Volume 4 - Issue 3

Effects Of The Type Of Building Materials On The Thermal Behaviour Of Building In The Hot Dry Climates: A Case Study Of Maroua City, Cameroon[Download]
Fohagui Fodoup Cyrille Vincelas, Tchuen Ghislain, Tchitnga Robert

Knowledge, Attitude And Practice Regarding The Use Of Resilient Liners Among Dental Practitioners In Chennai[Download]
Harshinee Chandrasekhar, Dr. Dhanraj

Knowledge,Attitude And Awareness Of Oral Piercings Among Dental Students[Download]
Priyanka Shenoy.B,Dr. Dhanraj

Investigate The Effects Of Initial Laser Phase, Fwhm On Jitter And Soliton Order For Long Haul Communication[Download]
Prabhjot Singh Bhullar, Kulwinder Singh, Amandeep Kaur

Design Of Terrestrial Ultra-Hdtv (Uhdtv) Set-Top Box[Download]
Jae-Pil Oh, Dong Ho Kim

Surface Micro-Relief And Dielectric Properties Of LDPE + x vol.% fs and LDPE + x vol.% Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3 Composites[Download]
E.M. Godzhaev, V.V. Salimova, D.M. Aleskerova

A Secured And Robust Image Steganographic Technique To Map A Large Text File Without Stuffing Data Bits[Download]
K.S.Sadasiva Rao, Dr A.Damodaram

The «Negative» Luminescence In Monocrystal Cdxhg1-Xte With Own Conductivity[Download]
H.S. Seyidli, N.M. Shukurov, M.Sh.Hasanova, S.R. Ahmadova

Based On Optimal Merging Criteria For Spectrum Sensing Techniques In Femtocell System[Download]
Shuai Peng*,Jinjing Wan*,Yuanhang Liu*

Understanding The Moderating Effects Of Gender On Personality Traits And Customer Knowledge Preferences[Download]
Shu-Mei Tseng, Chau-Wei Liang, Hsien-Leing Tsai, Chao-Wei Chou

Electronic And Nonlinear Optical (Nlo) Properties Of Fluorophenylpyridines[Download]
H. Alyar , S. Alyar

Effect Of Particle Volume Concentration On Thermo Physical Properties Of Silicon Carbide Water Based Nanofluid[Download]
S. Seetaram, A.N.S. Sandeep, B. Mohan Krishna, S. Laxmana Kumar, N. Surendra Kumar, T. Kanthimathi

Effect Of V2O5 Additive On Structural And Magnetic Properties Of Ni-Zn Ferrite[Download]
M. S. Patil, M. N. Sarnaik, V. D. Murumkar, A. A. Pandit, D. R. Shingule

Review On Salient Region Detection Via Different Techniques[Download]
Miss.Sweeti More, Prof.Sonal Patil

A Survey Of Frequent Itemset Mining Using Different Techniques[Download]
Miss.Pooja Purohit, Prof.Sonal Patil

Public Bicycle Site Area Division Based On Improved K - Means Algorithm[Download]
Jing Zhang, Yan Liang, Wenjun Wei

Comparison Between Ospfv3 And Ospfv2[Download]
Mustafa Elgili Mustafa

Criteria And Indicators To Evaluate Green Industrial Zone: The Case Of Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam[Download]
Dieu, T. T. M.

Using Bim For Futuristic Workplace Safety And Permit-To-Work System For Hot Work[Download]
Ujjawal Chauhan

A Computational Study Of The Linear And Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Aminopyridines, Aminopyrimidines And Aminopyrazines[Download]
Hamit Alyar, Saliha Alyar

Methodology For ‘5S’ Implementation In A Small Scale Manufacturing Industry[Download]
Rajkumar Devkar, Niyati Raut

Intelligent Monitoring System Of Ship Engine Room Based On Can Bus[Download]
Wang Ming-Qian

A Probabilistic Multiple Hypothesis Tracking System For Space Object Tracking[Download]
Kodanda Dhar Sa, Dillip Dash

Investigation Of The Influence Of Cu On Mg Added Al-Si-Cu (A319) Alloy[Download]
S.Meinathan, Nitin.Vr

Implementation Of Tpm To Enhance Oee In Medium Scale Industries: A Review[Download]
Swapnil Raut, Niyati Raut

Multi Network Selection Algorithm Based On Service Type[Download]
Wang Zhenyu, Tao Yang1 And Zhao Fangjin

Hydrology Of Wadi El Sanab, El Qasr Area, West Mersa Matrouh, Northwestern Coastal Zone – Egypt.[Download]
Hassan S. Sabet, Yehia L. Ismail, Said A. F. Hawash, Ezz El Deen S.

