Volume 3 - Issue 2

Radiation Resistance In Radiotherapy : A Review[Download]
Kuldeep, Ankur Kaul, Anil Kumar Mishra, Manisha Pokhriyal

The Cathedral Of Ss Annunziata In Castro (Lecce, Southern Italy): Structural - Diagnostic Surveys[Download]
Giovanni Leucci, Giovanni Quarta

Gpr Survey At The Castle Of Taranto (South- Italy).[Download]
Leucci G., De Giorgi L.

Embankment Breaching And Its Impact On Local Community In Indian Sundarban[Download]
Satyajit Dhara, Dr.Ashis Kr. Paul

A Survey On Denial Of Service (Dos) Attack On Wireless Network[Download]
Prof. Sarang Kulkarni, Prof.Atul Mali, Prof. Dhanaraj Yerate

Chemical Composition Of The Seeds Of Datura Innoxia[Download]
Kendeson Anawuese Christiana, Iloka Gabriel Sunday, Bulama Joshua Samaila, Dashak Albert Dayil

Study Of Classification Algorithm For Lung Cancer Prediction[Download]
Dr.T.Christopher, J.Jamera Banu

Perception Of Usage Of E-Journals[Download]
P. Dhanasekaran, Dr.V. Chandrakumar

Modeling Of Electromagnetic Fields Of Microwave Devices On The Basis Of Matlab Program[Download]
E. G. Ismibeyli, I. J. Islamov, Y. G. Gaziyev

Feasibility Of Protection Zones For Water Resources In Arid Areas: Case Study; Ein Sultan Spring - Jericho, Palestine[Download]
Mahmoud Hammad, Marwan Ghanem

Vhdl Implementation Of Evolutionary Algorithm In The Evolutionary Design Of Combinational Circuits[Download]
Vidyavathi.A, Chidambaram.S

On The Comparison Of Methods Of Estimating Variance Components: A Case Of Gudali Beef Cattle[Download]
A. V. Oladugba O. C. Asogwa

Study Of Flow Characteristics Of Contracted Sharp Crested Rectangular Weir[Download]
Rahul Pandey, Dr.S.K.Mittal, Prof. M.K.Choudhary

A Study On Effect Of Laser Radiation On Hemodynamic Parameters Of Human Blood[Download]
Shikha Rathore, Basharath Ali

Antifungal Activity And Phytochemical Screening Of Origanum Vulgare L. Growing Wild In Kashmir Himalaya[Download]
Shayista Chishti, Zahoor A. Kaloo , Mudasir A. Sheikh, Bilal A. Wani

Spectral Analysis Of The Emissions Of Carbon Element In The Laser Induced Plasma System[Download]
Dr. Mohammed S.Mahdi Dr. Alaa H. Ali, Esraa M .Abdulhady

Investigation On Strengthening Of Rcc Element By Using Steel Fibre And Partial Replacement Of Fly With Cement[Download]
P.Sampathkumar , P.Sathishkumar , M.Mahadevan, V.Sangeetha

Seismic Analysis Of Rc Structure With Shear Wall And Bracing[Download]
M.Gopinath, P.Sathishkumar , K.Sakthivelan , R.Venkatesan

Prosody Conversion From Neutral Speech To Emotional Speech[Download]
Ms. Snehal S.Patil, Prof. Dr. Mrs. Shaila D. Apte

Detection Of Aeromonas Species From Water Sources In North Eastern Nigeria[Download]
H. S. Bello, A. Mustapha, H. Y. Ismail, M. A. Isa, And H. Mangga

Effect Of Viscosity On Energy Of Electron In Hydrogen Atom[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Mohamed Mamoun Abdalazeem, Lutfi Mohammed Abdalgadir & Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

The Analysis Of Population Registry System From An Operations Systems Perspective[Download]
Oygur Yamak, Melis Kaytaz Yiğit

Control Of Vibrations In Smart Intelligent Structures For A Multivariable Case Using Periodic Sampling Method[Download]
Mr. Arunkumar G.,Dr. T.C.Manjunath,

Image Segmentation Using Level Set Method For Images With Intensity Inhomoginities[Download]
Tellabandlaramudu, K.Sudhakar, K.Prasadbabu, S.Ahmedbasha

