Volume 3 - Issue 6

Aeromicological Indoor Environmental Study Of Christanand Hospital Bramhapuri[Download]
S.M.Waghare, S.G.Kukreja, Y.B.Gedam

Composite Slab With Profiled Steel Deck[Download]
P. A.Sarode, Dr. S. R. Parekar

Review Paper Of Analysis Of Frp Confined Cylinders Under Axial Compression[Download]
P. S. Padwal1; Dr. S. R. Parekar2

Inventory Management System Using Struts Framework Architecture[Download]
Mohit Chaudhari, Atul Wankhede

Scure Signature Scheme For Network Key Compression System[Download]

Geomaetric Graph Access In Netwoek Technology[Download]

Find Out The Failiuer Detector For Implement To Dsa Operation[Download]
K.Ravikumar, C.Vivek

Mesurement Of Revocation –Id Encryption Process[Download]
K.Ravikumar, C.Banupriya

Advance Library Management System[Download]
Piyush Mankare, Raman Kolekar, Dnyanesh Metkar, Pravin Kote, Prof Hariprasad Mal

The Optimization Of Shear Wall Displacement By Using Longitudinal And Transversal Stiffeners[Download]
Farhad Riahi , Naser Zandi, Mansour Darvishi

Effect Of Nano Silica Fume On Concrete[Download]
Susheel Nayak, Sanjith J, Ranjith A

Lactic Acid Bacteria As Biological Preservative For Food[Download]
Privat. Kouakou, Beda M. Yapo, Ghyslain Ouya Kahenouin,

A Sensorless Speed Estimation For Brushed Dc Motor At Start-Up[Download]
Brendan Khoo, Muralindran Mariappan, Ismail Saad

Root Finding With Some Engineering Applications[Download]
Tekle Gemechu

A New Bio Mathematical ABR Model to Estimate the Age Specific CHD Mortality Rates Using Normal Distribution[Download]
R. Vijayakumar, Dr. A. Muthaiyan, G. Vijayaprabha

Analysis, Simulation and Comparison of Conventional and SVPWM on STATCOM Operation with Linear loads[Download]

Design, Fabrication and Testing of an UPS using PWM Control a Prototype[Download]
J.K.Moharana, D.Mishra

Development and validation of a simple, quick and rugged isocratic HPLC-UV method for the detection of valsartan and hydrochlorothiazide in their combined pharmaceutical formulations[Download]
Babiker Y. Abdulkhair, Mohamad A. Abdulaziz

The principal limitations of high-rate micro-pattern gas detectors[Download]

Sistan and Baluchestan Province, East Iran, Middle East: Some new data on Alpine magmatism and tectonics, melt and fluid inclusions; some data on metallogeny, hydrocarbons (HC, OIL) in the region, and constraints[Download]
A. Romanko, N.A. Imamverdiyev, V. Prokofiev, I. Vikentiev, A. Savichev, M. Heidari, B. Rashidi

Study On Psycho-Oncology Care In Medicine – Crucial Part of Oncology Treatment ( With Specific Research & Survey Conducted Among Oncology Patients)[Download]
Monika Singh, Vishwajeet

Implementation of Line Balancing Method for Manufacturing Line of Handle bar[Download]
V.K. Kannan, Dr.V.Anbumalar

Strengthening the Design Mix of Concrete Using Abaca Fiber for Reinforced Concrete Design[Download]
Engr. Gil S. Beltran

The concept of ethics in business[Download]
MSc. Selma Binjaku, MSc. Ina Sina

A Technical Approach to Set Up a Single-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Plant based on Real World Conditions[Download]
Paaventhan Raj and Syafrudin Masri

Effect of using Insecticide Treated Nets [ITNs] on seasonality dynamics of malaria prevalence among expectant mothers[Download]
Martin Mukanda , Robert W. Nyukuri, Godfrey Rotich

An Improved Cluster-Head Selection Technique for Distributed Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network[Download]
Sagar, Jyothi Patil

Business And Its Legal Environment[Download]
Alireza Hasiri

Ethic And Business Decision Making[Download]
Mozhdeh Adibi

Strategies For Enhancing Production Skills And Capacity Building Of Pre-Service Technical Teachers In Nigerian Colleges Of Education[Download]
Tijjani Abdullahi, Nasiru Aminu

