Volume 4 - Issue 1

Optimising The Parameters For The Congo Red Dye Decontamination In Aqueous Solutions By Polyvinylpalmitate Adsorbents[Download]
S Rathika, P S Raghavan

Response Spectrum Analysis Of Single Storey Framed Structure By Numerical Integration Methods[Download]
Jayaraman Ariyagounder , Dr.V Senthilkumar, M Saravanan

How Information Quality Leads To Operational Capabilities And Corporate Performance[Download]
Shu-Mei Tseng

Cloud Computing : In Simple Terms[Download]
Jamil Abdul Kareem Al Muttawa

Energy Monitoring, Assessment And Control System Based On Zigbee[Download]
Abdülkadir Çakir, Husam Abdul Muttaleb Abdul Ameer Alabde

Parametric Analysis Of Mixed Gas-Steam Cycle For Various Blades Cooling Means[Download]
Shubham Tiwari1, Laxmi Kant Sahu2, Ankita Sharma3

Determination Of Thermal Rating Of Power Semiconductor Devices For Different Motor Duty Cycle[Download]
Muazzam Laiq, Avinash Sinha

Distance Measurement Using Stereo Vision[Download]
Sheetal Nagar, Prashant Mavi

Determination Of Component Values For Butterworth Type Active Filter By Differential Evolution Algorithm[Download]
Bahadır Hiçdurmaz

Digital Family[Download]
Matthew N. O. Sadiku , Adebowale E. Shadare And Sarhan M. Musa

Lactic Acid Bacteria And Their Biopreservative Role In Attiéké (Ivorian Traditional Food)[Download]
Kouakou P., Ouya K. G., Olivier K. Chatigre , Beda M. Yapo

Design Analysis And Parametric Modeling Of Harmonics Effects On A 1.5Kva Single Phase Wooden Cross Cutting Machine Step Down Transformer[Download]
France O. Akpojedje, Yussuf O. Abu, Clement Agbeboaye

Vehicle Leaf Spring Design, Analysis & Comparison By Using E-Glass / Epoxy And Steel 65Si7[Download]
Prakash Shakti

Intelligent Web Server Navigation Usability And Web Usage Data Mining For Improving Users Satisfaction[Download]
Amit Kumar Mishra

Social Computing[Download]
Matthew N. O. Sadiku , Adebowale E. Shadare And Sarhan M. Musa

Evaluation Of Surface Water For Different Uses In The Area Between Abu Qurqas - Dyer Mawas Area, El Minia Governorate, Egypt[Download]
Hassan Sabet, Amr El-Gohary, Salman Salman, Ahmed Asmoay

Equilibrium Of Stars Within The Framework Of Generalized Special Relativity Theory[Download]
Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Mohammed. S. Dawood , Ahmed. A. Elfaki, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Study Of Genuine And Forged Indian Bank Cheques By Using Video Spectral Comparator-40[Download]
Ketan Patil, Dr. Navjot Kaur, Manish Malhotra

Comparison Of Various Writing Characteristics Of Hindiand Marathi Languages Of Devanagari Origin[Download]
Priyanka Sorate,Navjot Kaur Kanwal, Manish Malhotra

Synthesis Of Photosensitive Nano-Composite For Imaging The Design Into The Screen[Download]
Dr. Abd El-Moniem Mahmoud

Determination Of The Level Of Some Heavy Metals And Trace Elements In River Gongola Of Adamawa State, Nigeria[Download]
Goje L.J. Maigari F.U, Jadeed M

1, 2- Aminothioly As An Analytical Reagent For Extraction Spectrophotometric Determination Of Copper (Ii)[Download]
Abel M Maharramov, Afet T Huseynova, Yavar C Gasimova, Mirze A Allahverdiev, Ali Z Zalov

Synthesis And Characterization Of Cadmium Sulfide Nanoparticles[Download]
R.Hepzi Pramila Devamani, R.Kiruthika, P.Mahadevi, S.Sagithapriya

Frequency of Breast Cancer in Goa, India[Download]
Trivikram M. Deshpande, A. K. Pandey, S. K. Shyama

Hardware Implementation Of Photovoltaic System Using Boost-Sepic Converter With Direct Control Ic Mppt Algorithm[Download]
Sreevidya.R, Raja Prabhu.R

Groundnut Production Constraints And Farmers’ Preferred Varieties In Niger[Download]
Mamadou A. Coulibaly, Bonny R. Ntare, Vernon E. Gracen, Eric Danquah, Kwadwo Ofori

Study On The Effects Of Values Of Magnification Factor, Main Reflector Diameter And Slant Factor Of Feed Antenna , On The Optimum Size Of Subreflector In Cassegrain Antenna System[Download]
Ali-Reza Sharifi

External Modulators And Mathematical Modelling Of Mach-Zehnder Modulator[Download]
H.K.Shankarananda, Shreyas S S, Guruprasad B

The Effect Of Different Concentrations Of Cuo On Solar Cell Performance[Download]
Khadija Mohamed Fadol Mokhtar, Mubarak Dirar Abdallah, Sawsan Ahmed Elhouri Ahmed

Impact Of Cloud Computing In E-Learning[Download]
Prof Smita Parte,

Reducing the Turbo Lag of a Fixed Geometry Turbocharger[Download]
Ali Assi1, Bassel Chokor, Mohamad Hammoud, Ali Hallal, Ali AL Shaer, and Bakri Abdulhay

A Review On Reversible Digital Audio Watermarking Scheme Using Wavelet Transformation[Download]
Ashwini V. Khillare, Ashwini V. Malviya

Modified RSA Cryptosystem[Download]
Harsh Sahay

A Study On Feature Selection, Clustering Techniques For Stuttering Identification In Automatic Speech Recognition[Download]
M.A. Josephine Sathya, Dr.S.P.Victor

Solving Nonlinear Least Squares Problem Using Gauss-Newton Method[Download]
Wen Huey Lai, Sie Long Kek, Kim Gaik Tay

Design of Smart Home System for Internal Threats[Download]
Prathamesh Kedar, Dr. Sandeep Chaware