Volume 1 - Issue 7 **

Enhancing Workflow Management System Based On Webservices[Download]

Development Of Methodology For Evaluation Thermal Performance Of Earth Berming System For Building Envelope[Download]
Mr.Prafull P.Tayshete, Prof..N.N.Shinde

A Novel Approach To Built An Area Efficient Architecture For Block Ldpc Codes[Download]

Utilization Of Stone Waste In The Development Of Value Added Products: A State Of The Art Review[Download]
Rajni Lakhani, Rajesh Kumar Priyanka Tomar

Novel Approach For Crop Heihght Measurement Through Images[Download]
K.Sivakami Sundari, P.Kutti T.S.Deepthi

Influence Of Organic Manures And Rock Phosphate Application On Of Bengal Gram (Cicer Arietinum L.).[Download]
T.Saravanan, P.Panneerselvam

Intra-Communication Analysis Of Design Team In Construction Projects[Download]
Samira Haghbin, Yaser Eslami Parisa Davoudi

A Study On Leakage Of Private Information In Social Networks And It’S Preventive Measures[Download]
Kastoori Sravan Kumar, Dr .G. Venkata Rami Reddy

Structuring A Fair Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm For Mobile Hosts[Download]
Deepshikha Sharma, Latika Sharma

High Error Tolerant Resource Allocation With High Cost Reduction In Cloud[Download]
Allareddyamulya, Dorababu Sudarsa

Dnidps: Distributed Network Intrusion Detection And Prevention System[Download]
S.Subapriya, Ms.N.Radhika

Selection & Application Of Lime Stabilizer For Soil Subgrade Stabilization[Download]
Dipanjan Mukherjee,

Spatial Decision Support System For Solid Waste Management In Chickmaglur City[Download]
C R Ramkrishnaiah, Deepika B V

Biodiesel Production By Esterification/Transesterification Of Jatropha Oil Over Sulfated Zirconia[Download]
S.I.Hawash, E.Abdel Kader

Single-Phase Nine-Level Grid-Connected Inverter For Photo-Voltaic System[Download]
R.V.Ramesh Babu, S.Satyanarayana

Structuring A Token Based Distributed Mutual Exclusion Algorithm For Mobile Hosts[Download]
Deepshikha Sharma, Latika Sharma

Comparative Study On Fuzzy Logic Based Mixed Noise Filter For Colour Images[Download]
M.Syed Mohamed Ibrahim, S.Abdul Saleem,

Application Of Seasonal Box-Jenkins Techniques For Modelling Monthly Internally Generated Revenue Of Rivers State Of Nigeria[Download]
Ette Harrison Etuk, Innocent Uchenna Amadi,Richard Chinedu Igbudu

Identification Of Multilingual Words Using Profile Based Features[Download]
Kapil Kumar Kaswan, Manisha Bansal

Obfuscation Technique For Securing Data Sensitivity Indicators[Download]
Shalini Saxena, Rohit Singh

Cubic X-Spline Interpolatory Functions[Download]
Manprit Kaur, Arun Kumar

A Post Processing Approach For Ringing-Artifact Reduction[Download]
Bobby Lukose, P.Roobini

Satellite Image Fusion Using Ihs And Pca Method[Download]
Naidu Jamuna Bhaskarrajan,

Studies On Mitodepressive Effect Of Indigocarmine[Download]
Madhumita Bhattacharjee,

Productivity And Economic Values Of The Pearl Oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera Var Erythraensis) Cultured In Dongonab Bay, Red Sea[Download]
Elamin M. Elamin, Sheikh Eldin M. Elamin Sayed M. Ali

Analysis Of Web Application[Download]
Boby Gupta, Om Prakash Pal

Mathematical Model Solid Tumor At The Stage Of Angiogenesis With Immune Response[Download]
Deep Shikha Dixit, Deepak Kumar Sanjeev Kr, Rajesh Johri

Analysis Of Edge Detection Techniques For Image Segmentation Using Neural Networks[Download]
P.Ravindra Naik, S.J.Saritha G.Natraj Sekhar

Coastal Wetland Resources Of Central Tamilnadu, Using India, Remote Sensing And Gis[Download]
R.Senthilkumar, A.Ilanthirayan P.Thirumalai

Classification Of Ps – Algebras[Download]
T.Priya, T.Ramachandran

Transmission A Data Through Ad-Hoc Network With Demand Routing Network[Download]
R.Prasanneswar, S.Sathiskumar Dr.S.Karthik

An Energy Efficient Methodology For Cognitive Radio Networks[Download]
S.Swathika, C.Abinaya C.Thiagarajan,J.C.Vijayshree

Experimental Study Of Various Shaped Isolated Footings Under Monotonic And Incremental Cyclic Loading On Sandy Soil[Download]
U.B. Choubey, Dipesh Goswami Ankur Karma

Ocular Detection For Biometric Recognition Using Probablastic Component Analysis[Download]
Bhupinder Singh, Taranpreet Kaur

Design & Development Of A Rest Based Web Service Platform For Mobile Applications Integration On Cloud[Download]
Ritesh Sinha, Manisha Khatkar, Subhash Chand Gupta

A Study On Classification Of Imbalanced Data Set[Download]
A. Hema, B. Kavitha

The Role Of Organization Conflict Management On Job Satisfaction A Field Applied Study On The Governmental Institutions In Iraq Kurdistan[Download]
Dr. Mudhaffar M. Noori,

