Volume 3 - Issue 11

Information Sharing In Parallel Network File Systems[Download]
R.Mathivathani, Dr Mala

Effect Of Abattoir Waste Water On Adjoining Stream (Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria As A Case Study)[Download]
Elegbeleye, Kayode Edward. Oladapo, Silas Akinkunmi

Impact Of Post-Weld Heat Treatment (Pwht) On The Hardness And Microstructure Of Low Carbon Steel[Download]
Adewuyi, Reuben Adebare, Elegbeleye, Kayode Edward

In Vitro Study Of Probiotic Inhibitory Effect Against C. Albicans.[Download]
Sarah Sadeq Al- Quraishi, Hamzia Ali Ajah, Qays Ahmed Al-Khafaji

The Use Of Tidal Energy In The World[Download]
1Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed & 2Amel Abdalla Ahmed

Speed Sensorless Vector Control Of Induction Motor Using Reduced Order Extended Kalman Filter[Download]
Akash, Mahadevi Biradar

Use Of Rice Straw As Biosorbent For Removal Of Co(Ii) Ions From Synthetic Waste Water[Download]
A.A. Swelam, M.B. Awad, A.M.A. Salem, A.S. El-Feky

Studies On The Efficiency Of Dissolution Of Phosphate Content Of Abu Tartur Phosphate Ore Using Nocardiopsis Dassenvillei[Download]
T.A. Elbarbary, M.A.El-Badry, , I.A. Ibrahim, S.A. Abd El-Halim, H.M. Sharada, Y. M. Abdel-Fatah

Human Action Recognition Using Spatio-Temporal Features From Kinect[Download]
Petar Nikolov

Shear Strength Of High Strength Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beam[Download]
Alphy Bawa , Dr Sunilaa George

Effects Of Rotor Slot Area On Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Performance[Download]
Asim Gokhan Yetgin, Mustafa Turan

Novel applications of food grade organic acid and organic salt on corrosion of carbon steel in hydrogen peroxide as environmental corrosive media [Download]
M.A. Hegazy, Saedah R. Al-Mhyawi, H. A. Emam, M. F. Elhadi A. Abd Elnaser

Uv-A And Uv-B-Induced Effects On Tomato Plant (Solanum Lycopersicum)[Download]
Mohamed M. Mohamed1, Nahla A. El-Sherif2 Abdelsatter M.Sallam1 And El-Sayed M. El-Sayed1.

Meghraj(GI Cloud)[Download]
Akanksha Garg, Roshan singh, Harshit Aggarwal, Dinesh Chandra Maurya

Development Of A Biomass Briquetting Machine Suited To Rural Communities[Download]
Debasish Padhee , Jageshwar Komra, Roopnarayan Patel, Divyanand Verma

Analysis Of Single Point Incremental Forming Process To Fabricate Phosphorous Bronze Hemispherical Cups[Download]
G. Soujanya, A. Chennakesava Reddy

A Study On Strength Characteristics Of Partial Replacement Of Cement With Fly Ash & Addition Of Fibres[Download]
Neelapu Pavani Prof. Er S.B Sankar Rao

Investigation Of The Extraction Equilibrium Of Ion-Association Complexes Of Molybdenum (Vi) With Some O-Hydroxythiophenols And Aromatic Amine Extraction-Spectrophotometric Determination Of Molybdenum[Download]
Ali Z Zalov, Naila A Verdizadeh, Nazani A Novruzova, Sultan G Aliyev

Monitoring Of Residual Ionization In Ambient Air By Thin Proportional Chamber.[Download]
V.I. Razin

1D Numerical Modeling For Helium Dbd At Near-Atmospheric Pressure For Positive Half Cycle Of 50Hz Ac Voltage[Download]
S Gautam, R Karkee, S Khadka, R. P Guragain, D. P Subedi

Binarization Methods Of Sinusoidal Pattern Based On Dithering 3-D Technique[Download]
Zhang Yi , Zhao Xinchengzhao , Yan Xin

Distribution And Frequency Of Occurrence Of Bacteria And Fungi Isolates In Garden Street Dumpsite In Calabar Municipality, Cross River State, Nigeria.[Download]
S.P. Antai, A.D. Asitok, D. R. Tiku, And O.I. Louis

An Analytical Model Of Rolling Bearing System For Outer Race Fault Prediction[Download]
Vivek Khare

Performance Overview And Comparative Analysis Of Wearable Textile Sensors[Download]
Shivani Mehta , Akshat Verma Shashikant Patil

An Effective Method To Provide Shopping Information In Mobile Environments[Download]
Younghan Yoon, Sang-Young Cho

Optimization Of Cylindrical Grinding Process Parameters Of Hardened Material Using Response Surface Methodology[Download]
S. M. Deshmukh, R. D. Shelke, C. V. Bhusare

Impact Of Hydrogeological Conditions And Human Activities On Groundwater Quality Of The Quaternary Aquifer At Belbies – Al-Abbasa Area, East Nile Delta, Egypt[Download]

A Survey On Ranking Radically Influential Web Forum Users On Social Media[Download]
Samiksha R. Tadas, Prof. K. B. Bijwe

