Volume 3 - Issue 8**

Study of Power distribution Techniques for VLSI Design[Download]
Hemraj Kurmi, R.K.Dubey, Ramkishore Patel

Dual Fuel Operation Of Performance And Emission Characteristics Of Linseed Biodiesel Using Acetylene Gas[Download]
Sanjaykumar, Srinivas valmiki

Performance And Emission Characteristics Study Of LPG And Olive Biodiesel In Dual Fuel Engine[Download]
Khaja Md Abdul Qadeer, Srinivas valmiki

Method Of Evaluating Camouflage Of Texture Based On Wssim And Nature[Download]
Kiran More1, Borse S. B2

A Critical Analysis Of Leadership Strategies Enhancing School Management In Public Secondary Schools In Kenya[Download]
Mohamed Abdi Hukay, Dr. Ruth W.Thinguri

Synthesis And Characterization Of Some Imidazole Derivatives[Download]
Ibrahim Kh. Idriss, And Ahmed E. M. Saeed

Solving Fuzzy Game Of Order 3 X 3 Using Octagonal Fuzzy Numbers[Download]
R.Senthil Kumar And K.Gnanaprakash

On University Students’ Political Participation In The Context Of Network New Media[Download]
Gu Dongdong

A Study Of Statistical And Analytical Approaches For Handling Big Data[Download]
K.Vishnu Vandana, S.Yunus Basha, D.Tanuja

Geometric Coupling Of Vector Multiplets With D=4, N=1 Supergravity[Download]
Paolo Di Sia

Export Logistics In Morocco Characterization Test Of Maritime And Road Transport Market Of Agri-Food Exports Of Southern Morocco[Download]
Hajar El-Mahdad, Abdelkbir El Ouidani

Research On The Innovation Of Investment Management Mode Of Social Security Fund[Download]
Xiao Jinping

Analytical Investigation Of The Discharge Valve Dynamics In A Reciprocating Compressor For Trans-Critical Co2 Refrigeration Cycle[Download]
Sagar Guduru, Raju Rao P, Srinivasulu P

Attack System And Vulnerability Discovery In Penetration Testing Using Sql Injection[Download]
Mahmoud Abedi*, Ali Zaghian

One Dimensional Mathematical Model Of Bed-Load Sediment Transport In Shallow Water Flows[Download]
Amedeo Mwarania, Simon Mutugi

A Critical Analysis On The Impact Of Environmental Dynamics On Intelligence Development In Kenya[Download]
Joyce Kariuki, Dr. Ruth Thinguri

Index-Word Mining And Conversations Document Clustering For Recommendation[Download]
Valluru Harika, Ms.B.Sumalatha

Software Sizing With Use Case Point[Download]
Sangeetha K, Prof. Pankaj Dalal

Value Chain Analysis Of Abaca (Musa Textiles) Fiber In Northern Samar, Philippines[Download]
Edwin R. Celestino, Gregorio O. Sarmiento, Jinky T. Bencio

Query By Image Content System Based On Colour And Texture Feature Of Image[Download]
Vishal Mahajan, Nishant

An Advanced Methodology For Processing Geo-Dispersed Big Data Using Map Reduce[Download]
Vasantha Kumari, Swamy L N , Sukruth Gowda M A, Rajesh S M

Spatial Diversity In Wireless System To Combat Fading Effects[Download]
Sanjeev Kumar, Gurpreet Singh Saini

Efficient Data Routing Analysis In Fanets To Achieve Qos[Download]
Shilpa K G, Mr.Prakash V Parande

Investigation On Heat Transfer Through An Annular Bend Tube For Various Nano Fluids Using Thermal And Cfd Analysis[Download]
B.Sairamprasad, N.Gopal, P.Srinivas

Ensuring Secure Communication By Providing High Security And Data Confidentiality In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Mamata, Deepak N Biradar

Secure User Data Using Encryption For Preserving Private Data In Cloud[Download]
M Purnachandra Rao, Vadamodula Prasad, V Hemanth Kumar

Preparation And Characterization Of Dmpc Liposomal-Gentamicin; Antibacterial Time-Kill Study On Escherichia Coli Atcc 8739[Download]
Sally Helmy, S. S. Mohamed, Sherif S. Mahmoud, Mona S. Talaat

