Volume 3 - Issue 3

Design Of A Metal Canopy With Hpl Panels[Download]
Ventsislav Dimitrov1, Veselina Dimitrova2, Silviya Deckova3, Borislav Mitev4

Study Of Characterization Of Oil Contaminated Soil In Kuwait” Hera Ag Ambiental Company Soil Remediation Project Kuwait[Download]
Afrooz Ali

Simops – Simultaneous Operations In Oil And Gas Installations And Work Sites[Download]
Er. Barinder Singh

Integratred Characterization Of Desouqy Reservoir Rock In Faghur – Siwa Basin, Western-Desert, Egypt[Download]
Abd-El-Gawad, E. A., M. Fathy, Abd-El-Dayem, Kh

Modelling Of Safa Reservoir Rock In Faghur – Siwa Basin, Western-Desert, Egypt[Download]
Abd-El-Gawad, E. A., M. Fathy, Abd-El-Dayem, Kh

A Review On Slot Loaded Microstrip Patch Antenna For Wireless Communication Applications[Download]
Dr.Sunil Kumar, Arti Sethi

Mr-Ultrasound Registrations For Image Guided Neurosurgery Using Raptor[Download]
S.Jayachitra1, S.Lahitha2, G.Shalini3,G.M.Vinithadevi4

Performance Of Thin Cylindrical Shells With Gfrp Fibres Subjected To Compression Forces[Download]
Kumar.A, Srinivasan.R

A Theoretical Approach Towards Dealing With Planning And Searching In Automated Designing Systems[Download]
R.Chandra, G.Prathibha Priyadarshini, Dr.S.Zahoor Ui Huq

Comparison Of Leach(Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy) Protocols For Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Manohar R, Byregowda B K

An Experimental Study On Torsional Behavior Of Steel Beams Infilled With Plain Cement Concrete And Fiber Reinforced Concrete[Download]
K. Perumal, R. Srinivasan

A Framework Using Android App For Smart Governance[Download]
Dr. A. Sumithra, Dr. S. Gavaskar, J. Jane Ida, V. Muthu Abirami

Impact Of Cyclone And Flood On Social Vulnerability A Case Study At Kakdwip Block, South 24 Parganas, West Bengal[Download]
Satyajit Dhara, Dr.Ashis Kr. Paul

Risk Assessment For Safe Transportation Of Petroleum Products[Download]
Abhilash Verma

Exposure Assessment, Illumination And Waste Analysis After The Fire Accident In Power Station In Kuwait[Download]
S. Ravichandran, Dr.N.A.Siddiqui

L-Edge Chromatic Number Of A Graph[Download]
Dr.R.B.Gnana Jothi A.Umadevi

Medical Application Of Digital Image Processing Based On Matlab[Download]
Li Yang

Comparative Analyses Of Nursing Documentations In The Clinical Settings[Download]
Chiejina E.N Odira Cc Anieche Je

Electromagnetic Suspension System-A Review[Download]
Prof. Sagar S. Khatavkar, Mr. Dinesh Anchan , Mr. Prathamesh Deo, Mr. Samruddha Kale, Mr. Krushna Umate.

Flow Characteristics Of Sharp Crested Rectangular Weir: A Review[Download]
Rahul Pandey, Dr.S.K.Mittal, Prof. M.K.Choudhary

Analysis Of Code Coverage Through Gui Test Automation And Back End Test Automation[Download]
Mr Tarik Sheth, Ms. Priyanka Bugade, Ms. Sneha Pokharkar

Design And Implementation Of Super Wide Band Microstrip Antenna Using-Fractal Structure And Novel Method For Dual Frequency Bands Notch[Download]
Saeid Mojarrad, Yashar Zehforoosh

Lyapunov-Type Inequality Of A Second-Order System Of Dynamic Equations On Time Scales[Download]
Xin Kong, Taixiang Sun, Gengrong Zhang, Hongjian Xi

Smart Electronic Notice Board Using Wi-Fi[Download]

Experimental Study Of Medium Frequency Power Supply Based On Multi-Loop Feedback Control And Repetitive Control[Download]
Mao Lu-Lu,Wei Hai-Feng,Zhang Yi,Chen Wen-Jie

Study Of Flexural Behavior Of Steel Beam-Column Connection With Gusset Plate[Download]
Sabarimannan.P, Srinivasan.R

Defending Malicious Node Using Manets In Cooperative Bait Detection With Onion Routing Protocol[Download]
S.Abirami, S.Barani, B.Dhivya, D.Meena

Study On Common Plants At Savannah Rangeland In Elsuki Area, Sinnar State, Sudan[Download]
Abdelfadeel Khalfalla Abu Elgasim, Mohammed Abdelkreim, Abdel Hafeez Ali Mohammed, Elkheir Mugadam

Generating Content Searchable Cipher Texts For Filtering The Spam[Download]
Nale Supriya, Khomane Sharmila, Yadav Ashwini, Pondkule Priyanka, Prof. Kadam P.R.

