Volume 1 - Issue 9

Reliability Study Of Renewable Energy Sources Components[Download]
Angel Tanev

Study On Utilization Of Magnetic Levitation In 3D Bio Printing[Download]
Pallavi Aggarwal, Poras Khetrapal

Stationery Vending Machine [Download]
Preetilatha R, Ramkumar R Ramesh S.M, Kiruthika S, Bharani M

Impact Of Water Harvesting Dam On The Wadi’S Morphology Using Digital Elevation Model Study Case: Wadi Al-Kanger, Sudan[Download]
H. S. M. Hilmi, M.Y. Mohamed E. S. Ganawa

Adsorption Study Of Cr (Vi) From Aqueous Solution Using Sesbania Grandiflora And Saraca Asocanuts[Download]
V. Collins Arun Prakash, J. Vijayakumar S.R. Xavier Rajarathinam

A New Intelligent, Robust And Self Tuned Controller Design (Ii).[Download]
Farhan A. Salem,

Enhancing Security Concerns In Cloud Computing Virtual Machines :( Case Study On Central Bank Of Sudan)[Download]
Samah Sabir M. Hassan, Shadi M. S. Hilles

An Accurate Ecg Feature Extraction Method For Detecting Multiple Cardiovascular Diseases[Download]
Sreelakshmi T G, Seethal Paul

Parallel Search Technique Using Quad Based Partitioning Mechanism For Dataset[Download]
Ajay Jain, Neelendra Badal

Optimizing Efficiency Of Coal Mines Using Constant Return To Scale (Crs) Model[Download]
Dr.G.Thirupati Reddy,

Software Project Estimation Techniques - Effort And Cost[Download]
Garima, Bahl

Correlation And Path Analysis For Yield And Yield Attributes In Mid Early Group Genotypes Of Rice (Oryza Sativa L.).[Download]
N.Lingaiah, V.Venkanna C.Cheralu, B.Satish Chandra

An Enchanced Area Optimized Sobel Edge Detection[Download]
Sunil Kumar Kuppili, P.M.K.Prasad

Identification Of Palmprint And Fingerprint Using Improved Hierarchical Minutiae Matching[Download]
Janani B, Valarmathi S Arun Kumar M, Boobalakumaran S.M

An Application Of Ct Based Magat Gel Dosimetry To Measure 3D Dose Distribution[Download]
Mohammad Aljamal, Ahmad Zakaria

Human Resource Management Approach To Public Sector Companies.[Download]
M.Malthi, V.Rajagobalan

Psychrophilic Wood-Inhabiting Bacteria At The Old Medina Of Fez[Download]
Dounia Mortabit, Mourad Zyani Saad Ibnsouda Koraichi

Outages On Nigerian Integrated High Voltage Transmission Grid[Download]
Kenechi Abanihi, Praise Adigo Patrick Ezonuo

Virtual Doctor: An Implementation Of Disease Detection System By Symptom Analysis[Download]
Amit Pandia

Study On Maritime Search And Rescue Decision-Support System[Download]
Jinbiao Chen

The Influence of Transportation and Land-Use Strategies on The Development Criteria, Case study: Shiraz City[Download]
Mostafa Amiri, Dr. Mehdi Ravanshadnia Dr. Mohammad Bagher Nobakht Haghighi

Rotary Parking Tower With An Electrical Station[Download]
Md. Rahman

Real Time Abnormal Situation Detection Based On Crowd Motion Characteristics[Download]
Rukkumani V, Kiruthika B

Using Advanced Pneumatics Automation Of Conventional Sheet Bending Machine[Download]
Indrajeet Chaudhary, Pradeshi Ram Kapil Nahar

Automation Of Process Station Using Electro-Pneumatics[Download]
Pulkit Barala, Gaurav Tiwari Dinesh Kumar

Outlier Data Mining With Imperfect Data Labels[Download]
Dawange Y.P, Durugkar S.R.