An Energy Efficient Intrusion Detection System In Manet.[Download]
Namrata, Dr. Sukhvir Singh

Development Of Normal Strength Concrete Using Ferrochrome Slag Aggregate As Replacement To Coarse Aggregate[Download]
Sanjith J, Sathwik S R, Vinayak T,Darshan S, Susheel S M, Ranjith A

Improving Performance And Avoiding Collision (Hidden Node Problem) In Adhoc Network By Using Rtr Based On Shortest Distance Method.[Download]
Deepak Sharma Khushjeet Kaur Sandhu

Efficient Detection Of Wormhole Attacks Using Etx Algorithm In Wireless Network Coding Systems[Download]
Kashibai G Biradar1, Deepak N Biradar2

Finite Element Analysis Of Single Point Incremental Deep Drawing Process For Truncated Pyramidal Cups From Aa 1070 Alloy[Download]
A. Ravi Teja, A. Chennakesava Reddy

Pruning Document Data Using Top-K Rule For Effectively Summarized Text[Download]
Ms. Priya J Patel, Prof. Pravin G Kulurkar

Nanomaterial Compatibility And Effect On Properties Of Base Bitumen Binder And Pol-Ymer Modified Bitumen[Download]
Saurabh Bhargava, Anand Kumar Raghuwanshi, Pallavi Gupta

Task Decomposition Strategy For Four Class Classification Of Skin Lesions[Download]
Srinivas Bachu, Sri Harsha Davuluri

An Experimental Investigation And Optimization Of Casting By Elimination Of Blowholes In Steel Casting[Download]
Vipin Rg Dr. P.Thangavel

About Several Infrastructure Constructions Of The Great Silk Road[Download]
A.O.Khasanov. Taci

Considerations On Models, Algorithms And Security Challenges In Cloud Computing[Download]
Hossein Mohammadi

Implementation of Energy Optimized Protocol in IEEE 802.15.4 Based Mobile WSN Using Cross Layer Approach[Download]
Mundase Rekha, Sumangala Patil

A Critical Analysis Of The Challenges Facing Form Two And Three Students Subject Choice In Secondary School In Kenya[Download]
Edith Njoroge, Dr Ruth W. Thinguri

Morphology Of Monogenean Parasite-Paradactylogyrus Catlaius , Found In Fresh Water Fish Catla Catla[Download]
Dr. G.N.Bhagya Rekha,

Optimization Of Process Parameter For Surface Roughness In Drilling Of Spheroidal Graphite (Sg 500/7) Material[Download]
Prashant Chavan, Sagar Jadhav

An Improved Aodv Routing Protocol Based On Energy Optimization[Download]
Zhong Shuai Jiao, Yanfang Guo

Visualizing Class Diagram Using Orientdb Data-Store[Download]
Sawinder Kaur, Karamjit Kaur

Similarity Solution For Mhd Flow Of Non-Newtonian Fluids[Download]
A.G.Patil, M. G. Timol And J. N. Salunke

Optimization Of Drilling Parameters For Delamination Factor In Of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymers[Download]
K.V. Satyanarayana, D.V.V. Krishna Prasad

Analytical Study On Seismic Performance Of Rc Frames In-Filled With Masonry Walls Using E-Tabs[Download]
Anubama M,Gokul Ram H, Karthick B

An Erp Life Cycle And Its Competitive Advantages In Smes[Download]
Aniket A. Deshmukh, Dr. Arun Kumar

Domestic Wastewater Treatment By Activated Sludge Technology: Efficiency, Energy Consumption And Waste Generation The Case Of Binh Hung Wastewater Treatment Plant, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam[Download]
Dieu, T. T. M., Mai, H. N. P., Son T. K.