Design And Implementation Of Area Optimized Low Power Reversible Digital Multiplier[Download]
Deva Kumar Talluri, Venkateswara Reddy B, Bala Krishna P

Investigation Of The Effect For 32Nm Nmos Transistor And Optimizing Using Taguchi Method[Download]
H.A.Elgomati, H.S.Elhaji, A.Danns, A.Bouker

Characterization Of Single And Double Layer Alq3 And Tpd Thin Films By Varying Growth Rate At Their Constant Thickness[Download]
D.Saikia, R.Sarma

Social Impact Assessment Of A 10Mw Diesel-Fired Power Plant In The Village Of Simora, Palapag, Northern Samar, Philippines[Download]
Edwin R. Celestino

Failure Investigation & Analysis Of Agricultural 9 Tyne Cultivator Used In Various Soil Condition:-A Review Study[Download]
Umesh N. Galat, Ajay N. Ingale

A Review On Big Data Concepts[Download]
Dr.K.Venkataramana, Dr.M.Sreedevi

Automatic Intellgent Conveyor Belt Along With Embedded System On Library And Medical Pharmacy[Download]
N.Prasannan, R.Sumathra, V.Indhumathi, M.Sudha

Induction Heating: Its Applications In Dairy Industry[Download]
Shashi Kumar, C.S, D.B. Puranik

Investigation And Application Of Improved Text Mining Based On Support Vector Machine[Download]
Tang Zhi-Hang

Assessing Relationship Between Abundance And Some Vegetation Attributes Of Savannah Rangeland At Elsuki Area, Sinnar State, Sudan[Download]
Abdelfadeel Khalfalla Abu Elgasim, Mohammed Abdelkreim

Adiponectin Levels And Insulin Resistance In Adolescents In India (Tamil Nadu)[Download]
Gowrishankar.J, Vivekanandan.M, Sukumar.S, Shiyamala.G

The Impacts Of High Grazing Pressure On Plants Species Diversity With Focusing On Native Forbs Species – Case Study Of Dilling Locality – South Kordofan State - Sudan[Download]
Galal Abas Fashir Kodeal

Development Of Dry Land Weeders With Ergonomic Principles For Higher Efficiency[Download]
Dr S. K. Mohanty Prerana Priydarsini Jena Dr J. N. Mishra

An Experimental Study On Partial Replacement For Coarse Aggregate By Granite Waste.[Download]
R.Siva Kumar,H.Mohammed Yousuff,M.Haripriya

Ultrasonic Study Of Inosital At Different Temperatures[Download]
B.S.Srikanth,V.Hariharakrishnan, Sukanya1,Kaviya

Studying The Assay And The Effect Of Temperature And Sun Light On The Stability Of Mefanamic Acid Tablets[Download]
M.S. Ali Eltoum

A Survey On Energy Proficient Techniques In Wsn[Download]
Prof. Vani B, Dr. Shrishail Math

Automatic Control Of Fishermen Boat While Boundary Crossing[Download]
Karthikeyan.G, Dhineshkumar.J, Elango.M, Hari.S

Design And Analysis Of Shaft And Sprocket For Power Transmission Assembly[Download]
Ram Nath Yadav ,Nitesh Kumar Varshney, Manish Mavi

Comparison Of Cold And Hot Juice Extraction From Hibiscus(Karkadeh) And Baobab(Tabaldi)[Download]
Dr. Kamal Edin Eltayeb Yassin, Hadeel Merghani Mohammed

Photo-Degradation Treatment Of Reactive Blue 13 In Aqueous Solution By Photo-Fenton Reagent[Download]
Anil Kumar Swarnkara, Dr. Prakash C. Chaudhary, Dr. Bhupendra Kumar Sharmab

Project Management Approach For Integrating Management System In An Oil & Gas Industry[Download]
Dr. Nehal Siddique, V. Santhosh Kumar Shenoy

A Comparative Study On Classification Algorithms In Data Mining[Download]
Dr.B.Srinivasan, K.Pavya

About Pumping Lemma For Regular Languages[Download]
Boris Tanana, Bhangy Cassy

The Intermediary Role Of The Arabs During The Middle Ages In The Transmission Of Ancient Scientific Knowledge To Europe[Download]
Prof. Dr. Luisa María Arvide Cambra

Design Of Apartment Building At Irinjalakuda,Thrissur[Download]
Athira -T J

Analysis And Design Of An Apartment Building[Download]
Sreeshna K.S

Supply Chain Logistics Management Using Abc Analysis – An Inventory Control Method[Download]
Shibamay Mitra Ankit Sappal

Enhancement In Web Service Provision Using Combination Of Collaborative Technique And Association Rule Generation[Download]
P.Kavitha Dr.G.N.K.Suresh Babu

