Volume 2 - Issue 7

Design Of Low Power Cmos Adder, Serf, Modified Serf Adder[Download]
V.Dileep Chowdary , K. Prasad Babu, S.Ahmed Basha, M.Sreenivasulu, K.Sudhakar,

Qualitative Agriculture Product Analysis Based Spss Software & Management Using Cloud Computing[Download]
Vaishali Madan , Shubhangi Borkar,

Anti-Depression Effects Of Lithospermum Erythrorhizon Extract By Regulation Of Inflammation[Download]
Jun-Seon Lee, Kyung-Yae Hyun,

Investigation Of Changes In Somatosensory Evoked Potentials In Rats In Which Chronic Alcoholism Was Induced[Download]
Jun-Seon Lee, Gil-Hyun Lee, Kyung-Yae Hyun,

Distribution Generation Scenario In Indian Context: An Review[Download]
Pallavi Singh , Vaneet Singh,

Evaluation Of Safety Considerations In Workstation Design For Computer Operator.[Download]
Osueke, G. O, Okolie, S. T. A. And Anyaeche, C. O,

Innovative Techniques To Improve The Life Time Of Wireless Sensor Networks (Wsn)[Download]
R. Deenadhayalan, Dr. S. Anandamurugan

Vehicle Detection And Tracking Techniques Used In Moving Vehicles[Download]
Siddhartha A. Meshram, Prof. Vishal. B. Raskar,

A Review On Routing Protocol For Wireless Sensor Network[Download]
Shilpa S Patharwalkar,

Enhancement Of Lifetime Using Residual Energy Based Routing In Wireless Ad Hoc Networks[Download]
Yashodhari, Ramya S Pure,

Optimization Of Production And Inventory Systems In Manufacturing For Higher Productivity.[Download]
Osueke, G. O, Okolie, S. T. A,

Expected Time To Recruitment In Single Grade Manpower System Under Correlated Wastage[Download]
J. Sridharan, K. Elangovan A. Srinivasan

Theory Of Inventive Problem Solving (Triz): His-Story[Download]
Diana Starovoytova Madara,

Diversity Assessment Of Endophytic Fungi From Azadirachta Indica A. Juss. From Various Regions Of Aurangabad, Maharashtra (India)[Download]
Taware A.S., Rajurkar S.K.,

A Cognitive Study Of Weak Ellipsis In The Absence Of Information[Download]
Wei Chen,

Ideal Bitopological B-T0 (-T1, -T2) Spaces[Download]
N. Gowrisankar, P. Senthil Kumar,

Ideal Bitopological B-R0 (-R1) Spaces[Download]
N. Gowrisankar, P. Senthil Kumar,

A Study Of Work-Life Balance Among The College Teachers In Pudukkottai And Thanjavur Districts[Download]
S.Mari, Dr.O.M.Haja Mohideen

Ac To Ac Power Convertion Using Indirect Matrix Converter For Improving The Voltage Transfer Ratio[Download]
R.Elamparithi, M.Vadivel, J.Rajprabaharan,

Existence, Uniqueness And Stability Solution Of Non-Linear System Of Integro-Differential Equation Of Volterra Type[Download]
Prof. Dr. Raad. N. Butris,

Alternative Energy To The Rural Communities Of Nigeria: Solution To Energy Shortage.[Download]
Adebayo Adeola Abiola, Ekejiuba Caroline Oluchi.

Antarctic Stratospheric Ozone Concentration Oscillation And Rainfall Variability In Yaoundé[Download]
Abossolo Samuel Aimé, Batha Romain Armand Soleil, Ngoufack Carlos,

A Review On Smart Sensor Interface For Industrial Wsn In Iot Environment[Download]
Swapnil R Gaikwad,

Design Of Inverters With Harmonics Reduction Technique Using Artificial Neural Network[Download]
Sisir Mazumder, Susovan Dutta, Akash Samanta,

Eeg De-Noising Using Wavelet Transform And Fast Ica[Download]
Prof. Sachin Borse,,

Study Of Electronic And Optical Properties Of Boron Nitride[Download]
Rebecca Lalngaihawmi, R.K.Thapa,

Development Of Manually Operated Papad Cutter For Small Scale Papad Making Units[Download]
P. A. Borkar, M. R. Rajput, R. P. Murumkar, M. M. Dange,