Simulation Of Temperature, Viscosity And Flow Stress Of T-Joint During Friction Stir Welding On Alluminum Alloy Aa6063.[Download]
Jay M Shah, Jaimin B Patel Keval A Rathod

A Recend Trends In Prawn Culture Industry[Download]
S.Sasi,, Dr.N.Palanivelu,

Retail Marketing Of Indian Textiles Industry-Current Scenario[Download]
V.R.Soumady, Dr.V.Rajagobalan,

Baseline Concentration Of Morbid Leachate In Well Water In Ankpa, Kogi State, Nigeria[Download]
Abiola K. A., Medugu N. I., Ekanade O. Opaluwa O.D., Omale L., A.B. Mohammed

Hybrid Watermarking Techniques[Download]
Sonu Pareek, Ashutosh Vyas

A Deep And Wide Analysis For Speech-Emotion Recognition Using Multilayer Perceptron[Download]
T.Jayasankar, J.Jayalakshmi K.Rajasekaran

The Applicability Of Internal Marketing Factors To Boost Internal Service Quality[Download]
Khairul Baharein Mohd Noor, Ismi Rajiani Nurul Akmal Mohd Sulaiman

Production Of Thermoelectric Power From The Solid Waste Of Gulberg Lahore Pakistan[Download]
Khan*M.R., Zia M.

Researches Regarding The Modification Of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration In Water[Download]
Mihaela Căluşaru-Constantin, Elena-Beatrice Tănase Nicolae Băran, Rasha Mlisan-Cusma

A Statistical Approach On The Mechanical Property Evaluation Of Friction Stir Welding Of Al 6351 Alloy With Addition Of Reinforcement[Download]
P. Karthikeyan, K. Mahadevan

Power Quality Improvement In Distribution System By Using Dstatcom With Predictive Ann[Download]
K. Seetharamanjaneyulu, G.Nagaraju

Different Methods Of Detection Of Scoliosis – A Review[Download]
Praveen Agrawal, Ashok Kajla Manish.N.Raverkar

Internet Use And The Emergence Of Marketing Relationships “One To One”[Download]
Regaieg Essafi Raida, Bouslama Neji

A New Approach For Malicious Code Detection In Data Mining[Download]
Abdul Ahad Md, G.Sukanya N.Harika

Approximate Analytical Solutions Of The Fractional Nonlinear Dispersive Equations Using Homotopy Perturbation Sumudu Transform Method (Hpstm)[Download]
A. S. Abedl-Rady, S. Z. Rida A. A. M. Arafa, H. R. Abedl-Rahim

Survey Of Classification Techniques In Data Mining[Download]
N.Satyanarayana, Ch.Ramalingaswamy Dr.Y.Ramadevi

Design Of Control System Instrumentation Based On Structural Modeling With Criteria Of Quality Of Control (Qoc) And Cost[Download]
Zine-Eddine Meguetta, Blaise Conrard Mireille Bayart

A Survey On Existing Routing Protocols: Mobile Ad Hoc Networks[Download]
Ajmera Rajesh,

Zone Routing Protocol[Download]
A. Nirosha, G. Priyadharshini

Application Extreme Learning Machine To Predict Location And Magnitude Of Pipe Leak On Water Distribution Network[Download]
A.Ejah Umraenni Salam, Muh.Tola Mary Selintung, Farouk Maricar

The Chain Of Cold; Lever Of The Competitiveness Of The Ports Or Simple Link Of The Supply Chain? Case Of The Port Of Agadir[Download]
A. Elmenssouri, O. Zerouali Ouariti H.M. Hamri

High Efficiency Bridgeless Cuk Rectifier For High Voltage Battery Charging Applications[Download]
Greeshma Philip, Reena Rajan

Real Time Application Of Numerical Simulation - Osteosynthesis By Electro-Osmosis.[Download]
Ramesh Babu Vallabhaneni, Dr G.Vijay Kumar

Effect Of Thermal And Mechanical Loads On A Non Parallel Face Flanges Using Finite Element Analysis[Download]
W.E. Abdel-Ghany, S.J. Ebeid Mohamed Salama

Some Properties Of A Certain Class Of Multivalent Analytic Functions With A Fixed Point[Download]
Abbas Kareem Wanas,

Urban Land Use Change Detection Using Rs And Gis Case Study: Khartoum State –Sudan[Download]
H.S.M. Hilmi, F.M. Elebaed

Simulation & Validation Of Performance & Emission Parameters Of Jatropha Blends In Diesel With Exhaust Gas Recirculation[Download]
Kapil Nahar, Alwar Singh Yadav Gaurav Tiwari

Bi-Level Fh-Cdma Scheme For Communication Systems Over Rayleigh And Rician Channels[Download]
Priya Ranjan Meher, Abanikanta Pattanayak Dillip Kumar Sahu

