Volume 1 - Issue 10 **

Studying The Effect Of Social Marketing Mix To Reduce Gas Consumption (Case Study: North &Eastern Part Of Shahrekord In Iran)[Download]
Hojat Fadaei, Dr. Mohammad Hossein Moshref Javadi

Three Dimensional Computational Studies On Aileron Morphing And Variable Wing Sweep Morphing[Download]
Vadivelu P, Shanmugam P Parammasivam K.M

Comparative Analysis Of Swarm Intelligence Optimization Techniques For Cloud Scheduling[Download]
S.J.Mohana, Dr.M.Saroja Dr.M.Venkatachalam

Vibration Analysis Of Cracked Cantilever Beam With Suitable Boundary Conditions[Download]
Dr. K. B. Waghulde, Dr. Bimlesh Kumar

Performance Of The Counter Rotate Rotor Of A Newly Vane Designed Hawt[Download]
Salah Abaas, Ahmed Y.Qasim, Waleed A. Obaid, Mohanad G. Salih, Adel Abdalrahman Ziyed

An Insight To Steganography[Download]
Jayati Bhadra, A.M. Bojamma Prasad .C.N., M.N. Nachappa

Homrit Waggat Feldspar Sands; Sedimentological Features, Mineralogical Composition And Suitability For Ceramics Industry, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt[Download]
Mahmoud M. Hassaan, Hatem M. El-Desoky Ahmed M. El-Kady

Inhibition Of Mild Steel Corrosion In 3.5% Nacl Medium Using 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride[Download]
S. Velrani, B. Jeyaprabha P. Prakash

Detail Analysis Of Delay In Construction Projects[Download]
Rahul Kolhe, Milind Darade

Data Preprocessing Method Of Web Usage Mining For Data Cleaning And Identifying User Navigational Pattern[Download]
Wasvand Chandrama, Prof. P.R.Devale Prof. Ravindra Murumkar

Mnso4.4H2O: A Novel And Inexpensive Catalyst For The One-Pot Multicomponent Synthesis Of 4H-Benzo[B]Pyran Derivatives[Download]
Faranak Farhadi,

Geospatial Modeling For Demarcation Of Groundwater Potential Zone Using Wio And Cis Techniques In Kallar Watershed, South India[Download]
Kumar G, Srinivasan D Selvakumar R

Promoting The Ability Of Innovative Technology Using Q-Technique[Download]
Wen-Chen Huang, Chi-Cheng Chang Yu-Hsuan Chang

Analysis and Security Implementation in Embedded Systems[Download]
E.Pradeep, CH.Sridhar

Structural and Optical Properties of Synthesized Manganese doped ZnS Quantum Dots[Download]
Iftikhar M.Ali, Raad M.Al-Haddad, Khalid T. Al-Rasoul

Increasing The Transaction Success Rate In Online Shopping[Download]
Vasuki.M, Joyscaroline.S Manochithra.S

Germination Of White Muscardine Fungus, Beauveria Bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. On Different Plant Extracts[Download]
Pio P. Tuan,

Data Mining On Diabetics[Download]
Janani Sankari.M, Saravana Priya.M

Biometric Implementation Of Steganography For Real Time Images[Download]
M.Subba Reddy, Dr.B.Polaiah

Simulation And Experimental Testing Of A Pv Panel At Cranfield University[Download]
Abdullateef Ahmed Jadallah, Dhari Yusif Mahmood Zaid A. Abdulqaedr

A Survey On Load Balancing Strategies In Cloud Computing[Download]
Deepali Mate, Sonali Ghumatkar Priyanka Bharat

Detection Of Fake Currency Using Image Processing[Download]
M.Deborah, C.Soniya Prathap

Data Gathering Using New Clustering Algorithm[Download]
Jeevitha Vanmathi, R.Kavitha

Monte Carlo Estimation Of The Parameters Of Two-Component Mixture Weibull Distribution[Download]
Ali A. Al-Wakeel,

Data Dissemination In Vanet Using Dove[Download]
J.Nancy Jeba Paulin, R.Kavitha

A Novel Intrusion Detection System Based On Kpca And Rvm With Pso Model[Download]
S.Suganya, R.Kavitha,

A Novel Approach For Data- Hiding Based On Inpainting And Smvq[Download]
Jenifa Delphin Dayansi.J, K.Malathy

Nesting Of Image Watermarking Using Rlsb Technique[Download]
V. Aruna, R. Selvakumar

Identification Of Iris Plant Using Feedforward Neural Network On The Basis Of Floral Dimensions[Download]
Shrikant Vyas, Dipti Upadhyay