College Students’ Hearing Ability Through Pure Tone Audiometry[Download]
Shin-Hae Jeung, Byung-Moon Jin , Kyung-Yae Hyun,

Safety Aspects Of Handling Alcohols And Other Alternative Fuels For Use In Internal Combustion Engines[Download]
M.Srinivasnaik, Dr.T.V.V. Sudhakar, Dr.B. Balunaik,

Microwave Assisted Synthesis Of Some New Purines And Their N-Alkyl Derivatives (Hydrazones And Their Acyclo C-Nucleosides) Of Expected Antimicrobial And Antifungal Activity[Download]
Mahmoud A. Amina,B, Mosselhi A. M. Mohamed*A,C, Mohamed R. E. Aly

Computer Vision Based Traffic Controlling[Download]
Meru A.V, Mujawar I.I, Chadanshive A.A

A New System For Monitoring Of Para-Fiscal Levies Based On Knowledge Bases And New Software Solutions[Download]
Ilija Susic, Nikola Atlagic, Mladen Radivojevic,

A Novel Energy Management System In An Electric -Electric Hybrid Vehicle By Utilisation Of Back Emf Of Dc Motor[Download]
Dr. B Meenakshi, C Anu Priya, P Anusundari,

Implementation Of Secure Elliptic Curve Cryptography Against Side Channel Attacks[Download]
Miss. Anuja S. Deoghare, K. N. Hande

A Study On Effective Performance Appraisal, Job Satisfaction And Employee Engagement In Multinational Company- A Case Study[Download]
Prodosh, Dr.A.Mohemed Siddique

Use Of Hidden Markov Mobility Model For Location Prediction And Biclustering For Cache Replacement In Manet[Download]
Bhakti D. Shelar, Mr. D. K. Chitre,

A System To Provide Efficient Recommendation Based On Side Information Clustering[Download]
Ms. Nikita P.Katariya, Prof. M. S. Chaudhari,

A Study Of Acceptance, Work Stressors And Occupational Well Being In Health Industry In India[Download]
Bala Murugan, Dr.N.Abduljalel

Influence Of Farming Activities In The Cross River Gorilla Conservation In The Tofala Hills Wildlife Sanctuary (Thws), South-West Region Cameroon[Download]
Ngoufack Carlos, Abossolo Samuel Aimé Batha Romain Armand Soleil

Efficient Query Optimization Of Xml Tree Pattern Matching By Using Holistic Approach[Download]
Miss. Bharti D. Wanjari1, Professor Mr. Kapil N. Hande

Optimal Riser Design By Fuzzy Geometric Programming Technique[Download]
Pintu Das, Tapan Kumar Roy,

Flow Of A Dusty Viscous Fluid Though The Circular Pipe With The Consideration Of The Volume Fraction Of The Dust Particles[Download]
Bhavna Singh, Ajit Paul

Morphological Segmentation Of Blood Vessels In Retinal Image[Download]
Prof. Manjusha S. Borse,

An Energy Efficient Adaptive Intracluster Routing For Wireless Sensor Network[Download]

Single –Layer Single Patch Quad Band Antenna For S &C Band Application[Download]
Khalid Ali Khan, Sobersh Singh, Ankit Jha,

Ab-Initio Study Of Electronic Properties Of Co2Mnal And Co2Mnsi[Download]
Benjamin Vanlalruata, R.K.Thapa,

Catalytic Vapor Phase Hydration Acetylene And Its Derivatives[Download]
N.I. Fayzullaev,,

Data Retrieving Using Dynamic Query Forms Approach[Download]
Ku. Kalyani Matey, Ms. Archana Nikose

Ames-Cloud: A Framework Of Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming, Fetching And Preservation Over Cloud Computing[Download]
Miss. Payal Krishnarao Hedau, Mr. Manoj S. Chaudhari

Performance Of Tractor Operated Seed Drill For Sowing Of Paddy[Download]
Usha R. Dongarwar, R.P. Murumkar, D.S. Phad, B.Y. Borkar,, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth

Qr Code: An Innovative Teaching Learning Tool[Download]
U. R. Wayase,

Special Pythagorean Triangles And Triangular Numbers[Download]
Dr. Mita Darbari,

Image Denoising Using Kd-Tree And Nearest Neighbour Based Kernel Regression Model[Download]
Khushkismat Khera, Ms Aman Saini

