Volume 3 - Issue 5

Influence Of Composition Of Food Waste To Methane Recovery By Two-Stage Low Solid Anaerobic Digestion[Download]
Dieu, T. T. M, Nhan, P. T.

Experimental Investigation Of Production Of Biodiesel From Neem Oil And Its Study Of Performance Characteristics Through Load Test[Download]
Jobin Thomas , Lijo Abraham, Sajen Baby, Thomas Mathew Manikandan S

Influence Of Density Ratio On Turbulence In Two Phase Flow[Download]
Sherry K. Amedorme, Joseph Apodi

Detection Of Malicious Nodes In Routing Of Mobile Adhoc Network[Download]
Bhavik Panchal

The Internet Of Things: A Survey Of Technology, Security And Applications[Download]
Karan Patil, Priyansh Bendre

A Simulation Of Load Balancing Policy Of Virtual Machines In A Cloud Computing Environment[Download]
B.Santhosh Kumar, Dr.Latha Parthiban

Fire Vulnerability Assessment Of The Federal Capital City, Abuja, Nigeria[Download]
H.K Ayuba, O. Aguocha, N.I. Medugu

Comparative Study Of Asphalt Institute – Witczak 1-40D Dynamic Moduli For Polythene Bag Modified Hma Concrete Using Predictive Models[Download]
Enwuso A. Igwe

Investigating The Effect Of Air Voids Content In Fatigue Life Of Hot Mix Asphalt Mixtures: Case Study Of Rubberized Asphalt Concrete[Download]
Enwuso A. Igwe & Captain G. Ottos

Causes And Effects Of Construction Project Delays In Nigerian Construction Industry[Download]
Obodoh D. A, Chikasi Obodoh

Study On The Problems And Countermeasures Of The Management Of Housing Accumulation Fund[Download]
Jinping Xiao

Improvement Of Millet Pennisetum Typhoides Straw Using Physical And Chemical Treatment As Animal Feed[Download]
Maha Mohammed, Babo Fadalla, Mohammed Abdelkreim,

Robust And Efficient Routing Protocol Based On Routing Agent For Qos In Wsn[Download]
Jawaharin Basha, Dr. Shah Aqueel Ahmed Dr.Syed Abdul Sattar

Clinical Significance And Precision Analysis Of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (Ace) In Suspected And Confirmed Cases Of Sarcoidosis[Download]
Junaid Mahmood Alam, Sheikh Mateenuddin, Sheikh Khalid Mahmood, Syed Riaz Mahmood

The Effects Of E-Cash Coupons Value And Consumer Involvement On Behavioral Intentions[Download]
Lisa Y. Chen, Chia-Shin Guo, Tawonga Gondwe

Management Of Equipment & Machinery In Construction[Download]
Prajeesh. V. P, Mr. N. Sakthivel

Analysis Of The Effect Of Carbon/Nitrogen (C/N) Ratio On The Performance Of Biogas Yields For Non-Uniform Multiple Feed Stock Availability And Composition In Nigeria[Download]
Oghenero W. Orhorhoro, Ejiroghene K. Orhorhoro, Patrick O. Ebunilo

Evalution Of The Different Foundation Beds At Barwa Area By Using Geophysical And Geotechnical Studies.[Download]
Ahmed M. Saad, Hassan S. Thabet, Mohamed A. Khaled, Tharwat H.Abd El-Hafiz, And Reda A. El-Saied Warshal

Software Reliability Measurement Using Software Reliability Growth Model[Download]
Sonia Rikhi

Research On Aodv Routing Protocol Based On Improved Genetic Algorithm And Ant Colony Algorithm[Download]
Hong Tang, Yanfang Guo, Han Liao

A Simple Spectrophotometric Determination Of Nickel In Alloy Samples Using Salicylaldehyde Acetoylhydrazone (Saah)[Download]
M.Renuka, K. Hussain Reddy

Issue-Based Models And Systems In Software Engineering A Survey[Download]
Zeynab Rashidi

Performance Analysis Of Ipv6 Over Mpls & Mpls-Vpn For Sana’A University[Download]
Dr. Malek N. Algabri , Dr. Sharaf A. Alhomdy , Gamil Alselwi , Ameen A. M. Alowiri , Naif Al-Sharaby

Thermal Analysis And Comparison Of Cylinder Blocks Of 4S, Si Two Wheeler Engine Using Ansys[Download]
Chidiebere Okeke-Richard, Sunny Sharma

An Academic Cloud Framework For Adapting E-Learning In Ethiopian Universities[Download]
Dr.Sangheethaa.S, Dr.Arun Korath, Assefa Tsegaye

Combined Information Processing Of Gps And Imu Sensor Using Kalman Filtering[Download]
Radhamani N, Dr. Bindu A. Thomas