Nutrition In Indian Adolescents[Download]
Akanksha Rathi

Generalized Soft Filter And Soft Net[Download]
Alyasaa Jasim Bdaiwi

A Comparison Between Directfb And X11 Graphics Library[Download]
Sung-Bong Jang, Jeong-Mi Kim, Mi-Young Choi

Efficient Search On Xml Data By Using Context Based Diversification[Download]
R.Aishwarya, Y.Sudha Madhuri

Neighbourhood Edge Product Cordial And Total Neighbourhood Edge Product Cordial Labeling Of Graphs[Download]
A. Muthaiyan, G. Bhuvaneswari

Alteration Of Natural Sand By Crushed Pebble Sand[Download]
Sivakumar.R, Shanmuga Vadivu.V, Mohammed Yousuff.H, Manoj Chatriyan.R And Bramanathan.V

Increase Production Of Some Secondary Products In Callus Of Citrullus Colocynthis L. Using Chemical And Physical Elicitors.[Download]
Dr. Alla Jabbar Taha And Halla H. Mutasher.

A Proposed Quality Preserving Framework For Ensuring The Property Of Medical Patient Information[Download]
Gamal H. Eladl

An Experimental Study On Partial Replacement For Coarse Aggregate By E-Waste In Concrete.[Download]
Saranya K, V.Muthuswamy, R.Sathiyaraj, A.Sudharsan

A Study On Effect Of Ultrafine Grain Refinement On Mechanical Properties Of Non-Heat Treatable Alloys[Download]
Mr. Harshal Panditrao Jadhav, Prof. V.C. Kale

Design Issues In E Commerce Web-App Development[Download]
Dr Simon Karume, Andrew Kipkebut

Set-Point Tracking Of Pi And Pid Controlled Fast Response Flow System[Download]
Benjamin Chinedum Oforkansi

A Comparative Study On Structural Behaviour Of Ferro-Cement And Geogrid Bound Beams With R.C.C Beams[Download]
Madhuvanthi D,Deepa M, Manoj Kumar N,Anbarasan C,Anand Babu T

Chondroprotective Effects Of Intra-Articular Autologous Conditioned Serum (Acs) Injection: An Human Literature Review.[Download]
G. Caggiari, F.M. Uboldi, G.R. Mosele, A. Donato, L. Puddu, A. Manunta

Experimental Study On Partial Replacement Of Cement By Hyposludge In Concrete[Download]
Priya R,Hepzibah A,Indhuja N,Madhavan D,Manikandan R

Wideband Gap Coupled Microstrip Antenna Using Ris Structure[Download]
Pallavi Bhalekar, L.K. Ragha

The Study Of Workload And Working Time Of General Practitioners In Health Care Organizations By Taking The Example Of Clinic In Kazakhstan.[Download]
Aigul Mergentay, D.B. Kulov, Gulbadan Bekembayeva, Vitaliy Koikov, B.K. Omarkulov, Galia Mussina, A.M. Tazabekov

The Effects Of Inlet Temperature On Heat Transfer Behaviours Of Evaporation In Rectangular Microchannels[Download]
Batan Le, Vanmanh Nguyen, And Thanhtrung Dang

Site Selection Of Ecotourism: A Case Study Of Zhejiang Province[Download]
Yiyang Fang

Dielectric and Optical Properties Of The Fish Skin And Scales.[Download]
E.M. Gojayev, N.S.Nabiev, S.Sh.Kahramanov, Sh.V.Alieva