Image Segmentation Using Hybrid Pso-Fcm[Download]
Rahul Kakar, Akansha Singh,

Simulated Performance Metrics Of Lte Systems For Large Number Of Users[Download]
Radhakrishnan Subramanian,

A Common Fixed Point Theorem For Two Weakly Compatible Pairs Of Self Maps On A Fuzzy Metric Space[Download]
K.P.R.Sastry, G.A.Naidu

Design Of Earthquake Resistant Multistoried Building On A Sloping Ground[Download]
Vrushali S. Kalsait, Dr. Valsson Varghese,

Current Starved Vco Verses Source Coupled Vco For Pll In 180Nm Cmos Technology[Download]
Mr. Atul Khode, Prof. Sagar Ghodmare, Prof. Shubhangi Dhengre,

Reversible Data Hiding With A General Framework Through Histogram Shifting Method[Download]
Mr. Roshan Bonde, Prof. Vidya Dahake, Prof. Shubhangi Dhengre,

The Role Of International Trade In The Global Economy & Its Effects On Economic Growth[Download]
Prof.(Dr.)Rashmi Gujrati,

Trends In Web User Security[Download]
Radhakrishnan Subramanian,

Wearable Devices’ Security Risk Analysis And Its Countermeasures : Korean Cases[Download]
Hyun-Ju Lee, Woo-Young Kim, Ji-Yeon Yoo,

Anti-Inflammatory Activity Of Novel 1,2-Dihydroquinoline Derivatives[Download]
T. Sumana, Pushpa Iyengar, Abhinandan M, Nandeesh R, Vijay Kumar S, Disha Ns,

Countermeasures To Reduce Muffler Shell Radiation Noise[Download]
S.Rajadurai, R.Gokul Raj, K.J.Rajakumar,

Dynamic Simulation Of Regional Sustainable Tourism Development System[Download]
Yan Tang,

Multi-Function Modification Of Cotton Fabrics For Improving Utilization Of Reactive Dyes[Download]
H. M. Ibrahim, M. M. Reda,

An Approach Towards Real Time Customer Attitude Analysis Using Ml Technique - Twitter[Download]
Akshata B. A, Mouneshappa D, Karuna C. Gl,

An Efficient Clustering Technique For Weblogs[Download]
V.Vidyapriya, S.Kalaivani,

Effect Of Content Size On Start And Finish Time Of P2P Based Video On Demand (Vod) Services[Download]
Sudipta Majumder, Md. Anwar Hussain

Damage Detection Using Modal Strain Energy Method In Honeycomb Sandwich Beams With Multiple Delaminations[Download]
M.S. Vaisali, A.S. Nisha

Result On Performance Of Manet Using Dissimilar Routing Algorithm[Download]
Bobby R. Sarode, A. A. Nikose,

Design Of Fractal Antennas Using High Frequency Structure Simulator[Download]
N.S.Murtisarma, S.P.Venumadhava Rao And N.Chandana,

Desalination Of Seawater From Veracruz Port Mex. By Means Of Chemical Reactives, Ultrasound, Flotation Cell And Reverse Osmosis[Download]
Dr. José F. Ábrego,

An Overview Of The Water Disinfection With Ultraviolet Radiation Nowadays: New Approaches[Download]
Burhan Davarcioglu,

Energy Efficient Tunnel Kilns With Superlative Firing Atmosphere For Ceramic Industries[Download]
Preeti Kumari, Radha Krishan, L.K. Sharma,

An Efficient Path Detection And Direction Detection For Wsn[Download]
Shridhar.B.Chakalabbi, Veena.S.K

Ddos Attacks In Cloud And Mitigation Techniques[Download]
Isha Chawla, Pawan Luthra Daljeet Kaur

Implementation Of Uart Using Vhdl With Bist[Download]
Devshree Baghel , Khemraj Deshmukh,

Preprocessing, Mining & Cure Hierarchical Clustering For Web Log Mining[Download]
Ms .Aashwini Thakare, Prof.M.S.Chaudhari,

To Study The Effect Of Varying Proportion Of Fly Ash And Silica Fume On Fresh And Mechanical Properties Of High Strength Self Compacting Concrete[Download]
Rita M. Rathod , M.R.Vyawahare,

Emotional Intelligence: Implementation In Humanoid And Semi-Humanoid Robots[Download]
Amit Pandia,