Characterization Of Local Mineral Materials For Geopolymerization Technique[Download]
Amir Naveed, Nehar Ullah, Fazal Saeed, Noor Ul Amin, M.Humayun

The New Concept Of The Theory Of Organitation Based On The Knowledge Bases And The Semantic Web[Download]
Maid Omerović, Amra Tuzović, Mladen Radivojević

Real-Time Clustering For Big Data Streams[Download]
Bhavik C. Patel

Modelling The Dynamics Of A Hypereutrophication Process In Ruguma Ponds In Rumuosi-Akpor, Nigeria.[Download]
Kamalu C.I.O., Anusi M., Kamen F.L., Okwara C.A., Nwakaudu M.S., Nwakaudu A.A., Obijiaku J.C.

Preliminary Study On Population Structure, Infection Rate And Habitats Of Glossina Fuscipes Fuscipes (Diptera: Glossinidae) In Western Equatoria State South Sudan[Download]
Yatta S. Lukaw, Mohammed, Y.O. , Abdelrahman, M.M., Jaja, L.K.4And Ochi, E.B.

Research On Interference Coordination And Resource Allocation Algorithm In D2D Communication Systems[Download]
Yanhua Song,Jinjing Wan

A Review On Stem Cells-Therapeutic Applications[Download]

Time, Cost, Productivity And Quality Analysis Of Precast Concrete System[Download]
B. Raghavendra K. Holla, Siddhant Anant, Muzzammil Ali Mohammad, Aakash Periwal, Aakash Kapoor

Performance Evaluation Of A Parabolic Dish Solar Thermal Cooker[Download]
Mangesh R. Dhage, Prof. Vijay G. Gore

Cloud Server Based Wind Turbine Parameters Monitoring And Physical Fault Diagnosis Using Can Protocol[Download]
Puneeth Kumar G B, Megha G N, Naveen Kumar S, Ravichandra P, Sahana V N

Modelling, Simulation & Control Design Of Lateral & Longitudinal Wheel Reactobot[Download]
Pratik Raut1, Shabbir Karjatwala2 And Shishir Kadam3

Experimental Study On Implementation Of Pervious Concrete In Pavements[Download]
Nishith M N, Gururaj Acharya, Shaik Kabeer Ahmed

Scientific Validation Of Indigenous Knowledge Of Herbs Used By Rural Women In Dantiwada Taluka.[Download]
Shastri H. D, Ahlawat Santosh, Joshi K. M.

Identification Of Indigenous Knowledge Of Herbs Used By Rural Women In Dantiwada Taluka[Download]
Shastri H. D, Patel Beena, Ahlawat Santosh, Joshi K. M.

Properties Of Emulsions Based In Soybean Oil Stabilized By Different Proteins[Download]
Vanya Gandova, Dessislav Balev

Research On Influencing Factors Of Body Weight Control By Using Artificial Neural Network Approach[Download]
Pin-Chang Chen, Ruey-Ming Chao, Hsiu-Wen Shen, Chi-Fu Chung

Botanical Standardization Of Leea Macrophylla Roxb. (Leeaceae)[Download]
R.K. Waghmare, S.S. Deokule

Experimental Investigation Of Concrete Using Silica Fume And Expanded Polystyrene[Download]
R. Radhika Mr. S. Parthiban

Performance Of Concrete With Metakaolin And Recron Fibre[Download]
Lisha Elson, Dr. Sunilaa George

Regular Elements Of The Semigroup Defined By Semilattices Of The Class When[Download]
Giuli Tavdgiridze , Yasha Diasamidze

Simulation Of Tube Hydroforming Process Using Bidimensional Finite Element Analysis With Hyperworks[Download]
Juan Carlos Cisneros, Isaías Angel

Natural Cosmetics For Better Health – A Review[Download]
Sarath Kumar S,Anjana S,Megha Mariam Thomas, Jiju V, Elessy Abraham

Software Test Case Reduction Using Genetic Algorithm: A Modified Approach[Download]
Bhawna, Gaurav Kumar, Pradeep Kumar Bhatia

The Design Of An Albanian Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition System[Download]
Ervenila Musta, Ligor Nikolla, Alvin Asimi

Does The Algorithms Process Of Post Processing In Imaging Pet Replace Liver Biopsy To Determine The Stage Of Differentiation Of Cells In Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Hcc)?[Download]
Ousseynou Diop, Woury Sow-Diop, Elhadj .A.L Bathily , Sahar Houidi, Boucar Ndong , R.S Sengho, Louis A.D. Diouf, Alphonse R Djiboune,Sylvie1. Papa M Sy, Gora Mbaye Mbodj Mamadou, Ndoye Oumar, Seck-Gassama