Magnitude And Phase Response Of Low Pass Fir Filter Using Rectangular And Blackman Window Techniques[Download]
Pooja Pandey , Sumit Chakravorty, Durgesh Sahu, Pranay Kumar Rahi

A Group Policy Based Authentication For Cloud Sharing[Download]
M.Sushma, R. Rajakumar

Computer Simulations Of Natural Convection Of Single Phase Nanofluids In Simple Enclosures[Download]
Raj Kumar Bodakuntla, Raju Rao P, Srinivas P

An Expert System For The Treatment Of Cardiovascular Disease[Download]
Benedict Mbanefo Emewu , Vincent O.C Eke

Biometric Authentication Technologies And Applications[Download]
Benedict Mbanefo Emewu, Vincent O.C Eke

Design Of Lowpass Fir Filter Using Rectangular And Hamming Window Techniques[Download]
Ayush Gavel, Hem Lal Sahu, Gautum Sharma, Pranay Kumar Rahi

Petrogenesis And Geochemical Characteristics Of Core Samples Gneieisses At Abu Rusheid Area, Southeastern Desert, Egypt .[Download]
Oraby, F. M., Mahmoud, M. A. M., El-Mezayen, A. M, And Shalan, A. S.

Incremental Detection Of Redundancy And Data Pruning[Download]
B.V.S.Haripriya, K.Sekar

Optimization Of Fir Filters Using Mcm And Cse Techniques[Download]
Pankaj Gupta, Mandeep Kaur

K-Neighborhood-Prime Labeling Of Graphs[Download]
P. Lawrence Rozario Raj, Sr. Jincy Joseph

Comparison study of CBF and EBF bracing operation in steel structures[Download]
Yasser Khademi, Mehdi Rezaie

Big Data Analytics Service Framework For Advertising And Marketing[Download]
Ganapati V Ourasang, Prakash V Parande

Design And Simulation Of Cmos Schmitt Trigger[Download]
Pranay Kumar Rahi, Shashi Dewangan, Tanuj Yadav, Md Muzaherul Haque

Delay Tolerant Networks And Wi-Fi Frameworks For Cellular Traffic Offloading[Download]
Kuruva Ramanjineyulu, Arjun K

Designing A Low Pass Fir Filter By Using Rectangular And Talor Window[Download]
Pramod Yadav, Shankarlal Sahu, Vijendra Prajapati, Pranay Kumar Rahi

Analysis Of Water Quality In Selected Stations Along River, Tambaraparani Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu, India[Download]
S. Priya, S. Sam Manohar Das, K. Vareethiah

Forensic Analysis Of Google Drive On Windows[Download]
Ming Sang Chang

Effect Of Zn Doping On Magnetic Properties Of Magnesium Ferrite Nanoparticles[Download]
V. D. Murumkar

Design And Mechanical Analysis Of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composite Containing Bamboo[Download]
Ashish Mishra , Niharika Mishra

Designing A Low- Pass Fir Digital Filter By Using Rectangular Window And Hanning Window Technique[Download]
Gauri Nandan Prasad Tripathi, Ghanshyam Shriwas, Kamal Kant Chandra, Pranay Kumar Rahi

Web Outlook Analysis For Attains The Positive Or Negative Words Using Micro Blogging And Social Networking Data.[Download]
T Praveen Raja

Renewable Energy Based Interleaved Boost Converter[Download]
Pradeepakumara V, Nagabhushan patil

From Data Warehouse To Big Data: E-Government Initiatives[Download]
Azizah Bt Haji Ahmad, Wasan Abdulwahab Mohamme, Manhal Isam Abdullah Ibrahim Shaban

A Comparative Performance Analysis Of High Pass Filter Using Bartlett Hanning And Blackman Harris Windows[Download]
Vandana Kurrey, Shalu Choudhary, Pranay Kumar Rahi

Emergence Of Ott Communication Services And Sustenance Of Revenue Among Kenya Telcos.[Download]
Timothy Kipkorir Sawe.