A Review On Dynamic Analysis Of Pelton Wheel Turbine[Download]
Mr. Akshay D. Shinde, Dr. S. N. Shelke

Study On Strength Evaluation Calcite Of Precipitating Bacteria[Download]
Er.K.Sgm Deepa, Er.Ananthakumar A

Implementation Of Optimized Leach Routing Protocol For Detection And Prevention Of Sybil Attack In Wireless Sensor Network Using Bfs[Download]
Deepak Pandey, Archana, Poonam Rani

Next-Hop Aware Routing Based On Link Weight For Effective Energy Utilization In Wsn[Download]
Bhagyasri Jawale, Dr. Dayanand Jamkhandikar

An Efficient Way Of Data Gathering From Multiple Sensors In Wsn Using Sencar Movement[Download]
Tanzil Shadan, Dr. Dayanand Jamkhandikar

Effect Of High Pressure Homogenization On Viability And Physicochemical Of Probiotic Stirred Yogurt[Download]
Z. Roostazadeh,A. R. Shahab Lavasani, S. Mirdamadi

Acceleration Of White Brine Cheese By Microbial Lipase Enzyme[Download]
A.R. Shahab Lavasani

Evaluation of in Vitro Anthelmintic activity of Bryophyte Pottia lanceolata[Download]
Dr. Y. Sunila Kumari

Implementation And Performance Analysis Of Enhanced Adaptive Acknowledgment (EAACK) Protocol Based On AODV[Download]
Jitendra Kumar Sharma, Ms. Bhawana, Poonam Rani

Relationship Of Maternal Socio-Economic Variables With Infant Mortality[Download]
Noreen Agbapuonwu, Ifeyinwa Ilo, Ngozi Makata, Anthonia Chinwuba, Stella Obasi

Soft Structures On Fuzzy Version Of Soft Int G-Modules[Download]
R.Nagarajan, S. Saleem Abdullah, K.Balamurugan

Production Of Bioethanol From Deoiled Jatropha Cake.[Download]
Deshmukh M.P., Dr. Marathe A.B.

Design Of Multi Component Holding Fixture For Tibial Insert In Knee Transplant[Download]
Rajani Chami Indira

An Overview Of Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Voltage Profile Improvement[Download]
Mohammad Imrann, Prof. S.M. Kulkarni

Some More Results On Total Neighbourhood Cordial And Total Neighbourhood Product Cordial Labeling Of Graphs[Download]
A. Muthaiyan, G. Bhuvaneswari

Data Integrity And Security Of Storage Management In Cloud Computing[Download]
Dr. Shubhangi D.C, Sham

Forensic Investigation Of Amazon Cloud Drive On Windows 10[Download]
Ming Sang Chang

Integration Of Cholinesterase, Cortisol And Blood Glucose In The Fish, Labeo Rohita As Biomarkers Of Pollution[Download]
As.N.C Ray, R.C. Sinha

Geology And Radioactivity Of The Paleozoic Rocks Of Wadi El-Sahu Area, Southwestern Sinai, Egypt.[Download]
Abu Bakr, M. A.; El Mezayen, A. M.; Sherif, H. M. Y.; El Nahas, H. A., Ali, H. H.

Dynamic Coverage Establishment With Energy Efficient Data Transmission[Download]
Nagma Parveen, Rajshekar G

Effect Of The Moisture On Dynamic Behaviour Of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites[Download]
Sandeep Krishanan, Amit Kachhawaha

Stress Analysis Of Rail Joint Under Wheel Load[Download]
Sisay Guta, Daniel Tilahun

Assessment Of Factors Causing Delay On Building Construction Projects In Enugu, Nigeria[Download]
Agu. N. N, Ibe, B. O.

Financial Access Gender Gap (Fagg) In Nigeria: Implications And The Way Out[Download]
Agu, Bertram Onyebuchi Onuoha, Charity Ekwutosi

A Field Study To Determine The Factors Affecting The Choice Dermitory: Bingol Example[Download]
Dr. Sait Patir

Tissue Culture Of Rice: Problems, Progress And Prospects[Download]
Ubaid Yaqoob, Bushra Jan, Tanushri Kaul, Irshad Ahmad Nawchoo

Growth Of Renewable Energy In India[Download]
Arpit Gupta , Balkrishan Sahu , Archana Soni

Fpga Implementation Of Distributed Canny Edge Detector For Low Clarity Images[Download]
Rinjo A J, Remya K P