A Study Of Sustainable Solution Of Recycled Concrete Waste Materials[Download]
Remya Mohanan, Prof. M. Rajalingham

Design And Construction Of Instrumentation System To Study And Model The Effects Of Dense Fog On Radio Wave Propagation At Gsm Frequency.[Download]
Aremu O.A, Ayokunnu O.D, Odepidan K.O, Falade J.T

Performance And Emission Characteristics Of 4 Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Pongamia Bio Diesel Blends With Diesel[Download]
Mahesh Babu C, Nagendra Prasad S, Shwetha C, Chaithra M C, Balasubramaniam N S

Nutrition And Health Knowledge Of Fitness Trainers From Mumbai City[Download]
Dr.Rekha Battalwar, Ms.Khushboo Sahijwani

Comparison Of Disk-Based And Memory-Based Checkpoint Schemes Clustering And Recovery Mechanism Using Check Pointing For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks[Download]
Vikas Kumar, Dr. A. K. Solanki

On The Diophantine Equation Of Degree Ten With Six Unknowns[Download]
M.A.Gopalan, S.Vidhyalaksmi, J.Shanthi

One Pot Synthesis Of Silver Loaded Mesoporous Silica For Humidity Sensing Applications[Download]
Lokesh Malik, Vijay K. Tomer, Ritu Malik, Nipin Gupta, Surender Duhan,

Experimental And Investigation Of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Concrete[Download]
G. Suguna Mr. S. Parthiban

Median Filter Algorithm Implementation On Fpga For Restoration Of Retina Images[Download]
Priyanka Ck,

Practical Application To Increase The Additional Value For The White Sand As Enveronmental Safe Product Of The Wadi El-Dakhl, Eastern Desert, Egypt[Download]
Nabil A. Abd El Hafez, Gamal El-Din A. Ibrahim, Atef M. Abu Khatita, Tarek Y. M. A. El-Hariri, Ahmed S. Mousa, Nadia I. Mohamed, Ahmed M. Arafat

Performance Analysis Of Dual Inverter For Pmsm Using Fuzzy Logic Controller[Download]
S.Janani, R.Prakash

Fault Seeding Models And Input Domain Based Models For Software Reliability Measurement And Improvement.[Download]
Amanpreet Kaur, Kailash Bahl

A System Approach To Dynamic Characteristics Of Hanger Rod In Exhaust System[Download]
Mylaudy Dr.S.Rajadurai,R.Kavin,Rejinjose,Prabhakaran,Rajeshraman

A Power Factor Improvement And Speed Control Of Bldc Motor Drive Using Anfis Controller[Download]
R.Prakash, M.Sangeetha

Ultimate Torque Calculation Of Rcc Beams With Ferrocement “U” Wraps:Experimental And Analytical Study[Download]
Dr. Gopal Charan Behera

A Approach To Solve Multi Objective Fuzzy Linear Programming[Download]
Dr.S.Chandrasekaran Ms.Juno Saju

A Strain Modeling Of Asphalt Layer On Composite Pavement Using Finite Element Method[Download]
Kang, Won-Pyoung

Automated, Manual Lineaments Extraction And Geospatial Analysis For Cairo-Suez District (Northeastern Cairo-Egypt), Using Remote Sensing And Gis[Download]
El-Sawy K. El-Sawy; Atef, M. Ibrahim; Mohamed A. El-Bastawesy; Waleed A. El-Saud

Iteration Reduction K Means Clustering Algorithm[Download]
Kedar Sawant, Snehal Bhogan

Early Warning And Anti-Theft System For Expressway Along The Highway Based On Optical Fiber Micro-Vibration[Download]
Yanjie Hu, Min Deng

Advances in analytical Modelling for (Nano)medicine[Download]
Paolo Di Sia

Pipeline Operations & Integrity Management Using GIS & Remote Sensing Technologies (Applying on PDOC’S Export pipeline)[Download]
Khalid Awad, Eltaib Ganawa, Abderahim Salih, H.S.M. Hilmi, Mustafa Y. M

Review on Synchronization of Timing Offset for UWB-IR Receivers[Download]
Sakshi P. Upase, Dr.S.W.Varade

Occurrence of heavy metals levels in water and inhabitants of Iraqi marshes[Download]
Mohammed Fadhil Abo-Ksour

An Analysis on Various Approaches to Model Variability[Download]
Ekta Yadav, Ms. Hitesh Yadav

Static and Dynamic Analysis of Impeller of Centrifugal Blower[Download]
Dinesh Tare

Three-Level Inverter With Maximum Output Voltage And Reduced Number Of Bidirectional Switches[Download]
P.Bhagya, M.Thangadurai