Volume 3 - Issue 9

Pressure Effects On Proliferation Of Methane-Producing Bacterias In Mesophylic Anaerobic Fermentation[Download]
Carmen Mateescu

L-Ascorbic Acid Assisted Sol-Gel Auto Combustion Synthesis And Characterizations Of Ni-Cd Ferrite Nanoparticles[Download]
Vithal Vinayakrao Dhole

Design And Performance Analysis Of Low Pass Fir Filter Using Different Windows Techniques[Download]
Manoj Chandra Dey1, Smriti Baxla2, Pranay Kumar Rahi3, Muzaherul Haque4

A Critical Analysis Oneffectivenessof Instructionaldesign Techniques On Provision Of Quality Mathematicspedagogyinkenyan Schools[Download]
Josphat Kimanzi Maithya And Dr Ruth.W.Thinguri.

Dual Mode Logic – Design For Energy Efficiency And High Performance Carry Skip Adder[Download]
U. Suresh, C. Bhargav, K. Prasad Babu, K.Sudhkar, T.Chakrapani

Hardware Implementation Of Dew Point Measurement[Download]
T. O. Aluko, H. O. Boyo, T. P. Adebayo, O. F. Odubanjo

Detecting Image Forgery Based on Noise Estimation[Download]
Ahmed Alsomeet, Yusra Alibrahim

Greener Centralized Networks Using Software Defined Networks[Download]
Yusra Alibrahim, Ahmed Alsomeet

Twitter Social Network Forensics On Windows 10[Download]
Ming Sang Chang1, Chih Yen Chang2

Effect Of Oral Artemether On Anxiety And Fear In Mice[Download]
Koofreh G. Davies, Christopher E. Ekpenyong

New Development Of Vehicle Abnormal Behavior Detection Method Based On Intelligent Video Analysis[Download]
Li Qiankun, Chen Jiaxin

Hardness Analysis Of Ti-6Al 2Sn 4Zr 6Mo Using Vickers And Micro Vickers Indentation Tests.[Download]
Muhammad Irfan Khan, Abdul Shakoor, Riaz Muhammad, Muhammad Usman, Numan Khan

Strategies To Cultivate University Students’Innovative And Entrepreneurship Abilities In The Big Data Era[Download]
Qin Shengyang

A Critical Analysis On Teachers’ Perception On Tuteiage And Schooling To Learners With Special Educational Needs In Inclusive Institutes In Kenya.[Download]
Mary Monthe Nthenge And Dr. Ruth Thinguri

A Survey On Applications Of Wireless Sensor Networks In Health Care[Download]
Dr. Keshava Prasanna, Dr. Thungamani.M, Dr.Savitha.R


A Survey Of Covert Channels In Bittorrent Network[Download]
Bin Gao, Jiangtao Zhai

Suitability Study Of Subsurface Soil For Landfill Development In Makurdi-Nigeria[Download]
Enokela O.S M.J.Ayotamuno And A.H.Igoni

Using Winter Camp Days Of National Service Scheme (Nss) Volunteers To Impart Nutrition And Health Education –Experience From Hyderabad[Download]
Vijayapushpam T, Hrusikesh Panda, Shobana Siddabattula, Balakrishna N

Thermodynamic And Kinetic Investigation In Copigmentation Reaction Between Strawberry Anthocyanins And Chlorogenic Acid[Download]
Ivalina Petrova, Vanya Gandova

The Development Method For Recompense Of Power Quality Events Using Sag Mitigation Devices[Download]
S.Selvakumar V.Kamatchi Kannan

Knowledge Based Systems Text Analysis[Download]
Dr. Shubhangi D.C, Ravikiran Mitte

Simulation Of A 3-, 2-Level Inverter With A Discrete 3- Pwm Generator To Reduce The Harmonics And Improve The Power Quality[Download]
Rajesh Maharudra Patil , Dr. M S Nagaraj, Dr. P S Venkataramu

The Model And Method Of Data Theft Based On Image Camouflage[Download]
Yu Tang

Coloring Phenomena Of Hamiltonian Graphs[Download]
A.Sri Krishna Chaitanya, Dr. R. Sivaprasad

Survey Of Some Insect Pests Of Cultivated Vegetables In Ajiwa Irrigation Site Of Katsina State, Nigeria[Download]
Mohammed Suleiman

