Volume 3 - Issue 7

Cloud Based Application Testing[Download]
Sayed Suhel Mohd. Salim

Partitioning Of A Freeform Surface For Machining With Optimized Tool Path[Download]
Jeenendra Kumar Shiv 1, Sushant Kumar Gain2, Laxmi Kant Sahu3

Effect Of Anti-Browning Agents On Cresolase And Catecholase Activity Of Polyphenol Oxidase In Acanthus (Gundelia Tournefortii)[Download]
Shahriar Saeidian, Bahaaldin Rashidzadeh

A Critical Analysis On Effects Of Labelling On The Self Esteem Of Learners In Primary Schools In Kenya.[Download]
Patricia Ng'Endo Njoroge, Dr Ruth W. Thinguri

Hydrogeochemical And Hydrogeological Studies For Groundwater Resources In The Area Between Abu Ghusun And Bernice, South Eastern Desert, Egypt.[Download]
Mohamed Abd Ellah. Khaled , Hassan Saleh Thabet, Hassan Iibrahim Hassan

The Impact Of Macroeconomic Factors On Stock Price Index, Vn-Index[Download]
Vuong Quoc Duy Ho Kim Yen

High Security Video Watermarking Using Block Tree Coding Algorithm[Download]
R.Vinothkumar, V.Banumathy, R.Manikandan

Scheduling Feedback Algorithms For Real-Time System[Download]
Amit Thakur, R.K. Dubey

Optimization Of Indigenous Food (Gari) Fermentation With Respect To Time And Texture[Download]
Nsisong E. Ikpe, Ikpe Aniekan Essienubong

Application Of Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis To Optimize The Process Parameters In Wire Electrical Discharge Machine.[Download]
Mr.Vinit Raut, Mrs. Meeta Gandhi, Mr Nilesh Nagare, Mr. Aniket Deshmukh

Sea-Based Economical Development & It’S Effects On Marine Environment[Download]
Ghasem Askari Nasab

Influence Of Initial Concentration For Bismuth Nitrate On Crystallite Size Of Prepared Α- Bi2O3 Nanoparticles[Download]
Zainab. Sabeeh. Sadeq

The Material Composition And Technological Characteristics Of Ores In Chovdar Gold-Ore Deposit (Lesser Caucasus)[Download]
Sh.F. Abdullayeva, V.M. Baba-Zadeh, Sh.D. Musayev, A.Z.Akhmedov, N.A. Imamverdiyev, A.E.Romanko

Cloud Storage Forensics: Amazon Cloud Drive On Ubuntu[Download]
Ming Sang Chang

Modeling The Physiologically-Based Variations For Inhalational Anthrax[Download]
Kamalu, C.I.O.; Nwakaudu M.S.; Opebiyi, S.O.; Obijiaku, J.C.; Oghome, P.; Okwara A.C.;Uzondu F.N

Harrison Strategic Control Model Implemented In The Retail Industry (Case Study: Large Food And Consumer Stores In Shiraz City)[Download]
Mohammad Taghi Amini, Saeide Syadat, Alireza Pirali

Review The Role Of Components Of Psychological Capital On Organizational Entrepreneurship[Download]
Alireza Pirali, Saeideh Seyadat

Similarity Solution Of Laminar Natural Convection Flow Of Non-Newtonian Viscoinelastic Fluids[Download]
Pankaj Sonawne, M. G. Timol, J.N.Salunke

Design & Analysis Of Bevel Gear For Dynamic And Wear Loading Using Geometrical Programming[Download]
Narendra Sharma

Analysis, Testing And Implementation Of Repulsive Magnet System To Reverse The Bearing Angles Of Three Bearings And Shaft Mechanism In Winding Machine Application[Download]
Chinmay Pingulkar, Dr. Arun Kumar

A Critical Analysis Of The Infringement Of Co-Curricular By Examination Oriented System And Its Effects On Learners’ Development In Kenya[Download]
Matiana George, Dr. Ruth Thinguri

