Volume 1 - Issue 8 **

Medico-Legal Aspects In The Admissibility Of Scientific Evidence[Download]
Umamaheswari. D,

Serum Cortisol And Glucose: Reliable Bioindicators Of Stress In The Fish Labeo Rohita[Download]
S.N.C. Ray, R.C. Sinha

Reliability And Cost Analysis Of A Series System Model Using Fuzzy Parametric Geometric Programming[Download]
Medhat El-Damcese, Faheem Abbas Eman El-Ghamry

Conceptual Errors Encountered In Mathematical Operations In Algebra Among Students At The Secondary Level[Download]
S. Chamundeswari,

A Leading-Edge Environs And Power Stratagems For Green Data Centers Via Cloud Networks[Download]
Rudresh.M.S, Shashikala.S.V Ravikumar.G.K

Investigating The Impact Of National Innovation System Functions On Attracting Foreign Direct Investment In Iranian Oil Industry[Download]
Nima Mokhtarzadeh, Hadi Zarei

Regeneration And Recovery In Adsorption- A Review[Download]
Sunil Kulkarni, Jayant Kaware

Data Sharing In Cloud Using Hybrid Approach[Download]
B.Gunalan, J.Savarimuthu

Advisor Simulation Of Electric Vehicle Performance On Various Driving Cycles[Download]
K.W. Chew, C.K. Koay Y. R. Yong

A Survey On Efficient Privacy Preserving And Increased Quality Of Service (Qos) Parameters In Mobile Cloud[Download]
J.Arul Keerthi Dhaya, S.Raja Mohamed

Performance Analyses Of A Simple Digital Nuclear Radiation Measurement System For Gamma Ray Spectroscopy[Download]
Onyemaechi N. Ofodile, Matthew N. Agu

Automatic Keyword Extraction From Dravidian Language[Download]
M. Hanumanthappa, M Narayana Swamy N M Jyothi

Model Based Simulation Of Forced Oscillator Using Open Source Application Xcos: A Constructivist Paradigm[Download]
O. S. K. S. Sastri,

Effective Sentiment Analysis On Twitter Data Using: Apache Flume And Hive[Download]
Penchalaiah.C, Murali.G Suresh Babu.A

Naviah: A Smart Electronic Aid For Blind People[Download]
Renupriya A, Kamalanathan C Kirubakaran S, Valarmathy S

Minimum Cost Blocking Problem In Multi-Path Wireless Mesh Networks[Download]
D.Anupama, T.Sri Raja Rajeswari

A Theorem For The Price Of Reliability[Download]
Sc. Nikolay Petrov, Nikolay Atanasov

A Literature Review Of Predicting Cancer Disease Using Modified Id3 Algorithm[Download]
A.Deivendran, K.Yemuna Rane

Algorithms For Labeling Of Trees[Download]
R. Vikrama Prasad, A.Alfred Leo

Minimizing Material Inventory In Ready Mixed Concrete Plants By Applying A Fuzzy Neural Network Approach Management[Download]
Mehdi Ravanshadnia, Milad Ghanbari

Generating the 3D Curved Surfaces in CNC using Part Programming[Download]
D.Umamaheswarareddy, K.Veeranjaneyulu

Diagnosis Of Learning Disabilities In School Going Children Using Data Mining Techniques: A Survey[Download]
Margaret Mary. T, Hanumathappa. M

Performance Analysis Of Wimax/Lte System For Single And Multi-User In Ofdma Downlink Access[Download]
Abnish Kumar,, Er. Lovkesh

Screening Of Endophytic Fungi And Their Diversity In A Lianas Of Different Localities From West Medinipur During Summer[Download]
Biplab Bagchi, Debdulal Banerjee

A Survey On Mobile Phone Related Issues In Wi-Fi Calling[Download]
Andrew Kipkebut, Timothy Sawe

Precise Estimates For The Solution Of Stochastic Functional Di Erential Equations With Discontinuous Initial Data (Part 1)[Download]
Tagelsir A Ahmed, Van Casteren, J.A.

Precise Estimates For The Solution Of Stochastic Functional Di Erential Equations With Discontinuous Initial Data (Part 2)[Download]
Tagelsir A Ahmed, Van Casteren, J.A.

