Volume 1 - Issue 1

Design and Development of Autonomous Chess Playing Robot [Download]
R Arif Mohamed Khan, R Kesavan

A Novel Technique to Reduce the Image Noise Using Image Fusion [Download]
A Aushik,S Sridevi

An Enhanced Image Retrieval Using K-Mean Clustering Algorithm in Integrating Text and Visual Features [Download]
S Najimun Nisha, K A Mehar Ban

Automatic Mode Selection for Video Content Downloading in Cloud Computing [Download]
S sameena

Efficient Occlusion Handling Object Tracking System [Download]
C Sathish, J Merwin Amala Roger

An Algorithm for Implementing Security in Cloud [Download]
S Anuja

Voice Controlled Local Area Networks [Download]
Dona mol Kurian1, Athira Renjan, K selva sheela