Preparation Calcium Phosphate Bio-Ceramic Powders From Rubber Wood Ash[Download]
M. Masae1*, W. Sririkun, P. Kongsong, A. Jeenarong

Development And Validation Of A Simple Isocratic Hplc-Uv Method For Simultaneous Determination Of Amlodipine Besylate And Losartan Potassium In Their Combined Tablet Dosage Forms[Download]
Babiker Y. Abdulkhair, Mohamad A. Abdulaziz

The Effect Of Design Efficiency Of The Wall Barrier (Screen) On Traffic Noise Attenuation[Download]
Dr. Hanan M. Al Jumaily

Numerical Investigation On Perfomance Heat Sink For Heat Suorce By Using Cfd[Download]
Veeresha , Dr. M.C.Navindgi

Which Architecture Of Information For The Organizational Suppleness: Case Of The Port Of Agadir[Download]
O. Z. Ouariti, A. Elmenssouri, H.M. Hamri

The Relationship Between Tax Structure And Economic Developedness: Comparison Of Turkey And Oecd Countries[Download]
Dr. Mustafa Göktuğ Kaya, Perihan Hazel Kaya

Consequence Testing For Performance Issues And It’S Solutions In A Private Cloud[Download]
Shilpi Sehgal, Er. Pooja Narula

A Simulation Based Analysis And Classification Of Workload For Resource Allocation[Download]
Chethan N , Mrs.Pushpalatha R, Dr.Ramesh Boraiah

Antenna Design Using Slot And Array Technique For Wimax & Wlan[Download]
Arti, Dr. Sunil Kumar

Jute Geotextile – A Potential Step To Reduce Carbon Foot Print In Civil Engineering Construction[Download]
Prof. Swapan Kumar Ghosh, Satyaranjan Bairagi, Murari Mohan Mondal, Rajib Bhattacharyya

Agglomerative Clustering On Vertically Partitioned Data[Download]
R.Senkamalavalli Dr.T.Bhuvaneswari

Study Of Physical Properties Of Sro-Fe2O3-V2O5 Oxide Glasses[Download]
D. B. Sable, V. D. Murumkar, A. A. Pandit, K. M. Jadhav

A Secure System For Multimedia Content Protection On Cloud[Download]
Chaya M, Dr. K Thippeswamy

On Fuzzy G-Domains[Download]
A.R.Alizadeh M.

Enhanced Play Fair Cipher[Download]
Naveen Km

Capital Adequacy And Risk Management: A Study Of The Nigerian Banking Sector[Download]
Obiakor Rowl, Tochukwu

Design And Implementation Of An At89C52 Microcontroller Based Water Pump Controller[Download]
Olufemi O. Kehinde, Oladayo O. Bamigboye, Fredrick O. Ehiagwina

Hopping Conduction Mechanism In Amorphous Cuo-Bi2O3 Semiconducting Pellets[Download]
W. J. Gawande, S. S. Yawale, S. P. Yawale

Evaluation Of Abo Blood Groups Distribution In Patients With Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 Andhra Pradesh. Type 2 Diabetes Risk Lower For Blood Type O.[Download]
L. Venkatesan , K. Palani And N. Jothi Narendiran

Transient Stability Assessment Of Multi-Machine Power System Using Cusp Catastrophe Theory[Download]
Maithem Hassen Kareem Azher Kamel Ajiel

The Effect Of Different Fuels On The Performance Of A Scram Jet Engine: A Thermodynamic Analysis[Download]
Venkata Hanuma Sai Teja T

Towards Total Biothreat Preparedness: Expanded Surveillance, Joint Monitoring, Pooled Resources And The Genomic Option.[Download]
Manousos E Kambouris, Maria Kantzanou, Basileios A. Papathanasiou, George Kostis, Ioannis Manousopoulos, Panos Drossos, Aristea Velegraki

Surgical Excision Of Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Dogs --- A Report Of Two Cases[Download]
Vani.G, Sureshkumarr.V,Veena P, Saibaba.M, Chmallikarjunarao, Amaravathi P