Cell Nuclei Segmentation And Classification Using Feed Forward Neural Networks[Download]
Riya Paul, K Malathy

Some Results On Divisor Cordial Labeling Of Graphs[Download]
P. Lawrence Rozario Raj, R. Lawrence Joseph Manoharan

Optimization Of Monitoring Points On Computer System From Poor Knowledge Risk Point Of View[Download]
Angel Tanev,

A Review- Dynamic Resource Allocation Using Virtual Machines For Cloud Computing Environment[Download]
Mahesh Gaykar, Pankaj Deshmukh, Navnath Tapkir, Rupali Shende

Apriori- A Big Data Analysis In Education[Download]
Asif Ansari, Ajit Parab

Offline Signature Verification And Recognition Using Art 1[Download]
Sukanya.R, K.Malathy

Ma-Ltrt Method To Improve Network Connectivity And Power Consumption In Mobile Ad-Hoc Based Cyber-Physical Systems[Download]
J.Marieswari, R.Kavitha

Shakedown And Limit Load Of Pipe Bends With Local Wall Thinning Under Combined Internal Pressure And Cyclic In-Plane Bending Moment[Download]
W.E. Abdel-Ghany, S.J Ebeid M.R Kasem

Phytoremediation: Proficient To Prevent Pesticide Pollution[Download]
Satyajit Tripathy, Bhagyasree Paul, Ranajit Kumar Khalua

Design & Analysis & Optimization Of Heat Stacking Mechanism For Packing Machinery[Download]
M.Rama Swamy, Dr A.Gopi Chand

Choice Determinents Of Rural And Urban Consumers:- With Special Reference To –Two Wheelars[Download]
Prof.Peeyush K Pandey,

Importance Of Reliability Of Social Systems[Download]
Angel Tanev,

Characterization Of Textile Wastewater By Renewable Airborne Spinning Dust (Cotton Dust)[Download]
Md Shamim Alam,

Occupational Safety And Health In Construction Industry For High Rise Building[Download]
Venumadhav Yemul, Milind Darade

Effect Of Electrolyte On The Geotechnical Properties Of Black Cotton Soil[Download]
Chiranjit Mishra, Sanjith J Mohan Kumar K N, Dr. B M Kiran

Extracting Topology Preserving Maps Layout From Virtual Coordinates In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
R.Ramalakshmi, R.Selvakumar

A Novel Similarity Measure For Frequent Term Based Text Clustering On High Dimensional Data[Download]
G. Sailaja, B.Prajna

Short Communication: A New Approach To Tobacco Yields Estimation In Zimbabwe And The Recommended Further Work[Download]
Ezekia Svotwa, Barbara V. Maasdorp Amon Murwira, Anxious J. Masuka

Implementation Of Cryptographic Risc Processor(Crisc)[Download]
K.Lakshmi Divya,, S.Hanumantha Rao

A Comprehensive Agriculture Ontology: Modular Approach[Download]
Dineshkumar P, Manoj G, Punyashree Pb Shruthi N, Rajendra Akerkar

An Overview Of Content Based Image Categorization Using Support Vector Machine[Download]
Apeksha Chaudhari, K .S.Bhagat

Development And Economic Analysis Of Agro Processing Centre In Production Catchment Of Vidarbha Region[Download]
P.A. Borkar, R.P. Murumkar M.R. Rajput, P.K. Rathod

Occurrence Ofarbuscularmycorrhizae In Degraded Crop Fields Of Purna River Sub –Basin[Download]
S.P. Khodke, P.W. Deotare R.C. Maggirwar

Estimation Of Potential Product Using Reverse Top-K Queries[Download]
T.Sathis Kumar,

Chlorophyll-A Concentration Variation Over Terengganu Maritime[Download]
A.R.M. Amin, M.F. Ahmad M.H. Hussim, M.F. Embong, R. Draman

Why Study Mathematics? Applications Of Mathematics In Our Daily Life[Download]
Vijay Dahiya,

Design, Analysis And Experimental Verification Of Torispherical Head And Toriconical Bottom Pressure Vessel[Download]
Dr. M. M. Patil, Dr. Lokesh Bajpai

Design Of A Case Processing System[Download]
Richard Bemile,

Confusion Theory And Assessment[Download]
G. Donald Allen, Dianne Goldsby

Study Of Mb-Ofdm Transmitter Baseband System[Download]
Payal Kantute, Jaya Ingole

Distribution System Of Irrigation Water In Bangladesh: A Case Study Of Bangladesh Agricultural University Farm[Download]
M. B. Hossain, S. B. Ekram N. M. F. Rahman, M. M. Hasan, T. Farhat

