Volume 3 - Issue 12

Process Parameter Optimization Of Injection Mold Using Concurrent Approach[Download]
Jithin K, Kannakumar K

Profile Of Hla-Dq Allele In A Sample Of Iraqi Celiac Disease Patients.[Download]
Noor Sabah Haphed, Ekhlass N.Ali, Batool Mutar Mahdi

Flexural Strengths Of Concretes Containing Rice Husk Ash From Different Calcination Methods[Download]
L. O. Ettu, S. O. Amadi, E. Onyezewe, C. T. G. Awodiji, And U. Iwu

The structural disorder in TlInS2 [Download]
E.M. Gojaev, S.Kh.Agaeva, Sh.V.Alieva, A.N.Mirzeyeva, S.S. Kahramanov, K.J. Gyulmamedov

Thermal Efficiency Of Wood Burning Traditional Mud Cookstoves And Their Impact On Indoor Air Quality In North-Western Himalayas[Download]
Yashpal Thakur, R K Aggarwal, S K Bhardwaj

Structural Behavior For Composite Cylindrical Tank Under Seismic Load[Download]
Marwa Gh. Kareem, Mohammad Q. Abdullah, Hatem R. Wasmi

Green House Gas Reduction Through Dry Washing Of Coal – Exploring Possibility[Download]
Dr Manoj Kumar

Two Algorithms For Coloring Permutation Graphs[Download]
H.El-Zohny, M.M. Khalil, S.Abdelrahman

Biological Treatment Of Phenol Using Microorganisms: Pseudomonas Acinetobacter And Chlorella[Download]
Dr. Eng. Elham Munir Baddour , Dr. Eng. Nahed Farhoud, Prof. Dr. Ceng. Isam Mohammed Abdel-Magid

Characterization Of Pre-Rift Reservoirs Of West Hurghada District, Egypt.[Download]
Esam Abd El Gawad, Nabeel Abd El Hafez, Mohamed S. Hammed, Hanafy A. El Naggar

Subsurface Structural Imaging And Architecture Of Pre-Rift Sediments Of West Hurghada District, Egypt.[Download]
Nabeel Abd El Hafez, Esam Abd El Gawad, Mohamed S. Hammed, Hanafy A. El Naggar

Significance Test Based On Rayleigh Distribution[Download]
B. Sriram , R.R.L. Kantam, And V.Srinivas

Analysis of Magnetic Levitation and Maglev Trains[Download]
Narayan Dutt Pandey, Manikant Kumar, Dr.Pratibha Tiwari

A Review On Characteristics Of Concrete Surface Laser Processing[Download]
Thikra Kadhim Ibrahim, M. S. Salim, Naseer Sabri, S. Fouad

Serological Screening For Malaria And Typhoid Fever In Febrile Patients Attending National Hospital, Abuja.[Download]
Bukola-Ajide, Kemi-Ojegbile, Lillian-Adogo, Philip-Alexander

Hybrid Power Generation System Using Solar And Peltier Plate[Download]
Raghavendra, Mahadevi Biradar

Effects Of Temperature Dependent Viscosity And Viscous Dissipation On Fluid Flow Past A Moving Isothermal Flat Plate[Download]
Erick Mutwiri, Eustace Mwenda, Stephen Karanja

Data Preservation And Breach Detection On Social Network[Download]
Temitope B. Salau, Manoj K. Gupta, Abdullahi A. Haruna

3D Study Of A Polycrystalline Bifacial Silicon Solar Cell, Illuminated Simultaneously By Both Sides: Grain Size And Recombination Velocity Influence.[Download]
Omar Mbao, Moustapha Thiame, Ibrahima Ly, Ibrahima Datta, Marcel .S. Douf, Youssou Traore, Mor Ndiaye, Grégoire Sissoko

Free Vibration Analysis Of Symmetric Angle-Ply Composite Laminated Plate With Temperature Effect[Download]
Kawther Khalid Younus

Influence Of Fluid Distribution In Heat Absorbing Body On Nonuniformity Of Surface Temperature Of Heat Sink[Download]
Yang Zhao

Studying The Concentration Of Mn And Zn Elements In Some Vegetables And Soils In Khartoum State - Sudan Using Xrf & Aas Techniques[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah,Dafalla Hamdan Mohammed Ibrahim, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed,Ibrahim.M. Elfaki,Ahmed Elhassan Elfaki, Hashim Mohammed Ali Eltaieb

Digital Identity[Download]
Matthew N. O. Sadiku , Adebowale E. Shadare And Sarhan M. Musa

Lithium-Ion Battery Based On “Lithiated Multicomponent Oxides– Silicon Nanofibers” System For Portable Applications[Download]
Tatiana Kulova, Alexander Skundin, Dmitrii Gryzlov, Andrei Isakov, Andrei Apisarov, Yurii Zaikov, Yulia Khalimullina

Problems Associated With Existing Disc Brake Rotors And Suggestion Of Alternate Ways[Download]
Elangovan P, And Anas.O.V

Study Regarding The Influence Of Technological Parameters On Performance Of Vibromechanical Finishing Method[Download]
Lucian Bogatu, Georgeta Ionascu

Analytical Study of Cellular Manufacturing[Download]
Prof.S.Prakasam, Mr.Abdulla fajri MM

Communicative Language Teaching[Download]
Zuo Wei

Piezoelecticity And Its Applications[Download]
Mr. Kailash Nath Verma , Raj Kapoor Kumar Gaund

The Study Of The Dynamics Of Electoral Sub-Networks In Albania Using Q-Functions.[Download]
Luan Arapi, Dode Prenga, Sandër Kovaçi

Experimental Study On Influence Of Sand Pocket Towards Sediment Distribution Pattern In Jeneberang River[Download]
Melly Lukman, Saleh Pallu, Arsyad Thaha And Farouk Maricar

Fibre Optics Communication In Nigeria And A Wider Internet Penetration: The Nexus[Download]
Franklin Okorodudu, Philip Okorodudu

Electrical Transport Studies Of Rare- Earth Titanates[Download]
V.P Srivastava, Sugandha Srivastava

Measurement Of Optical Diffusion In Three Sets Of Ge-Se-In Glasse[Download]
Saurabh Kumar Tiwari, A.K.Saxna, Ashutosh Pandey

Forensic Examination And Evaluation Of Recent Indian Passport[Download]
Kopal Gupta, Swapnil Gupta, Dr. Ankit Srivastava

Swelling Behavior Of Black Cotton Soil Mixed With Lime And Fly Ash As Admixtures In Road Pavement[Download]
Pankaj Bhatia, Avinesh Kumar, Om Prakash

Hybrid Meta Heuristic Search Algorithm For High Dimensional Data Transmission[Download]
Rutuja A. Deshmukh, Dr. Ashish R. Panat

Design of Low Power Wake up And Monitoring System for Wireless Sensor Networks [Download]
Mujeeb S. Khan, Monica S. Joshi

Effect of Temperature on Inhibitive Propensity of Prosopis cineraria Leaves Extract on Acid Corrosion of Aluminium [Download]
Prassan Singh Pratihar, P. S. Verma and Alka Sharma