Comparative Study And Analysis Of Stock Market Prediction Algorithms[Download]
Prof.Sarita Sapkal,Tejashree Barate, Neelam Kadbane, Mayuri Pimple, Pallavi Kumbharkar

Tender And Bidding Process In Construction Projects[Download]
Tejas C. Patil, Ashish P. Waghmare, P.S.Gawande

Layer Based Image Encryption Using Kist Algorithm[Download]
Melbin Mathew, Sushitha Susan Joseph

Transparent User Authentication For Secure System[Download]
Everence K John, Joel Micheal Alex, Sincy John

Physicochemical Characterisation And Phytochemical Study Of Grewia Coriacea Mast Powders: Focus On Polyphenols[Download]
Karmelie E. Malela, Jeremy Petit, Jean M. Nzikou, Joel Scher

Analysis And Design Of Apartment Building[Download]
Nasreen. M. Khan

Literature Survey Of Watermark Security For Android Apps[Download]
Rosy Babu, Neethu Mt, Annie Chacko

Analysis Of The Prony Method Performance With Linear Vector-Scalar Antenna[Download]
Galina Glebova, Gennadii Zhbankov, Olga Maltseva And Elena Vinnik

Attenuation Coefficient And Water Content Determination Of Almond Leaves Using Beta Radiation[Download]
Dr. I. I. Pattanashetti Prof. Megha N. Galagali

Sensorless Speed Control And Pfc For Brushless Dc Motor[Download]
S.Arulmozhi, G.Divya,D.Nivedha,C.Suganthi,P.Velmurugan

Skill Based Programs In Higher Education In Manipur: Prospects And Problems[Download]
Dr Md Raheijuddin Sheikh

Cost Effective Implimentation Of Erpnext Software In Smes[Download]
Aniket Deshmukh, Dr. Arun Kumar, Amol Pai, Akshita Vaze

Atm Custodian[Download]
Justin Joseph, Jaisan Mathew, Ghilby Varghese Jaison

Analysis And Economical Design Of Water Tanks[Download]
Thalapathy.M, Vijaisarathi.R.P, Sudhakar.P, Sridharan.V, Satheesh.V.S

A Survey On Autism Spectrum Disorder Classification[Download]
Pushpa.M, Swarnamageshwari.M

Consequences Of Undemarcated Land Boundaries: Case Of Lake Chad Area Boundary[Download]
Aminu Aliyu, Shahidah M. A, Umaru Buba Aliyu

Sensorless Vector Control Of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Based On Current Sampling[Download]
Li Peng,Wei Hai-Feng,Zhang Yi

A Preliminary Study On Website Design Quality Factors From User’S Perspective[Download]
Trivikram Mulukutla, Dr. K.Sreenivasa Rao

Weed Dynamic And Community Structure Under Different Planting Pattern And Planting Dates Of Cauliflower-Lettuce Intercropping System[Download]
Saad Inès, Sbai Haifa, Haouala Rabiaa

Parallel Voronoi Diagram Construction Method With Mapreduce[Download]
Ying Xia, Xiaobing Wu, Xu Zhang, Hae Young Bae

Revalidation Of Analytical Performance And Precision Of Pituitary Hormones, Tsh, Fsh And Lh By Electro-Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Technology (Iecl) And 3Rd Gen Analytical Methods[Download]
Junaid Mahmood Alam, Howrah (Humaira) Ali, Shazia Naureen, Ishrat Sultana

Healthcare Management System And Domain Search Of Nearest Medical Services[Download]
Ruchi Dumbre, Purva Raut, Bhagyshree Mahamuni, Priyanka Khose, Prof.Jagruti Wagh

Hybrid Model Of Outsourcing By Indian Bpos[Download]
Dr.R.Vijaya Baskaran

An Overview Of Computational Intelligence[Download]
N. Malathi Rao, K J Sarma

Fabrication Of Two-Way Pedal Powered Hacksaw Machine[Download]
Sahu Samirkumar Satishkumar, Ashish Kumar Senapati, Sanjeev Kumar Pal, Sibabrata Mohanty

Adiabatic Logic Circuit Design[Download]
Vibhu Bindal

Binder And Disintegrant Properties Of Sweet Potato Starch From Côte D’Ivoire On Tablet Formulation: Effect Of Granulation Method[Download]
Dally L.I.; Lia G.J.A.; Koffi A.A; Tchoreloff P

Implementation of Classification Algorithms and their Comparison for Educational Dataset[Download]
Sharon Carl, Glaston D’souza, Linet Varghese

Cloud Computing Security and Outsourcing[Download]
Sharon Carl, Glaston D’souza, Linet Deeksha chaudhary, Vimlesh kumar

Vulva Lesions In A Tertiary Institution In Nigeria[Download]
Ayodele J Omotoso, Patience O Odusolu, Martin A Nnoli, Godstime Irabor