Effect Of Border Crops On The Incidence Of Insect Pests In Chickpea[Download]
Tonima Farhat, Niaz Md. Farhat Rahman Tania Noor, M. M. Moniruzzaman Kabir, Mobina Noor Kochi

Specificity In The Processing Of Macedonian Lamb Meat To The Member States Of The European Union And Third Countries[Download]
Elena Joshevska, Belkize Spahija-Rakipi, Mitre Stojanovski1, Julijana Tomovska1, Katerina Bojkovska, Gordana Dimitrovska

Optical And Nonlinear Optical Properties, Thermal Analysis, Cyclic Voltammetry And Dft Studies: Green Synthesis Approach Of Boronates Derived From Schiff Bases.[Download]
Rodrigo Chan-Navarro, Blanca M. Muñoz-Flores,Rodríguez, Víctor M. Jiménez-Pérez, Ivana Moggio, Eduardo Arias, Gabriel Ramos-Ortíz, María C. García-López, Víctor Rosas-García, Perla Elizondo, Mario Rodríguez

A Survey On Network Lifetime Expanding And Energy Efficient Hierarchial Routing Protocols In Wireless Sensor Networks[Download]
Saranya S, Vimal R

Comparison Of Pre Engineering Building And Steel Building With Cost And Time Effectiveness.[Download]
Milind Bhojkar, Milinddarade

Encryption Of Data Behind The Diverged Audio And Video Frame Using Rsa Algorithm[Download]
K.Brindavathi, B.Oviya

Fpga Implementation Of Ip-Core Of Fft Block For Dsp Applications[Download]
Bhavesh Sahu, Anil Sahu

Calibration Of Manning’S Friction Factor For Rivers In Iraq Using Hydraulic Model (Al-Kufa River As Case Study)[Download]
Luay Kadhim Hameed, Hayder Sami Mohammed

Privacy And Content Protection Using Centroid Localization Algorithm[Download]
Suresh.G, Arulselvam.R Ramachandiran.R

Crosstalk Reduction Using Cascade Connections Of Multiplexer/Demultiplexer With Different Channels (8&16) Spacing Based Array Waveguide Grating In Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing[Download]
Salah Elrofai, Abdeen Abdelkareem

Study Of Image Interpolation[Download]
Amruta Savagave, Prof .A .P. Patil

A Contextual Information Retrieval Using Query Expansion[Download]
Rushali Patil, Pramod Ganjewar

Management Effectiveness Of Poultry Owners[Download]
Dr. Nikulsinh M. Chauhan.,

Design Of Low Voltage, Low Power Rail To Rail Operational Transconductance Amplifier With Enhanced Gain And Gain Bandwidth Product[Download]
Sakshi Dhuware, Mohammed Arif

Physiological Tremor Estimation Methods : An Overview[Download]
Neha S Naik, Prof. R.R.Dube

Robust Watermarking Of Compressed And Encrypted Jpeg2000 Images: Overview[Download]
Bhagyashri D. Shende, Prof. Mrs. R. J. Shelke

Small Scale Pine Needle Gasification Based Decentralized Energy Generation System[Download]
Arvind Singh Bisht, Pankaj Kumar

Approximation Of The Quartic Double Centralizers And Quartic Multipliers On Banach Algebras[Download]
H. Baghban, H. Molaei

Necessary Optimality Conditions For Problem With Integral Boundary And Distributed Conditions[Download]

Secured Banking Operations With Face-Based Automated Teller Machine[Download]
Olutola Fagbolu, Olumide Adewale Boniface Alese,Osuolale Festus

The Situation With Insurance Of Crop Production In The Republic Of Macedonia And The Eu Member States And The Usa[Download]
Prof. D-R Trajan Dojchinovski,

A Study On The Incidence Of Various Genetic Syndromes In Kozhikode District, Kerala, India With Special Reference To Down Syndrome[Download]
Aparnna K S, Boby Jose

Class One And Class Two Graphs[Download]
A. Sri Krishna Chaitanya, B.R. Srinivas P. Srilakshmi

Review Of Data Mining Applications[Download]
Jagmeet Kaur, Paramjit Kaur

The Use Of Basalt Fibers To Improve The Flexural Strength Of Concrete Beam[Download]
Joshi A. A.,, Dr. Rangari S. M., Shitole A. D.