Study Of Crack Formation On Mandrel Bar Surface Used In Pqf[Download]
Nikam Keval C., Suryavanshi Akash, Bhoskar Trupti K, Jatar Laxmikant, Nitin Motgi, Mrs.Amruta Adwant

Development Of Root Rot In Natural Infection Background[Download]
Krasimira Tanova* Svilen Raykov ,

Influence Of Biohumax And Biotor S Preparations On Beet Seminal Micoflora And Beet Crop Rotation[Download]
Svilen Raykov, Krasimira Tanova *

Application Of Ant Colony Optimization For Finding The Navigational Path Of Mobile Robot- A Review[Download]
Suhel Shaikh, Shrikant Taras, Harish Wagh,Keval Nikam

An Arabic Text Summarization Model Based On Lsa And Arabic Word Morphology[Download]
Dr. Abdulwase M. Alezzani , Dr. Sharaf A. Alhomdy &Dr.Ghaleb H. Al-Gaphari

Lower Bounds Of The Number Of Real Roots Of Random Algebraicpolynomials[Download]
Dipty Rani Dhal, Dr.P.K.Mishra

Interaction Of Some Dihalide Esters With Thiourea[Download]
Hasan Khodjayev

Studying The Effect Of Simultaneous Variation In Both Of The Bias Current And Feedback Strength On The Output Dynamics Of Semiconductor Laser With Optoelectronic Feedback[Download]
Hasan Ghassan Abed, Kadhim Abid Hubeatir, Kais A. Al.Naimee

Design And Performance Assessment Of A Spike Toothed Drum Mechanism For Shelling Of Castor[Download]
Agidi Gbabo, Abdullahi Lukman, Alhassan Kuku And Ndagi Baba

Status Of Agriculture “A Case Study At Patharpratima Block Of South 24 Parganas District”[Download]
Satyajit Dhara, Dr.Ashis Kr. Paul

Enhancement Surface Mechanical Properties Of 2024 Al-Alloys Using Pulsed Nd:Yag Laser Cladding[Download]
Raid M.Hadi1, Mahmoad Sh. Mahmoad1 And Ali H.Abdalhadi2

Effect Of Electric Susceptibility On Amplification Of Electromagnetic Waves[Download]
Almahdi Ali Alhaj Ahmed, Mubarak Dirar Abdallah Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Electrical Discharge Machining – A State Of Art[Download]
Trinkle Yuvaraj Saindane, H. G. Patil

Average Current Mode Control Technique Applied To Boost Converter For Power Factor Improvement And Thd Reduction[Download]
Dhivya A, Murali D

Modified Suspension Of Motorcycle - A Review[Download]
Prof. Sagar S Khatavkar, Mr. Shrikant Dabekar, Ms. Namrata Bhokare, Ms. Nikita Dhandhukia, Ms. Shilpa Bafna

Image Restoration Using Lucy Richardson Algorithm For X-Ray Images[Download]
G.Suseela, S. Ahmed Basha, K.Prasasd Babu, K.Sudhakar

Evaluation Of Weed Management Options To Enhance Sweet Potato Production In Kenya[Download]
Violet Nakhungu Momanyi, Ruth Amata, Eliud Wakoli

State-Of-The-Art Of Solar Photovoltaic (Spv) Technology[Download]
A.F. Sherwani

Detection Of Surface Water Leakage Through Limestone Cracks, Using Near Surface Geophysical Techniques.[Download]
Tharwat H. Abdelhafeez

Low Power Floating-Point Multiplier Based On Vedic Mathematics[Download]
K.Prashant Gokul, Prof.S.Murugeswari

Design Of Cam Profile Using Higher Order B-Spline[Download]
Laxmi Kant Sahu1, Om Prakash Gupta2, Meena Sahu3

Acid Rain: A Challenge To The Global Environment[Download]
A.F. Sherwani

A Novel Approach Of Feature Selection Techniques For Image Dataset[Download]
A. Sorna Gowri Dr. K. Ramar

Synthesis And Characterization Of Potassium Copper Sulphate Hydrate Nanoparticles[Download]
K.Angalaeswaria, C.Muthuselvia ,R.Hepzipramiladevamanib, S.Pandiarajana