Design Optimisation Of Fog Collector[Download]
Shashank Swarndeep

Some Results On Prime Labeling Of Graphs[Download]
S. Meena, G. Amuda

Flexural Behaviour Of Laminated Composites Plate Under Uncertain Material Properties[Download]
Abhishek Kumar Shriwas, Narendra Patel

Experimental Evaluation Of The Influence Of Nanosilica On The Properties Of Concrete[Download]
Kavitha.S , A. Sandhiyadevi

Design And Analysis Of Progressive Tool For Photo Frame Hook[Download]
Mr.Sandeep P V, Mr. C. Vikhnesh ,

A Secured Public Auditing For Regenerating-Code-Based Cloud Storage[Download]
Miss. Nirupamashree C, Mrs. Pushpa R

Rainfall Runoff Modeling Using Mike 11 Nam – A Review[Download]
Neerav Agrawal, T.S. Desmukh

Fogging : Disclosure Of Data Breach Attack In Cloud Network.[Download]
Saniket M. Kudoo Prof. Dilip Motwani

Finite Element Analysis Of Fundamental Frequency Responses Of The Cylindrical Shell Panel With Cutout[Download]
Akshay Singh Thakur, Narendra Patel

A Survey Of Forums For Water Education In Lokoja, Kogi State, Nigeria[Download]
Abenu Abigail, Kenneth O. Iwugo, Nasiru Idris Medugu

Statistical Optimization Of Biosorption Of Reactive Dyes By Rhizopus Arrhizus Ncim 997 Immobilized In Calcium Alginate[Download]
Sukhada Saraf, Varsha K. Vaidya,

Grid Connected Photovoltaic System Based On Modified Sepic Converter Using Fuzzy-Maximum Power Point Tracking[Download]
M.Ashwini, Dr.K.Sekar

A Critical Analysis On The Effcts Of Labeling On Social Interactions In The Mainstream Schools In Kenya.[Download]
Njeru Wanjiru Alice, Dr. Ruth W.Thinguri

Multiindex Mittag-Leffler Function And Fractional Q-Derivative[Download]
V. S. Dhakar, Smita Sharma

Faculty Profile Information System And Training Recommender[Download]
Ria A. Sagum, Mcs

Effect Of Saturated Solution Of Potassium Chloride, Copper Sulphate, Ammonium Molybdate On A Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria - Azotobacter Chrococcum.[Download]
Deokar. S.C.

Study The Annealing Temperature Influence On The Mesoporous Silica Aerogel Properties Via Supercritical Drying[Download]
Ashraf M. Alattar, Wesam A. A. Twej, Matthew Drexler, Faisal M. Alamgir

Optimization Of Machining Parameters For Electrical Discharge Machining Using Rsm[Download]
Saurabh Sen, Harsh Pandey, Shubham Gupta

Experimental Investigation Of Machining Parameters For Edm Using D2 Tool Steel[Download]
Shubham Gupta, Harsh Pandey, Saurabh Sen

Survey: Fast And Approximate Processing Entity For Dibr Method[Download]
Naziya Yasini, Amit Dewangan

Synthesis And Characterization Of Titanium Dioxide Nanostructures Based Photocatalysts For Degradation Of Rose Bengal[Download]
Vandana Chaudhary, Sudesh Chaudhary

Physico-Chemical Study Of Mixed Ligand Complexes Of Sulfamethoxazole And Imidazole[Download]
Adewoyin, Samuel A., Olanipekun, Oladapo T., Odedokun, Omobola A. , Ishola, Kayode T.

A Survey on Program Slicing [Download]
Rajlaxmi R ay, Subhasish Mohanty, Manoranjan Pradhan

Determination of Damping Coefficient of Engine Oil by Adding Viscosity Index Improver[Download]
Ananya Sarkar, Prof. K. V. Chandratre, Prof. B. V. Varade

Characteristics of Rolling In the Helical Rolls and Its Influence on the Formation Processes of Nanostructured State in the Metallic Materials[Download]
Aigerim Mashekova, Serik Mashekov, Adilzhan Nurtazayev

A θ-closed Graph Theorem[Download]
A.T Al-Ani