A Green, Efficient Protocol For Synthesis Of A 3-Pyranyl Indole Derivatives By Using Ionic Liquid Under Reflux Condition[Download]
Virbhadra Kalalawe1, Raju Kagne2 And Dasharath Munde3*

A Homomorphic Encryption Approach To Implementing Two-Party Privacy Preserving Data Mining[Download]
Dantala O. Oyerinde, Bakwa D. Dunka, Akese C. Douglas

Earthquake Resistant Analysis Of Circular Elevated Water Tank With Different Bracings In Staging[Download]
Manish N. Gandhi, Ancy Rajan

Synthesis, Spectral And Thermal Characterization Of Epoxy Resin Containing Azomethine Moiety[Download]
Chithra Vinodkumar, Dr. Muthusamy Athianna, Agatheeshwaren Arumugam

Climate Changes Due To The Global Warming[Download]
Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed, Amel Abdalla Ahmed

Liquid-Liquid Extraction- Spectrophotometric Investigation Of Three Ternary Complex Of Tungsten[Download]
Gunel I. Amanullayeva, Ali Z. Zalov

Alpha Cut Based Intelligent Method Controller Sensorless Speed Control Of An Induction Motor.[Download]
Uchegbu C.E,Ekulibe James,Ilo F.U

Effect Of Silicon Carbide Reinforcement On Wear And Tribological Properties Of Aluminium Matrix Composites[Download]
Prem Shankar Sahu, R. Banchhor

Further Results On Sum Of Strong Efficient Domination Number And Chromatic Number[Download]

Effect Of Sport Exercise On Hematological Parameters In Healthy Smokers Students[Download]
Noor S. Al-Taee

A Novel Approach To Energy Efficient Mimo Cognitive Radio Networks[Download]
Princes. A

Green And Artistic Routes For Slow Tourism In The Caserta Province[Download]
Ilaria Pontillo

Optimization Of Edm Process With Coated Electrode Using Gra[Download]
Shantisagar Biradar, Deepak Panchal, Vaibhav Gosavi

Design Of Automatic Two-Axis Solar Tracker With Fuzzy Logic Controller For Maximum Power System In Nigeria[Download]
Barisuka Uebari, Bariakwaadoo Stanley Bere, Innocent. S. B. Komi, Sunday Luton Uebari

Mineralogy And Spectrrometric Prospecting Of Stream Sediments In Abu Ramad Area, Southeastern Desert, Egypt[Download]
Prof.Dr./Ahmed F. Al-Hadary(Nma),Prof.Dr./Ashraf Alazab (Nma),Hatem Aboelkhaier, Mahmoud Etman (Nma)

A Survey On Ranking Of Query Results Using Structure Mining Based On Automatic Speech Recognition.[Download]
Meena H. Gadge, Prof. P. B. Sambhare

Effect Of Age And Operating Conditions On The Wearing Of Internal Engine Parts[Download]
M. U. Dabai, A. A. Zuru, F. W. Abdulrahman, I. Sada, U. Z. Faruq .

Algal Extracts Alleviates Salinity Stress On Capsicum Annuumvar. Baklouti[Download]
Imen Rinez, Asma Rinez, Rabiaa Haouala

Prevalence And Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern Of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Isolated From Staff And Patients At Mararaba Medical Centre, Nasarawa State.[Download]
Bukola-Ajide, Vivian-Victor, Philip-Alexandra, Confidence-Anyanwu

Effects Of Plant Spacing And Rate Of Poultry Manure Application On Growth And Seed Yield Of Sesame (Sesamum Indicum L.)[Download]
Gore Bi Boh Nestor, Kouassi N’Dri Jacob, Tonessia D Charlotte, Akaza Moroh Joseph, Akaffou Doffou Sélastique, Zoro Bi Irie Arsene

Perception Of Automobile Brand Image – Proposal Of A Typology In Morrocan Context[Download]
Hicham Mohammed Hamri, Ouafae Zerouali Ouariti, Amira Qanqom

Evaluation And Short Listing Of Potential Multivoltine Silkworm Germplasm Using Joint Scoring Method.[Download]
N. Balachandran, C.K. Kamble

Synthesis And Electrochemical Properties Of Lithiated Multi-Component Oxides[Download]
Tatiana Kulova, Alexander Skundin, Oxana Grigrieva, Victor Mukhin, Sergei Rezvov

Experimental Study On Concrete Encased With Galvanized Iron Sheet[Download]
Parthiban.L, Naveeneshwar.P

Survey On Energy Efficient Low Power Spectrum Sensing Techniques In Cognitive Radio[Download]
Yogendra Yadav, Pankaj Singh Tomar

Secure Cloud Data Store with Keyword Search[Download]
Desineni Bhuvan Kumar, S. Surekha

Heavy Metals Contamination in Two Popular Local Drinks Consumed in Northern Nigeria[Download]
Maigari, A. U., Sulaiman, M. B., Maigari, Ismail A.

Microbiological Analysis And Solid Waste Biodegradation Potential Among Some Selected Isolates From Municipal Dumpsite In Calabar Municipality, Cross River State[Download]
S. P. Antai , A.D. Asitok, D.R. Tiku, and O.I. Louis

Research on Photoelectric Model of Battery Assembly[Download]
Yang Zhao