Gain Processing Efficiency Of C Programming Through Avoiding Data Types Declaration.[Download]
Mr. Ajeet Mishra

Comparative Analysis Of Flying Capacitor And Diode Clamped Multilevel Inverters Using Spwm[Download]
Akhila.A, Manju Ann Mathews, Dr Nisha G.K

Study On Effect Of Infill Distribution On Buildings During Earthquake[Download]
Ebitta Joy, Divya Sasi

Some New Face And Total Face Signed Product Cordial Graphs[Download]
A. Muthaiyan, A. Nesamathi

Current-Voltage And Capacitive Behavior Of Zinc Oxide:Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Composite Films[Download]
Gaurav Yadav, Vishakha Roy, Neeraj Kumar

Prospect Of Human Resources Management In Enhancing Higher Productivity In Construction Industries In Enugu State, Nigeria[Download]
Agu, N. N, Ugochukwu, S

Evaluation Of Environmental Management System Status For Industrial Workplace In The State Of Punjab[Download]
Meenakshi Sharma, Rupinder Singh Litt, A.S.Balgir

On Identities Of Rogers-Ramanujan Type[Download]
Shaikh Fokor Uddin Ali Ahmed

Forensic Investigation Of Google+ On Windows 10[Download]
Ming Sang Chang

A Critical Analysis On Form Four Leavers’ Preparedness In Science Pedagogy In Secondary Schools In Kenya[Download]
Penina W. Mburu, Dr. Ruth W. Thinguri

Polyaniline Doped Folic Acid With Morphologic Like Plates And Plates High Crystallinity Synthesis And Characterization[Download]
Vicente Lira Kupfer, Cleiser Thiago Pereira Da Silva,Nelson Luis De Campos Domingues, Murilo Pereira Moises, Andrelson Wellington Rinaldi

Study On Beam-To-Column Connection With Viscoelastic Hysteretic Dampers For Seismic Damage Control[Download]
Anju John, Manju George

Dynamic Analysis Of Diagrid System With Complex Shape[Download]
Deepa Varkey, Manju George

Ultimate Strength Analysis Of Highly Damaged Plates[Download]
Jyothy K George, Jobil Varghese

Structural Behaviour Of Reinforced Concrete Haunched Beam A Study On Ansys And Etabs[Download]
Anu Jolly , Vidya Vijayan

A Critical Study Of Teachers’ Strategies For Coping With Challenges Of Teaching Integrated English In Kenya Public Secondary Schools[Download]
Adam Magdalene Akinyi, Dr Ruth W. Thinguri

A Novel Compact Size Reconfigurable Antenna With Ability To Select Of Wlan/Wimax Application Frequency[Download]
Salar Jafari, Yashar Zehforoosh

To The Qualitative Properties Of Solution Of System Equations Not In Divergence Form[Download]
Mirsaid Aripov, Alisher Matyakubov

Laplace And Sumudu Transforms And Their Application[Download]
Janki Vashi, M. G. Timol

To Study The Flexural, Tensile And Compressive Strength Of Reinforced Concrete By Adding Glass & Steel Fibers In Different Proportions[Download]
Nitin Verma, Dr. A.K. Jain

An Experimental Study On Flyash Based Geopolymer Pavement Block With Polypropylene Fibre[Download]
Rismy Muhammed, Deepthy Varkey

High Pass Fir Filter Design And Performance Analysis Using Rectangular And Blackman Window Techniques.[Download]
Sumit Chakravorty, Pooja Pandey, Sashwat Vohra, Mukesh Chandra, Pranay Kumar Rahi

Determination Of Relationship Between Mechanical Properties Of Engineered Cementitious Composites[Download]
Anu T Eldho, Divya Sasi

Natural Combination To Trade In The Stock Market[Download]
Nazish Nazir Mudasir Ahmed Mutto

An Efficient Code Clone Detection Model On Web Applications :Review[Download]
Muneer Ahmad Mudasir Ahmad Mutto

An Hybrid Approach Of Test-Case Prioritization :Review[Download]
Zubair Rashid Bhat Mudasir Ahmed Mutto

Performance Analysis Of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm[Download]
Shruti Garg, Ashok Kumar Sharma, Priyanka Yadav

Characterization Study And Simulation Of Mimo Free Space Optical Communication Under Different Atmospheric Channel[Download]
Dr. Shehab A. Kadhim, Dr. Salah Aldeen A. Taha, Ali Q. Baki

Secure Data Transmission Through Relay Node in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN)[Download]
Ravi Shankar H S, Mr. Ramakrishna Prasad A L