluation And Optimization Of Abu Tartur Egyptian Phosphate Ore Dissolution[Download]
M.A.El-Badrya, T.A. Elbarbaryb, I.A. Ibrahimb, Y. M. Abdel-Fatahb

Upscaling Technical Vocational Education And Training (Tvet) Through Collaborative Capacity Building Strategy For Sustainable Employment And Poverty Alleviation In Nigeria[Download]
Edu, David O.

A Review On Common Factors Contributing To Poor Performance In Post Disaster Reconstruction Projects: From Non-Governmental Organizations Prospective[Download]
Engr Anwar Ul Haq Moony*, M. Humayun

Wideband Balanced Filter With High Common Mode Rejection[Download]
Ming Qi Zhou

Photochemical Modification Of Hydrogenated Diamond-Like Carbon Films With Acrylic Acid To Increase Antibody Immobilization[Download]
Yuqi Xue

Detection And Avoidance Of Sensor Data Origin Falsification In Wireless Sensor Network[Download]
Prof. Vani B, Mr. Mahesh B

The Development Of Electronic Commerce Services (G2C) By The Government Of Yemen: Investigating Barriers And Suggesting Solutions[Download]
Dr. Adnan Y. Almutawkkil , Dr. Nabeel T.Alsohybe , Dr.Nagi A.Al-Shaibany , Dr.Malek N.Algabri .

Effect of food grade organic compounds on corrosion of carbon steel in environmental corrosive media like as peracetic acid solution[Download]
M.A. Hegazy, Saedah R. Al-Mhyawi, H. A. Emam, M. F. Elhadi A. Abd Elnaser

Energy Recovery Opportunity at Natural Gas Regulating Station by replacing Pressure Control Valve with Turbo Expander using Aspen HYSYS: A case study of WAH SMS (Sale Metering Station)[Download]
Saif Ul Islam, Iftikhar Ahmed, Zaki Ud Din

The Reconstruction of Historical Centers and Residential Structures Issue in Tashkent City [Download]
Dinara Nazarova