An Optimum Vlsi Design Of A 32-Bit Alu[Download]
Asra Fatima Ghouri, Veeresh Pujari, Dr. Baswaraj Gadgay

Recent Changes In World System Of Shipping Under Cold Conditions And Their Impact On Moroccan Agri-Food Exports Shipping.[Download]
Hajar El-Mahdad, Abdelkbir El Ouidani

Modeling Of Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Using Transient Simulation Techniques[Download]
Parvathi M. S, Dr Nisha G. K

Performance Guarantee Test Assessment Of Cfbc Boiler[Download]
Ramesh Kumar, M.C.Navindgi, G Srinivas

Nickel Ions Adsorption By Prepared Zeolite-A: Examination Of Process Parameters, Kinetics And Isotherms[Download]
Magdy A. Wassel, Hassan A.Shehata, H. F. Youssef, Ahmed S. Elzaref, Alaa Fahmy

A 32-Bit Risc Processor For Convolution Application[Download]
Mrs. Ussra Fatima, Dr. Baswaraj Gadgay, Mr. Veeresh Pujari

A Critical Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of The Tveta Curriculum On Learners Practical Skills Acquisition In Technical And Vocational Institutions In Kenya[Download]
Pamela Namwenya Wafula, Dr Ruth Thinguri

Design And Implementation Of Amba Axi 4.0 Master For High-Speed Performance Soc[Download]
Syeda Nasiha, Veeresh Pujari, Dr. Baswaraj Gadgay

Conventional Approach To Night Time Visibility Analysis And Estimation Method In The Presence Of Dense Fog And Halo Characteristics[Download]
Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, Soumyashree

Bingol Province Is A Case Study For The Determination Of Businesses And Organizations Of Project Management Perception[Download]
Dr. Sait Patir

Generalization Of Steckly Parameter And Biot Number: Case Of 3D Superconductor.[Download]
S. Saoud; M. El Khomssi; Z.Mahani

Effect Of Yeast Species On Total Soluble Solids, Total Polyphenol Content And Fermentation Index During Simulation Study Of Cocoa Fermentation[Download]
Ooi, T. S., Sepiah, M., Khairul Bariah, S.

Influence Of Seasonal Variations On Tec Of Ctenopharyngodon Idella[Download]
Naseem Ahmad Mansoori

Brain Computer Interface- An Eye On Electroencephalogram (Eeg) Applications In Clinical Medicine[Download]
Igwe, Joseph Sunday, Ogbu, Nwani Henry

Authenticated Session Tracking Verification For Secure Internet Services[Download]
B.Vaishnavi, G. Rajeswarappa

A Novel Deduplication Mechanism For Cloud Storage[Download]
Kuppam Sameera, Tiruttani Subramanyam Sandeep

Experimental And Numerical Analysis Of Cylindrical Pin Fins Having Square Thread With And Without Perforations By Natural And Forced Convection[Download]
Basavaraj Olekar, Ganesha T

Geophysical Investigation For Shallow Subsurface Geotechnical Problems For Eastern Part Of 15Th May City, Cairo, Egypt.[Download]
Sultan Awad Sultan Araffa, Tharwat H. Abd El Hafize, Adel M.E. Mohamed , Mohamed A.Taha

Identifying And Indexing Near-Duplicate Images Using Optimizing Technique In Web Search[Download]
S.Thaiyalnayaki, J.Sasikala

Cost-Effective Storage Infrastructure For Cloud Computing[Download]
V.S Gayathri, Tiruttani Subramanyam Sandeep

Survey Of Members Of Family Asteraceae In Daund Tahsil From Pune District (M.S.), India[Download]
J.G. Bagal, S. S.Deokule

Design Of An I-Shaped Dual Band Patch Antenna For Direct And Broadcast Applications[Download]
Manpreet Singh, Maninder Kaur

User Intimated Bandwidth Allocation For Wireless Mesh Community Networks[Download]
S.Musadik, Santhi.Kuraganti