Ternary Logic Gates & Arithmetic Circuit[Download]
Priyanka Vyawahare, Anupama Deshmukh Ankita Chandurkar

Analysis Of Lagrange Interpolation Formula[Download]
Vijay Dahiya,

An Empirical Analysis Of Attribute Importance In Selection Of Hair Dyes- Issue And Perspectives[Download]
Dr.Rahela Tabassum, Aruba Zubedi

Main Industry Stack Emissions Dispersion Over Khoms City In North-Western Libya[Download]
Aly Y. Okasha,

A Secure Erasure Code-Based Cloud Storage System With Secure Data Forwarding: A Review[Download]
Ujwala Salunke, Dayanand Kendre Gauri Gonjari, Dinesh Bhor

Thermal Behaviour Of Nano Crystalline Ceramic Pbsrbatio[Download]
Anusha Mony, V. S. Vinila, Reenu Jacob, Harikrishnan G. Nair, Sheelakumari Issac Sam Rajan, Anitha S. Nair, D. J. Satheesh, Jayakumari Isac

Insurance Of Animals In Republic Of Macedonia[Download]
Prof. Trajan Dojchinovski, Prof. Julijana Tomovska

The Diagnosis Of Heart Diseases Based On Pcg Signals Using Mfcc Coefficients And Svm Classifier[Download]
Behnam Farzam, Jalil Shirazi

Generation Cost Calculation For 660 Mw Thermal Power Plants[Download]
Vilas S. Motghare, R. K. Cham

Management Of Rice Bug, Leptocorisa Oratorius (F.) (Hemiptera: Alydidae) Using White Muscardine Fungus Beauveria Bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. In Upland Rice + Legume Cropping Systems[Download]
Pio P. Tuan,

Building A Query Builder Interface For Accessing Multiple Databases[Download]
Vasuki.M, Rajeswari.R Anandhi.R

A Comparative Study Of Light- Harvesting Low-Power Wireless Sensors For Indoor Lighting Control[Download]
Shreyas Ananth A, Himanshi Budhiraja

Water Stress Tolerance In Relation To Yield And Its Contributing Traits In Wheat (Triticumaestivum L.)[Download]
Shabanamemon, Piar Ali Shar, Sadafmemon, Saimamemon Akhtar Hussain Shar, Abdul Ghaffarshar

Status And Potential Of Renewable Energy Resources In India[Download]
Dinesh Talwar, Renu Lata

Optimal Location Of Distributed Generators In Non-Autonomous Microgrid[Download]
Sooraj T.V, Jaikrishna V Linss T Alex, Abhijith Augustine

Modeling Of Power System Components During Electromagnetic Transients[Download]
Pawel Sowa, Rafal Kumala Katarzyna Luszcz

How To Enhance The Quality Of Meetings During Conferences? The Analysis Of Syntactic And Semantic Parameters In Direct And Written Communication Types.[Download]
Krzysztof R. Celuch, Agata M. Kolodziejczyk

Influence Of Sawdust Ash (Sda) As Admixture In Cement Paste And Concrete[Download]
Egbe-Ngu Ntui Ogork, Solomon Ayuba

A Survey: Fast & Approximate Algorithm Of Depth Image Based Rendering Process For Application Of 2D To 3D Conversion[Download]
Neetesh Nema, Bragesh Patel

Investigating The Properties Of “Acacia Nilotica” As A Species With Capability Of Utilization In Furniture Industry[Download]
Alireza Dorostkar,

Enhanced Rsa Cryptosystem Based On Three Prime Numbers[Download]
Vivek Choudhary, N. Praveen

Detecting Wormhole Attacks Using Cooperative Manet Protocols[Download]
S.Keerthika, D.Geetha

Distance Relay Setting And Apparent Impedance Calculation For 3- Phase And L-G Fault In Long Transmission Line[Download]
Jayachandra S, Vijayasanthi M

Towards An Extensive Survey On Legal Issues In Cloud Service Negotiation Techniques[Download]
Vijayasanthi M, Jaya Chandra S Chandrakanth M

Incidence Of Rice Bug, Leptocorisa Oratorius (F.) (Hemiptera: Alydidae) Using White Muscardine Fungus Beauveria Bassiana (Bals.) Vuill. In Upland Rice[Download]
Pio P. Tuan,

Investigation On Mechanical Properties Between Of Composite Made Of Poplar And Alder Sawdust And High Density Polyethylene[Download]
Alireza Dorostkar,

Benefit-Cost Analysis of Effluent Treatment Plant Installed in Haleeb Foods Factory Lahore Pakistan [Download]
Mohammad Rafiq Khan, Majed Rashid

Production of Biodiesel in Pakistan[Download]
Mohammad Rafiq Khan, Syed Muhammad Abdullah Hassan Gardezi