An Efficient Kernel Mapping Hubness Based Neighbor Clustering In High-Dimensional Data[Download]
C.Deepika, R.Rangaraj

Integral Solutions Of  [Download]
M.A.Gopalan, S.Mallika S.Vidhyalakshmi

Quality Assessment Of Soil At Municipal Solid Waste Dumpsite And Possibilities Of Reclamation Of Land[Download]
Izhar Ahmed, Dr.Tvd.Prasad Rao Mushtaq Hussain

Simulation Of Temperature, Viscosity And Flow Stress During Friction Stir Welding On Aa7050 In T-Joint[Download]
Kaustubh S Gaikwad, Meet R Vadgama Jaimin B Patel

Mobile Computing[Download]
Mahendrakumar Manilal Patel, Dr. Vikram Kaushik

Virtual University System: In Depth Study, Implementation Issues And Model Generation In The Context Of India[Download]
Mahendrakumar Manilal Patel, Dr. Vikram Kaushik

Use Of Dispersion Compensating Fiber In Optical Transmission Network For Sine Modulation Format[Download]
Gurpreet Kaur, Ranvir Kaur, Navdeep Kaur

Cyberspace Tracing: Study And Generation Of Security Model For Spam And Bulk Email Prevention[Download]
Shrikant Thakar, Dr. Vikram Kaushik

Implementation Of 16 Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit Using Toffoli Reversible Logic Gate.[Download]
Chethan Kumar.R, Dr Rekha .K.R, Dr Natraj .K.R

Molecular Characterization Of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria (Psb) And Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (Pgpr) From Pristine Soils[Download]
David Paul Raj R. S.,, Linda R Rhema Susan Babyson

Optimization Of Process Parameters In Cold Chamber Die Casting Process Using Taguchi Method[Download]
Senthiil, P. V, M.Chinnapandian Aakash Sirusshti

Integral Points On The Hyperbola  [Download]
S.Vidhyalakshmi, A.Kavitha M.A.Gopalan

Cfd Analysis For Flow Through Glass Wool As Porous Domain In Exhaust Muffler[Download]
S.Rajadurai, Suraj Sukumaran P.Madhusudhanan

Click The Balls[Download]
Yashwanth Byalla,

High Speed And Area Optimized Bisdsr Architecture For Improved Throughput Testing Applications[Download]
V.Sohini, H.Devanna K.Suvarna

Forest Canopy Density Mapping Using Advance Geospatial Technique[Download]
Krishnendu Banerjee, Surajit Panda Jatisankar Bandyopadhyay, Manish Kumar Jain

Driver Assistance System Using Eye Gaze Estimation[Download]
Goutami G, Vidya Hemadri U.P.Kulkarni

Effects of Adjusting Data-Rate and physical Characteristics on the Delay Metric in Ieee802.11b Wireless Local Area Network[Download]
Isizoh A. N, Okide S. O., Asogwa T.C, Nwokeke A. O

Automatic Power Theft Locator[Download]
Isizoh A. N, Asogwa T.C, Okide S. O., Nwobodo H. N

Design & Development of a REST based Web Service Platform for Applications Integration on Cloud[Download]
Ritesh Sinha, Manisha Khatkar, Subhash Chand Gupta

A New Class Of Life Time Distribution Based On Moment Generating Function Ordering With Hypothesis Testing[Download]
Faheem A. Abbas

Product Development Cycle – Past To Present[Download]
S. Rajadurai, C. Parameshwari

An Analysis Of Big Data Usage In Big Organization[Download]

Estimation Of Tea Polyphenols By Electrochemical Sensors Via Screen Printed Electrodes[Download]
Sudip Chattopadhyay, Priyabrata Sarkar Uttam Ray Chaudhuri

Load Balancing Technique In Cloud Partition Computing: A Dynamic Approach[Download]
Manjunatha Swamy C

Integrity Verification From Single To Multi-Cloud Storage Using Cpdp With Hmac Function[Download]
Amarjeet Kurmi, Ajay Lala

Denoising Of Mri Images Using Thresholding Techniques Through Wavelet[Download]
Sayali Savaji, Parul Arora

Literature Review On Chassis Design Of On-Road Heavy Vehicles[Download]
K.Rajasekar, Dr.R.Saravanan

Endophytic Fungal Diversity And Their Comparison In Two Woody Climbers, From Few Regions Of West Medinipur District, West Bengal, India[Download]
Biplab Bagchi, Debdulal Banerjee

Industrial Development Strategy of Cluster-Based Embroidery and Garment in Kudus, Central Java, Indonesia[Download]
Mochamad Edris, Mamik Indaryani,Budi Gunawan

Modeling, Simulation and Control Solutions For Mechatronics Design of Solar Light Tower [Download]
Mohammed M. K., Farhan A. Salem

Use of Ashtech MobileMapper GNSS system in forestry applications[Download]
Gabriele Garnero, Giorgio Caresio

The Effect of Developing the Health Centers at Small Towns on the Economy of the Country: A case Study of District Muzaffargarh[Download]
Muhammad Farhan Amjad, Muhammad Aslam Asadi, Ahmad Tisman Pasha, Muhammad Rehan Amjad, Noreen, Nadeem Akhtar Bukhari