Detection And Removal Of Cracks In Digitized Paintings Via Digital Image Processing[Download]
Mohammed A A Elmaleeh, Nawafil Abdul Wahab Farajalla Hassan Yousif

Optical Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing Using Interval Shift Key Subcarriers[Download]
Mohammed Gamaleddin,, Amin Babiker A/Nabi Mustafa, Mohammeda. A. Elmaleeh, Hassan Yousif

An Over Surface Air Distribution: A Numerical Validation[Download]
Tusharpokharkar, Kunalbhavsar

A Review: Heat Transfer Enhancement In Boiler Tube Using Different Geometry[Download]
Prateek Negi, Anirudh Gupta Vinod Kumar

Mathematical Modeling Of Conventional Solar Still Coupled With Solar Air Heater[Download]
Dinesh Kumar,Prashant Kumar

Product Recommender System Using Hybrid Search Technique By Integrating Collaborative Filtering (Cf) And Round Robin Fusion Algorithm[Download]
Ashwini B. Waghchoure, Priya W.Tonde Kishori P. Sonawane ,Priyanka T. Yewale

Study Of Band Structure And Spin Splitting Energy In Gallium (Gax, X=P,As,Sb) Compounds Using Gga And Mbj-Gga Method[Download]
Ricky Ralte, Aldrin Malsawmtluanga Lalrintluanga Sailo, Lalnunpuia And Z. Pachuau

Comparative Mutagenic Effects Of Sodium Azide And X- Ray In The Wild Chickpea Cicer Reticulatum L.[Download]
Girish. C. Kamble, Prof.H. J .Petkar

A Novel Approach For Vehicle Anti-Theft System[Download]
R.Anusuya, M.Karthikeyan M.Hari Prabhu

Online Test Evaluation Using Automatic Text Analysis[Download]
Angayarkanni. A, Umavignesh K, Balaji. J

Analog Phase Lock Loop Using Cmos Ring Oscillator In 22 Nm Technology[Download]
Abhishek Singh, Kalpita Agrawal Anshita Gupta

Parurp: Power Aware And Route Utility Function Based Routing Algorithm For Mobile Ad Hoc Networks[Download]
Arappali Nedumaran, V Jeyalakshmi

Software Maintainability Prediction Using Soft Computing Techniques[Download]
Mamta Punia, Amandeep Kaur

Sentiment Analysis In Tourism[Download]
Aurchana.P, Iyyappan.R Periyasamy.P

Implementation Svm To Solve Multiple Meaning Of Word Problem[Download]
Boshra F. Zopon Al_Bayaty, Dr. Shashank Joshi

An Efficient Image Classification Using Class Imbalance In High-Dimensional Data[Download]
R.Deepa, K.Jeyalakshmi

Simulation Results Analysis Of Basic And Modified Rbsd Adder Circuits[Download]
Sobina Gujral, Robina Gujral Bagga

Numerical Investigation Of Thermal Analysis Of Boiler Tube For Cement Plant[Download]
Mohammed Imran, Gaurav Tiwari Pradeshi Ram

Online Service And Information Providing[Download]
Mrs. Angayarkanni. A, Thamizhselvan. S Sundar. S

Effect Of Different Land Use Patterns On Soil Carbon-Dioxide Emission In Eastern Himalaya[Download]
S.I. Bhuyan, I. Laskar O.P. Tripathi, M.L. Khan

Indigenous Knowledge And Traditional Use Of Medicinal Plants By Four Major Tribes Of Nagaland, North East India[Download]
S.I. Bhuyan, Meyiwapangla, I. Laskar

Relative Performance Of Automatic Merging Of Clusters (Amoc) And Self Organizing Map (Som) In Cluster Analysis[Download]
N.Srinivas, A.V.Dattatreya Rao K. Karteeka Pavan

Design And Development Of An Online Website Tool To Analyze The Color Visibility Aspects For Color Blind People[Download]
Mehak Sambyal,

Using Data Mining Techniques For Predicting Individual Tree Mortality In Tropical Rain Forest : With Optimized Parameters In Logistic Regression And Decision Trees Approach[Download]
Shamsundar Bairagi, Rokade P. P

Head Pose And Eye State Monitoring (Hem) For Driver Drowsiness Detection: Overview[Download]
Vinay K Diddi, Prof S.B.Jamge

Introduction To Hv By Using Regenarative Braking System[Download]
Sudhakar Lichade, Nitish Kumar S. D. Thakare , A. V. Vanalkar