Estimation And Non Linear Observer Of The Attitude Of A Robot Via Quaternion[Download]
B. B. Salmerón-Quiroz,, G. Villegas-Medina, S. A. Rodriguez-Paredes J.F. Guerrero-Castellanos, J. G. Alonso- Alfaro

A Review Of Cuda, Mapreduce, And Pthreads Parallel Computing Models[Download]
Kato Mivule, Benjamin Harvey Crystal Cobb, And Hoda El Sayed

Comparison Of Allocation Procedures In A Stratified Random Sampling Of Skewed Populations Under Different Distributions And Sample Sizes[Download]
Adebola Femi Barnabas, Ajayi Olusola Sunday

It Plays An Important Role In Dell’S Supply Chain Management[Download]
Alexander Harsono,

Coherent Noise Removal In Dark Pixels (Case Study: Images Acquired By Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper)[Download]
Erfan Amraei, Mohammad Reza Mobasheri

Study On A Base Isolation System[Download]
Nirav G. Patel,

Intelligent Air Conditioning System For Energy Management Using Wireless Control[Download]
Dileesh S, Aneesh R P

Simulation Of Tube Hydroforming Process For Seamless Tube By Using Finite Element Method[Download]
Manickaraj.K, Arunkumar.P Natarajan.P ,Karthikeyan.P

Technical Resource Of Single Flute End Mill Cutters - Prediction And Analysis[Download]
Ventsislav Dimitrov, Veselina Dimitrova

Approach For Determining The Quantity Of Single Flute End Mill Cuters For High-Speed Milling, Planned Out For Recovering[Download]
Ventsislav Dimitrov, Veselina Dimitrova

Influence Of Feed On The Quality, For Simulate The Work Of Cutting Modul From Composite Tools System For Cutting And Surface Plastic Deformation[Download]
Ventsislav Dimitrov,

Nutrient Analysis Of Tomato Wine[Download]
Josephine Nirmala Many, Radhika.B, Ganesan.T

Collaborative Networked Virtual Organization Management With Ict Services[Download]
Suresh P, Shumalatha

Wireless And Wireline Data Distribution Using Single Local Oscillator On A Multi-Band Radio-Over-Fiber System[Download]
Jitender Kumar, Manisha Bharti Yogendra Singh

An Investigative Study On Design And Thermodynamic Aspects Of A Light Duty Vertical Axis Wind Turbine[Download]
S A Mohan Krishna,

Analysis Of Algae Oil As A Future Source Of Energy In Indian Outlook[Download]
Abinesh Panneerselvam, Krishan Kumar Pandey Praveen Kumar

Security Issues In Cloud Computing And Countermeasures[Download]
Shipra Dubey, Suman Bhajia Deepika Trivedi

Smart Trash System: An Application Using Zigbee[Download]

A Potable Water Quality Scenario Of South - East Zone Of The Bhiwad Industrial Area (Alwar)[Download]
Shiv Kumar Sharma, Ravi Bhatnagar R. N. Yadav, Navin K. Dagar

Dynamical Behavior In A Discrete Three Species Prey-Predator System[Download]
A.George Maria Selvam, R. Dhineshbabu V.Sathish

Social Behaviour In Bonnet Macaque (Macaca Radiata ) With Reference To Grooming[Download]
Dileep.K, Boby Jose

Routing Protocols Towards Security Objective Of Mobile Adhoc Networks – A Survey[Download]
S. Sutha, B. Anandhi

Assessment On Relevance Of Nanotechnology[Download]
A.Abhishek Shastri, Saurabh Bhattacharya

Modeling And Simulation Of Load Frequency Control In Automatic Generation Control Using Genetic Algorithms Technique[Download]
Vikas Jain, Naveen Sen Kapil Parikh

Contamination Of Heavy Metals In Surface Water Of Ib River,Jashpur District, Chhattisagrh, India.[Download]
Rajiv Ratna Pandey, M.R. Augur

Evaluation Of Surface Water Quality For Irrigation Purposes In Limestone Mining Areas Of District Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India[Download]
Ranjna Sharma, Madhuri S. Rishi Renu Lata And Rajkumar Herojeet

Catalytic Reduction of Co2 in Gasoline Passenger Car[Download]
S. Rajadurai, R.K Anulatha

Actual Cost Of Reliability Improvement in Optimal Reliability Design Derived From an Analytical Cost Function[Download]
Stephen B. Twum , Elaine Aspinwall

Time Synchronization Scheme for Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks[Download]
Ch. Sai Prabhu, E. Jagadeeswararao, Dr. G. Venkata Rami Reddy