Production Of Biodiesel From Palm Oil Through Tranesterification[Download]
C.Bharadwaj Kumar G.Prabhakar

Mining Algorithm Of Opinion Leaders Based On Analysis Of User Attention Behavior[Download]
Ying Xia, Miaomiao Cao, Xu Zhang And Hae Young Bae

Design Of Cam And Follower System Using Basic And Synthetic Curves: A Review[Download]
Laxmi Kant Sahu, Vijay Kumar Kedia, Meena Sahu

Efficient Solution To Remove Impulse Noise With High Density In Color Images Based On Locative-Adaptive Processing And Frequency Filter[Download]
Mehran Shirkhaneghahi, Sonia Montasheri

Current Approaches To Data Cleaning In Db&Dw System[Download]
G.Silambarasan, K.Mohan

Temperature Characteristics Of Boreholes In Umulokpa And Environs, Enugu State, Southeastern Nigeria[Download]
D.C. Ozoko1 And S.I. Ifediegwu2

Groundwater Quality And Its Suitability For Dcm Industrial Area, Kota, Rajasthan, India – A Gis Approach[Download]
Nupur Jain, Anurika Mehta, Rakesh Duggal

Liquid State Studies Of Lactose And D-Fructose At Various Temperatures[Download]
V.Hariharakrishnan*; B.S.Srikanth; C.Sampath Kumar; M.Dinesh Kumar

The Effect Of Engine Temperature And Speed On Mechanical Efficiency Of Multi Cylinder Si Engine Performance With Gasoline As A Fuel[Download]
Ajay Vardhan, A.C.Tiwari, Arvind Kaushal

Disaster Managment: Identifying Uncertainties In Layes Of Protection And Rectifications[Download]
Vinayak Shukla,

An Automatic Generated Symmetric Key Based Technique For Encryption And Decryption Of Text Data[Download]
Roshan M. Pandav, Vijay Kumar Verma

Effect Of Bacteria Calcite Precipitation On Compressive Strength Of General Concrete Cubes[Download]
Kunal. R. Patil, B. P. Waghere, R. R. Salve, B. K. Ahire, K. S. Patel.

Securing Online Banking Services Against Man In The Middle Attacks By Use Of Two Factor Authentication.[Download]
Alexis Rusagara, Dr. Cheruiyot W.K, Dr. Anthony Luvanda

An Opinion Mining Tool For Mobiles[Download]
Raghav S, Srushtika Neelakantam, Revanasiddappa Bandi

Design And Analysis Of Tractor Trolley Axle By Using Cae Techniques[Download]
Ramakant Choudhari

The Estimation Of Oxide Polarizability, Basicity Using Electronegativity For B2O3:M2O:V2O5 Glass System (M=Li, Na, K, Rb)[Download]

Determinants Of Buying Decision And Amount Of Money Spent By The Households At Coopmart Can Tho, Vietnam[Download]
Vuong Quoc Duy,Le Long HAU

Novel V/F Strategy Using Command Speed Compensator For Improved Load Sharing With Dual Induction Motor[Download]
Roopa Nayak, Andhe Pallavi

A Review Of Different Techniques On Digital Image Watermarking Scheme[Download]
V.T.Kamble Dr.R.S.Patil

Mineralogical And Elemental Compositions Of Oil Shale In Duwi Formation Phosphate Mines, Safaga-Quseir Egypt[Download]
Mohamed F. Ghanem, M.A El-Fakharany, Mostafa Gouda Temraz, Mohamed Mustafa Afife, Amr M. Shehata

Occupational Health Complaints Of Female Agricultural Workers In Rice Cultivation System[Download]
Dr S K Mohanty

Accuracy Measurement By Using Sqc Chart For Bolt Manufacturing Through Conventional And Cnc Machining[Download]
Mamidi Naresh, A Bheemlal, Dr Dipak Ranjan Jana

Designing Of An Embedded System For Controlling Of Wheelchair Using 3-Axis Accelerometer And Avr Microcontroller[Download]
Muazzam Laiq, Parashuram

Adaptive Least Square Approximation For Fitting Scattered Data[Download]
Alvin Asimi