Low Power Implementation Of Fast Addition Using Quaternary Signed Digit Number System[Download]
Golla Veera Chandra, S.Ahmed Basha, K.Prasad Babu, H.Devanna, K.Sudhakar,

Heat Load And Air Circulation Analysis Of Diesel Engine Compartment[Download]
Sulekha Meher, Sudhakar Umale,

Hydrogeochemical Assessment Of Groundwater Quality For Drinking Purpose In Parts Of Rupnagar District, Punjab, India.[Download]
Tenzin Thakur, Madhuri S. Rishi, Prerna Sharma,

Implementation Of Two Bit Sequential Multiplier For Low Area[Download]
Boya Mahendra, T.Chakrapani, K.Prasad Babu, H.Devanna, K.Sudhakar,

Density And Relative Abundance Of Grey Peacock-Pheasant (Polyplectron Bicalcaratum, Linnaeus, 1758) In Montane Broadleaved Evergreen Forest Of Mizoram, North East India[Download]
H. Lalthanzara, Lalawmawia Sailo, G.S. Solanki, S.N. Ramanujam,

Design Coding Format For Optical Fiber Communications[Download]
Wail Y. Nassir, Ali H. Abdulhadi, Hayder T. Assafli, Aseel A. Shakaty,

Possibilities And Challengies To Approach Zero-Disposal Of Biodegradable Organic Domestic Solid Waste In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam[Download]
Dieu, T. T. M., Oanh, L. T. K.,

The Performance Of Activated Carbon Based Cola Nuts Shells For The Removal Of Co(Ii) And Ni(Ii) Ions From Aqueous Solution[Download]
Abega Aime Victoire, Ndi Julius Nsami, Ngomo Horace Manga, Kouotou Daouda, Nkwaju Yanou Rachel, Numbonui Julius Ghogomu, Ketcha Joseph Mbadcam,

Comparing Naive Bayes Method And Artificial Neural Network For Semen Quality Categorization[Download]
Macmillan Simfukwe, Douglas Kunda, Christopher Chembe,

Study Of Porosity, Shrinkage And Surface Roughness On Al-SiEutectic Alloy[Download]
Manu Sukumar, Dr. N. M. Nagarajan

Spectrophotometric Determination Of Sitagliptin Phosphate In Bulk And Pharmaceutical Formulations[Download]
N. S. Disha, Dr B.M Gurupadhayya,

Survey On Cellular Automata (1-Dimension And 2-Dimension Ca)[Download]
Zeinab E. E. Mahmoud , Samiah J. Alzahrani, Lujain Natto,Wafa S. Alshehri,Mariam O. Alrashidy,

Experimental Study On Effect Of Cutting Parameters On Chip-Tool Interface Temperature And Chip Formation In Turning En-31 Hardened Steel Under Flooded And Mql Conditions[Download]
Arif Pathan, Dr.M.S.Kadam,

The Study On Strategies Of Sustainable Tourism Development[Download]
Haixia Qi,

Extraction And Evaluation Of A Saponin-Based Surfactant From Balanites Aegyptiaca Plant As An Emulsifying Agent.[Download]
Kime B, Barminas J. T, Nkafamiya I. I., Akinterinwa A,

Frequency Tracking By Short Current Detection For Inductive Power Transfer System[Download]
Preeti V. Hazare, Prof. R. Babu

Compact Asymmetric Coplanar Strip Fed Monopole Antenna For Multiband Applications[Download]
Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Prof. Dr. S.L.Lahudkar

Characterization And Technological Behavior Of Basalt Raw Materials For Portland Cement Clinker Production[Download]
Nabil A. Abd El-Hafiz, Mohamed W. Abd El-Moghny, Hatem M. El-Desoky, Atef A. Afifi,

Evaluation Of The Technical Potential For Developing Some Egyptian Shales Use In The Vitrified Clay Pipes Manufacturing[Download]
Hatem M. El-Desoky, Fathy A. Ammar, Ahmed M. Wahid,

Analysis of the Legitinacy of Homosexual Marriage[Download]
Tiantian Liang

An Approach for Effective Text Pre-Processing Using Improved Porters Stemming Algorithm[Download]
Mrs. R. Jayanthi, Ms. C. Jeevitha

Phytochemical, Vitamins, Micro And Macro Elements And Antimicrobial Analysis Of The Leaves Of Napoleona Vogelii (Akpaesu)[Download]
Eze, Sunday Onyekwere, Unachukwu Ifeanyi Daniel