Persistent And Clear User Biometric Authentication For Secure Web Services[Download]
P.Hevani, Ms. B. Sumalatha

Improved Fuzzy C-Means For Brain Tissue Segmentation Using T1-Weighted Mri Head Scans[Download]
T.Kalaiselvi, P.Nagaraja, V.Ganapathy Karthick

3D Printing In Architecture[Download]
Rajshree Mathur

Effective Garbage Disposal Management In Urban Cities Using Vanets[Download]
Mr.Shantappa ,Mr. Srinivasulu M

Bigdata: A Secure Distributed Storage System For Data[Download]
Asha C R, Mr. Srinivasulu M

Map Reduce: Fast Parallel Association Rule For Big Data[Download]
Monika N, Mr. Prakash V Parande

Effect Of Centrilit Nc On Strength & Durability Of Concrete[Download]
N.Gangadharan, S.P.Kanniyappan, N.Rishinath

Oscillation Criteria For Third-Order Nonlinear Neutral Delay Dynamic Equations On Time Scales[Download]
A. George Maria Selvam, M. Paul Loganathan, S. Vadivel

Intrusion Detection In Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Salman Siddiq, Mr.Srinivasulu M

Defending Towards Falsification And Packet Descent Attacks In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
M.S.Dinesh Kumar, Prof A.Nageswara Rao

Estimation Of Browse Biomass Productivity For Acacia Mellifera (Vah) Benth. In Tendalti Area Of White Nile, Sudan[Download]
Nancy Ibrahim Abdalla, Galal Abas Fashir, Elkheir Mugadam Salih , Mohammed Ibrahim Abdelsalam

Ihe Role Of Range Improvement Practices On Sustaining Rangeland Management In Semi-Arid Area Of Wad Omer, Centeral Sudan[Download]
Samia Alsmane Babeker Farah, Dr. Abdelaziz Karamalla Gaiballa .Elkheir Mugadam.Salih

An Analytical Approach For The Stress Distribution In Helical Gear Pair[Download]
Harshal Mahale, Poonam Talmale

Simulation And Analysis Of Shaft Driven Bicycle Mechanism[Download]
K. Someswara Rao, P. Abhishek, T.Teressa, G. Santosh Reddy, A. Harieswar

Alteration Of Natural Sand By Crushed Pebble Sand[Download]
Sivakumar R, Maduvanthi D And Mohammed Yousuff. H

Kaempferia Parviflora (Zingiberaceae): A New Record In The Flora Of Manipur[Download]
Ningombam Babyrose Devi, Ajit Kumar Das, P.K. Singh

Cloud Computing :An Introduction To Smac[Download]

Streaming Video Based On Temporal Frame Transcoding.[Download]
Fadlallah Ali Fadlallah, Othman O. Khalifa And Aisha Hassan Abdalla

Video Streaming Based On Frame Skipping And Interpolation Techniques[Download]
Fadlallah Ali Fadlallah, Othman O. Khalifa Aisha Hassan Abdalla

A Decision Support System For Farm Mechanization With The Use Of Computer Modeling For Soybean-Wheat Crop Rotation[Download]
Abhay Kumar Sinha, Atul Kumar Shrivastava, Avinash Kumar Gautam And Shahid Ahamad

Experimental Investigation Of Various Parameters For Optimized Performance Of Ci Engine Using Corn Biodiesel[Download]
Ajaykumar, Dr. M. C. Navindgi

Certain Investigations On The Performance, Combustion, Emission Characteristics And Vibration Analysis Of C.I Engine Using Canola Bio Diesel As An Alternative Fuel[Download]
Shivakumar Kanchnal, Dr. M. C. Navindgi

Optimization Of Mango Seed Biodiesel Blends For Ci Engines[Download]
Sangamesh Talwade, Dr. M. C. Navindgi

Comparative Study Of The Morphometric Characteristics Of Buffaloes In Institutional Herds Of Bangladesh[Download]
N. Yeasmin, MAM Yahia Khandokar, MOA Rahman