Natural Frequency & Mode Shape Of Composite Drive Shaft[Download]
Prof. Bhirud Pankaj P, Prof.Sandip.P.Chaudhari, Prof. Trinkle. Y. Saindane

Genre Selection Of Stravinsky Under The View Of History In Mid-Term Creation[Download]
Li Yang

A Study On Machine Knitted Cotton Fabrics: Comparison Of Physical Properties[Download]
Ms. Renu Singh, Dr. Ritu Pandey

Study Of Gap Analysis On Hse Management System- Consolidated Contractors Company Clean Fuel Project Kuwait[Download]
Renjith Rama Varma, Dr.N.A.Siddiqui

Preparation Of A Hse Manual For Precommissioning And Commissioning Of Process Plants[Download]
Gulshan Gohrani

Analysis based on Al-Si alloys used in automotive air brake system manufacturing[Download]
Mr.Sanalkumar, S.S Azhagu Shanker

An Optimal Machine Learning Approach for Large-scale Applications[Download]
Gulshan S.Rukshana, A.Narayana Rao

Energy-Hole Minimization in WSN using Hierarchical Routing Protocols[Download]
Subhashree Rath, Chinmaya Kumar Nayak, Manoranjan Pradhan

Thiazolidinone As An Antimicrobial Agent: Synthesis And Biological Evaluation Of Their Derivative[Download]
P. J. Naik, P. S. Desai

An Introduction To Ontology: Survey[Download]
Mr.Pranit Chettri Mr.Dhruba Ningambom

Standby And Active Leakage Current Control And Insertion Power Network Synthesis[Download]
K.Maruthi Rao, B.Suresh Babu

Matrix Game Under Uncertainty Theory Via Entropy[Download]
Prasanta Mula, Sankar Kumar Roy, Chandan Bikash Das

Growth And Yield Of Solanaceous Vegetables In Response To Application Of Micronutrients ‒ A Review[Download]
Nalla Manoj Kumar, Ajay Kumar Pandav, Mohammad Amin Bhat

Effect Of Chemical Treatment Of Avocado Wood Flour (Awf) On The Properties Of High Density Polyethylene (Hdpe) For The Production Of Natural Filler Composites[Download]
Government Rabboni Mike, Onukwuli Okechukwu Dominic

Preparation And Characterization Of Iron Incorporated Silicon Carbide Foam Prepared Via Polymer Precursor Route[Download]
Shalini Saxena, Arvind Kumar Saxena

Identifying And Mitigating Against Risks To Privacy Of Personal Information In Cloud Computing[Download]
Rashid Husain

Corrosion Off Metal Threads In-Situ: Case Study[Download]
Wafaa Mohamed, Mai Rifai, Fatmaa El Zahraa Sadat

Design Of Rf Front-End Mixer With A Gain Of 18 Db Over The Band Of 3.1-10.2 Ghz For An Ultra Wide Band Receiver[Download]
Pankaj Jha, K N Verma

Research Review and Modeling Of Concrete Compressive Strength Using Artificial Neural Networks [Download]
Geet Kalra, Pratyksh Vijay, Ebin Joseph

Useful Additives For Jet Fuel Based On Decarboxylation Of Petroleum Acids[Download]
A.G.Gasanov, S.T.Aliyeva, G.D.Gasanova, M.M.Gurbanova, I.M.Mammadova, I.G.Ayyubov

Wireless Intelligent Network – The Flexibility Of Future Vision[Download]
Prashant Kumar, Muazzam Laiq

Institutional And Capacity Building Ruralsocial Institutions[Download]
Peribadi, Ruslan Majid

Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Pei/Polycarbosilane Coated Mwcnt Nanocomposite[Download]
Vishal Verma, Vijai Kumar, A. K. Saxena

Reconnaissance Lithological-Geochemical Exploration For Organic Matter And Total Organic Carbon In The Late Campanian-Paleocene Black Shale Belt, Upper Egypt[Download]
Mahmoud M. Hassaan, Sayed M. Sakr, Essam A. Abd El-Gawad, Islam M. El Naggar

Mathematical Modelling And Numerical Simulation Of Blood Flow Through Tapered Artery[Download]
Sapna Ratan Shah, S.U. Siddiqui and Anuradha Singh