Calculating The Expected Time To Seroconversion Of Hiv Infected Using Two Source Of Transmission[Download]
Bharathidass, Sathiyamoorthy, Lognathan, Pandiyan

A Novel Compact Microstrip Antenna For Multiband Applications In Wireless Communication Systems[Download]
Amir Siahcheshm, Yashar Zehforoosh

Effect Of Potato Peel Powder With Bacillus On Growth And Biochemical Changes Of Fish Etroplus Suratensis[Download]
Dr.S.J.Sreeja, Dr.A.Tamil Selvi, Mrs.P.Nandha Kumari, Dr.A.Palavesam

Compositional Effect On The Spectral Dependence Of The Absorption In Ge40Te60-Xsbx Alloy[Download]
Saurabh Kumar Tiwari, A.K.Saxena, Dinesh Saxena

Sentiment Analysis Of Twitter By Using Apache Flume[Download]
Y.Sushmitha Reddy, M.Padma

The Effect Of Temperature On Photodiodes[Download]
Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed, Mubarak Dirar Abdallah

Performance Evaluation Of Variable Compression Ratio For Diesel Engine Using Convergent-Divergent Nozzle In The Intake Manifold[Download]
Dr.I.Satyanarayana, T.Vidyasagar

M/G/1 Retrial Queue With Two Stage Heterogeneous Service, Non-Persistent Customers, Extended Vacation And Setup Time.[Download]

Impact Of Relay Selection On Dual-Hop Relay Communication Systems In Rayleigh Fading Channels[Download]
Ye Hoon Lee

Analysis Of Channel Estimation Error And Feedback Delay In Closed-Loop Transmit Antenna Diversity (Tad) Communication Systems[Download]
Ye Hoon Lee

The Effects Of Outflow Of Precious Metals From New World To Europe And The Price Revolution[Download]
Zeynep Karacor Rahime Hulya Ozturk

Sustainability And Greenness Of Buildings Through Life Cycle Stages: An Overview[Download]
Dr.Samir Bajpai, Er. Manish Sakhlecha

The Scarlet Letter Presents A Sad Tale Of Love And Betrayal Within The Context Of Seventeenth-Century Puritan New England: A Study Between The Struggle And The Individuality Of Hester Prynne[Download]
Farhana Haque, M. A

Thermal Analysis Of Ceramic Coated Steel Alloy Piston Used In Diesel Engine Using Fem[Download]
Dr.I.Satyanarayana, N. Rajyalaxmi

Ship-Radiated Noise Reconstructed Based On Fir Filter[Download]
Tian Wen

Integrated Evaluation Of The Main Petrophysical Parameters For Sidri Member, Belayim Land Oil Field, Sinai, Egypt Using Log And Core Data.[Download]
El Kadi, H.H. , Salah, A. S. , Abdel Wahid, M. M.

Primary School Teachers’ Perception Of The Benefits Of Information And Communication Technology In Ogoja Education Zone Of Cross River State, Nigeria[Download]
Mr Bernard Atrogor Oko And Dr (Mrs) Grace O. Edu

Technology Education: A Viable Option For Sustainable Employment And Poverty Alleviation In Nigeria[Download]
D. O. Edu

Comparative Analysis Of Biogas Yield From Different Biodegradable Substrates In Dutsinma Local Government Area, Katsina State – Nigeria[Download]
J. O. Fatokun, S. Shitu, E. Joseph, A. A. Bem, A. S. Na-Allah, E. Ekanem

Design and Development of Low Cost Compact Force Dynamometer for Cutting Forces Measurements and Process Parameters Optimization in Turning Applications [Download]
Muhammad Imran Hanif , Muhammad Aamir, Riaz Muhammad, Naseer Ahmed, Shahid Maqsood

Sentinel LYMPHO Node Mapping in Uterine Cancer on SPECT- CT an Experiment of the Nuclear Medicine Department Of Saint Antoine Hospital of Paris[Download]
O. Diop, B. Ndong, E. A.L. Bathily, W. Sow-Diop, G. Mbaye, L A D Diouf, P .M SY, A.R. Djiboune O. Ndoye, M. Mbodj, S.Seck-gassama, J-Y. Devaux