Muffler Development For Diesel Hybrid Vehicle[Download]
S.Rajadurai, S.Ananth

Modeling And Simulation Of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System[Download]
Selvaraj.V, Sivakumar.R Raja Sekaran.G

Wireless Ecg Monitoring System Using Mobile Platform Pandaboard[Download]
Gajanan D.Kulkarni, A S Gundale

A Review On Enhancement Of Heat Transfer In Microchannel Heat Exchanger[Download]
Lokesh Chandra Joshi, Dr. Satyendra Singh Shailesh Ranjan Kumar

Evaluation Of Field Performance Of Eight Row Paddy Drum Seeder[Download]
R.P. Murumkar, Usha R. Dongarwar, P.S. Pisalkar, D.S. Phad, Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth,

Effective Evaluation Of Classification Of Indian News Using Various Data Mining Algorithm[Download]
Sushilkumar Rameshpant Kalmegh,

An Overview Of Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Techniques And Implementation For Enterprise Networks[Download]
Dr. P. Rajamohan,

Acoustics Impedance Studies In Some Commonly Used Edible Oils[Download]
Sk Mahammad Ali, Basharath Ali

Enhancement Of Fault Injection Techniques Using Saboteurs And Mutants For Modification Of Vhdl Code[Download]
G.Praveen Santhosh Kumar, T.Malathi P.Sankar S.Saravanan

Co-Composting Of School Food Remnant: A Case Study At 2 Schools In Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam[Download]
Truong. L. M,, Dieu. T. T. M, Hieu. N. M, Quan. H. T,

Online Hotel Reservation System[Download]
Richard Bemile, Akwasi Achampong Emmanuel Danquah

Recovery Of Vanadium From Sulfuric Acid Medium By Micro Extraction By Tri-C8-C10 –Alkyl (Amines)[Download]
Mohammad Hossein Barani Beiranvand, Mohammad Hassan Mallah Sohrab Ali Ghorbaniana

Finding The Optimal Path Using Modbc[Download]
E.Gurumoorthy, C.Jothi Lakshmy S.Raji

A Conceptual Model To Determine The Critical Factors That Effects On The Online Purchasing In Iraq[Download]
Hayder Hussein Azeez, Nassir Jabir Farhan Al-Khafaji

A Two-Pass Incremental Sheet Forming Method To Perform The Thickness Repartition On A Pyramidal Shape[Download]
Radouane Benmessaoud, Youssef Aoura, Mohammed Radouani, Benaissa El Fahime

Cod And Suspended Solid Removal By Anaerobic Baffled Reactor: A Case Study Of Domestic Wastewater From Van Lang University, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam[Download]
Dieu, T. T. M, Phuoc. H. V

Analysis Of Flood Risk Zones (Frzs) Around Asa River In Ilorin Using Geographic Information System (Gis)[Download]
Abiodun Daniel Olabode, Lanre Tajudeen Ajibade Olorukooba Yunisa

Ion-Solvent Interactions Studies Of Molecular Interactions In Mixed Aqueous Systems By Ultrasonic Velocity At Different Temperatures[Download]
S.A Mirikar, Pravina P. Pawar Govind K. Bichile

Openflow-Based Software-Defined Network: A Survey[Download]
Abhishek Sanjay Patil, A.S. Gundale

Real Time Monitoring of Fault in Induction Motor using Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Mr.C.Ramachandran, Dr.M.Santhi

Properties of FRP Materials for Strengthening[Download]
Sultan Erdemli Günaslan, Abdulhalim Karaşin, M. Emin Öncü

Experimental Investigation of Acceleration Test in Spark Ignition Engine[Download]
M. F. Tantawy

Survey on Performance of Heat Sensors[Download]
Jone of arc, Thomas Niba

Production of Thermoelectric Power from Solid Waste of Government College University Lahore Pakistan[Download]
M. R. Khan, S. Abbas

Down-costing of Tannery Waste Water Chromium Recovery Plants in Pakistan: A Case Study of Techno-Economic Evaluation of a Chromium Recycling Plant[Download]
Mohammad Rafiq Khan, Khushnuma Xara Naqvi

Improving Olive Oil Yield from Moroccan Picholine by Bacterial enzymes extract [Download]
Dounia Mortabit , Mourad Zyani, Saad Ibnsouda Koraichi

An automated data logging system for soil moisture and temperature determination [Download]
Caroline O. Ekejiuba, Michael O. Kolawole